Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Deep State-Owned Politicians

Now and then you see something which makes a lot of sense, even though there is nothing to "prove" it.  Here you have a part of an essay written a month ago.....

...It is reasonable to anticipate entities deep within the Republican infrastructure were willing allies with the FBI and DOJ “small group”, hence we see John McCain, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romey, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, Carly Fiorina (and many, many, more) who likely understood the goals, objectives and benefits behind weaponizing the FBI/DOJ and intelligence community to eliminate their opposition. [Never forget the severity of the scheme within the original GOPe plan in the 2016 presidential primary.]

Don’t be surprised, if down-the-road, we find direct evidence of key GOPe leadership aiding and assisting the Clinton Campaign, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates et al.
Actually, I would be dumbfounded if direct evidence therein is not discovered....

Well, isn't THAT special??

This comes on the heels of Trey Gowdy's latest series of ass-covering and butt-kissing statements in a couple of interviews.  Gowdy has NEVER landed a punch on anyone with his "investigations," not even the most obvious one:  Benghazi.

Gowdy is a gadfly looking for a job in the Trump Administration.   I don't think that PDT hires twits, but Gowdy would like to test that.

This Plague Ends!!

This is unalloyed good news.

Shirley Abrahamson — the first woman on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a fixture of it for more than 40 years — won’t seek another term next year.

Screechin' Shirley was one of a very few who could look at a white sheet and call it black--something she did several times in gun rights cases before the voters changed the Wisconsin Constitution to shut her up.

Prison Is Too Good, Says Hillary

Haven't seen this before, but there's a message here.

Clinton “proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and threw it at the face of her assistant and the screaming started.” She then lost her temper and began shouting at her staff. “You f —ing idiots, you were supposed to have this thing set up for me and you’ve screwed it up! If that f—ing bastard wins we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished…and if I lose it’s all on you ass—-s for screwing this up.”

That was after the NBC 9/16 'debate' between Hillary and The Donald.  Lauer asked a question about her bathroom server--which SHE did NOT authorize--and she took it out on the staff.

Anyhow.  "We all hang from nooses...."

You should, bitch.  and we're very happy you brought it up as a likely scenario, because it SHOULD be the result of your treasonous crimes.

Monday, May 28, 2018

May Eternal Light Shine Upon Them.....

Part Two of Memorial Day (scroll down for Part One)

That's the Elgar piece which everyone thinks has text--but doesn't.  However, the text "Lux Aeterna" was added here to great effect, and you won't believe the soprano....

Once Again With Feeling: BUY MORE AMMO

Some things never change.  

Democratic senators are pressing to modernize the tools federal law enforcement officers can use to trace firearms.

Sens. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Bill Nelson, D-Fla., introduced a bill that would require the federal government to set up a searchable electronic database that includes information tracing the production, shipment and sale of firearms.

Information about firearms is currently recorded and maintained by authorities, but current law prohibits that information from being accessed through a digital database....

The news item can be mis-interpreted.  Under current law, all final-purchase records must be destroyed after 6 months.  IOW, if you buy a gun on January 1, the record of your purchase must be destroyed by July 2.

And we completely trust that the Fed Gov personnel ALWAYS obey the law.


BUY MORE AMMO.  And horse-trade your guns between friends!  Maybe create a nice secure storage spot that can't be easily seen or accessed by nosy-rosy Feds.  And while you're at it, build a good sniper nest just in case.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

How Big a Tool Is Marco Rubio?

As time goes on, Marco Rubio displays more and more idiot tendencies.

Here's the latest.

On Sunday Marco Rubio told ABC’s “This Week” he has seen no proof the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign....

Oh.  So the admission by The Clap(per) or that Commie in the CIA that they were 'monitoring' the Trump campaign is a lie, eh?

Little Marco gets a bit too much sun there in Florida.  It affects his brain.

The Clap(per)....Serial Liar

The Clap(per) person checks all the right boxes to become a Democrat politician.

Serial liar with excuses, but mostly serial liar.

And we'll probably be forced to pay his pension and post-retirement health costs, too.

Our Little Socialist Reporter-ette

Since the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel became a Gannett property, we can be entertained by Little Socialists from around the country!!!  This one, who is either ignorant as a brick or a socialist, or both, writes from York, PA.

Harley-Davidson workers across the USA are reeling from the planned closure of the motorcycle maker's Kansas City plant, yet it is expected to reap huge financial benefits from the federal corporate tax cut....

Well, sweetie, less sales mean less workers, no matter the tax situation.  But they don't teach that at Reporter School, do they?

We'll help you out, Socialisma.  Look at the staffing of the Gannett newspapers over the last couple of years.  Notice how it has dropped??  And yet, Gannett will also "reap huge financial benefits" from the tax cut.  So talk to your owners and remind them that they have some sort of responsibility to hire back all those chumps they cut!

See where that gets you, sweetie.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day

Yes, it's a little early.

This is Wilfred Owen, British soldier-poet.  He was killed in action a week before the Armistice.

“What passing bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifle's rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries now for them; no prayers, nor bells,
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,
The shrill demented choirs of wailing shells,
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.
What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes,
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall,
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each, slow dusk a drawing down of blinds.”

Wilfred Owen, The War Poems

May they rest in peace.  Amen. 

Trump Following Walker's Lead, Gingerly

We are told that PDT is adjusting a few knobs with the unionized Federal "work"force.

The first executive order aims to strengthen accountability for federal employees and makes it easier to fire poor performers in the federal government.
The second executive order creates a federal labor relations working group to analyze union contracts with the federal government. It also makes it harder to pay federal unions to appeal firings and to lobby Congress.
The third executive order, focused on federal unions, is aimed at reducing waste and expenditures and requires federal employees to spend at least 75 percent of their time working on the job they were hired to do, as opposed to working on federal union work. It will also allow the federal government to start charging unions for office space in federal buildings.
--quoted at Grim's Place

Trump has a LONG way to go to catch up with Act 10's provisions, but his toe is in the water.  You can expect the backlash, of course.  

Surber Reads Dad29? Apparently So.

Don Surber follows my lead.

The use of the state to spy on and infiltrate the campaign of a political opponent is the final proof of the truth that we have averted our eyes from for the last 14 years.

Barack Obama is a communist. Mild compared to Castro or Mao, but nevertheless a believer in state control of everything

No kidding!  Really??  Other than the atheism, continual lying, and tongue-bathing of all the Commies in the Western Hemisphere--and of course his idolization of Frank Marshall Davis---how come it took you this long, Don?

Surber goes through a bit of history, including this paragraph:

....The downfall of McCarthy protected the communists in our federal government. We put one -- John Brennan -- as head of our CIA....

"McCarthy" was a Senator from Wisconsin who named-and-shamed the Communists which infested the FedGov thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  McCarthy is hated by the Press-Left Axis despite the fact that he was correct on EVERY ONE of his calls.

And Brennan was put in place by the Communist Obama.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Russians have influenced our elections.  Barack Obama repaid the favor after the Russkis made certain that he would be the President.  Ponder that one, Ted Perry.

HT:  ColdFury

FBI's Spending Disease

Not only does the FBI employ liars, cheats, and corruptocrats.

The FBI's Big Shots spend a LOT of your money.  And try to hide their spending from Congress.

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who was fired for lying under oath, spent $70,000 in taxpayer dollars on a conference table. The FBI also redacted the conference table’s steep price tag from documents that members of the Senate Judiciary Committee requested, in an apparent attempt to hide it from Congress....--quoted at AOSHQ

$70 Large for a CONFERENCE TABLE?

Half the people in SE Wisconsin live in houses which cost less than that.

WTF are they thinking out there in Mordor-on-the-Potomac?

Friday, May 25, 2018

FBI Crook? Don't Worry!!

Just so you Dirt People know that Cloud People really ARE different....

The Department of Justice, according to the department’s Office of Inspector General, has declined to prosecute a now-retired FBI special agent (SA) who mishandled classified information, gave misleading testimony, had “contacts with several individuals appeared to be designed to improperly influence their prospective testimony” and provided the IG with false information....

Some people are More Equal than others.

Is Fox6's Ted Perry Just Another Ex-Hippie?

Last night, Ted Perry of Fox6 Milwaukee declared that 'there was no spy in the Trump campaign.'

While Teddy bristles at being called a Lefty, and is perhaps suffering from over-work to cover the shifts of the Fox6 anchor who just had a baby, there's no doubt that Teddy is Just.  Plain.  Wrong.

Nolte may have the answer.

...The children of the ’60s — you know, the hippies — and their ideological offspring in academia, politics, and, most especially, the media, are now not only okay with a sitting president’s weaponizing the intelligence community against a rival presidential campaign; they are all rolling over like whipped dogs to believe everything the intelligence community tells them, most especially when it is coming from the CIA — the CIA! — and the FBI.

Basically, Trump has driven the hippies and their offspring so crazy they are not only A-okay with the CIA’s spying on American citizens, totally cool with FBI spies infiltrating a rival campaign, and feeling warm all over about wiretaps, unmasking, and lying to federal judges, they do not want any of this investigated....

Or maybe Teddy doesn't think it's "spying" if I were to tap his office and home phones, email accounts, and his cellphone--and then identify all the people he talked to or corresponded with.  On the Channel 58 newscast.

OK, Teddy?  Should we do that??

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Confused (R) Woman Likes Witch Hunt

You only have to read the first 10 grafs or so to figure this out.

The woman is confused.  She states that Mueller is a Republican, so his witch-hunt is just fine and dandy and LEAVE HIM ALONE!!  She further states that the Russkis did--in fact--"interfere" with the election.

Good old-fashioned Country Club Republicans like Jennifer Horn think Mueller is a Good Cop because he's a member of their Country Club Establishment.  That's her first big mistake.  Here in the real world, we know that the Country Club bunch is no less corrupt than are the Hillary types.  (But they donate to different people.)

Secondly:  yes, indeed!!  The Russkis interfered--as best they could--with the election.  They've been doing that since 1925 or so, and have done damn good work, especially for Roosevelt, Clinton, and Obama.  They failed miserably on the Trump thing, of course.  Too bad.  They'll have to live with him rather than the candidate they purchased several times over.

Perhaps this woman can have another Chardonnay or three and shut up before she embarrasses the entire Cloud People coterie.

Obama's Spy Lies? Sure, Why Not?

It appears that Halper, Obama's spy on the Trump campaign, is also a liar.

...The FBI informant who made contact with members of the Trump campaign has made allegations of Russian spy infiltration at the University of Cambridge that people involved in the matters have called “false” and “absurd.”

A Russian academic who worked at Cambridge with the informant, Stefan Halper, said he made “false allegations” about her interactions with former national security adviser Michael Flynn at an event the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS) hosted in February 2014.

Halper’s claim in December 2016 that Russians infiltrated CIS has also been called “absurd” by Christopher Andrew, the official historian for MI5 and head of CIS, the Financial Times reported....

Well, lying like Hell fits the Obama M.O. to a "T".  So does spying--just ask the NSA.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

DOJ/CIA/NSA/FBI: Our Daddies!!

It's nice to have someone "protecting" you, no??

...For the last several weeks, the few members of the press bothering to report on the Obama administration's targeting of the Trump campaign have questioned the FBI's contention that it first launched its investigation into the Trump campaign in late July 2016. 

The Washington Post gives cover to the revelation that the sting began earlier: "The FBI commonly uses sources and informants to gather evidence and its regulations allow for use of informants even before a formal investigation has been opened. In many law enforcement investigations, the use of sources and informants precedes more invasive techniques such as electronic surveillance."...quoted at AOSHQ

Sure.  Happens all the time in political campaigns.  This is exactly what they did in the Obama and Clinton campaigns, and in the Romney and McCain campaigns, too, ain'a?   Oh--wait, you mean they didn't?

See, CIA/FBI/NSA/DOJ (et al) are protecting the campaigns AND PROTECTING YOU--you stupid jerks--from the Russians!!  Russians!!!  Russians!!!!!!!

Be grateful, swine, and kowtow to the Altar of FBI and CIA and NSA

The rotten smell coming from FBI/CIA/DOJ is also coming from the Oval Office occupant, the Communist/Fascist dictator Obama. 

How About Aborting the Unions??

It emerges--to no one's surprise--that Big Labor is shipping millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood Big Murder.

(I know how George Meany would react to this news; there would be hospitalizations of union officials or perhaps a few funerals.)

Maybe it's time to abort UFCW, SEIU, and AFT, eh? 

"Right Order" in Weigel's Book

When PJBuchanan was shredding George HW Bush in the primaries, my chilluns and I met him at the local airport with a series of little posters:  "Right Thinking" then "Right Order" then "Right for America."

Buchanan saw those and after a half-second, recognized the Thomas Aquinas formula in the first two, and flashed a VERY big smile.  After all, the third poster was PJB's campaign slogan.  Unfortunately, PJB did not prevail.  Nor did "Right Thinking" and "Right Order."

So we got Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama.  That is what's called "punishment for sins."

While I'm not an overly enthusiastic fan of George Weigel, he's apparently hit the target with his new book The Fragility of Order.  

Here are a couple of pertinent snatches from an interview about the book.

...“Political science” has become a sub-division of statistics, rather than a sub-discipline of philosophy, and so culture has fallen through the floorboards in most political analysis. Much of what I’m doing in these essays revolves around the idea of restoring a culture-based analysis to our thinking about history and politics—which is of course a way of thinking I learned from John Paul II, who was convinced that culture (for good or ill) is the driver of history over the long haul....

Bannon and Weigel are very different people, but they agree here; Bannon famously stated that 'politics is downstream from culture.'  What Bannon did NOT say (and could or should have) was that 'culture is downstream from cult'.  "Cult" here is understood as right worship, and Weigel has something to say about that, too.

...The worship of false gods is the negation of true worship, and since we are made for true worship and find the truth about ourselves in true worship, the worship of false gods is humanly demeaning. Or in the case of the “secular project” of the moment, we end up demeaning ourselves by misconceiving freedom as sheer willfulness, which is a two-year old’s idea of freedom: I want what I want because I want it, and I want it now. Call it the worship of “choice.” That’s false worship because it ignores the really important question for human happiness: choose what?...

In fact, the worship of self, materialism, and envy which has reigned since the Advertising Age began back in the early 1900's has handed Marxist analysis its victories.  Marxism has always worked best when it has created "inequalities" and has done that with income inequality, educational inequality, sex-based inequality, and lately the phantasm-"gender" based inequalities.  Not for nothing is Envy a Capital Sin


...As I explain in several essays in the book, our politics are a mess because our political culture is a mess, and that’s because our public moral culture is a mess. And it will stay a mess until we recover the notion that there are truths built into the world and into us. Absent that kind of moral “order,” there’s only “your truth” and “my truth” and that leads inevitably to the dictatorship of relativism—another prescient Ratzingerian insight, thoroughly vindicated by recent Supreme Court decisions on marriage and by the Obama administration’s determination to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to supply abortifacients to their employees....

America has had several "revivals" in its short history.  Another one--right about now--would be a good thing, no?

Tammy's Expertise: Drugs

If there's anything Tammy Baldwin knows about, it's drugs.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin released a new TV ad today featuring a Wisconsin woman whose daughter died of a heroin overdose.

Little Tammy never mentions VA-prescribed drugs, though.  Hmmmmm.  Of course, she never mentioned those when it counted, either.

Slimebucket Lawyer Is the Leaker

The slimebucket Weissman has been ID'd as one of the principal leakers of the Mueller team.

...Paul Manafort’s defense attorney Kevin Downing officially leveled the leaking allegation against key Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann as part of a new legal offensive against Mueller’s indictment of Manafort, who served briefly as Trump’s campaign manager. Downing charges that a flood of media leaks has prevented his client from getting a fair trial. Downing asked presiding federal Judge T.S. Ellis III on April 30 to convene a hearing on media leaks. The judge has yet to rule on the request.

In the latest filing, Downing charged that a senior Justice Department official — identified as Weissmann in exhibits attached to the filing — briefed Associated Press reporters in spring 2017, which led to four breaking stories about the government’s investigation into alleged Trump-Russian collusion and Manafort....

It is generally conceded that Weissman has no morals and no ethics.  He's a role model for John Chisholm and Shane Falk, too.

Monday, May 21, 2018

This Is Funny

Excellent selection of a picture to go with the graphic.

HT Ace of Spades

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Halper's Dirtballing Goes Back 30 Years

Apparently the Campaign Spy Halper learned his dirty-tricks trade from one of the better dirtballs:  Tricky Dick Nixon.  Notice the list of familiar names (read the rest of the story).  They've all been around D.C. for decades, handing off from father to son to son-in-law.....

...In 1980, the Washington Post published an article reporting on the extremely unusual and quite aggressive involvement of the CIA in the 1980 presidential campaign. “Simply put, no presidential campaign in recent memory — perhaps ever — has attracted as much support from the intelligence community as the campaign of former CIA director Bush,” the article said....

...Though there was nothing illegal about ex-CIA officials uniting to put a former CIA Director in the Oval Office, the paper said “there are some rumblings of uneasiness in the intelligence network.” It specifically identified Cline as one of the most prominent CIA official working openly for Bush, noting that he “recommended his son-in-law, Stefan A. Halper, a former Nixon White House aide, be hired as Bush’s director of policy development and research.”...

*Cough*  What "Deep State"?  What "Establishment"?

What?  A CIA daddy-in-law pushing for sonny-in-law to join the Administration of an ex-CIA Director, and the sonny-in-law got dirty hands in the campaign?

No.  Say it ain't so!

This Pope Is Wrong Here

The victim of the Chilean priest-ephebophile-rapist visited with Pp. Francis and relays this:

...I explained there that I'm not the reincarnation of San Luis Gonzaga, but am not a bad person, try not to harm anyone. He told me to "Juan Carlos, who you're gay it doesn't matter. God made you so loves so and I don't care. The Pope loves you so, you have to be happy with who you are"...

Assuming that the victim's testimony is accurate, the Pope is dead wrong when he said that "God made you [gay]."  God allows that, but God does not "make" someone with an objective disorder. 

It is not likely that the Pope will "clarify" his statement, of course.  Clarification is for peons.

NYT "Tilt Election" Story Incomplete!!!

The story from the NYTimes is meant to deflect from the real story which I publish here.

Donald Trump Jr. met with an official from Saudi Arabia during the presidential election to discuss ways to help tilt the outcome in President Donald Trump’s favor, The New York Times reported Saturday....

What the NYTimes does NOT report is that Trump, Jr., met with people from Kyrgyzstan, Outer Mongolia, Namibia, Samoa, and a few cities in Patagonia.  Every one of those meetings--we are told by highly reliable sources working for a certain "Mr. Mueller"--was held with influential Social Media leaders for the purpose of talking up The Donald and/or disparaging The Crone.

(Ed. Note:  some or all of the above may be "fake news" and was provided to this blogger by Sources Too Prominent to Name Due to Physical Dangers and National Security and suchlike potential cataclysms.  But James Comey personally exonerated every one of them using his SuperPowers as FBI Exonerator-in-Chief.  Those were granted to him by President Obama, Loretta Lynch, and The Clapper in a secret memorandum also signed by Podesta and Mook.)

Congress doesn't know about this,  please don't tell them.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Lenny's Party Excerpts; How You Got Trump

With the passing of Tom Wolfe, his piece "Radical Chic:  That Party at Lenny's" comes up in all the sites.  It is a lengthy profile of the 1970 fundraiser Leonard Bernstein threw for the benefit of the Black Panthers who had been indicted for a variety of serious criminal offenses.  Along the way, Wolfe's observations of New York society clarify much of what we see today

Wolfe's style is legendary.  He captures the .......ahhh.....difficulty.......with having servants.

...But it’s all right. They’re white servants, not Claude and Maude, but white South Americans. Lenny and Felicia are geniuses. After a while, it all comes down to servants. They are the cutting edge in Radical Chic. Obviously, if you are giving a party for the Black Panthers, as Lenny and Felicia are this evening, or as Sidney and Gail Lumet did last week, or as John Simon of Random House and Richard Baron, the publisher, did before that; or for the Chicago Eight, such as the party Jean vanden Heuvel gave; or for the grape workers or Bernadette Devlin, such as the parties Andrew Stein gave; or for the Young Lords, such as the party Ellie Guggenheimer is giving next week in her Park Avenue duplex; or for the Indians or the SDS or the G.I. Coffee Shops or even for the Friends of the Earth—well, then, obviously you can’t have a Negro butler and maid, Claude and Maude, in uniform, circulating through the living room, the library and the main hall serving drinks and canapés. Plenty of people have tried to think it out. They try to picture the Panthers or whoever walking in bristling with electric hair and Cuban shades and leather pieces and the rest of it, and they try to picture Claude and Maude with the black uniforms coming up and saying, “Would you care for a drink, sir?” They close their eyes and try to picture it some way, but there is no way. One simply cannot see that moment. So the current wave of Radical Chic has touched off the most desperate search for white servants. Carter and Amanda Burden have white servants. Sidney Lumet and his wife Gail, who is Lena Horne’s daughter, have three white servants, including a Scottish nurse. Everybody has white servants. And Lenny and Felicia—they had it worked out before Radical Chic even started. Felicia grew up in Chile. Her father, Roy Elwood Cohn, an engineer from San Francisco, worked for the American Smelting and Refining Co. in Santiago. As Felicia Montealegre (her mother’s maiden name), she became an actress in New York and won the Motion Picture Daily critics’ award as the best new television actress of 1949. Anyway, they have a house staff of three white South American servants, including a Chilean cook, plus Lenny’s English chauffeur and dresser, who is also white, of course. Can one comprehend how perfect that is, given . . . the times? Well, many of their friends can, and they ring up the Bernsteins and ask them to get South American servants for them, and the Bernsteins are so generous about it, so obliging, that people refer to them, good-naturedly and gratefully, as “the Spic and Span Employment Agency,” with an easygoing ethnic humor, of course.

The only other thing to do is what Ellie Guggenheimer is doing next week with her party for the Young Lords in her duplex on Park Avenue at 89th Street, just 10 blocks up from Lenny and Felicia. She is giving her party on a Sunday, which is the day off for the maid and the cleaning woman. “Two friends of mine”—she confides on the telephone—“two friends of mine who happen to be . . . not white—that’s what I hate about the times we live in, the terms—well, they’ve agreed to be butler and maid . . . and I’m going to be a maid myself!”...

One of the NOT-jailed Panthers, Don Cox, speaks about the Panthers' platform.

...“The Black Panther Party,” he starts off, “stands for a 10-point program that was handed down in October, 1966, by our Minister of Defense, Huey P. Newton . . .” and he starts going through the 10 points . . . “We want an educational system that expresses the true nature of this decadent society” . . . “We want all black men exempt from military service” . . . “We want all black men who are in jail to be set free. We want them to be set free because they have not had fair trials. We’ve been tried by predominantly middle-class, all-white juries” . . . “And most important of all, we want peace . . . see . . . We want peace, but there can be no peace as long as a society is racist and one part of society engages in systematic oppression of another” . . . “We want a plebiscite by the United Nations to be held in black communities, so that we can control our own destiny” . . .

Hmmmm.  Almost as though "white privilege" was invented by these Communists-called-Panthers.  (You should not be surprised if you are half-educated in Marxism.)  And--through the grace of "higher Education" and the Obozo Departments of Justice and Education, some of the Panthers' demands have been granted--fully or partially.  Hmmmmmm, again.....

Wolfe mentions the Society Page Turnover which reminds us of the courts of Babylon, Athens, Rome, Versailles, and Buckingham....but faster.

...By the 1960s yet another new industry had begun to dominate New York life, namely, communications—the media. At the same time the erstwhile “minorities” of the first quarter of the century had begun to come into their own. Jews, especially, but also many Catholics, were eminent in the media and in Culture. So, by 1965—as in 1935, as in 1926, as in 1883, as in 1866, as in 1820—New York had two Societies, “Old New York” and “New Society.” In every era, “Old New York” has taken a horrified look at “New Society” and expressed the devout conviction that a genuine aristocracy, good blood, good bone—themselves—was being defiled by a horde of rank climbers. This has been an all-time favorite number. In the 1960s this quaint belief was magnified by the fact that many members of “New Society,” for the first time, were not Protestant. The names and addresses of “Old New York” were to be found in the Social Register, which even 10 years ago was still confidently spoken of as the Stud Book and the Good Book. It was, and still is, almost exclusively a roster of Protestant families. Today, however, the Social Register’s annual shuffle, in which errant socialites, e.g., John Jacob Astor, are dropped from the Good Book, hardly even rates a yawn. The fact is that “Old New York”—except for those members who also figure in “New Society,” e.g., Nelson Rockefeller, John Hay Whitney, Mrs. Wyatt Cooper—is no longer good copy, and without publicity it has never been easy to rank as a fashionable person in New York City.
The press in New York has tended to favor New Society in every period, and to take it seriously, if only because it provides “news.”...

On what to adopt as a nouveau riche in need of a cause:

...One rule is that nostalgie de la boue—i.e., the styles of romantic, raw-vital, Low Rent primitives—are good; and middle class, whether black or white, is bad. Therefore, Radical Chic invariably favors radicals who seem primitive, exotic and romantic, such as the grape workers, who are not merely radical and “of the soil,” but also Latin; the Panthers, with their leather pieces, Afros, shades, and shoot-outs; and the Red Indians, who, of course, had always seemed primitive, exotic and romantic. At the outset, at least, all three groups had something else to recommend them, as well: they were headquartered 3,000 miles away from the East Side of Manhattan, in places like Delano (the grape workers), Oakland (the Panthers) and Arizona and New Mexico (the Indians). They weren’t likely to become too much . . . underfoot, as it were. Exotic, Romantic, Far Off . . . as we shall soon see, other favorite creatures of Radical Chic had the same attractive qualities; namely, the ocelots, jaguars, cheetahs and Somali leopards....

*Cough* THAT is how you got Trump.

The party at Lenny's goes a bit off-track when Cox begins to talk about 'justifiable violence' on the part of the Panthers, toward shop-keepers of a certain ethnic strain and to 'establishment' blacks.  Otto Preminger is taken aback--and argues--when one Panther refers to the USA as 'the most repressive country on earth.'  Bernstein presses Cox for 'the plan' for reforming the country; Cox confesses that there IS no 'plan,' and Bernstein is nonplussed.

Oh, my, oy, veh...

Then follows a somewhat tense round-robin between Cox, BabaWawa (Tosa's contribution to the muck) and Otto Preminger, wherein BabaWawa and Preminger make it pretty damn clear that Cox's Panthers' threats to BURN IT ALL DOWN are not really welcome, even here with the Radical Chic...

Preminger hits the Trifecta question:   “Is it all right for a Jew to leave Russia and settle in Israel?”

OMG!!  Don't get into that Zionist stuff, Otto!!!  The Panthers' lawyer, Quat, intervenes.

...Most people in the room don’t know what the hell Preminger is driving at, but Leon Quat and the little gray man know right away. They’re trying to wedge into the argument. The hell with that little number, that Israel and Al Fatah and U.A.R. and MIGS and USSR and Zionist imperialist number—not in this room you don’t—

Quat stands up with a terrific one-big-happy-family smile on and says: “I think we’re all ready to agree that the crisis in this country today comes not from the Black Panthers but from the war in Vietnam, and—”

But there is a commotion right down front. Barbara Walters is saying something to one of the Panther wives, Mrs. Lee Berry, in the front row.

“What did she say to you?” says Lenny.

“I was talking to this very nice lady,” says Barbara Walters, “and she said, ‘You sound like you’re afraid.’”

Mrs. Berry laughs softly and shakes her head.

“I’m not afraid of you,” Barbara Walters says to her, “but maybe I am about the idea of the death of my children!”

“Please!” says Quat.

“All I’m asking is if we can work together to create justice without violence and destruction!”
“Please!” says Quat.

“He never answered her kvestion!” says Preminger.


“I can answer the question—”

“You dun’t eefen listen—”

 This is what's called an Enormous Bowl of Not Good.

What came next is impossible to believe in 2018, and was a surprise even in 1970.  The New York Times did not approve.  You read that right...

 “Emergence of the Black Panthers as the romanticized darlings of the politico-cultural jet set is an affront to the majority of black Americans. This so-called party, with its confusion of Mao-Marxist ideology and Fascist paramilitarism, is fully entitled to protection of its members’ constitutional rights.... the group therapy plus fund-raising soiree at the home of Leonard Bernstein, as reported in this newspaper yesterday, represents the sort of elegant slumming that degrades patrons and patronized alike. It might be dismissed as guilt-relieving fun spiked with social consciousness, except for its impact on those blacks and whites seriously working for complete equality and social justice. It mocked the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday was solemnly observed throughout the nation yesterday....


Then came the Jewish Defense League.  Lenny, a Platinum-Card Member of the Establishment, had no clue about the simmering--and sometimes violent--relations between street-level Jewish people and revolutionary blacks.

 ...A controversy they were apparently oblivious of suddenly erupted around them. Namely, the bitterness between Jews and blacks over an issue that had been building for three years, ever since Black Power became important. The first inkling the Bernsteins had was when they started getting hate mail, some of it apparently from Jews of the Queens-Brooklyn Jewish Defense League variety. Then the League’s national chairman, Rabbi Meir Kahane, blasted Lenny publicly for joining a “trend in liberal and intellectual circles to lionize the Black Panthers . . . We defend the right of blacks to form defense groups, but they’ve gone beyond this to a group which hates other people. That’s not nationalism, that’s Naziism. And if Bernstein and other such intellectuals do not know this, they know nothing.”...


That was pretty much the end of Black Panther Parties.  Thank God!

How Bush Lost Iraq

As usual, Codevilla gets it and lays it out in lavender. 

Muqtada al-Sadr is now the President of Iraq, and the guy the US wanted?  He came in last.  LAST.

One wonders if Pompeo will lose the wrestling match with the Striped-Pants bunch of over-educated baboons in State, too, just as Trump seems to be losing.....


Only three trillion dollars down this rathole.........

The BEST Times Are Coming (?)

Here's a guy who is decidedly optimistic.

...Recall Trump’s initial tweets about his “wires being tapped”.  At this point, does anyone think Trump didn’t know 95%+ what the Obama Justice department did to them when he tweeted that?  If so, I have this perpetual motion machine I want to sell you. Cheap.

One by one all these bad apples have been exposed, demoted, fired, outed, and reported on by real journalists named Sara and John.   Does anyone really think that Trump hasn’t had a hand in that?  Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Yates, the whole lot of them.  Gone.   And/or, busted.   Their eruptive act hasn’t stopped him.  They are losing.

The IG report is the next big explosion.  It’s quite clear the Mueller appointment is not what the left hoped.  He’s either a smokescreen for something else, or another opponent Trump has destroyed.  Mueller’s position has unraveled before the eyes of the public.  Even without the leftist media reporting on these horrifying bureaucratic shenanigans, the American public, well over half believe Obama wrongfully spied on Trump. 
The enemedia loves Mueller.  Their chips are all in.

And he has nothing.

Pathetic nothing....

That's not exactly true.  He and his little bunch of s*&^balls have a LOT of our money.  But moving along....

...I am surmising there are players who have turned to plea bargaining and have spilled the truth out.  I am thinking that all of them are going to start jumping ship like the rats they are, beginning with the IG report.  There’s going to be Hell to pay.  The public will hear the IG report. 
And that is only the beginning.  If you don’t think there is judgment on the horizon for Trump’s enemies, or that he’s really not doing anything to line the ducks up to take them down, you haven’t been watching.  Remember:  Melania’s surgery was scheduled for months, with no leaks.

Trump never reveals what he’s doing.  Witness Korea.  He has a plan for this lawbreaking.  Stop pretending he and Sessions are doing nothing.  It’s not only working.  It’s about to blow....

It occurs that we have not heard a word from or about Gen. Mike Walsh since he resigned after confirming to Trump that the spying was going on.  Further, it occurs that the railroading of Gen. Mike Flynn (also a former Intel chief) has been stalled--and that there has been no word from or about him, either.

Shall we speculate that the several dozen Good Guys in that mil-intel department have been taking names and with those names in hand PDT will begin kicking ass, along with Sessions and Sessions' Utah-based Fed prosecutor?

Pubbie Big Spenders, Senate Edition

These are the Republican Senators who voted against the "Penny Plan"---reducing budget spend (except SocSec) by ONE percent every year until budget balances, then allowing ONE percent increases thereafter.

There are a couple of surprises in the list: 

Source: U.S. Senate
Lamar AlexanderTennessee
Roy BluntMissouri
John BoozmanArkansas
Richard BurrNorth Carolina
Shelley M. CapitoWest Virginia
Bill CassidyLouisiana
Susan CollinsMaine
Bob CorkerTennessee
Tom CottonArkansas
Cory GardnerColorado
Lindsey GrahamSouth Carolina
Orrin HatchUtah
Dean HellerNevada
John HoevenNorth Dakota
Cindy Hyde-SmithMissisisppi
James InhofeOklahoma
Johnny IsaksonGeorgia
Mitch McConnellKentucky
Lisa MurkowskiAlaska
David PerdueGeorgia
Rob PortmanOhio
Pat RobertsKansas
Mike RoundsSouth Dakota
Richard ShelbyAlabama
Dan SullivanAlaska
John ThuneSouth Dakota
Thom TillisNorth Carolina
Roger WickerMississippi
Todd YoungIndiana                                                            

Friday, May 18, 2018

Goldberg's Failed "Suicide"

Jonah Goldberg is a Platinum Card Member of the NeoConservative Club.  That's the bunch which has fallen (far!) from favor and power following the end of the GWBush presidency.  They were all nice guys, of course; but they were wrong in their diagnosis of the problem, and remain so today.  They cannot understand how Trump managed to emerge--but it's not that hard to figure it out.

So when Goldberg writes a book, he writes for an audience which is diminishing but which still has some potency.  As a result, it is reviewed by serious people such as John Horvat II.

“There is no God in this book.” Thus reads the provocative first sentence of Jonah Goldberg’s latest release, The Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy.

This declaration is perhaps an unintended summary of the book about the crisis in the West. ...

Indeed.  When Justice Kennedy's 1992 madness:   “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life" becomes normative, the West is undoubtedly committing suicide.  This is something that Goldberg misses.  It is a whiff with enormous significance.

Goldberg characterizes America as "a miracle" which springs from the Enlightenment; specifically, from the Lockean part thereof.  And that Enlightenment produced classical Liberalism (not the modern-day perversion of same.)  But there's a problem with that, as we shall see.

...Mr. Goldberg’s liberal vision of man is quite severe. He writes that “The natural state of mankind is grinding poverty punctuated by horrific violence terminating with an early death.” We are naturally barbarians motivated by unrestraint and self-interest. This barbarism is hardwired into our DNA as the result of millions of years of evolution.

Unless restrained, he claims society will naturally degenerate into tribal loyalties, nationalism, and absolutism, with disastrous consequences to modern democracy. The Enlightenment’s unnatural and abstract structures served to rein in these natural bad habits and bring about the Miracle....

Yah, a bit too much Locke will do that to ya, as we see:

...On the contrary, the Church teaches that man is made in the image and likeness of God (imago dei). As Saint Augustine states, we are created for God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in him. We are naturally attracted to the good, true, and beautiful that speak to us of God. By Original Sin, we tend toward evil also with disastrous consequences. By grace, we are drawn to God to overcome evil.

In one perspective, the attraction to sin is natural and virtue unnatural. In the other, the attraction to virtue is both natural and supernatural, and sin is unnatural and irrational. Each perspective requires a different culture to express itself....


We'll go directly to the critic's third point of contention.

...In all fairness to Mr. Goldberg, it must be said that he is not an atheist. He also does not deny the role of God in history. In the final chapter, he even acknowledges the great and unique role of the Christian God in helping to bring about the Miracle by defending universal human dignity. However, he believes the idea of God worked because it made man accountable for his actions. “The notion that God is watching you even when others are not is probably the most powerful civilizing force in all of human history.”

While we may believe that God watches our every move, he is not allowed to act upon his observations. The Enlightenment notion of God is that of the exiled watchmaker who set the world in motion and left it and humanity to itself.  [We should add that this is the vision of the Masons, too.] Religion is a mere framework for how people approach the world and establish their priorities and desires. Thus, the author observes that “We created the Miracle of modernity all on our own, and if we lose it, that will be our fault too.”...

But that's not an accurate anthropology.

...The Christian perspective is that of God as a provident, personal, and benevolent Creator. He intervenes in history. His Divine Providence guides and directs all creatures to their proper end. Ever mindful of man’s free will, God requires the intelligent cooperation of his creatures in carrying out his designs. He gives us his grace and supernatural gifts to aid in this cooperation.

That same Providence that directs the course of the affairs of each man with purpose and benevolence also directs and provides for the affairs of families, societies, and nations. This working with the action of Divine Providence makes up that fascinating narrative, which we call history....

The failure of Lockean/Enlightenment liberalism results from its failure to understand God--which has led to its failure to even acknowledge Him.  Much of the Trumpian conquest has to do with Trump's acknowledgement of God which--despite all the moral turpitude in which Trump engages--is far more sincere than that of the vast majority of the Establishment, including perhaps Goldberg.

As to Trump voters:  they have found in Trump someone who honors and respects--loudly and clearly--intermediate institutions, or at least ONE of them:  the nation.  Those intermediate institutions (family, community, church, clubs/associations, and the several States) are NOT part of the Lockean/Enlightenment of Goldberg.

...The Christian idea of community sees natural associations differently. Because of Original Sin, we depend on communities to supply our deficiencies and thus reach the perfection of our essentially and intensely social nature. The more intense the association, the better we can develop ourselves. United in Christian charity and a strong moral order, we naturally build associations and relationships to help us in the quest for sanctification. So important is community that any seclusion from the fullness of community life is seen as a personal loss....

Perhaps that's a bit "village-esque", but it's certainly not the 'village' that Hildebeeste rattled on about.

Can the US be re-formed along distinctly Christian lines to prevent the cataclysm about which Goldberg warns?

Maybe.  But this will take prayer, and a lot of it.

Death of a Lion-Hearted Cardinal

His Eminence Cdl. Castrillon Hoyos has died.  While most Catholics will remember him for his prefecture of the Congregation for Clergy and Presidency of Ecclesia Dei--the guardian of the Extraordinary Form, so to speak--he had one other significant encounter.

In this vignette, we will learn of the Cardinal's courage and of the mental madness of drug-lord Escobar.

....When drug trafficking threatened to wipe Pereira off the map, the bishop pressed for the extradition of drug barons. Dressed as a milkman, he went to the house of Pablo Escobar [the notorious drug trafficker] in Medellín. An arrogant Escobar asked him who had sent him. 'The one who will judge you', the bishop replied drily. 

Moments later, Escobar was confessing. Castrillón asked him if he prayed the rosary, if he had taken first communion and if he repented of his crimes. He told him that the only sins the Church could not forgive are those committed against the Holy Spirit.

Escobar was respectful, humble even. He let the bishop record their exchange, he even addressed a message to the Colombian president: if the government promised not to extradite him, he pledged to liquidate the entire Medellín cartel, surrender his weapons and his fortune and give up terrorism. The president turned the offer down. But what shook the bishop were Escobar's parting words. 'If I have to kill the whole of Colombia just to stay here with my wife, I'll do it without flinching.'...

There is a lot more in the above link, by the way.

Which took more courage?  Defending and promoting the EF Mass, or facing down the world's most notorious drug lord?

Frankly, that's a very tough question.

"Green" Costs You a LOT


Actually, any half-wit familiar with electric utilities could have told you this.

...Leon Hirth estimated that the economic value of wind and solar would decline significantly as they become a larger part of electricity supply.

The reason? Their fundamentally unreliable nature. Both solar and wind produce too much energy when societies don’t need it, and not enough when they do.

Solar and wind thus require that natural gas plants, hydro-electric dams, batteries or some other form of reliable power be ready at a moment’s notice to start churning out electricity when the wind stops blowing and the sun stops shining.

And unreliability requires solar- and/or wind-heavy places like Germany, California and Denmark to pay neighboring nations or states to take their solar and wind energy when they are producing too much of it....--quoted at PowerLine

Therefore, the cost of electricity has gone up for those areas (notably Germany and California) which have required lots of this wacky-juice "solution."  Wisconsin has a bunch of semi-useful windmills, too.  We do NOT need more.

Trump Slams Baby-Killer Budget

Ahhhh.  This is good reading!!

On Friday, the Trump administration will announce a proposed rule to cut taxpayer funding to abortionists like Planned Parenthood under Title X, a program that provides $260 million annually in federal funding for contraception and other “family planning” initiatives....

The original Title X law left room to prohibit funding for Baby-Killer, Inc. (Planned Murdering/Planned Parenthood/Murder, Inc. etc.) through regulation, and SCOTUS upheld that specific interpretation.

But Clinton un-did that regulation, and (of course) GWBush never re-instated it.  Obozo doesn't have a problem with killing babies, foreign OR domestic....

But PDT does have a problem with that.

Take Guns Away From Lefties!

It appears that the Left has tried another gun-shooting incident.

A man who was firing shots, waving an American flag and “yelling and spewing some information about President Trump” was shot and wounded by police early Friday at Trump National Doral, the golf and spa resort owned by President Donald Trump in northwest Miami-Dade....

Only Conservatives should have guns, folks.

Ryan's Gift to College Grads

Paul Ryan continues to be the man-servant of the Cheap Labor (a/k/a Chamber of Commerce) lobby.  Paul loves him some immigrants, whether skilled or not.

This is all very well and good until YOUR kid graduates from college.

Gee, THANKS, Paul! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Leah, Tammy, and ISIS

Having endured the whining and petulance of Dan O'Donnell over Leah Vukmir's portrayal of Tammy Baldwin as an ISIS co-conspirator, and having thought of this for a while, I think I'll go with George W Bush:  "You're either with us or against us."

Tammy has been anti-American since she crawled from the stench-swamp of Madistan into Mordor on the Potomac.

Leah is correct, and called it 100% perfectly.

O'Donnell should take his crying and petulance (and his ill-disguised condescension) elsewhere.  Perhaps 620AM will take him back.  Please???

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The FBI's New Mission

Ace pretty well sums up the FBI's actual mission.

...The organization has been turned away from the mission of Justice and now exists almost entirely to serve as the Armed Wing of the Democrat Party....

Well, since the KKK now consists of only about 1,000 people, that makes sense.  SOMEBODY has to take up the cause, ya'know.

You really should read all of the post, by the way.  FEEB lying and "re-wording" of various domestic crimes is the basis for Ace's disappointment.

Roasty-Toasty Lithium-Iron Batteries

Yah, well, maybe "the future of transportation" is a little......ahhhh.........dangerous.

....While the battery industry has made huge strides in ensuring cells can perform safely during normal operation and recharging, there is little that can be done once cells are torn apart in a violent collision, Kumta said. In a phenomenon known as thermal runaway, a short-circuiting battery produces ever more heat, which creates a chain reaction of fire and more heat production in adjacent cells, he said.

"It's basically like a fire cracker," he said. "You have one battery that catches fire, then the next one catches fire and pretty soon they're all on fire."...

Those batteries power cars made by Tesla, BMW, and GM, among others.

The biggest problem is that the fires--once started--are near-impossible to extinguish.  The best method is to drown it in water.  But that may not be the end of it.  The article tells the story of a Tesla which was wrecked in California.  The driver died, and the fire was extinguished.  But....

...Concerned that the battery was continuing to generate heat and worried about the risk of electrical shock, the firefighters called in Tesla engineers -- which may not be possible if accidents aren't located as close to the company's factory. They removed about 25 percent of the battery's cells, Diaz said.

Fire crews accompanied the tow truck that brought the car to a salvage yard because the battery continued to pop and hiss as gas vented from the power pack, Diaz said. It didn't reignite on the trip, but it caught fire again two more times within the next 24 hours and again six days later, Diaz said....

The way to avoid all this, of course, is simple:  NEVER have an accident in a battery-powered car.

Warning Shot To Vos and Fitzgerald

Just in case Cock-Robin Vos and Wannabee-Gov Fitzgerald get a little too big for their britches, the voters in NE Wisconsin reminded them of reality.

...State Rep. André Jacque (R-De Pere) won a Republican Party primary for Senate District 1 on Tuesday night.

Jacque garnered 52% of the vote and defeated businessman Alex Renard in a tight race to advance to the June 12 special election. He'll face Democrat Caleb Frostman, the former executive director of the Door County Economic Development Corp....

Jacque is not a creature of the Madison Establishment, nor does he kiss that ring.

Let's keep it that way!!

The Chevy Storage Area

A couple of squirrels were saving up for next winter.

 By the way, critter-invasions of cars are a serious problem in rural areas with a lot of wildlife.   If you leave your car in a garage over the winter, don't be surprised to find that the field-mice have eaten a big chunk of your wiring harness, or emplaced a few pounds of nuts in not-for-food-storage areas of your engine.

Hire an Illegal, Go To Jail!

This, my friends, is what gets long-term results.

...There were 2,282 employer audits — known as I-9 audits — opened between Oct. 1 and May 4, according to the ICE data. That was about a 60 percent increase from the 1,360 audits opened between October 2016 and September 2017. Total worksite investigations also spiked in the same period: ICE’s criminal investigators have opened 3,510 worksite investigations so far this fiscal year, compared to 1,716 for all of fiscal year 2017.

“Our worksite enforcement strategy continues to focus on the criminal prosecution of employers who knowingly break the law, and the use of I-9 audits and civil fines to encourage compliance with the law,” Derek N. Benner, the acting executive associate director for ICE’s criminal investigation division, said in a statement....

There are a lot of fancy-pants resort owners, corporate-mumbo-jumbo meat-packing execs, and big-spending roofing & landscaping contractors who probably wouldn't last one day in Federal prison.

And their wives and children would like to have a future, too.  I have a lot more sympathy for the illegals who simply want to work than I do for the greedy bastards who hire them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Good Question!

There is only ONE reason, Hildebitch:  Donald Trump. 

And that's something that Donald and I will have a conversation about.

Too Bad, Illinois

It seems that Illinois residents are not happy about this.

...An audible gasp went out in the breakout room I was in at last month’s pension event cosponsored by The Civic Federation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. That was when a speaker from the Chicago Fed proposed levying, across the state and in addition to current property taxes, a special property assessment they estimate would be about 1% of actual property value each year for 30 years....--quoted at AOSHQ

Well, now.  The Fed's Boy Genius forgot something:  when the payment goes UP, the selling price goes DOWN.  So yah, all those people will see a whack to their net worth.  And when the selling (market) price goes down, so does the tax revenue this Boy Genius is hypothesizing.  That's called a "death spiral."

But if they think that this massive debt will be "fixed" by US taxpayers, Illinois residents can think again.  So think very carefully, Illinois-boyzzz.

Best alternative:  reduce all your public pension payouts by about half. 

Confirming the Commie to CIA

It's not often that a Communist voter is confirmed as the Director of the United States of America's Central Intelligence Agency.

In fact, it's only once (that we know of).  And we do NOT know that John Brennan disavowed the Communist Party, of course.  We only know what he says, and he is a serial perjurer.

But which Republican Senators voted to confirm this maybe-former Commie?  Hmmmm?

Well, there's Marco Rubio, and John McCain, and the semi-Commie Corker not to mention the complete jackwad Alexander and the semi-male Graham.  Then there are the perennial--and VERY aged--Murkowski the seat-thief, and Collins.

And bringing up the ass:  Flake.

Nothing changed in the last 5 years, eh?

Now let me ask a question:  why do we owe any of these people "respect"? 

Simply because they got elected more than once?  Really??

Monday, May 14, 2018

Avanetti's Most Interesting Friends


The Stormy-Porny lawyer "found" $8 million or so just about the time he found StormyPorny herself.

And the Saudi prince who was flown out of the country right after 9/11 is connected to this human garbage pile, too.


Felix Unger's Revenge

Some guy in a bow tie is doing his Felix Unger imitation again. 

Somebody please buy him a ticket to a baseball game.  Maybe he'll shut up and get the Hell out of the way.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Campaign in Georgia

Unlike the wake-up stuff being tossed around here in Wisconsin, the Georgia governor's race has some really FUN stuff.

Unlike the feckless RINOs who plague our government, politically incorrect Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp has no qualms about telling the world how he really feels about criminal aliens.

“I’ve got a big truck in case I need to round up criminal illegals and take them home myself,” Kemp, who currently serves as Georgia’s secretary of state, says in a new campaign ad released Wednesday.
“Yup, I just said that,” he adds with a smile....

Somehow, I don't see Scott Walker pulling that off.

Babies, NO Daddies: Crime Incubator

Found at The Warrior, and worth knowing.

...You might think that an article on the Moynihan report and the black family would mention somewhere that today 72 percent of black children, up from 24 percent when the report was written, are born to unmarried mothers. You might assume that an analyst of the black family would explain that large numbers of those children — far more than mass incarceration can explain, by the way — will have at best erratic relationships with their fathers. You would expect him to show how one of the main reasons fathers fade out of their children’s lives is “multi-partner fertility” — parents who have children by a series of partners — and that multi-partner fertility is particularly widespread among blacks and incarcerated men. He might look at the research suggesting that children living with an unrelated father are more likely to suffer abuse. You would expect him to ponder all of this because there is abundant evidence that boys growing up under these conditions have less self-control than those growing up in more stable families, and most of all, because those boys are far more prone to commit crimes. You would think at least some of this would find its way into the pages of a 17,000-word piece called “The Black Family in an Age of Mass Incarceration,” but you would be wrong.  --Kay Hymnowitz discussing some BS essay by Ta-Nahisi Coates.

Nobody with half a brain suspects Coates of scholarly enterprise, of course.  It's possible that Mayor Milk-Carton Barrett reads his stuff and believes it--but it's more likely that Mayor Milk-Carton is merely coasting towards his (ill-deserved) pension.

Maybe the Original Black Panthers should take a serious look at the scholarship of Hymnowitz or Moynihan.  Who knows?  They might become fans of Kanye West.

Halper Will Bring Down Brennan and Clapper

The Treehouse has a lengthy essay which--boiled down--amounts to this:  Brennan (CIA, perjurer, and ex-Communist) and Clapper (DNI and perjurer) tried to pin the tail on the Comey/DOJ donkey.  Since Comey is not very bright, that wasn't difficult at all.

Unfortunately for the Perjury Duo, this Halper thing has emerged, and it's from (surprise!!) the FBI.

This is rapidly and enjoyably becoming a Circular Firing Squad.  Give them more ammo, and then pass the popcorn!

Andalusia? Another Look at History

Interesting piece here by Nirmal Dass, Ph.D.  Since it is somewhat different from the 'received wisdom' of typical historians, you can judge for yourselves whether it is accurate.

There is a part which fits neatly into the 'conventional' history, however.

We know little about “Islamic Spain.” The Arabic documents are late (written 400 to 700 years after the so-called “Islamic invasion” in 711 A.D.). They are also unreliable because Islamic history is not concerned with facts, but with the imagined triumphs of the faith.

Then, there are the Visigoths, who ruled Spain and parts of North Africa in the early eighth century. They were mostly Arian Christians, that is, heretics who rejected the Trinity and believed Jesus to be a special kind of human being, but not the Son of God. Much of Iberian history at this time is the ongoing struggle between Trinitarian (Catholic) and anti-Trinitarian Christianities, with the Byzantines (the Eastern Roman Empire) playing the dominant role....

The Arians' heresy fits hand-in-glove into Mohammedan theology.  In fact, the non-Trinitarian "Allah" is the theological principle underlying all of Shari'a, as Belloc noted.

Moving forward....

...Things changed around 850 A.D., when anti-Trinitarian sects throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Spain started to coalesce into a coherent, codified faith system, promoted by the Abbasid ruler, Al-Mamun, who wanted an anti-Byzantine Empire.

(This explains the rapid expansion of Islam throughout North Africa and the Middle East — precisely in those areas where anti-Trinitarian Christianity was dominant. Instead of a “conquest,” there was willing allegiance to an anti-Byzantine “empire.” This also explains why there is no evidence of an “Islamic conquest” in the Middle East and North Africa).

Thus, Islam entered this particular history around 850 A.D.; and from its inception, it was an ideology of dominance, in that it had a two-fold goal — to destroy Byzantium (the West) and convert the Trinitarians (Christians) by force...

By the way, Islam also slaughtered a lot of Jews in Spain, as Maimonides observed.

Eventually, the Roman Catholic non-heretics resumed control of Spain.

Last Man Standing!!!!

We have been DVRing the re-runs of Last Man Standing for quite some time; they are funny even on the third time around.

The show will return on the Fox network next fall.  Rumor has it that Vanessa and Ed may not be available.  Both those characters were VERY well played; we'll have to wait and see.

It's hard to pick out extraordinary themes from that show, but the interplay between the Baxters (Tim Allen and Nancy Travis) and his next-door neighbors, Chuck and Carol Larabee (who are black) rank as "best." 

And the Princeton Religion-major (!!) Molly Ephraim (Mandy Baxter) has Valley Girl self-absorption and clueless-ness down to a science.

This will be fun!!

And by all means, DVR the old seasons, too.....

Make Congress Work Again!!

The ethics-challenged McConnell--a dependent of Chinese Communist racketeers--was asked to Make Congress Work Again by 17 Senators.

Should they prevail, they might be able to confirm TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY ONE Trump appointments still hanging out there doing nothing.

That's exactly what McConnell and the Swamp he leads want, of course:  nothing.

Here are the 17.

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) spearheaded the letter, which was also signed by Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Steve Daines (R-MT), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Deb Fischer (R-NE), Dean Heller (R-NV), Ron Johnson (R-WI), John Kennedy (R-LA), James Lankford (R-OK), Mike Lee (R-UT), Mike Rounds (R-SD), Ben Sasse (R-NE), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Roger Wicker (R-MS)....

Very pleased to see RoJo in there!!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Noose Is Tighter, Messrs Comey & Mueller

It's going to come down before the end of summer.  And Sessions will not only be vindicated, but feted, by PDT.

Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, the laconic Midwesterner with a steel trap mind, dropped a bombshell yesterday with a letter (the full letter appears below – pdf here) to Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein (who supervises the Mueller probe) and FBI director Christopher Wray.  But in keeping with Grassley's style, which has so often misled his opponents into overconfidence, you have to read between the lines to see where he is heading.  The end point: uncovering the plot to frame General Flynn for lying to the FBI, including likely criminal acts by senior members of the FBI....

I hate Grassley because he Corn-A-Holes us.  But I love him when he does this!!

...The killer bombshell is the final paragraph, in which Grassley at long last reveals the name of the other FBI agent present when Peter Strzok interviewed General Flynn about his conversation with Russian ambassador Kislyak and requests an interview with him by committee staff members...

Why is that a big deal?  Because Grassley (and the whole USA) will then learn that Strzok's and Pientka's 302's were substantially different OR that someone had.......ahhh........"modified" them.

As "StealthJeff" comments:

After that, when the public has digested them, the indictments are unsealed.

By the way, Jeff Sessions is NOT just another lump of flesh.  Remember, he has a CRIMINAL investigation of a lot of FBI and DOJ people going on.

But you don't get leaks on that, do you?  Sessions would rather take the bullshit from people like Levin and Hannity (ignorant twerps and click-whores) than blabber about who else is going to Club Fed when he's finished with them.