Sunday, November 29, 2020

WI Black Voter Turnout Down This Year (?!)

Saw this a few weeks ago and saw it again due to Jessica McBride's new venture.  Reports a curious couple of facts vis-a-vis the election "results" flogged by The Nooz.  Fact one:  Milwaukee turnout was "stagnant"; fact two:  the number of black voters was down.

....Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania flipped, narrowly, from red in 2016 to blue in 2020. Pennsylvania pushed former Vice President Joe Biden’s total electoral college tally over the top, and he declared victory on Saturday.

In Wisconsin, his margin of victory was slim: just 20,539 votes, according to unofficial totals. 

But voter turnout was stagnant in Milwaukee — and down in primarily Black neighborhoods, a Wisconsin Watch analysis found — at a time when the number of votes cast statewide soared above 2016 levels.

Wisconsin Watch examined the 17 voting wards in Milwaukee in which at least 85 percent of the voters are Black. The analysis found that the raw number of votes cast dropped in all of them in 2020 compared to 2016....

Not by much--perhaps 1,200 votes--but down.

Yet Biden "won" Wisconsin?  

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