Friday, November 27, 2020

Georgia Kraken, Part XXI

The Gloom Boys (WISN on-air staffers) have given up the fight. 

Maybe they don't read the news?

...First and foremost is Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, an experienced cybercrimes investigator and digital security executive, who has worked with the CIA, NSA, FBI, and U.S. military counterintelligence, as well as corporate financial giants like Deutsche Bank and Stripe.

In an affidavit filed with Powell’s complaint in a Georgia court before midnight Wednesday, Keshavarz-Nia had this bombshell assessment....

 ...“I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in a hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden.”

These alterations, he added, resulted from widespread vulnerabilities in voting software and systems that allowed a “Man-in-the-Middle cyber attack” by covert operators....

So how did this "Man in the Middle" attack occur?  If you've kept up with the story, you recall that a Philadelphia warehouse break-in resulted in the theft of a cryptographic key on a DVS thumb drive.

The affiant--who has worked for CIA, FBI, and NSA, along with major US companies--is regarded as one of the country's leading cybersecurity experts, hailed as such by none other than the NYTimes.

Noteworthy:  he also has worked with Dominion/DVS systems along with its ImageCast and AuditMark sub-systems.

But the WISN guys are smarter.


Saint Revolution said...


Over ~36+ years IT here.

If they were updating in real time (NOT realtime, but real time, two different things), there will be data trails everywhere. From internal processor thread trails to server logues to client logues to ISP logues not only of traffic but of protocol analysis which is constantly running on at the provider level to monitor anything from DDOS to localized or non-localized broadcast storms. Even broadcast storm packets can be analyzed from the preamble to data package they are carrying.

There are the caches and the NVRAM or other non-volatile PCB-based storage. There are NVRAM cache chips on PCBs from the drives to the optical drives to even the BIOS chips and memory chips.

I can work my way up the 7 layers of OSI and find your Ma's bra and tit size if I want ... all without you knowing I'm compromising you in real time, or running you in realtime.

To not only update in real time but to operate in real time, there has to be Users in a client server environment, whether local or remote. From router and switch logues to server and workstation client logues. Hell, if there was ANY proactive or reactive monitoring left on by accident by these "tech" dullards, I could even piece together timelines and data from, say, SNMP MIBs, the ASN.1 syntax that was written for those MIBs, or even the backend database the MIBs are sending threshholding data to.

Saint Revolution said...


I haven't even gotten into storage, the SANs and NASs, external drive arrays, the SAN switches directing that traffic, and etc etc etc, wherein data may flow from/to and/or PIX boot images may come from for to boot the "Voting kiosk-based machines" which are nothing more than personal computers running local closed-source proprietery software or, in this case, categorize it as mal(icious)ware.

ALL the PCB-based firmware on these machines should be hacked via simple serial telnet and studied forensically. Some of this s/h/i/t was variable and flashed, you know it was, because these are proprietery machines used for only one purpose. They're kind of like kiosks at the shopping malls ... in fact, that's EXACTLY what they are like.

The Holy Grail would be to start subpoena-ing and sequestering at least one or some or ALL of the actual machines used so to tear them apart for forensic study.

Do NOT worry ... these f/u/c/k/ing dimwit dullard DemonCraps and Dominion/Smartmatic morons are too stupid and corrupt not to leave behind a shadow trail of epic proportions. It's out there. Let us at it. We'll get you your evidence ... D/A/M/N, will we we get you your technical forensic evidence.

In over ~36+ years in IT, no machine has ever beaten me yet. It all depends on how much will, time, money, patience, and "executive buy-in" there is to get the job done and done right. Most of the time, sheople lose the will to finish doing the right thing and finish the job right and that's where it all falls apart.

We'll see how much conviction the sheople have towards saving their Country and liberties from treasonous traitorous felons and criminals who'll stop at nothing to engage their globalist marxist filth.

Saint Revolution said...

Someone earlier wrote about MITM Man In The Middle security hijackings as a possible solution these idiots set up to switch Votes.

MITM Man In The Middle hacks are presentation attack vector security holes such as "bait and switch" ... they hijack an eMail, an web page, software code, or Vote data, etc, en route, and substitute their own, and send that substitute on to the destination.

Thus, "Man In The Middle" ... get it?

MITM need an infrastructure to set up (servers, cloud(s), etc) (traceable) and MITM leave audit trails for post-mortem analysis and root cause analysis.

If these idiots set up MITM Man In The Middle infrastructure AND requisite routing for Vote switching they DEFINITELY did not know what the hell they were doing to cover their tracks. MITM is not even the proper solution for what they wanted to accomplish. MITM would be VERY inefficient for the speed with which they needed this all to go down and then to decommission their nefariousness so to think they won't leave tracks and won't get caught.

Sidney Powell believes their software algorithm "broke" (whatever the hell THAT means ... software cannot "break" ... it probably became corrupted in memory while running and the write-back caching to the storage probably corrupted data to the point they had to shut it down 'cuz the Vote data was corrupted and not accomplishing what they wanted) and she believes this is why they resorted to paper ballot dumps in the middle of the night. This is a VERY plausible theorem if these idiots set up a MITM infrastructure that probably quickly became overwhelmed. Routing history logs can prove this, both edge and core, on-site, en route, and at the providers and ISPs.

Time to issue subpoenas.

Kind of like the thief who does eveything right but doesn't notice the bit of shoelace or mud that fell off his sneaker while he was exiting the premises after the theft. THEY ALWAYS SCREW UP SOMEWHERES. These Demoncraps/globalists think they have devised the perfect crime (doesn't exist) and are too d/a/m/n stupid to realize just how d/a/m/n stupid they really are.