Wednesday, November 18, 2020

SRLSY!! Evers Will Stop the Virus!!

Reading the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Pravda brings back memories of the Green Sheet--the comics section--which has relocated to the front page.

...Evers' plan would suspend for another year standardized testing to measure the performance of schools and allow those thrown out of work to immediately claim unemployment benefits, suspending for another year a requirement that normally forces people to wait a week before receiving benefits. It also would continue to suspend a requirement that the unemployed search for work to receive benefits....

Everybody knows that getting UC immediately will stop Covid-19!!!  Right??

...Evers' legislation would require health insurers to cover services provided remotely and require them to cover COVID-19 testing, treatment, prescriptions and vaccines. Insurers would be blocked from requiring their recipients to pay a share of those costs or get authorization before obtaining those services....
Everybody knows that free testing for Covid-19 will stop Covid-19 in its tracks!!  Right???

...Evers wants health care workers and other critical workers to automatically receive worker’s compensation benefits if they contract COVID-19.

The governor's proposal also would allow pharmacists to extend most prescription refills by 30 days through the end of 2021, according to an analysis of the measure provided by the governor's office....

Everybody knows that WC benefits will stop Covid-19 right now!!!  Right??? 

Here's another Evers-genius move:

...Allow the rehiring of retirees and the ability to reinstate licensure (including people in the last five years and people from out of state) through the end of 2021....

Because hiring OLD people (read:  ex-teachers) --double- or triple-dippers--is guaran-damn-teed to send the virus back to Red China!!  Right??

Ass Leader Vos also knows how to stop Covid-19 immediately!!

[Vos] proposed having those receiving unemployment benefits conduct contact tracing, with the recipients receiving pay for that work on top of their benefits. He offered a similar idea for university students, saying they could be paid for the work and receive college credit.

Because double-dipping UC plus a State job will stop Covid-19 dead!!!  Especially with OLD retired people!!!  Right??  Also getting 3 credits, too!!

So yah, Pravda prints all this crapola.  Jerry Kloss couldn't have written a more ironic column.

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