Wednesday, November 18, 2020

First Thing, Steal the Keys To the Car

If you're going to commit election fraud, you don't need much.

...Watkins described a hypothetical situation that was actually ripped directly from the headlines. “So for example if, say, Philadelphia was storing these keys in a warehouse and they were robbed and the only thing stolen were these keys and a laptop, then you should consider their entire election to be illegitimate because they have lost the physical security of the system which is the most important part of information security.

As Rion noted, the hypothetical scenario Watkins described wasn’t hypothetical at all.

“And that’s exactly what happened in Philadelphia just one month before the election,” she said. “USB drives and a laptop had been stolen from a key precinct in Philadelphia. On election day, Biden overtook Trump’s 800,000 vote lead in the dark of night. According to these tabulating machines, Biden surpassed Trump by nearly 60,000 votes statewide, a lead found in one county, the county from which a thief stole USB keys and a laptop to the precinct’s ballot machines the month prior.”...

This is not "vote fraud."  This is ELECTION FRAUD.


Anonymous said...

Another fraud.

Dad29 said...

Desperate flop-sweat emerging here, Jim.

Got any more?

Anonymous said...

No, just facts, ma'am.