Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Donald Goes All SHOWTIME!!!

Apparently The Donald has decided that "All Show" is better than "All Go", or put another way, he's taking the hat and passing on the cattle.

...I like taking the guns early like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida ... to go to court would have taken a long time," Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.

"Take the guns first, go through due process second," Trump said.---The Hill quoted at ZeroHedge

NooYawk Values, textbook 101.

Response from Flyover Country:  Fuggedaboudit, Donny. 

Every Lefty Outfit in the USA = "Parkland Kiddies"

Not really surprising to learn that Blabbermouth-Schultz has been working the phones since One Day After.

She got results, which the MSM covered up.  So it's Not-Exactly-But-Really FAKE News...

...major players and organizations 00 including Everytown, Giffords, Move On, Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s March LA told BuzzFeed News they are helping the students with logistics, strategy, and planning for next month's March for Our Lives rally and beyond....AOSHQ quoting Buzzfeed

Those are heavy hitters.  The little darlings are being prepped 24X7, are heavily financed, and will be THE Thing until summer.

Birds, Feathers

Stolen from AOSHQ

Parkland - stand down.jpg

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bolt Guns or Six-Guns Only?

Yup.  Some (D) wants to eliminate ALL semi-autos, whether rifle, pistol, or shotgun.  About 200 different guns altogether.

And Yup!!  Gwen Moore,  of whom Marquette U. is especially proud, is a co-sponsor.  Speaking of "proud," sure enough, Mark Pocan of Madistan is there, too.

This concludes our report on fruits and nuts for today.

More Nutbag Fed Judges

The brain-rot in the Fed judiciary is a serious problem which is getting worse daily.  Not only do these dipwads-in-black think that Article I powers are NOT 'powers' on issues of immigration, they also are seeing things, which happens to be a sign of serious mental instability.

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a law prohibiting discrimination based on one’s sex also applies to “sexual orientation.”

The case, Zarda v. Altitude Express, Inc., was over whether homosexuality is a protected class under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act....

But that's NOT WHAT THE LAW SAYS!  So these jackwads invent a new law, just like a "penumbra" or "emanation."  (The real emanation here is out of some blackrobe's ass, by the way....)

They see things:  non-existent text, penumbras, emanations, extra-textual "meanings."

Calling Nurse Ratched!  Emergency!!

Milwaukee Alderman Is Really Confused

The alderman for this part of Milwaukee seems to be a very sensible guy, if you only watch his television speech about "Don't be a carjacker, you could be dead."

That is very good advice, and the alderman seems to have his head screwed on right.

But then we read this:

A 21-year-old would-be carjacker was shot and killed by his intended victim early Monday, Milwaukee officials said.

The man, whose name has not been released, was armed with a gun and trying to carjack a 24-year-old man who was heading into work shortly before 6 a.m. Monday, Milwaukee Police Capt. Andra Williams said....

OK, there's the setup for what follows.  The shooter is a concealed-carry permit holder.

...The topic of concealed carry has drawn heated debate at Milwaukee City Hall in recent months, with Common Council members voting to ban city contractors from carrying firearms to work sites.

Asked about the issue Monday, [Alderman] Johnson said the two issues were "different" and he still believes city employees, except law enforcement, and contractors should not carry firearms.

"Different"?  How, exactly?  Is one allowed the God-given right to self-defense ONLY if one is car-jacked?  Is one supposed to be a defenseless victim ONLY if doing work for the City?

Ald. Anderson, I'd suggest you get your head out of Tommy Barrett's large ass and repair your thinking button.  If you think people are going to give up self-defense just to work for the City, you are nuts.

Milwaukee: "War Zone"?

To read these two stories about the shoot on 88th/Fond du Lac is to read two completely opposite accounts.  Either the area is a "war zone" or it's as safe as Disneyland.

Here's the "no problems, man!!" story.  We'll have more to say about that one a little later.

Here's the "war zone" story.

So happens we have a few close contacts who work in that general area.  It's closer to the "war zone" than Disneyland, by far.

See my next post to learn that the City of Milwaukee's government is nuts.

Clintons, Bushmen, Russians, Establishment Paychecks

Ever doubt that The Establishment's Swamp is real?

Doubt no more.

Not only were Hillary and Bill Clinton suspiciously involved with the Russian purchase of US nuclear assets--so were the Bushmen.

...[The FBI informant] Campbell claimed he was told by Russian nuclear executives that there was a connection between APCO’s volunteer efforts for the Clintons’ charity and work that APCO did for Tenex, the U.S. affiliate of Rosatom, Russia’s state-owned nuclear company.

Rosatom later infamously purchased Uranium One, the Canadian uranium mining company with operations in the U.S. The purchase was approved by the Obama administration in a decision that is currently being probed by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

...In a statement to Breitbart News, APCO Worldwide strongly denied that its work for CGI was related to work the firm did for Tenex.  The statement added that “Winer had no involvement on any matters related to Tenex or the Clinton Global Initiative. In fact, the four senior staff on the Tenex project included two former Bush Administration officials and a former staff member for a Republican member of the Senate.”...

How very nice that they all play together so well when it comes to lining their pockets at the expense of the US national interest, eh?

Monday, February 26, 2018

"Conservative" Radio-Punk Goes Lefty

An annoying radio-punk who bills himself as a "thinker" advocates background checks on EVERY gun sale, including those between friends and family members.

Why?  Because he says so, that's why.  Because the Statist loves the State, that's why.

Well, good luck with that.  I don't know anyone who thinks their kid is insane AND will sell him/her a gun.  That said, I don't know anyone who would willingly background-check their own child, either.  And paying a gun-store a fee to run the check?

Heh. Oooookaaay.

MSNBC on Physics

This may or may not be fake news.

In a special report yesterday, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC stated that 'a bullet from an AR-15 travels at 3X the speed of a bullet from a handgun.'

O'Donnell then referred to Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Doc Brown's DeLorean.

"Based on these facts and studies and my calculations, MSNBC can conclusively state that if a teen-aged person fires a round from an AR-15, it will hit a victim BEFORE THE SHOOTER IS BORN!!!", giving a whole new dimension to terror.

Mr. O'Donnell also connected the DeLorean to the sound of hammers.

MSNBC also announced that Mr. O'Donnell will be on a temporary leave of absence under the care of Nurse Ratched.

Tammy's Fear: What She Did NOT Say on Guns

Little Tammy Baldwin showed us what the Democrats will NOT say or do regarding "gun safety."

Little Tammy did NOT call for curbs on "assault" weapons, nor confiscation of same, nor curbs on semi-automatics.  Had Tammy called for those measures, she would be in danger of losing her seat.

(BTW, every single gun ever manufactured IS an "assault weapon" no matter what color it is.)

You can look for similar mealy-mouthing from any (D) pol in a purple State.

"Amazing" IS the Word, Sheriff

One thing that Scott Israel (a New York native) gets right:  his "leadership" IS "amazing."

Amazingly horrible.  James Clark is, arguably, the worst Sheriff in recent US history, but Israel will certainly be on the same list. 

Israelis Demand $156M From Catholics

The folks in Jerusalem assert that Catholics owe them $156M in taxes for Church-owned properties surrounding the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

One would think that the Mayor of Jerusalem has more important concerns than to suddenly change the rules--which he has done--and attempt to squeeze the Church.

That's not a good way to impress one's allies.  Put another way, it's a very good way to create EX-friends.

*Cough* We Were Right in '88

In 1988, we marched our chilluns to the airport to meet PJBuchanan's plane on one of his campaign trips to the Frozen North.

We had them carry signs:  "Right Thinking", "Right Order", "Right for America."

PJB, a Georgetown Prep and Georgetown U. grad, recognized the Thomistic code and flashed a very big grin at the kids. 

Later, we took some Boy Scouts to his rally as a color guard.

Thirty years later....

Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page agreed with Buchanan that the GOP on the issues of immigration, trade, and foreign wars had ditched the globalist policies of former President George W. Bush.   PAGE: First of all, congratulations Pat. As I’ve said before: the party of Trump is the party of Buchanan. Trump came into it without ideology. But when he does express it, he tends to lean toward Buchanan. I mean, you had the Buchanan fence, he’s got the wall....(Partial transcript from McLoughlin Group 2/25/2018)

Right thinking, right order, right for America's Great Again.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

NRA 5-Year Is a Deal!

Guess I'll have to rent from someone other than Enterprise or National.

Just took a good deal:  5-year membership with NRA.  Got the duffel!!

The Wish-List of Geraldo, Gun Controller

Well, Geraldo (!!) is dishing the news on what he expects Trump to do about GUNNNNZZZZZZZZZZZ!

...“There is no satisfactory response, but I’m extremely impressed by the president of the United States – and he’s the one that counts, as far as I’m concerned,” Rivera told PJ Media at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday.

“You’ll see a full-throated response, enhanced background checks. If you are on the no-fly list, you are not going to get a gun license. And I think he’s going to advocate raising the age from 18 to 21 and I’ll be happy, which is more than President Obama ever did,” he added....

Well, Geraldo, there has been "no satisfactory response" to murder since the Garden of Eden, and that ain't gonna change in your lifetime.

As to "No-Fly/No-Buy", I'm surprised that Trump hasn't checked out the stupidity of that move.  Geraldo, who likes stupid ideas, well....let him rant on.

Twenty-one to purchase?  Inane.  Won't prevent 16-year-olds from getting them, and really?  You're going to send 18-year-olds into battles but not let them purchase a friggin' coyote-killer?

Coward County Sheriff Stinks Up the Room

Yah, well, Tapper will use this as his 'redemption' moment

The HotAir sub-head reminds me of something.  Lemmeesee heah, Jared.....

"The Sheriff is Suffering From a Lot of Memory Loss"

.....oh...yes.....!!!  That picture with Hillary and Israel.....yah, that's it......

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Good News About the Broward Cowards

The Sheriff of Broward County has no shame, or he would have resigned yesterday.

He DOES have a hankering for "more power."

He IS a gun-grabber.

There is good news:  it is people like his deputies who will be attempting to confiscate your weapons.


Conventional Analysis, Un-Conventional Politics

Craig Gilbert attempts to square the circle, using conventional political analysis on a very un-conventional President.

By the way, the (R) Party has--to a great extent--the same approach.  Trump has revived the Reagan Democrats, and done so big-time.  You can see that in the map-graphics in the story--but the (R) Party, particularly the Chamber of Commerce bunch, has not yet gotten the message.  They better do so quick, or they'll be looking at more WI-58 results.

Also:  Walker's campaigns and messages were about Wisconsin.  Trump's were not.  Comparing the campaigns is akin to comparing bicycles and automobiles.  They both get you someplace, but that's pretty much the end of the similarities.

Broward Coward's Sisters

It appears that the Broward Coward may have three simpering sisters who are also disguised as men playing Deputy Sheriff.

No wonder Hillary likes the Leader of this pack of Kotex-users.  Apparently his role model is Buford T. Justice--except that Buford's bunch didn't have 17 fatalities to account for.

Gov. Walker, How About Insurance Reform??

Jay Weber mentioned this the other day.

Seems that the State of Idaho, by its REGULATORY powers, allows insurers to provide health insurance which is 1) reasonably priced; and 2) better-tailored to its users. (The two go hand-in-hand, just as ObozoCare is 1) horribly expensive and 2) one-size-better-fit, honey.)

Anyhow.  If it's REGULATORY, you, our Governor, can make this happen.

Hint, hint.  Hint, hint.

Dancing on NRA's Grave Is Premature

Needless to say, Bloomberg News is practically dancing (if not prancing) over the dis-affiliations announced vis-a-vis NRA.

But NRA is not dead, and its viability never had anything to do with getting $5.00/day off your car rental at Enterprise (the girly-girl of car rent companies.) 

Sorry, folks.  NRA ain't dead.

One more thing:  if you think that 5 million NRA members encompass the entirety of gun-owners in the USA, you're madder than The Hatter.

Just sayin'.

(Phil) Klein's Whine

The NeverTrump bunch is very, very, very sensitive.  I hope Mr. Klein has enough Kleenex to make it through the night with all the crying he's doing over what we in Flyover Country call "rhetoric."

C'mon, Cupcake!  It's only going to last for 7 more years.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Broward Coward, Chapter Two

Oh, yes, it gets even worse.  Yesterday we told you that the ARMED Deputy Sheriff at the M. S. Douglas HS cowered outside the building while the psycho whacked 17 people inside.

So when the press went to his home to ask a few questions, what did they encounter?

SIX ARMED DEPUTIES guarding the house.

One for the school, six for him.  But the Sheriff is still in office.

Pay Attention, Rush.

The other day, Limbaugh damn near RAN away from a caller who articulated the first reason for the Second Amendment.

David French goes there.

...The argument is not that a collection of random citizens should be able to go head-to-head with the Third Cavalry Regiment. That’s absurd. Nor is the argument that citizens should possess weapons “in common use” in the military. Rather, for the Second Amendment to remain a meaningful check on state power, citizens must be able to possess the kinds and categories of weapons that can at least deter state overreach, that would make true authoritarianism too costly to attempt.
I fully recognize that there are many millions of Americans who flatly disagree with the notion that armed citizens either can or should try to deter tyranny. Either their trust in the government is so complete (or their sense of futility in the face of its armed might so great) that they don’t believe private ownership of weapons is a meaningful check on lawless government action, or they believe that the cost of widespread civilian gun ownership is simply too high to pay in exchange for a theoretical check on state power. That’s a debate worth having — in the context of a long-term progressive effort to repeal the Second Amendment. But for now, the Founders have settled question.

As Justice Scalia ably articulated in Heller, the Second Amendment was designed to protect what Blackstone called “the natural right of resistance and self-preservation.” Without access to the weapons in common use in our time, the law-abiding citizen will grow increasingly — and intolerably — vulnerable to the lawless. Thus, to properly defend life and liberty, access to assault weapons and high-capacity magazines isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

As to "the lawless," I can spell a few names for you:  Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, James Comey, John Chisholm, Lois Lerner, Francis Schmitz.....

Shall I go on? 

CPAC? Meh. More Like "LPAC"

This is not very surprising, if you've paid attention to the CPAC story over the last several years.

...“Similar to the direction of the GOP establishment, in recent years CPAC has become more libertarian-oriented and pro-LGBT – and hardly any pro-family groups have had exhibits or been sponsors. This seems to mesh with the attendees: approximately half are 18-24, and clearly products of modern culture,” he said.

Camenker is right.  The trading of conservative values for values-free libertarianism should come as a surprise to no one.  CPAC set itself on this trajectory years ago....

It's not just the Ron Paul frenzies, either.

...CPAC president Matt Schlapp spoke about “the kids” whose presence dominates the annual event.  “At CPAC, 50% of the crowd is college-aged or younger.  We’re attracting new people and new voices to the movement.”  

But at what cost?  Who is actually teaching, forming, and directing whom?  

Focusing on real marriage and family structures — the bedrock of social conservative values — is far less prominent in the CPAC agenda than it once was, while LGBT ideology has established a firm foothold.  CPAC has been co-opted.  It has undergone a quiet hostile takeover....

We're pretty much "live and let live" here---but the red line is found where we're told that we MUST support, with enthusiasm, that which is contrary to morals.  It's what Giampietro talked about (below).  There are a lot of "conservatives" who don't talk about morals and natural law, and when you encounter those, you usually don't have to look too far for the reasons.  In 90++% of the cases, it's either moral problems, or 'money talks.' 

Giampietro Right, Baldwin Wrong (Surprise!!!)

You expect Tammy Baldwin to be wrong on the big issues, and she is.  Look no further than her objection to Gordon Giampetro to the Fed bench, Eastern District of Wisconsin.

....U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, is raising concerns about the nomination of Wisconsin attorney Gordon Giampietro to the federal bench after past writings surfaced in which he called “calls for diversity” a “code for relaxed standards.”...

Having a lick of common sense disqualifies anyone, in the eyes of Tammy.

Reading what Giampietro ACTUALLY said about the Civil Rights Act is enlightening--not that Tammy likes enlightenment:

...On March 25, 2014, Giampietro wrote on the website the Catholic Thing that, “calls for diversity” are “code for relaxed standards (moral and intellectual).” Giampietro was commenting on a blog post about arguments in the US Supreme Court over the Affordable Care Act’s contraception care mandate and the history of government regulation of businesses. The author of the blog post had written that with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “the federal government crossed a constitutional divide when it claimed the authority to bar discriminations on the basis of race in private inns and restaurants.”

Giampietro commented on the post that blog post author Hadley Arkes was “exactly right to trace the intrusion into private business to the Civil Right Act,” and that he would go back farther to “the original sin of slavery.”

 “Absent slavery, there might have been a vibrant federalism that allowed for differences of opinion to exist side by side until the truth will out. Absent slavery, there is no racial spoils system, no calls for diversity — which is code for relaxed standards (moral and intellectual) — and no eye-rolling when appeals are made to ‘states rights.’ In short, because we denied blacks the fundamental human right to freedom we sowed the seeds of our own loss of freedom,” Giampietro wrote....

(The Civil Rights Act happens to be the 'justification' for forcing people to bake homosex-wedding cakes.  So it's not really a "rights" act at all.  One more thing:  passing the CRA engendered one of LBJ's most ...ahhh.....revealing quotes.  You remember it; it had to do with '200 years of voting Democrat'....remember?  That's why I refer to "The Plantation," folks.)

Who can argue with Giampietro's conclusion?  Well, given the Democrat Party's secret love for continuing The Plantation, Tammy's flabberwocky is no surprise.  Without The Plantation, where would Democrats get their votes?

Oh--maybe from the 3% of the country which practices unnatural "marriage"?

....In a July 24, 2015, radio interview, a month after the Supreme Court recognized a nationwide right to same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges, Giampietro said it was “irrefutable” that children are best raised by a heterosexual couple, and appeared to refer to same-sex relationships as “troubled.”
“No one would disagree with the fact that children, all the social science research shows this, are best raised by a man and a woman. This is natural, this is the truth, and it’s irrefutable. And so I think it has to be articulated in a way which isn’t dismissive of those troubled relationships, but it is reaffirming of the truth of marriage,” he said....

"Truth" and "Democrat Party" cannot be placed in the same sentence, sorry to say.

Teachers' Union Still Crazy After All These Years

When it comes to irrational posers, the Milwaukee Teachers' Union is second only to Nancy Pelosi.  Here's a portion of their statement regarding the possibility of arming school faculty and staff as a defense measure:

....It is completely irrational and irresponsible for anyone to suggest that teachers should be carrying firearms in the classroom to confront potential school shooters. Enough is enough. Lawmakers are failing us. We can’t wait any longer for them to listen to the voices of students and educators. We need common-sense gun laws right now!....

(The exclamation point underlines the gravity of their demands, you see.  It's the same rhetorical technique that any 5th-grader would use.  What?  You expected adult?)

Go ahead.  Follow the link.  See if you can find MTEA's argument for using the terms 'irrational' and 'irresponsible.' 

You can't because there is no such argument.

But there IS an exclamation point, so it's all good.

Why the US Has Few S.T.E.M. Grads

If you want to know why US-native millennials don't have lots of S.T.E.M. degrees, look at the O.P.T. program.

...The OPT program gives work visas to more than 300,000 foreign graduates of U.S. universities and college each year.

The program harms the 800,000 Americans students who graduate each year with skilled degrees in healthcare, business, accounting, math, science, computers and engineering, by forcing them to compete for jobs against government-subsidized foreigners.

The OPT program also generates a multi-billion dollar bonanza for universities and companies. The universities use the work-permit program to win fee-paying students from abroad, and the companies use the program to get cheap workers and also to pocket the Social Security and Medicare taxes they would otherwise have to pay American hires.

President Donald Trump promised a “Buy American, Hire Americans” policy on Inauguration Day, but lawyers at the departments of justice and homeland are trying to protect the agency-created program....

US-born kids would have to be morons to take on STEM college debt and then have to fight for bottom-of-the-barrel wages/salaries.

OPT is one part, of course.  The other part is the H1-B scam written for the benefit of Intel/Google/Microsoft/Apple.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Catholic Bishop Acts Like a Catholic Bishop!

Yes--that's a "man bites dog" headline, but it's true.

Illinois Bishop Thomas Paprocki announced this week that Catholic Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) will not be admitted to Holy Communion following his vote for late term abortions of babies in the last trimester....

H.E. Paprocki is using Canon 915 as the basis for his action.

Let us pray for the Bishop, and for Durbin.

The IQ You Expect From....

This fellow displays the IQ you'd expect from certain elements of society.  Here he writes a letter to the editor.

Gun control and regulation is an absolute must in this country if there is any hope of preventing a repeat of the tragedy in Florida. Dianne Feinstein’s proposal of raising the age to purchase a weapon is a joke and a typical response from our politicians.

Guns need to be registered. Knowing who has weapons is not an infringement on Second Amendment rights. Citizens can still own them. Unregistered guns need to be confiscated when found and assault weapons banned....

OK, then.  If it's not "registered," how you gonna find it, George?  Go ahead, answer.  I'll wait.

Story of Charlottesville, R. 2.3 (b)

It seems that the "Dodge Charger" part of the Charlottesville Narrative may be very difficult to sustain--at least, the Narrative originally constructed by the Progressive Press.

....filled with impotent hatred at the sight of so many kind and caring people, one young Nazi floored the gas pedal on his Dodge Challenger and purposely murdered a sweet young woman in an act of racist domestic terrorism.

Bet you didn’t know that there is no known footage of the Dodge actually making contact with that woman’s body and that her own mother told NBC News that her daughter died of a heart attack. Bet you also didn’t know that a female reporter at the scene initially issued a series of tweets claiming police said “the car was covered in dents prior and apparently hit by a bat” and “His car was being swarmed by protesters and some of them were getting violent” and “several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn’t malicious…[he] was scared,” only to delete all those tweets a day later once The Narrative had taken hold....

And some Anthropology Prof is now bragging that he pointed a rifle at the Dodge before the car took off down the street....

...Bet you also didn’t know that Dwayne Dixon—a scrawny and skeevy anthropology professor who looks as if he was the spawn of an HIV+ lesbian and a naked mole rat—bragged on Facebook about chasing James Fields, driver of that fateful Dodge Challenger, away with a gun only moments before the fatal incident...

That murder trial should prove to be very interesting, indeed.

Broward LEO's Begin to Stink Like Democrats

Umhhhnnn, yah....

Apparently the armed deputy security guy went around the corner and hid rather than confront the shooter in Broward County.

Not to worry for him, though:  Deputy Girly-Boy will get his retirement pay.

The (Democrat) Sheriff is also covering his butt by initiating investigations of the deputies who went to the shooter's home THIRTY NINE TIMES but never found a reason to arrest and press for prosecution.

About 38 incidents late. 

But that's how (D) politicians roll.  Party, party, party, until the shit hits the fan, then point as many fingers as possible.  See:  Barret, Tom, lead poisoning.  See Baldwin, Tammy, Candy Land VA hospital.  See Clinton, Hillary:  everyone in the USA.

MMAC's True Colors

The Metro Milwaukee Ass'n of Commerce has a serious Big Government bias.  Now it has an Anti-Speech bias, too.  Can you smell the Establishment rot here?

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court for permission to file a non-party brief in defense of Marquette University’s decision to fire Professor John McAdams. Why would a business organization wade into a free speech court battle between a university and a professor?

Steve Baas, the Senior Vice President – Governmental Affairs & Public Policy for MMAC, says the case has implications for his organization’s members beyond Marquette University....

Steve Baas is full of Corporate Crap.

McAdams has a contract which guarantees him freedom of speech.  There is no such comparable contract given to employees of Rexnord, Childrens' Hospital, or the Joe Doakes WhatsIt Mfg. Co.  In fact, MMAC members may (cough) fire at will.  For any reason, at any time.  Just ask Google, which is in the process of schmeissing some guy who spoke up about women in his workplace.

MMAC, like its Big Sister, the national Chamber of Commerce, is just another Establishment bunch which prefers that citizens pay taxes, get hosed by illegal/slave-labor folks, and otherwise shut up.

Too bad.  40 years ago, it was a pretty good outfit.

About "Saint" Mueller. Who Pays Him?

It appears that "Saint" Mueller, current antagonist-in-chief of Trump, has a markedly ambivalent attitude to Russki interference in US Government circles.

....As FBI Director (2001-2013), Robert Mueller presided over the Bureau’s decade-long counterintelligence operation known as “Ghost Stories,” which targeted the deep-cover ring of Russian “illegals” mentioned above. In June 2010, the FBI netted this ring of covert Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) operatives, which was successfully boring into elite circles, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s — and then sent them packing ASAP to Mother Russia.
Why? All of the available evidence strongly suggests that this painstaking FBI work of a decade was thrown away to protect Hillary Clinton, the once and future presidential candidate, who was at risk of being compromised. As FBI counterintelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi put it: “We were becoming very concerned they were getting close enough to a sitting US cabinet member that we thought we could no longer allow this to continue.”

Never one to save the republic instead of herself, Hillary Clinton “worked feverishly” to get these Russian agents deported before they could be adequately debriefed or otherwise exploited, as J. Michael Waller writes. Remember, June 2010 was a busy month for the Clintons: Rosatom was initiating its purchase of Uranium One; Bill Clinton was pocketing $500,000 from that KGB-linked Moscow bank, Renaissance Capital, which was “talking up” Uranium One shares (even as $145 million was sloshing into the Clinton Foundation); President Obama was pushing for Russian membership in the World Trade Organization, and all the “reset” rest. The exposure of a highly trained network of SVR operatives targeting Hillary Clinton among others could not have been more inconvenient. How do you say, “Get them out of here on the double” in Russian?

Looking back, I don’t recall FBI Director Mueller in a lather over this Russian “meddling,” or “influence” on the Obama administration. Last time I looked, he did not resign from his FBI directorship in protest of this crude administration cover-up, either. Maybe he was too busy hiding evidence from Congress of the so-called Mikerin probe, the investigation into a Russian bribery scheme to control an American uranium trucking firm, even as U.S. lawmakers were examining the proposed sale of Uranium One to the Russian government....

By this time, it is VERY clear that the Clintons have had a free ride during the time in which they have committed significant grievous offenses against the United States.  Mueller doesn't have a problem with Hillary's profiting from her Russian friends.

Is Mueller on Hillary's payroll?  Or was he?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

On Kamala Harris: This May Be True!

The Babylon Bee has the following story.

Sources close to U.S. Senator Kamala Harris claim the representative of California stopped to make a brief appearance at a gun violence protest while en route to a scheduled stop to speak at a pro-choice rally Saturday....

Uh-huh.  Rings true.

Lefty on the Ballot, Dallet

Such a nice girl she is, and so young, to be running for Supreme Court!!!  She has a nice family, ain'a?  Cute curls, too!

And what a tool.

He’s talking about all this rhetoric about rule of law garbage…He’s just saying the same tired old thing that doesn’t mean anything.  

That's a sitting judge talking about her opponent.  I can't wait for some defendant to jam that line right up her cute-as-a-button nostrils. 

So young.  So utterly dumb.

Dem Convention in MKE?

Relax.  If it happens in Milwaukee--which is a very big "if"--you have plenty of time to harden your home against the possibility of Democrat Zombie Invasions.  Or just against Democrats wandering the streets in your neighborhood.

And plenty of time to consider alternative defense tactics, tools, etc.

Just remember the reality of Clintoncides.  Try to keep your distance from HildeBeeste.

Dan Foreman!! Good On Him!!

Here's a guy who knows the buckwheat when he sees it....

When University of Idaho students and a Planned Parenthood representative tried to lobby State Senator Dan Foreman (R-5th District) about a bill to provide free contraception, the senator dismissed their activism stating that he was a conservative Roman Catholic and believes "what you guys do stinks."

He also called abortion and the abortion-inducer "birth control" murder, which is absolutely accurate.

And--surviving the heavy incoming fire from Murder, Inc., and its MSM stooges, Foreman doubled down yesterday.

It's still murder.  Too bad Paul Ryan won't REALLY de-fund it, eh?

Pp. Francis: Curiouser and Curiouser

Very strange goings-on in Rome.

For reasons not revealed, the Pope requested (and got) a $25 MILLION donation to a Roman hospital which is buried in debt, scandal, and corruption.

The donation was more than 100 TIMES the donations historically made by the charity-fund.

That didn't play well with a number of the fund's trustees, who have quit the Board.

A**hole Jackwad Prosecutor Mueller

The Skadden, Arps lawyer may or may not be a criminal for deleting emails.

But only an a**hole jackwad would make a Federal case out of the lawyer mis-remembering whether he talked to Person A in August or September of 2014.

We don't need a trial to figure out that Mueller & Co. are a**hole jackwads.  That's a givenThis month or next month.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

About Pp. Francis' Howlers

Just so my RC pals know this:

"It is not the position of the Roman Catholic Church that a pope is incapable of leading people astray by false teaching as a public doctor. He may be the supreme appeal judge of Christendom ... but that does not make him immune to perpetrating doctrinal howlers. Surprisingly ... this fact appears to be unknown to many who ought to know better."  --Aidan Nichols, OP, quoted at Fr H.

Yes, Francis CAN promote false teachings, such as those buried in the text of "The Joy of Sex," recently promulgated and questioned by Catholic thinkers ever since.

Madison War-Zone: The High Schools

The Stately Mansion-Dweller mentions what the Press dare not:  Madison West HS is a friggin' war-zone, and the participants in the war are never, ever, punished.

But West is hardly the only one.  Memorial and LaFollette have their own riots, too.

That way, every HS is equal in Madison!!

Pp Francis' Curious Choice of Delegate

Pp. Francis has strange taste in his delegates.  Take, for example, Cdl. Mahony.

Apparently, Francis appointed Mahony to represent Francis at an anniversary celebration of a Diocese in Pennsylvania.

The people of that Diocese were not amused.  After threats of a near-riot, Mahony became 'unavailable' for the celebration.

Mahony is known for his ultra-liberal governance of Los Angeles.  By no co-incidence, he's also known for a unique dishonor:  his successor banned him from any public or administrative duties.

See, Mahony played hide-and-seek with homosexual predator priests. 

Judge Hendon Abuses Power, Blames Legislature

A judge in Hamilton County, OH removed a girl from her parents' custody over the girl's desire to become a boy

Because the judge knew that her action is a grave abuse of power, the judge blamed the Ohio legislature:

...What is clear from the testimony presented in this case and the increasing worldwide interest in transgender care is that there is certainly a reasonable expectation that circumstances similar to the one at bar are likely to repeat themselves. That type of legislation would give a voice and a pathway to youth similarly situated as (the teen) without attributing fault to the parents and involving them in protracted litigation which can and does destroy a family unit....

Hendon is full of crap.  She should have simply tossed the case when it was filed.  This is a matter where the proper disposition is for the girl to be placed in an insane asylum.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Ixonia Kittycat in Brookfield

The Ixonia "housecat"--which weighs about 50 lbs.--was last sighted in Brookfield, heading southeast towards Wauwatosa or Elm Grove.

He may have been whacked by a car, but that doesn't mean he won't make a Happy Meal out of your fuzzy little puppy.

In the video from Fox6, he appears to be looking for a nice couch on which to curl up for a nap.   Or maybe he heard some fuzzy little Happy Meal barking.....

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Deneen, Dreher, Longenecker...and Guns?

So anyhow, as we hinted in the last post, the death of 'liberal' Catholicism (like the death of its Prot counterpart) is not a matter of "if" but of "when."

That doesn't mean that "conservative" Catholicism is a happy family.  Not even close.

Deneen re-defines "conservative" Catholicism, using a finer filter, and shows that there are TWO 'conservative Catholic' schools.

...On the one side one finds an older American tradition of orthodox Catholicism as it has developed in the nation since the mid-twentieth century. It is closely aligned to the work of the Jesuit theologian John Courtney Murray, and its most visible proponent today is George Weigel,...Its basic positions align closely to the arguments developed by John Courtney Murray and others. Essentially, there is no fundamental contradiction between liberal democracy and Catholicism....Proponents of this position argue that America was well-founded and took a wrong turn in the late-19th century with the embrace of Progressivism...The task, then, is restore the basic principles of the American founding—limited government in which the social and moral mores largely arising from the familial and social sphere orient people toward well-ordered and moral lives....

The above is--we think--a fair and balanced reduction of Deneen's far more extensive description.  Also, we happen to agree that Progressivism is poppycock.

Now for the Other Guys:

...On the other side is arrayed what might be characterized as a more radical Catholicism....Its intellectual home—not surprisingly—is the less-accessible journal Communio. An occasional popularizer (though not always in strictly theological terms) has been TAC author Rod Dreher [and Deneen himself.]...The “radical” school rejects the view that Catholicism and liberal democracy are fundamentally compatible.... liberalism is premised on a contrary view of human nature (and even a competing theology) to Catholicism. Liberalism holds that human beings are essentially separate, sovereign selves who will cooperate based upon grounds of utility[You can hear that every day on the Limbaugh and Levin shows.] According to this view, liberalism is not a “shell” philosophy that allows a thousand flowers to bloom. Rather, liberalism is constituted by a substantive set of philosophical commitments that are deeply contrary to the basic beliefs of Catholicism, among which (Catholics hold) are the belief that we are by nature relational, social and political creatures; that social units like the family, community and Church are “natural,” not merely the result of individuals contracting temporary arrangements; that liberty is not a condition in which we experience the absence of constraint, but the exercise of self-limitation; and that both the “social” realm and the economic realm must be governed by a thick set of moral norms, above all, self-limitation and virtue....

Read that again.  We'll wait. It's important to grasp what he's saying.  Those last few words are approximately what Fr Longenecker voiced in his post about "gun control."  Neumayr, by the way, said exactly those words:  "Self-control, not Gun control."  And that 'not absence of constraint but exercise of self-limitation' is another way of saying what St. John Paul II said:  liberty is the freedom to do what is right.  Not the freedom to do whatever.

There's more from Deneen:

...Because of these positions, the “radical” position—while similarly committed to the pro-life, pro-marriage teachings of the Church—is deeply critical of contemporary arrangements of market capitalism, is deeply suspicious of America’s imperial ambitions, and wary of the basic premises of liberal government. It is comfortable with neither party, and holds that the basic political division in America merely represents two iterations of liberalism—the pursuit of individual autonomy in either the social/personal sphere (liberalism) or the economic realm (“conservatism”—better designated as market liberalism).... It wavers between a defensive posture, encouraging the creation of small moral communities that exist apart from society—what Rod Dreher, following Alasdair MacIntyre, has dubbed “the Benedict Option”—and, occasionally, a more proactive posture that hopes for the conversion of the nation to a fundamentally different and truer philosophy and theology....

"Market liberalism" is a honey-trap for a lot of Catholics; there's a priest, currently in Madison, who shows his Lutheran upbringing with his loud-and-proud praise of same.

As to that "Benedict Option" thing:  Fr Longenecker mentioned it, too.  S'pose Fr L. is a paleo-Catholic? Paleo-Catholics believed in self-defense and used whatever modern armaments were available to them, ya'know.

Madison Diocese and Dying Liberal Catholicism

Earlier, we posted a brief mention of the Troubles of Bp. Morlino.  It was very clear that his burden is "liberal Catholicism," which he inherited from his predecessors.  (Note well that H E Morlino is hardly the ONLY Bishop with this burden.)

Anyhow, in a short note to a friend on that topic I mentioned that the reason for the underlying article (NCR's re-visit of Platteville) was that 'liberal Catholicism' was dying and NCR was attempting to re-ignite the fire with its screed.

Lo and behold, today we find that Patrick Deneen, arguably the finest successor to Fr. James Schall, SJ, said the same thing, four years ago....

...Liberal Catholicism, while well-represented in elite circles of the Democratic Party, qua Catholicism is finished. Liberal Catholicism has no future—like liberal Protestantism, it is fated to become liberalism simpliciter within a generation. The children of liberal Catholics will either want their liberalism unvarnished by incense and holy water, or they will rebel and ask if there’s something more challenging, disobeying their parents by “reverting” to Catholicism. While “liberal” Catholicism will appear to be a force because it will continue to have political representation, as a “project” and a theology, like liberal Protestantism it is doomed to oblivion....

That's hardly all of what Deneen proposes.  It's worth reading the rest, because there are seriously dark clouds on the American Catholic horizon.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fake News JSOnline Forgets Some Facts

Oh glorious day!!

For two years, Donald Trump — as both candidate and president — has frequently dismissed the notion of Russian meddling in U.S. elections as a "hoax" and even denigrated heads of U.S. intelligence agencies for suggesting otherwise....

Let's look at a couple of facts that the JS' fake-news boyzzz don't mention here:

...44% of total ad impressions (number of times ads were displayed) were before the US election on November 8, 2016; 56% were after the election.--E. Schrage, Facebook

"I have seen all the Russian ads and I can say very definitively that swaying the election was *NOT* the main goal."--Rob Goldman, VP, Facebook

I have a question for the JS:  the Russkis started their activities in 2014, before Trump declared.  So during 2014, 2015, and 2016, under Obozo's watch, neither the CIA, nor NSA, nor FBI, was able to prevent this activity?  Spot it?  Notify the Press or the people?

Curious that the Obozo big-boys are all swearing that they knew about it all the while, but were very damned quiet while it was happening, no?

Maybe the "journalists" should be asking questions.

The Elite's--and Hillary's--Screw-Up

Interesting interview of a guy named Siegel (HT AOSHQ) who talks about liberalism.  He seems to think that modern-day liberalism actually began in the 1920's or so (he's about 400 years late on that estimate) but has some interesting things to say.  Since he was a member of the DNC and an advisor to a few (D) campaigns, he's not talking out of his....patoot.

...So this elite comes together, it looks across the Atlantic, it looks across the Pacific, but it doesn’t look at the heartland. The rest of the country recognises that. Whatever you want to say about Trump, he was the only candidate in either party who recognised that globalisation and immigration are the burning issues for much of America. One of the things he talked about early in the campaign, which was largely set aside, was the enormous mistake of allowing China into the World Trade Organisation in 2001. President Clinton pushed for this, President George W Bush pushed for this, and I supported it at the time. In retrospect it was an enormous mistake. If you draw a map of the places where jobs were lost due to competition from China, and look at the areas of Trump support, there’s a tremendous overlap....

Earlier in the piece, he mentioned Hillary's techno-elite campaign management, which told her that she did NOT need the Midwest to win.  Guess what area of the country paid the most for that WTO screwup?

Back in the day, I was absolutely certain that China's Most Favored Nation/WTO deal was suicide for the US.  Thankfully, we're not dead yet--but the Clinton/Bush elites are dying.

(By the way, Bill Clinton TOLD Hillary's campaign that she MUST campaign in the Midwest.  Heh.)

A little more:

...Liberalism has taken on a religious aspect. It’s a belief system, and not a system that represents political interests. Liberalism is seen as a source of grace, in religious terms. It is hard to talk to people, when you are effectively suggesting they are not among the blessed (or, to use Thomas Sowell’s phrase, the ‘anointed’), that they are in fact mistaken....

...when you tell them that Trumpism is not peculiar to America. In the Czech Republic, in Hungary, in Poland, in the Baltic states – you have variations on Trump. Liberals are incredulous. First of all, they don’t pay much attention to Europe, which I think is unfortunate. Second, the idea that there is something larger at play, that it’s not all about Trump’s venality, is inconceivable for many American liberals. When I was a kid, to be liberal was to be open-minded and highly educated. Liberalism doesn’t represent that today. It represents a secular version of baptism....

The Closing of the American Mind, Part Two, eh?

Finally: he has absolutely ZERO use for California Democrats.  Zero.

Mueller, Lerner: BFF's in Criminal Activity

You've read it a million times:  "What if the Republicans Did This to the Democrats?"

...Records also detail how the Obama IRS gave the FBI 21 computer disks, containing 1.25 million pages of confidential IRS returns from 113,000 nonprofit social 501(c)(4) welfare groups – or nearly every 501(c)(4) in the United States – as part of its prosecution effort. According to a letter from then-House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, "This revelation likely means that the IRS – including possibly Lois Lerner – violated federal tax law by transmitting this information to the Justice Department."...

At the time, "Saint" Mueller was running FBI.  That makes him a co-conspirator.


By the way, Tom Fitton deserves every bit of support you can give him, even if it's only prayers.  Given the folks he's screwing with, he's always in danger of Clintoncide....

Dear Fr. Longenecker: You Don't Really Get It!

Another demonstration of "I don't know why there is a Second Amendment."

That's followed by a bunch of actual truth, from a priest in the South.

First, the silliness.

...I’m in favor of more gun control.

Let’s face it, why does anybody need a semi automatic rifle? Have a shotgun or a rifle if you need one for home defense and carry a pistol if you must, but keep the guns small and with limited bullets before you have to re-load, and limit the number of guns a person can have, and do more background checks, get their doctor and priest or somebody sane to sign off on the permissions. Make them wait longer before they can buy a gun....

For the zillionth time, Father, the 2A is NOT entirely about self-defense, nor about hunting.  It is about the prevention of tyranny--you know, like you had in merrie olde England.  And like they currently have in Red China, VietNam, and North Korea.  And Russia.

It is critical that you understand this:  self-defense is integral to defense of liberty and the nation, and vice-versa.  You cannot have one without the other.  Ask Thomas Aquinas.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.

Then there's this:  what's "common sense" to YOU is not necessarily "common sense" for others--which means that it may not be "common" at all, Father.  One may "need" a semi-automatic rifle for ensuring humane kills when hunting.  Maybe you've never missed a one-shot kill shot on a deer, but others have.  One may "need" a semi-auto rifle to defend home/family/self against a home invasion, or in case of major civil disturbance.  Ask the Korean shopkeepers about those Los Angeles riots. 

Frankly, you are not the judge of "need," Father.  I could ask the same 'need' question about the size of a home, speed of a car, or number of acres owned, or dollars in a retirement account.  Those are questions proper to an individual, not to society, nor you.  It's worth noting that you DO ask those questions in your essay (thanks!!!) but your answer, the B-Option, doesn't work for everyone. 

By the way, could that shotgun you allow us be a semi-auto?

How many bullets may one load into a self-defense pistol under your regime, Father?  Enough to kill an assailant?  How many IS that, Father?

How many guns is "too many" for an individual, Father?  Oh--wait--does that individual have a family who might need to be armed?  So should each of those people also have a limit?  And while we're at it, shouldn't we ask about the purpose of each weapon?  After all, there's concealed-carry, open-carry, long-distance hunting (and defense of liberty), close-quarters hunting and defense, bird-shooting.....we could go on.  

Finally, Father, when you require that 'somebody sane signs off', exactly who might that be?  I'm acquainted with a highly-qualified and eminent M.D. who killed his wife.  But he was "sane."  Are you telling us that psychiatrists are "more sane" than other people?  That rabbis, ministers, or priests are "more sane"?  You have a heavy burden of proof, Father....

Here's where you get it RIGHT:

...don’t imagine it is going to stop the killing. Don’t imagine that controlling guns will control people.  Don’t imagine that the heart of darkness in American society is going to be cured with such a superficial thing as gun control....

Correct.  As Neumayr mentioned today, it's "self-control," not "gun control."

You get even more points here:

...If there is no God everything is permissible. If there is nothing embrace the nothing.

Why is this a theological question? Because nihilism is the dark underbelly not only of modern philosophy and relativism, but it is also the dark underbelly of the sappy New Age nonsense on sale by people like Oprah and the rest of the “Eastern thinkers

Really. What do the Eastern religions teach? They teach that beyond the person is the great emptiness. They teach that to truly be spiritually aware you become aware that the greatest reality is that there is no reality. Nirvana is to accept with peace that there is nothing else and no one else out there.

Nirvana is Nihilism....

And Christianity, properly understood, is the answer.  Very good!!

(About that "Benedict Option", Father:  will there be weapons at that location?  How many?  What sort?)

Mueller, Schmitz, Chisholm: Birds & Feathers

Here's an interesting item which reinforces the philosophical linkage between Mueller's witch-hunt and that of Schmitz/Chisholm here in Wisconsin.  Yes, there are big differences--but the First Amendment plays a big part in both.

...Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russian trolls claimed their social media political activity was criminal because: they were foreign citizens; they tried to influence an election; and they neither registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act nor reported their funding to the Federal Elections Commission....

OK.  So?

Among other things, that theory makes the DNC, Perkins, Coie, and the HRC campaign "co-conspirators" in criminal activity.  Much as I'd like to see those entities prosecuted....oh, well.

Here's where Schmitz/Chisholm (et al) and Mueller occupy the same home:

...Mueller’s unprecedented prosecution raises three novel arguments: first, that speaking out about American politics requires a foreign citizen to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act; second, that speaking out about American politics requires a foreign citizen list their source and expenditure of funding to the Federal Election Commission; and third, that mistakes on visa applications constitute “fraud” on the State Department. All appear to borrow from the now-discredited “honest services” theories Mueller’s team previously used in corporate and bribery cases, cases the Supreme Court overturned for their unconstitutional vagueness. The indictment raises serious issues under the free speech clause of the First Amendment and due process rights under the Fifth Amendment....

The Left is perfectly willing to allow speech, so long as the Left approves of that speech.  Speak in an un-approved method, or speak BadThought?  You get a midnight raid, or the Ham Sandwich treatment from a Fed attorney with a very spotty record.

Here's a Solution to School Shootings

Oh, yes, Wisconsin can "DO SOMETHING" about school shootings.

The Legislature and Governor can allow teachers (and other school personnel) to carry at school.

Costs a lot less than hiring a small army of cops.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Romney Still a Turkey

Mitt will move himself and family to Utah, I suppose.

...In a Facebook campaign video, he lamented that Washington was sending "a message of exclusion" to immigrants....

Would that "exclusion" apply to the 47% you don't give a rip about, Mitt?

How We Die

Neat little chart found at AOSHQ

causes of death 2016.jpg

Ululation and Weeping: NCR on Madison Diocese

Since H.E. Morlino has not moved an inch since the last full-out assault on his reign from the Nat'l "Catholic" Reporter, they decided to launch another one, this beginning in Platteville.

At the 4 p.m. Saturday Vigil Mass at St. Mary Church here, Fr. John Blewett recites the prayers with his back to the congregation. Only occasionally does he turn around to face the worshipers gathered on this typical Wisconsin winter afternoon of 9-degree temperatures.

Blewett is accompanied by three altar boys (the parish prohibits girls from serving). His hands are neatly folded in the formal prayer position. At Communion, there are no lay ministers to dispense the sacrament.....

You will note that the writer is a very clumsy propagandist.  His half-truths, distortions, and outright fables are easily discerned.  The NYSlimes wouldn't bother to invite him to take an entrance exam.  So he's wandering around Platteville, WI. in January.  (He didn't mention that Platteville is the home of a large University of Wisconsin campus, did he?  Think that makes a difference?)

There's even a list of peccata Morlinora!!

--Endorsed the diocesan chancery's letter to priests denying Catholic funeral rites to LGBT people;

Not quite.  UN-REPENTANT, ACTIVE LGBT's.   Perhaps NCR would give Hitler (a cradle Catholic) an RC funeral?

 --Recruited a cadre of young priests, particularly those from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest, who embrace a return to pre-Vatican II liturgical practices;

OMG!  He went and got a bunch of PRIESTS--to make up for the horrific failure(s) of his predecessor Bishops to develop vocations.  This has the effect of keeping sacraments available to the Faithful.  Horrors!!

By the way, those priests use the Ordinary Form, as the reporter notes further down in his cri de coeur.

--Provided a diocesan home for Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, a blogger and frequent critic of Francis.

Anybody can make a mistake.

Recall my note about the population of Platteville?

...Many of the parishioners who were upset with the direction of the parish moved on to other congregations. Richard Wagner, a member of a local Presbyterian church, estimated that his congregation has brought in some 30 families who used to attend St. Mary.

Can you spell "indifferentism"?  Who catechized these people??

"They're not being fed," he said over lunch at a local restaurant, describing why some Catholics exited the parish. At St. Mary, "you have to eat Latin."

Typical snotty Prot, eh?

His wife, Kristie, raised a Catholic, is a Sunday school teacher at the Presbyterian church, assisting fellow teachers there in understanding the Catholic questions of some of the students.

Looks like Kristie is an apostate.  Why the Hell would anyone ask HER for 'understanding' of Catholic doctrine?

Other former St. Mary parishioners have landed at the local Methodist congregation....

See "indifferentism" above.

What H E Morlino has here is a heavy burden; he must go through the pain of being assaulted by twits like NCR writers and the far-left-of-center population of Dane County, Wisconsin, while he attempts to re-catechize nearly all of the Catholic population.  This, by the way, is hardly the only parish in that Diocese which is wallowing in semi-Catholicism.

Pray for Bp. Morlino and pray for his flock.

The Pentagon's Pretend Defense

Codevilla is not just another Conservative pundit.  He also understands that some swamps are built in a Pentagon-like shape.

And inside that Pentagon-shape are a helluva lot of generals who have their heads stuck firmly up their asses.

...The current U.S missile defense budget comes to $12.9 billionsome $300 billion over the past forty years. But tiny, semi-starved North Korea has well-nigh built the capacity to overwhelm it. Because this year’s nearly $2 billion increase goes into the very programs that have made this possible, it cannot change our vulnerability. Nor would quadrupling that increase do so. 
That is because all such programs remain predicated on some unwise notions about our defenses. First, the official U.S policy since 1972 has been that we must avoid doing anything that adversely affects the capacity of the USSR/Russia, and China, to attack America with ballistic missiles. Hence, its corollary: Such “national missile defense as we may build will be limited to one “site.” Its fire control system will launch interceptors only after they have come into view of the site’s radar. 

Though the 1972 ABM Treaty is no longer in force, the U.S will not do fire control using any orbital systems that “substitute for” ground based radars. That reliance on surface based radars means that our efforts to defend against missiles not just from Russia and China, but also from North Korea and Iran, suffer under insurmountable inefficiencies.  Hence as well, the U.S will refrain from striking missiles from orbit, especially using systems “based on other physical principles” (read: lasers). In sum the money we have spent and are spending on missile defense is less a solution than a placebo....

Well, THAT's reassuring, ain'a?  We have a Nixon/Carter defense philosophy which begins with "Don't HURT the Bad Guys."

Reagan may have ignored that--because he killed off the Soviet Union by other means.  But this crapola is perfectly consistent with the Bush Boyzzz/Clinton/Obozo philosophy.

And every one of those people was wrong.  180 degrees wrong.  

Just Add Drugs, and *BANG*!!

It might actually take work, so don't expect the MSM to bring up the matter, but it's likely that Cruz the Shooter was on psycho meds (SSRI's) and that treatment regime has consequences.

...A disturbing number of perpetrators of school shootings and similar mass murders in our modern era were either on – or just recently coming off of – psychiatric medications...

He mentions Harris of Columbine, Purdy of Stockton, Kinkel of Oregon,  Karneal of Paducah, among others.  The "others" include Andrea Yates, who claimed that 'voices told her' to drown her FIVE children.

...Whether we like to admit it or not, it is undeniable that when certain people living on the edge of sanity take psychiatric medications, those drugs can – and occasionally do – push them over the edge into violent madness. Remember, every single SSRI antidepressant sold in the United States of America today, no matter what brand or manufacturer, bears a “black box” FDA warning label – the government’s most serious drug warning – of “increased risks of suicidal thinking and behavior, known as suicidality, in young adults ages 18 to 24....

Would that they only committed suicide, eh?

Credit: RoJo Voted Right on Immigration

Credit where it's due:  RoJo voted FOR the Grassley (Trump) immigration bill.

It lost, which is alright; DACA ends March 1st and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Fed Prosecutors and Zero Ethics

Well now we know of TWO Fed prosecutors who are ....unnhhhh....s*&tballs.

One prosecuted Mr. Bundy in Nevada and a Fed judge dismissed the case because of his actions.

Another one--Weissman--is now a member of the Mueller team.

Both of them ignored the 'Brady information' requirement laid out by SCOTUS.  Note well we did not say "suggestion," but REQUIREMENT.

These cretins should be disbarred AND prosecuted. There's no excuse for that.

UPDATE:  It may be that there's a third--or perhaps that Weissman is playing his only trump card again:  cheat-to-win.  Of course, that makes Mueller look pretty bad....

You Thought I Was Kidding, Eh?

I've often mentioned that Barack Obama is a Communist.  His pretense at being a 'Christian' and the suspicion that he was really a Moslem were both off, by about 180 degrees.

And most of you thought I was a nutbag, still living the Cold War. 

I am not now, nor was I then, a 'nutbag,' and the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, in case you forgot.

There's authority to back me up--an ex-Commie and Romanian spymaster.  (I read his book, by the way.  Did you??)

Seen from my vantage point, the four-page FISA abuse memo authored by Rep. Devin Nunes is proof that former president Barack Obama and Democratic Party leaders wanted to transform the U.S. into a Russian-style intelligence dictatorship -- and the FBI into a KGB-style instrument for rewriting American history by smearing its capitalist politicians....

... Obama stated that his presidency would be "the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet to heal.” Earlier, an indiscreet video showed a picture of communist idol Che Guevara hanging on a wall behind Obama.

Our media and our political sages regarded Obama’s outrageous rhetoric as just millennial generational talk. For me, it was thinly veiled Ceausescu talk. My former boss's version usually was: “A man like me is born only once every five hundred years.” Ceausescu also kept a picture of Che in his office....

Obama had a picture of Che in his study, by the way.

...No wonder Obama was enthusiastically endorsed by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). In a column entitled “Big Political Shifts Are Underway,” Joelle Fishman, the chairman of the CPUSA Political Action Committee, emphasized that the CPUSA was now part of Obama’s coalition. Nor is it any wonder that when Obama became president, the first open member of a Communist Party was working at the White House. Van Jones....

...To a knowledgeable eye, Obama's actions suggest he might have had some intelligence connection with the Kremlin, such as Whittaker Chambers once had. In 2010, the FBI arrested ten Russian intelligence officers documented as native-born Americans who were serving as spies in the United States. President Obama then returned them to Russia before they were interrogated by the FBI about their spying tasks....

"To a knowledgeable eye" means 'there is NO QUESTION that...'

A lot of Democrat Party members wave the flag and pretend to be patriots, while wholeheartedly supporting and praising this piece of shit, Obama.

I was not kidding, I am not nuts.  He's a Communist.

Is the FBI Lying, or Really, Really, Incompetent?

The FBI is stating, for the record, that after an "exhaustive" search of their databases, they could not figure out who Nikolas Cruz was.

OK, then.  He spelled his name correctly, had been on the radar (and in the courts) of the locals in Florida half-dozen times....


Were you guys SO busy looking for Russian votes........??

Or are you lying?

Or are you just that f'n stupid?

Looks more and more like "stupid", Alex.

Simple and Stupid Twits Insult Poland

It appears that all the Usual Suspects--this time including Rexxon--are not only wrong, but spectacularly wrong.

Whoever publicly and contrary to the facts attributes to the Polish Nation or to the Polish State responsibility or co-responsibility for the Nazi crimes committed by the German Third Reich, as specified in Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal – Annex to the Agreement for the prosecution and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis, executed in London on 8 August 1945 (Journal of Laws of 1947, item 367), or for any other offences constituting crimes against peace, humanity or war crimes, or otherwise grossly diminishes the responsibility of the actual perpetrators of these crimes, shall be liable to a fine or deprivation of liberty for up to 3 years. The judgment shall be communicated to the public. Art. 55a. 1.

That's the text of a Polish law recently enacted and signed.  Simple, Stupid people, such as the MSM and Professoriate, are deriding Poland for some imaginary "oppression" of "free speech."

It's not "Free Speech" to slander the Poles, Rexxon, you twit.  It's slander.

Hint to Rexxon:  if the MSM and the Professoriate agree with you, you are wrong.

It's that simple, stupid.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Stupid!! It Hurts!!

So your buddy wants to wear a flak jacket to test its capabilities.

And you can't really aim the .22 all that well.

Yup.  Gives real meaning to the term "butt-hurt."

Do the Russkis Tell YOU How to Vote?

To hear the US Intel types, Feebs, and some politicians tell it, the American voter is the dumbest dummy ever to find a polling place.  They're surprised that voters can even find the polling places, too.

Perhaps the Russkis plant stories, like the Democrats do.  Perhaps they try to jigger the votes, just like the Democrats do (think Chicago....)  Perhaps they lie like Hell about candidates, just like the Democrats do.

Perhaps our Intel types, Feebs, and politicians should butt out before all the Democrats wind up in prison, eh?

RoJo to Trump: Don't Bother Bringing Jobs Here

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. 

We can be a tiny bit sympathetic with RoJo, but I've never seen a press release of his touting Fair Trade.  He's been brainwashed into believing that consumers 'buy cheap' because they ARE cheap.  He prolly never thought that consumers 'buy cheap' because the US is importing wage deflation from slave states around the world.....

...In Wisconsin, a big manufacturing state, in seven years I have not visited one manufacturer that could hire enough people. That was certainly my experience in the last 20, 25 years. For a host of reasons, we tell our kids you have to get a four-year degree. We pay people not to work. So we do need to be concerned about, in such a tight labor market, do we have enough workers in manufacturing. 

So my final point is, it makes no sense for me to try and bring back high labor-content manufacturing to America. We need to do the value added things. And so I would just say, proceed with real caution there....

Well, yes, the "four-year degree" disease is a factor, as is welfare.  What else could possibly be a factor, Ron?  Can you spell W-A-G-E-S, Ron?

Why yes, I knew you could!!  So what holds down W-A-G-E-S, Ron?  The competition from slave states like Red China??

OK, then, we can neuter that with what's called "Fair Trade" tariffs, Ron.  See, "Fair Trade" takes into account the burdens of enterprise in the USA such as OSHA, FLSA, UC, EPA, health insurance, social security,....all that stuff that Governments here require but the ChiComs (just one example) do not.

Don't like "Fair Trade", Ron?  Or do you?? 

Whose working-class do you prefer?  Ours?  Or Theirs?  

Marquette Profs at "Joy of Sex" Adultery Ed. Tour

Don't draw the wrong conclusion:  the encyclical is actually titled Amoris Laetitia or "Joy of Love."

But since it seems to legitimize adulterous 'second marriages' it earned the soubriquet in my post-title.

Anyhow.  Cdl. Cupich is the front-man for Pp. Francis' Adultery Education Tour, and two of the consulting theologians are from Marquette University:  Conor Kelly and Kate Ward.

Cupich has already given a presentation on the topic of AL in England  and has made it clear that the interpretation given by the Bishops of Argentina (Buenos Aires) is just fine and dandy.

Well, it's not.  But Cupich has long been on the radar of actual Catholics, and his promotion to Chicago (by Pp. Francis) was regarded as a clear sign that things would be getting *interesting*.

And they are.  Oremus pro pontifice!  Oremus pro fidelibus!!

(For those of you who cannot find "clarity" in Cupich's blathering, see this item by a truly courageous priest:  Fr. George Rutler.  N.B.:  you can support Fr. Rutler's parish online or by check.  Just Google him.)

Ixonia Kittycat Now in Washington County

DNR called this a "housecat" after it was filmed in Ixonia near a public school.  The "housecat" then wandered into Fond du Lac County, and has now wandered back south to Washington County.

Just a kittycat, nothing to see here, move along.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Trump Goes Lefty in Budget, Has Stupid Excuse

We all knew it would happen somewhere along the line, and the time is now.  Trump is reverting to (fiscal) form.  Remember, he's a real estate developer.

President Donald Trump is proposing a 10-year spending plan that never produces a balanced budget, and increases deficit spending by $7.2 trillion over the next decade....

The excuse for this is the one heard from any 7-year-old, and Limbaugh was given the job of looking like the 7-year-old in question; it was Limbaugh who floated the excuse yesterday. 

PDT's reasoning?  "Well, the debt cataclysm has not happened yet, and look how many years we've been adding debt, and it's just old fuddyduddies who think you should pay your debts, anyway."

This is the Fallacy of the Bigger Sucker.  Trump expects that there will always be a bigger sucker out there who will purchase US Treasury bonds--and that the bigger sucker(s) will have big money to make the purchases with.

Yup.  Except if the Big Money guy is an enemy of the US.  Not all wars involve soldiers and sailors.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The NeverTrumpers' Dark Side

V D Hanson puts his finger on the dark side of many NeverTrumpers.  It's unfortunate that "W" Bush falls into this particularly odiferous swamp.

...We rightly associate the elite disdain for the clingers, irredeemables, and deplorables with progressives like Obama and Hillary Clinton. But politics is incidental to the matrix; more essential is class.
It was Mitt Romney who said he could not work with 47 percent of the population and wrote them off as hopelessly lost voters. It was David Brooks and Bill Kristol who caricatured the white working class as near Neanderthal and romanticized illegal aliens (often by deliberating conflating them with legal immigrants.)

If one were to read carefully through the disparagement of Americans in the texts of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, with their slurs against hillbilly Virginians and Texans and smelly Trump supporters, one can see that Strzok appears likely to be a suburban Republican or independent of the sort who would vote for John Kasich.

The point is not that Strzok and Page are hyperpartisans, but that they are comfortable with candidates who foremost reflect their cultural tastes and proper cursus honorum. And as we have witnessed with some in the NeverTrump movement, for these sorts, being grateful that new economic policies might reinvigorate the old rust-belt and the hinterland is more than offset by the concomitant price of an ascendant working class that lacks the tastes of the elite and the romance of the deliberately distant poor and minorities.

The Trump catharsis has shown that about 10 percent of the Republican Party, the NeverTrumpers, was largely apolitical. That is, former cornerstone positions of deregulation and tax reform, oil and gas production, charter schools, deterrent foreign policy, restoring friendship with Israel and moving the embassy to Jerusalem were apparently always secondary to the more important criterion of offering a mild, sober and judicious frown to progressivism, through discerning losers like George H.W. Bush, John McCain, or Mitt Romney.

Such a Republican elite was so embedded within American establishment institutions as to be both immune from the economic stagnation of an Obama neo-socialist revolution (remember income inequality soared under Obama) and in no real need of a Reagan revolution or Trump’s often messy radical push-back against progressivism.

Its creed was not really, as advertised, the ethics of “losing nobly is better than winning ugly,” but rather the snobbery of “losing a cultural image is worse than winning a political agenda.” Put more bluntly, it is better to put up with a socialist with a “perfectly creased pant” than a prairie-fire conservative in rumpled Walmart slacks....

You understand that not ONE of these people would create--much less USE--a slogan like "Make America Great Again."  Hanson has it right:  they don't really give a fart in the wind about "America."  But they are very concerned with the symphony, the ballet, and how things are at the club.