Sunday, November 29, 2020

Rep. Vos: What's Your Plan??

So far, the Republican party poohbah--Ass'y Speaker Robin Vos--has said that there 'will be an investigation' of the Wisconsin election.

Lin Wood has some thoughts about Pusillanimous Pubbies

If @GOP & @GOPChairwoman do not take immediate action to expose fraud & correct 11/3 election, Republican Party will cease to be viable.

Supporters of @realDonaldTrump will abandon GOP & you can kiss goodbye the Senate runoff in GA.

Start fighting for Trump NOW or adios GOP....

Georgia's election fraud differs from Wisconsin's in a couple of small ways, but not in the way that counts:  what the Republican "leaders" are doing about it.

Wood is right.  Who the Hell needs Robin Vos and Sen. LaMahieu (and the rest of the Pusillanimous Pubbies)  if they don't have the backbone to smack the fraudsters across the head with a 2X4?


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