Friday, November 27, 2020

Jiggering the Covid-19 Numbers

 This is not surprising at all.  Dr. Genevieve Briand of Johns Hopkins published a study (still being vetted) which tells us:

...The overall conclusion is that Covid-19, at least according to collected data, is not the killer disease that it is currently hyped up to be. AIER is not endorsing the study as is without further study, but we are interested in the argument being examined and discussed....

 ...According to this graph constructed using data provided by the CDC from the last 6 years, total deaths have remained relatively constant and increases can be explained by various factors such as a larger population. The spikes in deaths in 2020 are consistent with historical trends, only topping 2018 by 11,292 deaths. There have been over 262,000 deaths attributed to Covid-19 in the United States, yet total deaths have not increased in any alarming capacity; they have only mirrored existing trends. In short, according to 6 years of data collected by the CDC, Covid-19 has not led to any significant increase in deaths....

So what?

Glad you asked!!

...Deaths have remained relatively constant, yet reported deaths due to deadly conditions such as heart disease have fallen while reported Covid deaths have risen. This suggests that the current Covid death count is in some capacity relabeled deaths due to other ailments. According to the graph, reported Covid deaths even overtook heart disease as the main cause of death at one point, which should raise suspicion....

That's been the suspicion for months already.

But but but but Covid gave "health authorities" monster teeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeee time and--even better--authority to decree this, mandate that, order this AND know.  They finally emerged from the dark room in the basement where they were kept.

Yah.  That worked out well.

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