Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Why They Hated Trump?

This is the best theory I've seen on the Trump-Hate.

...take a look at this post in Politico about what they call “the secretive consulting firm that’s become Biden’s Cabinet in waiting”. The short version of it is that a “consulting firm” operated as a shadow administration while the Democrats were out of power. When Biden was installed, in was from this shadow government that he picked key appointees. The source of funding for what amounts to a secret society is not mentioned, but it is not hard to guess.

In many respects, Biden represents a return to a trend that began under the first George Bush and has become more obvious over time. That is, the president is a figure head representing a faction within Washington. Up to Ronald Reagan, new presidents tended to bring key people from their home state, who took up key positions and helped vet new hires in the administration. Over time they were assimilated into the Borg, but initially they offered a fresh perspective and a change in direction.

With Bush I, that started to change. His administration was from the Borg as Bush no longer had ties to normal America....

 ...Bush II and Obama were basically spokesmen for organization that existed in the shadows, like the one stocking the Biden administration....

...One reason the imperial capital revolted when Trump was elected is he was a break in the long evolutionary chain. By 2016, the people who actually run the government had come to see the president as window dressing to appease the masses. The real work of governance was done by the thousands of people who live, work and socialize in the world’s largest small town. From their perspective, he was a threat to their democracy, because their democracy had become one party rule....

That comports very well with Codevilla's 2010 piece (see below) and certainly is consonant with observation.  Ron Johnson, after 6+ years of doing the bidding of McConnell and the Borg, has finally broken loose.  It remains to be seen whether he survives the hatred of The Turtle.  Tiffany and Fitzgerald haven't been sucked in--yet.  Tammy is a potted plant who can't even make waves like Noem does.  Nobody cares what Kind, Moore, and what's-his-Fox Valley (R) does, although he's making "I wanna be a Senator" conservative noises after several years of stiff-arming them.

Anyhow.  Trump could NOT be allowed to break up the comfortable lifestyle of The Cloud People--so he's out.

For the time being. 

By the way, ZMan has some very trenchant remarks about the Clintons, Bushes, and Obozo.  Read them at the link.

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