Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Tucker Says.....

 Do not wonder why we like this guy:

You'll Puke at This Number

An essay at PowerLine describes how the US 'blinded' Israeli intel in Lebanon prior to the 10/7 slaughter.

That's bad enough; the rotting corpse of the Bush/Obama foreign policy, re-animated by Biden (really, the Obama regime redux) stinks up about everything it touches.

But then we read this:

...This U.S.-Iranian condominium, solidified during Barack Obama’s two terms in office, is being topped off by the construction of a brand-new, $1 billion U.S. Embassy in Beirut—a symbol of the U.S.’s commitment to underwriting the country’s existing Hezbollah-led order....

That must be one helluva building.    

This is the kind of stuff that the Deep State pushes right into your face saying "STFU and pay for it, sucker!"

Think the Pubbies have the guts to cut off the funding?


Monday, October 30, 2023

Speaker Johnson's New Bible

It would be interesting to learn precisely which book, chapter, and verse in the New Testament the Speaker refers to here.  Then to learn precisely how he arrived at this interpretation:

'"As a Christian, we believe the Bible teaches very clearly that we're to stand with Israel," Johnson says'

Briggs is correct:  the Bible does no such thing

The New Israel is the Church founded by Christ--which is the Catholic Church.  That's what we are to "stand with."


Sunday, October 29, 2023

Amelekites in Gaza?

Wauck says "Not in OUR name!"

He's right.

...from Israel's Defense Minister Yoav Gallant: - "I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed... We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly”...

No electricity, no food, no fuel.

...the Amalekites, descendants of Esau, were treated as their animals—all killed. The link above also goes into Jewish Traditions regarding Amalek, the enemy of the Jews (for example, Haman—cf. the Book of Esther—is traditionally said to have been an Amalekite) and theology regarding the Samuel episode and the supposed divine commandment to exterminate the the Amalekites—men, women, children, domestic animals, you name it....

There's a difference between the Old and New Testaments, although some modern-day Christians are on board with this genocide thing.

... the “not particularly religious” Netanyahu has now raised the ante considerably by explicitly invoking the memory of Amalek, [invoking Isaiah] which many see as a warrant for genocide, certainly by implication—what other point would there be in citing such an inflammatory concept as the fate of Amalek in the context of this war?...

Ha'aretz, the newspaper over there, is not enthused either.

Real Cost of EV Fuel? A Helluva Lot.

Happened to be thinking about the 'hidden costs' of the infrastructure as we drove past several windmills today.  (There was a wind, so you could turn on the teevee!)

Anyhow.  Those hidden costs are friggin' enormous.

The complete costs of "fueling" an electric vehicle for 10 years are $17.33 per equivalent gallon of gasoline, a new analysis from the Texas Public Policy Foundation says.

The study authors say the $1.21 cost-per-gallon equivalent of charging a car cited by EV advocates excludes the real costs born by taxpayers for subsidies, utility ratepayers for energy investments, and non-electric vehicle owners for mandate-and-environmental-credit-driven higher vehicle costs, which they say total $48,698 per EV. Those costs must be included when comparing fueling costs of EVs and traditional gas-powered vehicles, TPPF maintains....

"Well, that's Texas", you say.  "They're a petroleum producer, right?  Whaddya expect?"

Granted.  But Toyota doesn't produce petroleum.  They produce hybrids, which apparently are a damn good alternative:

...Toyota estimates that the batteries from one EV can power 90 hybrids and reduce emissions 37 times more than that one EV. ...

The actual math--which is not too hard--is found at the link.

Somebody is making money here and it ain't us.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Bill Barr. Again.

The utterly despicable Bill Barr did it again.

..."Based on the information provided to my office over a period of years by multiple credible whistleblowers, there appears to be an effort within the Justice Department and FBI to shut down investigative activity relating to the Biden family," Grassley wrote in a letter to Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray.

"Such decisions point to significant political bias infecting the decision-making of not only the Attorney General and FBI Director, but also line agents and prosecutors."...

This quote came from Wauck's place.  He's ex-FEEB and confirms that in a case of this import, the A.G. (Barr, the Traitor) and the Director , FEEB must have been in the decision-loop.

For his next trick Barr will run around the country yammering about his Catholicism.  Again.

Appropriate sayingThe More He Spoke of His Honor, the Faster We Counted Our Spoons.

On the Menomonee Falls Book Decision

If you've seen or read any local "news" lately, you've been told that Menomonee Falls' removal of pornography and deviance-worship books from the school libraries is "Book Banning".  That's a lie, of course; the books are available at the public library, at Amazon, and at any bookseller.  They are not "banned." 

The parents who are SOOOOO CONCERNED live in Menomonee Falls; they can afford to fill their own homes with porn and deviance-worship if they like.

The same lying weasels (the Press) set upon the Governor of Iowa for the same 'reason.'  Red States mentioned this:

...On the one hand, you have these snotty reporters writing stories decrying "book bans." On the other hand, the outlets those reporters work for won't even show excerpts from the removed books (not being available in a school does not mean it's banned) because they are too graphic. Can anyone connect those dots? ...

That's what Channels 58, 4, and 12 ought to do.  Have one of their anchors read the material over the air, or put the pictures on camera.

Or are they "banning the books"?

(D) City to Get "Refugees", Cries About It

Take a look at any election map and Eau Claire comes up as a (D) city.  Liberal.  Lefty.  Compassionate.  Caring.  You know the drill.....

Eau Claire residents are speaking out against a plan to relocate potentially hundreds of Somali refugees to the northwest Wisconsin community without the consent of elected city officials....


So actually, it's a NIMBY (D) city.  Kinda like Martha's Vineyard and Chicago.

Yah, the "H" word.

It's Not The Vaxxxx.

Cardiac problems.  Who knew??

...EMS agencies in the county are experiencing higher call volumes than before the pandemic, including more calls for sudden cardiac arrest.

"Since 2020 and each year moving forward, we've seen a nearly 25% increase in sudden out-of-hospital cardiac arrests," said Dr. Ben Weston, Milwaukee County's chief health policy advisor, at a press conference Tuesday at Fiserv Forum....

It is NOT The Vaxxxx, you miserable insurrectionist prole.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Is War the Objective? Part Two

Tucker interviews MacGregor.

The leadoff quote comes from Crazy Lindssseeeeey, still faking manhood (using other men's children.)

Monday, October 23, 2023

The Sinking of the Bai-Den Titanic

 Remember that the Titanic was "unsinkable."  Compare to Biden's yelling/pounding proclamation that the US is 'the most powerful country on Earth.'

But they take polls in DC, and....

 ...The very real possibility of World War 3 has the White House “rattled”, “panicking,” “on edge.” And Americans are scared and concerned, giving Zhou a 31% approval rating on foreign policy. Lest that sound hopelessly and naively out of touch, any president whose ratings fall below 40% is in whale sh*t territory—that’s a truism of modern American politics....

Sure would like to know what hallucinogenics 31% is taking.

Anyhow.  Quoting Axios, a lefty outfit which reliably speaks for the NeoCons:

   ... Former top intelligence officials tell us domestic unrest is one of their biggest fears — whether it's triggered by court rulings against former President Trump or protests over war in the Middle East. Biden allies frame these flare-ups as a reminder that global chaos requires calm and experience. "With age comes wisdom," Ron Klain, Biden's first chief of staff, told us....

Klain hasn't the foggiest idea of what "wisdom" is, and he never will.

But that 'domestic unrest' thing certainly explains their increasingly Stasi-esque game playing.  They are going to find ways to imprison, de-voice, and if possible, 'erase' dissent.

Stand together or hang separately. 

Further down in Wauck's piece you read the slowly-releasing news that there is a lot more war-like gaming against US bases and ships than Bai-Den wants you to know about, including a nine-hour barrage of cruise missiles.

Hmmm.  That was a test of US defense capability, not an accident, nor a vague threat to Israel.

Even further down, you learn that all the "big players" in DC combined to shoot down Jim Jordan.  ALL of them.  Jordan, as Speaker, would have been third in line to the Oval.  

That's a hint as to how far they'll go to keep Trump out of there again.  Let's hope his Secret Service bunch is armored up.


Booz, Allen's Security Problem

Big outfit, lots of 'graduates' floating around Big Biz halls.  Prestige, all the best country- and city-clubs, exceptionally high fees for service........just what you'd expect when spending Government money!

Too bad they don't know how to vet their contract employees, right?

The Internal Revenue Service recently awarded a lucrative contract to help modernize its computer databases to the same Washington firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, that employed the man who pleaded guilty last week to stealing and leaking thousands of private tax returns of wealthy Americans, including former President Trump, according to records reviewed by RealClearInvestigations.

The massive IRS theft is the third major breach of confidential and classified government information by Booz Allen contractors over the last decade -- including Edward Snowden's 2013 leak exposing the National Security Agency's worldwide anti-terror surveillance program.

Cyber-thief Charles "Chaz" Littlejohn was working on an IRS contract for Booz Allen in 2018 when he stole more than two decades of Trump's personal tax records from IRS computers. He later leaked them to the New York Times, which published negative stories on Trump's long-sought returns several weeks before the 2020 election, which Trump narrowly lost in a handful of battleground states.

After the election, Littlejohn leaked a trove of sensitive IRS data on Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires -- including major conservative donors -- to ProPublica. The left-leaning news site used them to write a series, "The Secret IRS Files," about how the rich use loopholes and tricks to avoid paying taxes. Congressional Democrats cited the series in their push for higher taxes on the wealthy....
Cool!!  If at first you can't vet your people, not to worry!!  The IRS will take care of you.

Maybe Booz, Allen should hire a competent HR executive--say, from Korn, Ferry or Russell Reynolds?  For that matter I know a couple of junkyard-dog reference checkers.....

'Nuff Said


McConnell Thinks You Are STUPID

' China Mitch' has two principal sources of funds.  Red China and the Military-Industrial Complex.  Red China feeds Mitch's family, the M-I Complex feeds his election funds.

So Mitch has to play the US taxpayer for a sucker in order to feed his pals in the M-I Complex.  Watch the card trick here while he pumps for another $65 BILLION in Ukie money:

...If you look at the Ukraine assistance, let’s- let’s talk about where the money is really going. A significant portion of its being spent in the United States in 38 different states, replacing the weapons that we sent to Ukraine with more modern weapons. So we’re rebuilding our industrial base....

See how it works?  

If you're not in the Swamp, you instinctively know that if the objective is to 'rebuild the industrial base' with money to 'buy more modern weapons,' you don't have to ship ONE DOLLAR to Ukraine to launder it back to China Mitch's Senate campaign funds.

You can send the money directly to the M-I Complex and have them ship weapons directly to the US Armed Forces.  We have emptied the pantry for the Ukies, after all; it is good to have weapons available right here in the USA for our own defense, right?  

The M-I Complex gets its money and sends its 'donations' to Mitch.  The USA homeland is better protected.


We don't have to piss off the Russkies and we don't have to send armaments and materiel to the fourth-most-corrupt country on Earth.

But you're not supposed to notice that because Mitch thinks you are STUPID.

Wauck found a Jeff Sachs tape which says exactly the same damn thing.

The U.S. Low-Trust Society

 Z-Man is not an Israel enthusiast; we'll skip past all that to get to the part on which is indubitably correct.

...the reputation of all public people has collapsed due to their constant lying and tolerance of obvious lies. All the people chanting “Death to Gaza” are people who sat quietly while their fellows told outlandish whoppers about Trump, his voters, white people, Covid and many other topics. Many of these people have enthusiastically held abhorrent positions.

A good rule of life is to assume that people who lied to you in the past are lying to you in the present and they will lie to you in the future. The public square has been so polluted by official lies and people willing to repeat them in public that many people now assume everything is a lie. If Ben Shapiro was happy to lie about Covid, why would he be telling the truth about Israel? Why would anyone accept what the Biden administration has to say about anything at this point?

This is an underappreciated aspect of what happens to people when they transition from a high trust society to a low trust society....

We remind you that the ONLY prominent Wisconsin Republican who warned us about the Lying Campaign of Covid was Ron Johnson.  None of the others had either the guts or the smarts to inform themselves and their constituents about the murderous Fauci and his even-more-murderous Pfizer co-conspirator.

We remind you that there are only a handful of Republican State officials who agree that there was more than a little vote fraud in the '20.  The rest?  Well--they're going to be good little boys and girls and let Robin tell them exactly what to think and do.

We remind you that ZERO prominent Wisconsin Republicans have uttered a peep about the inhumane and un-Constitutional treatment given the "insurrection" prisoners.  We don't expect them to approve of rioters; but how can they sit by and watch people rot in prison for three years before their trial begins?  Hmmmm?

Low-trust leads to serious consequences.  Don't agree?  

Check out the number of gun sales in the last 2 years or so.

The Biden Deficit "Reduction"

If you have more IQ than a chipmunk, you anticipated this.

...The U.S. federal government ended its fiscal year in September with a budget deficit of almost $1.7 trillion, the Treasury Department announced Friday, adding to a huge national debt totaling $33.6 trillion....

Joe calls that a "reduction" in deficit.

We call it a "reduction" in living standards.

And it will get worse.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

81 Million Votes, My Ass


PJ Buchanan Was Right.....

 He was right then (1999) and it's a lot more clear now:

Is War the Real Objective?

Earlier we mentioned that there are a lot of US installations/troops all over the Middle East.

Now there are TWO carrier groups there.  And China has moved six additional warships into the area as well.

... Following detailed discussions with President Biden on recent escalations by Iran and its proxy forces across the Middle East Region, today I directed a series of additional steps to further strengthen the Department of Defense posture in the region. These steps will bolster regional deterrence efforts, increase force protection for U.S. forces in the region, and assist in the defense of Israel....

I redirected the movement of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group to the Central Command area of responsibility. This carrier strike group is in addition to the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, which is currently operating in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea....

... I have also activated the deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery as well as additional Patriot battalions to locations throughout the region to increase force protection for U.S. forces.

Finally, I
have placed an additional number of forces on prepare to deploy orders as part of prudent contingency planning, to increase their readiness and ability to quickly respond as required....

Democrat Presidents have a sorry history of leading this country into war.

Just sayin'...

What's Up With Franklin Football Story?

Channel 58's Adam Rife is like a dog with a bone.  Good for him!!

Franklin Public Schools is now walking back the reason why the district did not allow any fans into Friday night's playoff game against Kenosha Bradford.

At first, Franklin Public Schools blamed an investigation into a Kenosha Bradford player as the reason to keep everyone away.

But one day later their story changed.

In a new statement posted to social media, Franklin Public Schools said, "To offer clarity, there was never a Bradford football player under investigation."...

Franklin had to say that, as Bradford's administration flat-out contradicted their story on Friday night.

So what's actually going on?

 ... on Saturday came the new statement from District Administrator Annalee Bennin, Principal Mike Vuolo, and Athletic Director Cordell Smith that contradicted what they said the day before.

After the three administrators explained there was no investigation into a Kenosha Bradford player, they also wrote: "Misinformation damages the experience for players and for both communities," a day after citing something that was not true.

We emailed the three administrators who issued both statements. They did not respond.

We also called, texted, and emailed the public information officer for Franklin Public Schools, and the public information officers for both Franklin Police and Kenosha Police.

No one responded to our questions and requests for more information.

This should be fun.  Get out the popcorn.

AP Covers NYT's Ass

Gotta admit they circle the wagons very well.

Here's the headline:

Israel-Hamas war fuels flood of misinformation on social media: Here are the facts

Well, SOME of the facts.  The article runs through a few 'mis-info' items before getting to the 'Hospital Fake' perpetrated by the NY Times, CNN, and other broadcasters.  As you know, Hamas alleged lied that Israel had fired a missile into a Gaza hospital, killing 500 people.  That's the story most of the MSM ran with, because why check the facts?

They wouldn't have had to wait long for that check; when the sun came up, it was obvious that the hospital was still standing, intact--but the parking lot had been whacked.  The damage was not from a 'missile,' but from a rocket.  And the "500" number?  That was--perhaps--the number of car-tires which were burned up.

So how does AP cover that one?  They evade the big story and publish the blathering.

CLAIM: The Israeli military confirmed it bombed a hospital in Gaza in a social media post written in Arabic.

THE FACTS: A screenshot circulating online shows a Facebook post from an account posing as the Israeli military. No such post exists on the military’s actual social media pages and its top Arabic-speaking spokesperson confirmed his office has issued no such statement....

Nobody gives a flying damn about that crap, AP.  

Did the hospital get hit or not, and who did it?

AP response:  We'll talk about the weather in Idaho, or sumpin' sumpin'.

Now you know why nobody gives a flying damn about the MSM.

Forbes' Artful Lie About Car Loans

 We are not optimists about the Biden economy, but Forbes' take on late car payments is deceptive, to say the least.

Higher car prices and rising interest rates are hindering car owners’ ability to afford their vehicle payments, as 6.1% of subprime auto borrowers are at least 60 days past due on their loans, the highest percentage in data dating back to 1994...

That lead graf is under this headline:

 Americans Are Overdue With Their Car Payments At Highest Rate In Nearly 30 Years

Notice what Forbes did there?  They erased "subprime....borrowers" from the headline, which makes a really, really, big difference.

New car sales are slowing down and used-car prices are dropping.  That's directly related to BidenFlation and the jump in interest rates.  And subprime borrowers are probably in deep doo-doo, as the cost of food-at-home (!!) has grown by 20% in the last couple of years.

But the headline projects a lie.  Don't be fooled.

The Empire's Outposts Under Attack

According to Posobiec, numerous small attacks against US military outposts in the Middle East are co-ordinated and connected, and the Biden Regime is doing its best to keep it quiet.

According to Statista/WaPo, there are a lot of available targets (map dated 2020 below).  

This raises the question "What the Hell do we need all that for?"  To keep 'China Mitch' McConnell safe in Kentucky?


Jerry Jones Goes Full Socialist

Amusing display of socialism from a money-grubber.

Jerry Jones has a novel idea: He thinks penalties should be called “equally” and generally even out for both teams during a game....

Well, then.

WE think that the price of NFL game tix should be equal to those of the WNBA.

Sauce, goose, gander, and idiots like Jerry.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Usual Biden Trickery and Deceit

There is a way for Congress to ignore this.  The question is whether or not they will take that option.

[Biden's] request includes $61.4 billion for Ukraine, including $44.4 billion to provide Department of Defense equipment for the country, to replenish weapons stocks and to continue providing other military support. The administration is also asking for $14.3 billion for Israel and $9.15 billion for the State Department to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Gaza....

He also threw in $13+BN 'for the border.'  Not to defend the border.  Nope.

Rather, to enhance illegal immigration, sex-and human-trafficking of children and adults, and to ignore cartel power-grabs.

In case you still don't get it:  YOU are the enemy of Biden.

When That Battery Dies.....

We've all heard about the $8K battery for the small Chevy sedan.

That was for a small sedan.  Want bigger?  Be prepared.  You 'll have about 8 years, maybe a touch more, to save up for that event, with the money you did not spend on oil changes.  (Unless you spend it on electricity to charge the battery.)

The Wonders of ObamaCare

 Thanks, John McCain!!