Friday, May 31, 2024

Poking the Bear To Get Re-Elected

Almost every pundit, including (D) poohbahs such as Carville, know that Trump will defeat Biden in November.

That's cause for alarm.  More:  it's cause for starting a war, because wartime Presidents almost always win re-election.

So we get this:

The Biden administration has quietly given Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia — solely near the area of Kharkiv — using U.S.-provided weapons, three U.S. officials and two other people familiar with the move said Thursday, a major reversal that will help Ukraine to better defend its second-largest city....--quoted at RedState

Putin's generals will not take that well.

This One Likes Trump Verdict

Picture:  1,000 words.  

This one says the Trump verdict is "fantastic news."  Nice necklace, eh?

 Julia Salkind

No Self-Checkout? DOH!!!

The "reporter" whines on behalf of the customers.

Pick'N'Save closed the self-checkouts at "selected" stores BECAUSE THEY WERE GETTING ROBBED BLIND by "customers."

Eventually the story kinda-sorta mentions theft.


In this version of the story, the "industry experts" say that it's related to "a drop in profits" followed by the dancing-around-the-tree language which does not mention SHOPLIFTING.

Pick'N'Save won't say it either.  No guts. 

Catturd Has Something Here.....

Catturd puts it plainly to the Coward Class of Republicans.

...They're literally arresting their political opponents and their lawyers and having kangaroo communists show trials - and you pitiful, worthless losers are doing absolutely nothing. If you don't have balls to fight for freedom - RESIGN !!!...

Plenty more at the link.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

So What?

The best question one can ask in many circumstances like this one.

Trump "guilty" on 34 "counts."

So what?

This Is Chicago!!

Wisconsinites refer to Illinois residents as "FIB's", which I will not translate, but the last two words are ".....Illinois Bozos."

Let's look at that "Bozo" part.  Here's a hot new cocktail being served up in Lombard, IL.  (Protein courtesy of a cooked cicada, locally harvested.)

Draw your own conclusions.


SCOTUS Slams NY State 9-0 in NRA Case

Not often that SCOTUS issues a 9-0 decision, but the NRA prevailed and New York State lost.

Why does anyone remain in New York State?

Next "Green Tent Towns": Chicago & MKE. With RIOTS!!!

The "Green Tent Towns" sprouted from the ground at Yale, Haaahvahhhhd, UW-M, and dozens of other colleges around the US, all passing gas about Israel and the Pallies.  But Israel and the Pallies were merely today's Shiny Object and Warm-Up Shakedown Cruise.  The real action will be in Chicago (DNC) and Milwaukee (RNC) this summer.

Here's something that we mentioned to a colleague:


...For many keffiyeh-wearing protestors, however, a recently professed concern for Palestinians is just the latest in a long list of causes they believe justify taking over streets and college quads. In Unherd, Mary Harrington dubs this medley of political beliefs the “omnicause,” writing that “all contemporary radical causes seem somehow to have been absorbed into one.” Today’s leftist activists share an interlocking worldview that sees racism, income inequality, trans intolerance, climate change, alleged police violence, and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts all as products of capitalism and “colonialism.” Therefore, the stated rationale for any individual protest is a stand-in for the real battle: attacking Western society and its institutions....

At the link you'll find that major money for the Green Tents, along with their highly-disciplined behavior pattern, comes from the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party--easily the most violent and disruptive protesters in the US.  The money comes from Biden's EPA (!!), Soros, the Rockefellers, and the Ford Foundation.

Look at the sponsor-list for the Republican Convention riots (yes, there will be riots.)  When you see "S.D.S." and Voces de la Frontera, you know this will be a big-time event.  Bit-players like Freedom Road and the Democratic Socialists of MKE are in it, too--as are the baby-killers.

Will they have green tents?  Wait for the televised news!

Is Kohl's Still the Canary??

A couple of decades ago, one could gauge the economy by watching Kohl's Department Stores' numbers.  Since then, the management has turned over a few times, so..........who knows?

But if they're still a reliable canary in the coal mine, look out below!!

Kohl's shares plummeted more than 25% Thursday after the company posted a surprise loss per share, coming in well below Wall Street’s expectations for a slight profit....

...Kohl’s reported a net loss of $27 million, or a loss of 24 cents per share, compared with a year-ago profit of $14 million, or 13 cents per share.

Net sales decreased 5.3% to $3.18 billion compared with the year prior, with [same-store] sales down 4.4%....

Generally, you find Kohl's stores in middle- to upper-middle class areas.  That kind of revenue dump could be a serious confirmation of what the fast-food/casual dining people already knowthe Middle Class ain't spending no more.

The End. 

Massive E-Bus Waste in MKE (Of Course)

Perhaps by the time these buses arrive, the Milwaukee School District will actually have its money-woes repaired.

FirstStudent, a Very Woke/DEI outfit, will take delivery of 25 all-electric school buses in the next couple of years, thanks to EPA's ridiculous spending.  Those will go to Milwaukee Public Schools.

EPA will spend $7,425,000.00 (Seven MILLION Four Hundred Twenty-Five thousand) on 25 buses.  That's $297,000 for EACH bus.  And don't forget:  First Student must totally destroy the internal-combustion buses they are replacing.  Can't be sold to other districts, can't be sold to individuals, cannot be 'traded' for anything at all.  Can you say Obama Cash-for-Clunkers?

Must.  Be.  Destroyed.

And Riteway joins the party, too!!  They'll get ONE E-bus for the Elmbrook District.  The EPA will gift them $200K, and the Elmbrook Woke Mommies will be so happy!!  Until the damn bus runs out of battery-juice during the winter.  Or worse, self-immolates when a chunk of something pierces the battery case.


"Enhancing the Economy" Part 6,666

 Our Betters tell us that illegal aliens 'enhance the economy.'

An illegal alien mother of a 12-year-old girl is accused of allowing an illegal alien man to sexually assault her daughter in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, prosecutors allege.

Elia Antonio, a 33-year-old illegal alien, has been arrested and charged with trafficking her 12-year-old daughter, as well as failing to protect a child and two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.

Juan Carlos Rocha Mejia, a 31-year-old illegal alien from Nicaragua who crossed the United States-Mexico border in October 2021 and was subsequently released into the U.S. interior, has been arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault, child enticement, strangulation, and false imprisonment....

Catholic Charities helps the illegals to both cross the border AND move throughout the USA.  Of course, we don't know if these vermin were "helped" by the Bishops using your money.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tammy's Fake $28 MILLION "Contributions"

 The technique is totally illegal and unethical, to boot.

That attracts people like Tammy Baldwin; they hang on to it like stink on s**t.

The investigator, Bernegger, has it:

...I accuse United States Senator Tammy Baldwin of criminally laundering $27,850,750 into her campaigns since 2017, including the current one. She is committing illegal Smurfing, i.e. structured money laundering. We have documented this in extreme detail using state and federal government data. Baldwin has numerous campaign committees, PACS, and other sources funding her campaigns.

This is pure election fraud by Baldwin and all those participating with her. She is stealing from the elderly their identities to use in laundering money into her campaign. Baldwin is committing identity theft and elderly financial abuse.

One specific example is Baldwin using the name of a real person called Sonia (so are many other liberals using this same person), where Sonia has been making 69,433 contributions since 2017. This means Sonia – who is in assisted living, as confirmed by her daughter – has made 7.5 contributions per day on average, every day of the year, for 7.5 years. But, Sonia did not make these contributions....

That pattern can be found in Evers' "contributions".  It's Evers' favorite smell and taste combo, too!!

Wisdom of Christopher Lasch

We stop by to visit the McCain blog regularly.  Today he posted this from Christopher Lasch:

“To live for the moment is the prevailing passion — to live for yourself, not for your predecessors or posterity. We are fast losing the sense of historical continuity, the sense of belonging to a succession of generations originating in the past and stretching into the future. . . .

Narcissism emerges as the typical form of character structure in a society that has lost interest in the future.”...

Notice the number of childless couples, or marriageable-yet-single people?

Lasch--who by the way was a Leftist--saw it coming.

Monday, May 27, 2024

An Appreciation of Tom Wolfe

 After reading Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities, your perceptions change; or if they don't change from a natural skepticism/cynicism, they are re-enforced.  And Wolfe nailed it, again and again.  Here he is, essaying on the Intellectualoids, quoted in an essay from Kevin Roche at The Healthy Skeptic:

...Susan Sontag the priestess of moronity, who is white wrote, Wolfe notes, “the white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone–its ideologies and inventions–which eradicates autonomous populations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the existence of life itself.”  Sound familiar?  This was written in 1967 and after 55 years of corruption of higher education this is now all students are taught, and it is leaking down to K-12 education as well.  As Wolfe said, “(Sontag) was hellbent on illustrating McLuhan’s line about indignation endowing the idiot with dignity, but otherwise she was just a typical American intellectual of the post-World War II period.”

Wolfe goes on, “Marxism may be dead and the proletariat has proved to be hopeless….But we can find new proletariats whose ideological benefactors we can be–women, non-whites, put-upon white ethnics, homosexuals, transsexuals, the polymorphously pervers, pornographers, prostitutes…..trees–which we can use to express our indignation toward the powers that be….to keep the flame of skepticism, cynicism , irony and contempt burning.”  Judith Butler, the insipidly insane dean of gender ideology makes an appearance in the essay as well.  How astoundingly accurate and precise Wolfe’s description of this despicable class of American academic intellectuals remains to this day, only amped up by one hundred times....

In only a couple of grafs! 

Far more can be found at this link; it's the complete essay from Wolfe on which Roche comments.  Wolfe is devastating, to say the least.

Memorial Day

Another from Wilfred Owen.

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,  
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs  
And towards our distant rest began to trudge
Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots  
But limped on, blood-shod. 
All went lame; all blind
Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots  
Of tired, outstripped Five-Nines that dropped behind.

Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!—An ecstasy of fumbling
Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling  
And flound'ring like a man in fire or lime...  
Dim, through the misty panes and thick green light
As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.

In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,  
He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

If in some smothering dreams you too could pace 
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,  
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face
His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin
If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood  
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs
Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud 
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,— 
 My friend, you would not tell with such high zest  
To children ardent for some desperate glory,  
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

John Quincy Adams vs. Woodrow Wilson, Thatcher, and Big Money

 A pair of essays showed up today which are very closely related.  One, at the Daily Caller, is written to mildly dispute some assertions made by Erik Prince about the NeoCons.  The other, a Wauck item, plays on the same theme.  Both miss a big element in the War-and-Conquest game:  money.

It looks like John Quincy Adams would not approve of today's American Adventurism:

...the impulse to nation build — to see the world more along moral lines than the harsh truth that the reality of culture, history  and geography presents — is a temptation America contended with long before the advent of the post-Cold War era.

It’s why when future president John Quincy Adams, then secretary of State, spoke to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1821, he admonished that America should go “not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy” but rather be a “well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all” and “the champion and vindicator only of her own.” Adams knew well that a nation founded on the principles of liberty would face a powerful tug to intervene abroad for moral reasons–to destroy monsters....

 Yes, indeed!

...Woodrow Wilson’s push to create the League of Nations and include it in the Treaty of Versailles is a clear example that became known as the “Wilsonian” approach to foreign policy. Understanding that America, as a nation founded on the principle that government exists to secure rights, rather than simply resting on blood and soil, naturally tilts towards viewing world affairs through this moral lens...

Wilson's feckless crusading at Versailles led to WWII; some would say that it caused that war.  (Noteworthy here:  FDR despised the Brits and their White Man's Burden chatter.) 

But for recent problems with Crusading, we can look at Bill Clinton and his immediate successor, GWBush (the Dumber.)

 ...Bill Clinton kicked the U.S. into the hyper interventionism that was a feature of post-Cold War American foreign policy. Rather than viewing the military as an insurance policy, best used to deter war, the Clinton administration saw the military as just another part of government — and an expensive one at that — one that some tangible value should be derived from....

The utterly horrible Madeline Albright played a major role in war-mongering for Clinton as you recall.  Following the example of these two, Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan--and Obama/Biden are 'doing war' against Russia, at the same time as building up the Three Minutes' Hate for Red China.


Because the Brits hate Russia and intensely covet Russia's natural resources.  The Empire has had a plan for Russia (its demolition) since the mid-1800's and they simply will not give up on that plan.

....What’s notable to me is that lurking behind the words [of a Thatcher address] is simply another version of the imperial notion of the White Man’s Burden—the notion that We are inherently superior, a more fully human form of life, the carriers of a Manifest Destiny to rule the lower forms of human life. Thatcher clearly divides the world into two forms of human existence. We are rich because we are inherently superior—not because we colonized the world by force of arms. The Russians are poor because they are a lower form of human life. As such, it is up to them to submit to our rule and surrender their resources.

Am I exaggerating, reading too much into Thatcher’s words? In the light of previous history, from the end of the Napoleonic Wars onward, I don’t think so. Thatcher was heir to the imperial British ambition of the Anglo-Zionist empire. The history of the British imperial project, as Jeffery Sachs and many others have pointed out, revolved in great part around the idea of containing Russia, preventing Russia from expanding toward British controlled parts of the world—especially India....

 (I'm not sure how Zionism is involved here; seems to me that when Britain created Israel it was more to have a convenient place to send Jews; which they did.)

No question that US adventurism results from a big dose of "white man's burden."  But Wauck and J Q Adams both missed another very important impulse behind it:  money.  All that oil, all those minerals, all those cheap laborers, all those people who could "try out" US pharmaceuticals.........well........they are certainly convenient, right?

Rome and Greece (and for that matter, Spain and France) did not conquer all those other territories to spread Roman, Greek, Spanish, or French thoughts.  They conquered them to bring home the bacon.  Imposing Western order facilitated that; but The Game has always been about money, not "burden."

Is CIA Still "Managing" "Disinformation"?

We all know that "disinformation" is any truth which Our Betters dislike.  So when the CIA got involved with Twitter, you expected--and they delivered--a narrative approved by CIA.

Oh--wait!!  We forgot!!!  All those "managements" were not by active CIA people; only "NOT" active CIA people and their camp-followers, such as 'Scary Poppins' Jankowicz.

You do know, don'cha, that CIA has its very own VC firm, called InQTel?

The oldest map in the book:  follow the money.

Here's the question:  are you fool enough to think that CIA no longer "manages" information?

The Parallel Fails of US Military Hardware

Many pixels have been spilled discussing the inadequacy and/or failure of US military hardware in the NeoCon Adventureland called "Ukraine."  Tanks get blown to smithereens by drones; comms are shut down by Russkie jammers, anti-missile defenses are foiled by drones or incoming missiles, and US ATACMS are regularly intercepted by Russkie defenses.  Altogether a not-very-inspiring performance.

Now the US is working the same magic in Israel!!

A section of the $320 million floating pier built and erected off Gaza's coast has broken off and floated onto an Israeli beach. The Saturday mishap is the latest setback for the US humanitarian aid project, after three US troops were reported injured aboard the pier two days prior, including one critically.

The Times of Israel's military correspondent Emanuel Fabian has reported that "An American vessel used to unload humanitarian aid from ships into the Gaza Strip via a floating pier disconnected from a small boat tugging it this morning due to stormy seas, leading it to get stuck on the coast of Ashdod, eyewitnesses say."

The recovery operation has not gone well either, as "Another ship was then sent to try and extract the stuck vessel, but also got beached," Fabian writes.

And yet a second US Army vessel also got stuck in shallow waters while trying to rescue the pier section. Overnight US ships had been moving two pieces of the floating pier to the Port of Ashdod in southern Israel when the now beached section detached and drifted away. American troops can be seen in footage standing helplessly on the beach.

Cool.  Maybe another several hundred billion should be jammed into the Pentagon budget so that 5,000 more bureaucrats can work their magic and figure out how to make a floating pier.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

The "Chicago Way"

 Some stories are almost impossible to believe.

You know that case where the crazy and high on drugs naked female stole a squad car, ran over a police officer and then wrecked the squad after an extensive chase...

Yes, that's actually what happened. 

Wait!!  Wait!!  There's more!!!

 We and others wondered who the offender's phone call was that got her a city job even after being arrested, charged with attempted murder, after testing positive for assorted illegal substances...

Yup.  She got an $80K/year City of Chicago job.

You may wonder how the Hell that happened.

...Toni Prickwrinkle paid Whitney Temple [the accused] over $12,300 as an employee during her failed mayoral campaign. And it can be safely assumed that after she attempted to kill a Chicago Police Officer with his own squad car, Prickwrinkle got her a job (at over $80K) in City government after a positive drug test and the attempted murder charges....[The correct spelling is PrEckwinkle.  --Ed.]...

Oh--and the judge has managed to delay the trial for nearly 3 years.

This almost makes Robin Vos look good.  Almost.

Putin's Incomplete Realpolitik

 Putin thinks the same way as do more than half of Americans do.

MIT prof Ted Postol courtesy of Wauck:

   ... It's very clear to me that Putin is most concerned about the instability of American leadership. He has correctly determined that American leadership is largely uneducated, is capable of making reckless decisions--as we have in this case, and got into a war that was a war of choice and now we don't know how to get out of it and can't even acknowledge that we've lost it already. 

So we're going to kill hundreds of thousands of more people because our political leadership is trying to cover themselves with the public so the public doesn't understand how reckless they were and how ill ill-considered their decisions were. 

So Putin is worried about the behavior of American leadership and he has obviously determined that you can't trust American leadership to know what they're doing. That is why he has been very concerned about US missile defenses. He understands that US missile defenses don't work, but he's worried that an American president might actually be silly enough to think that they could work, and that an American president might use nuclear weapons in the hope that the missile defenses could protect the United States--or parts of the United States--from a Russian retaliation. 

So Putin very thoughtfully concluded that what he needed was a weapon that even a totally moronic and uninformed individual could understand there's no hope of stopping. ...

.....which is the new Russian nuclear torpedo called the Poseidon.

Putin understands Biden, his gaggle of idiots in the Cabinet, and the State Dep't/CIA/NSA ship of fools very well.  But for him to count on a weapon 'that even a totally moronic and uninformed individual could understand' misses the pointthe people pulling the marionette strings on Biden are far more malevolent than he thinks.  They've (effectively) massacred the flower of Ukraine's youth; what makes Putin think they won't do the same to Americans?

Remember that they applaud depopulation.

Then think very hard about your vote in November.

Friday, May 24, 2024

A Dirtball (Vos) and His Techniques

By now, most thinking Wisconsin citizens understand that Robin Vos is a dirtball.  He has a few good accomplishments, but they are far fewer than he would like you to think.  He owns a number of flop-house "student rental" properties in Whitewater, and he needs the revenue to pay off his multiple ex-wives.

And then his story gets even dirtier.  When Vos won his last election by only a few hundred votes, it became clear that he should leave office, one way or the other, so a recall effort got underway.  

The official recall campaign issued the following statement:

Throughout the campaign, we endeavored to identify and segregate questionable petition sheets, such as those suspected of forgery or fraud. Despite our best efforts, a small fraction of these sheets were inadvertently mixed with the nearly 11,000 valid signatures submitted.

It’s crucial to emphasize that hundreds of signatures were proactively withheld and never submitted due to suspicions of fraud, highlighting our good-faith effort to eliminate suspicious signatures.

...In late February 2024, our campaign observed suspicious activities between February 27 and March 2, where several individuals from across the nation suddenly appeared in Burlington, WI, and attempted to infiltrate the campaign.

All six individuals tried to insert fraudulent signatures. These actions were immediately flagged by our team. Remarkably, these individuals, independently, flew from various parts of the country (New York, Florida, Ohio) to assist in the recall campaign.

They sought compensation but left the state without any. Their involvement abruptly ceased upon the submission of the questionable signatures. This behavior, combined with their unverified nationwide origins and the submission of inauthentic signatures, raised significant concerns....


 ...When faced with approximately 400 (about 40 pages) suspiciously pristine signatures, our volunteers took the additional step of conducting thorough in-person verifications at over 15 residences.

As anticipated, we were unable to verify any of the signatures, leading us to consider them potentially fraudulent; thus, they were not included in our submission to the Wisconsin Election Commission.

The individuals identified as sources of these fraudulent signatures, including Carlo Green, Jade Hilton, Jason Lopez, Lavelle Hester-Bey, Kiara Rivera, and Xavier Pittman, were excluded from our petition efforts....

The campaign also stated that some invalid signatures slipped through their screening process, which allowed "Dirtball" Vos to decry the entire thing as fraudulent. 

And he did, loudly, through his trusty RadioMouths Jay Weber--who intensely dislikes "work"-- and Dan O'Donnell, who has the JD but never practiced law (!!)  Vos did and does exactly what this Joe Biden ad does:  deceit, half-truths, and slanders.

The link provides the long version of the story; apparently one of the three contractors who hired people to canvass was less-than-reliable and several canvassers submitted obviously fake signatures.

Photo ID's and taxpayer info are included in the article, by the way.  None of them appear to be related to Vos by blood, but with his marriages.........well, you never know, do you?

The Laugh-Line on WE Energies

Humor comes to the local rag!  The headline for this (on their main page) is "WE Energies Ahead of Game....."  

What "game"?  The Green Game!!

Yup.  And YOU are "behind."

We Energies this month will begin an eight-year transition away from coal power with the shutdown of two of the four electricity-generating units of its Oak Creek Power Plant.

The shutdown, the Milwaukee-based utility's first move in a plan rolled out last year to be coal-free by 2032, comes on the heels of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's release in April of a sweeping set of new rules for fossil-fuel energy sources that aims to cut emissions and reduce the negative health effects of air pollution....

You're paying about 25% more for electricity than you did 10 years ago.

There's a reason for that.  You are BEHIND on the "Green Game."

Progress: the Easter Bunny for Jesuits

The tin god of the Jesuits is Progress, ya'know.

...Zac Davis, an associate editor at America, wrote that Butker’s speech sounded like the result of “an all-encompassing ideology,” which explains why “gender roles, Covid-19 policies, liturgical preferences and abortion should all fall under the same coherent theme of a commencement address.”

The ideology espoused by Mr. Butker goes beyond legitimate conservative-liberal differences, Davis argued, and fell into the backward-looking sectarianism that “Pope Francis has warned about repeatedly throughout his papacy.”...

Pp. Franny1 is a Jebby, as you recall.

The NOT-backward-looking is the "forward-looking,"--which is "Progress."   

"Progress" is like the Easter bunny.  Mature adults like Butker don't believe in it.

The Jebbies and Pp. Franny1?

Draw your own conclusions.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

New Car Prices? Going Down.

 Wolf Street is very good at covering the car biz, and he came up with this handy-dandy chart of "days inventory" which tells you how long new cars sit on dealer lots (costing the dealer a bunch of money).

Note well: 60 days' inventory is considered healthy.  Less than that?  Really good.  More?  Ugh.

You can read the chart and figure out which brands will soon be offering large discounts.  (Ram already is, by the way.)

Oreo Cookies Go All Pervert!

Yup.  Mondelez, the company which makes Oreo, is spending oodles of money on the Pervert Parade a/k/a PFLAG.

PFLAG likes to put erotic books into grade-school and high-school libraries.

Don't need Oreos any more!

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Flouridating Your Kid: Poison!

Yah, too bad, eh?

Our Betters lied.  Again.

CBS LOS ANGELES - "A just-released University of Southern California study found that pregnant women exposed to fluoride have an increased risk of their child demonstrating behavioral problems."...

From the Keck School of Medicine, U of Southern Cal:

Children exposed to fluoride in the womb were 1.83 times more likely to show behavioral problems with emotional reactivity, somatic complaints (such as headaches and stomachaches), anxiety and symptoms linked to autism
That crap was jammed into water systems back in the '50's and '60's.  Fortunately, we were on well-water for almost all of our children.

I don't think their children were that lucky.

Monday, May 20, 2024

"Fire Butker, Hire Woman"!

Yes, that's actually the editorial position of an op-ed in of the Kansas City Star.  Fire Butker, hire a woman kicker in his place.

That's also the position of the Baltimore Ravens, not to mention the Bengals, Hawks, Chargers, Saints, and 49ers.

And "newspapermen" wonder why their subscriber base is zeroing out.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Your New Currency Is On the Way!!

 Yup.  That old-fashioned Yankee Dollar is going out and will be replaced by Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  Both sides of the Uniparty/SwampThings agree on that; they just haven't told you.....yet.


Control, dummy!  Everything you buy (and where, and when) will be trackable, and tracked.  Your record will be there for some to see, until you become a problemThen all will see it.  And if there's no blackmail-able stuff, not to worry!  Your activities will be declared Socially Malevolent, and your CBDC card will no longer work.  Want food?  Fuel?  Electricity?

...Just like Obamacare, there is going to be a myriad of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” promises with CBDC. And there will be some “You have to pass the bill to see what is in the bill” later espousals to convolute the former promises as they conflict with the CBDC legislative outcomes that start to gain attention....

So you say "What about crypto?"  They'll ban it. Crypto is totally incompatible with CBDC.

Well, except for Members of Congress, who will exempt themselves from the Crypto-ban, for BILLIONS of reasons, just like they exempted themselves from warrant-less Section 702 spying.

(This may take a while to become reality, so download this post.

All bets are off if there's another Revolution, of course.)

Think we're kidding?  Read lots more.

Fox6 Took It, Hook, Line, and SInker

"Newsman's skepticism" does not burden Fox6-Milwaukee staffers.

An upside-down American flag was displayed outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in January 2021, the New York Times reported. 

That part is true.

The flag is a symbol connected to former President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. 

That part is rated Mostly False.

...the upside down flag is usually a form of peaceful protest, since it generally implies the nation is under duress....

...Typically, this signal of distress was reserved for instances of extreme danger to life and property....

The NYT story says that the flag was upside-down due to the Fraud of '20.  The NYT was guessing, or its source was guessing.  

And--by the way--the US flag is hung upside-down outside a home on County Hy. SS in Pewaukee; under the US flag is a flag of the Ukraine.

Maybe Fox6 would like to speculate about the motives there, too??

The Fouled-Up WI Election Commission Gets Slapped

A judge in Marinette County slapped the Wisconsin Elections Commission hard.  This is the long, but clear, explanation of the case:

...In a case earlier this year in Ozaukee County, a voter challenged the commission’s legal authority to operate MyVote, an online portal for voters to request absentee ballots. WEC argued that all requests made through the website are “email” requests, an allowable method of requesting an absentee ballot under Wisconsin election law. 

WEC officials submitted sworn testimony stating that when an elector seeks an absentee ballot through MyVote the “request” for the ballot is a form generated by the system once the individual completes the online process. The argument is a stretch, to be sure, but Ozaukee County Judge Steven Cain bought it.  [Obviously a dumbass, this Cain.]  Cain held that all requests made through MyVote were “email” requests, and allowable under the statute. The plaintiff is appealing that ruling. 

But the allowance seems to have created a snag for WEC. If an applicant requests an absentee ballot by email, Wisconsin statutes require the elector to include “in the envelope” a copy of the “request” for the ballot “bearing an original signature.”  [Can't be done, as the MyVote request was electronic, not paper.]

WEC, according to the lawsuit, provided no guidance indicating any of that. More so, while the Ozaukee County case was proceeding, WEC created the new, color-coded absentee ballot return envelopes. Agency officials designated the envelopes as “Forms EL-122,” and required election clerks to use them. The envelopes contained a new requirement that applicants certify under penalty of law that they requested the ballot and that the EL-122 is “an original or a copy of” the “request.”  

“This language found in the new EL-122 ran directly contrary to the sworn testimony provided in the [Ozaukee County] case upon which Judge Cain relied,” Scott said. And it opened up the Hobson’s choice to hundreds of thousands of electors who prefer voting by absentee ballot. ...


Which "Hobson's Choice"?

 ...the election regulator puts Badger State voters in the untenable position of committing election fraud or opting not to cast an absentee ballot. ...

The WEC staff's lying, lying, lying, has caught up to them.  They lied in Ozaukee county, lied to the election clerks, and then..........BOOM!!...........the lies were exposed in Marinette County.

Now the WEC will have to come up with new and improved lies and double-dealing chicanery in order to have a November election.

(Or was the objective to foul it up so much that the New York City/Zuckerberg crowd will "find" 290,000 Biden votes in Brown, Kenosha, Dane, Racine, and Milwaukee counties overnight?  Hmmmmmm.)

Chair, Joint Chiefs: US Troops in Ukraine "Inevitable"

 This is the Biden policy.

In a major escalation of the US-NATO war with Russia in Ukraine, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Q. Brown told the New York Times Thursday that the NATO military alliance will eventually” send significant numbers of active-duty NATO troops to Ukraine, which the newspaper said meant the deployment was inevitable.”

In asserting that NATO sending troops is inevitable,” the Times means the decision has already been made, and all that is being awaited is the determination on how best to announce the escalation to the public.

Brown’s statement that NATO will send troops to Ukraine, after US President Joe Biden categorically ruled out such a move because it would lead to World War III,” continues the pattern: Every time the White House has said it would not do something in Ukraine, it has subsequently done it....

In order to secure the re-election of Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants, the Establishment (D and R) has only two options:  either declare some sort of "national emergency" which will include deferring the election OR declare war--a move which has generally worked to keep an Administration in power.


AZ: Danger Zone for Americans

At one time, Arizona was a nice place for retirement or a winter vacay for Americans.

Now?  It's a danger zone if you support Trump.

President Trump’s election lawyer, John Eastman, was arrested in Phoenix on Friday on conspiracy, fraud, forgery, and other felony charges related to the 2020 Trump alternate electors plan, even though he had ZERO communication with the Arizona electors!...

You vill comply, schweinhund!

Yes, of course, the 'charges' are bullshit.  

Eastman may be only the first.

...Last month, a state grand jury in Arizona indicted the alternate electors, GOP state legislators, former Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward, and others in the 2020 election.

Eighteen people were indicted by the Democrats....

Rumor has it that the Arizona state government (and several county and city governments) are owned lock-stock-barrel by the drug and sex-trafficking cartels.  That would explain the over-the-top reaction by Arizona corrupt-o-crats; a Trump re-election would make it more difficult to do business, ya'know.

Anyhow, don't visit that 3rd-world s**thole while wearing Trump gearYou might never escape back to freedom.


Saturday, May 18, 2024

Georgia Moving Out of Clown World

 The Georgia in Europe saw what can happen if they 'vote with NATO.'

The Georgians passed a law demanding that any organization which draws 20% or more of its funding from foreign sources (e.g., the CIA) must report the funding and declare itself a foreign agent.

Makes sense to me--we have similar legislation here.

But the CIA doesn't like that, for some reason.

...Tens of thousands of angry protesters took to the streets of Tbilisi and other cities across Georgia to voice opposition to the new law and were met with a heavy response from Georgian riot police. Estimates vary, but nearly 200,000 people were out in the street on Saturday, a staggering show of force in a country of only 3.7 million people....

That's from an authorized propaganda outlet, AP.

Vox sums it up correctly:

... people and organizations who are funded by foreign organizations are foreign agents. Third, everyone knows that these NGOs are nothing more than Clown World’s subversion vehicles. Fourth, these “angry protesters” are paid astroturfers; no genuine protest has ever erupted over a technocratic campaign financing law. And fifth, if corrupt U.S. senators are posturing about “democracy”, you know it’s evil nonsense....

The two Senators are a Democrat and a Pubbie Senator from Clown World.

In the Land of St John Paul II

 This is a shocker.

Poland’s capital has instructed civil servants not to display crucifixes and other religious symbols at Warsaw City Hall, sparking backlash from conservative groups.

According to the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper, officials will not be permitted to hang crosses or crucifixes on the walls or keep them on their desks. Government employees will still be allowed to wear crosses while at work, however....

So you can be personally positive about Christ, but.....

This comes with the rest of the palette of D.C. abominations, too:

...The new rules are part of a broader set of regulations aimed at combating various forms of discrimination. Officials have been instructed to use gender-neutral language, address people by their preferred pronouns, and not discriminate against same-sex couples....

The land of JPII and John III Sobieski, reduced to a vassal-state of the Far Left.


Blinken and His Nazi Pals

The failed guitarist is a massively-failed US emissary, too!

Dines at a pizza joint in Kiev which appears to be a shrine to the Ukrainian Nazis and--by coincidence--a joint which honors the memory of a "trade-union massacre" which was executed by Victoria Nuland disciples.


Think Speaker Johnson is still happy about his $61 BILLION gift to these guys?

WEF: "Sell the Car, Untermensch!"

 Klaus, the Kreepy Kraut, has a new command!!

The globalist WEF is demanding that regular families with more than one car should be forced to give up one of their vehicles.

Despite the fact that a person can only drive one car at a time, the WEF insists that limiting the number of vehicles people can own will help to “save the planet” from “climate change.”

The WEF argues that members of the public must be forced into giving up a vehicle as part of the organization’s “One Less Car” agenda....

It is rumored that Pp. Franny1 will canonize Kreepy Kraut Klaus in the next week or so.

Pp. Franny1's Butker Move

News report tells us:

Sales for Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s jersey have skyrocketed due to the controversy surrounding his remarks at a Catholic college....

It's only a matter of time before Pp. Franny1 excommunicates Butker for the Canon Law crime of Traditionalistic Conservatism in the First Degree.

Improving the Economy, Chapter 1,279

 Our Betters told us that an invasion of illegals would Improve the Economy.

A report from the Centers for Disease Control has linked 84 percent of Chicago’s recent cases of measles back to the wave of illegal aliens from Venezuela.

The report found that 84 percent of the identified cases were found in illegal aliens from Venezuela who were unvaccinated and can be traced to a single migrant boy who arrived in Chicago with the communicable disease, according to the Daily Mail....

The economy of healthcare organizations billing their services to taxpayers.  

Yup.  That's the ticket!!

Friday, May 17, 2024

NFL (Need For Lucre) Stupidity

We mentioned yesterday that the NFL's gradual move to streaming-only is a product of its lust for money.

In a remarkably stupid move, the Need For Lucre offices denounce Harrison Butker.

...“Harrison Butker gave a speech in his personal capacity,” Beane wrote. “His views are not those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which only makes our league stronger.”...

So the NFL now endorses perversion?  Have they any idea at all what their audience is?

About 5% (or less) of the population is homosexual.  Is that going to fill their coffers?

We'll see, eh?

Oh--and as Breitbart mentions, where was the denunciation of the anti-American crap from Kaepernick?


"Improving the Economy" Chapter 985

 Our Betters tell us that an invasion of illegals will Improve the Economy.

A 40-year-old Hispanic man, reportedly an illegal alien from Mexico, is accused of raping two women in separate violent sexual assaults inside what investigators are calling a “rape dungeon on wheels” in the sanctuary jurisdiction of Los Angeles County, California....

Our Betters must be right, no?

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Tammy, the Useless

 Tammy Baldwin runs an ad featuring a mom whose son OD'd, fatally, on fentanyl.

The mom claims that 'Tammy pushed through' legislation which will GET TOUGH!!  It won't.  It's a finger-wagger at the Bad Bad Bad cartel bosses, none of whom are going to turn themselves in.

Ready for the reality?

Baldwin was one of sixty-eight Senators who co-sponsored the bill.  It was passed as part of another Tammy Baldwin fave:  spending your childrens' money on the Festering Pustule of Ukraine.

Tammy also fought tooth and nail against border control under Trump, and has not lifted one wrinkly/stinky finger to close the border.

We headlined this 'Tammy, the Useless.'

She's worse than that.  She's a cancer.

'In the World, Not of It': Butker

 Almost as though it were pre-planned.

The backlash against Chiefs star Harrison Butker continues to grow with the NFL issuing a statement distancing the organization from his bizarre commencement speech in which he told women they should aspire to be homemakers. 

That press release came as the petition to have him removed from the Super Bowl champion's roster closes in on 100,000 signatures. It was set up just a day after his address at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas

Butker, 28, who's made his conservative Catholic beliefs well known, also assailed Pride month, a particularly important time for the LGBTQ+ rights movement, and President Joe Biden's stance on abortion....

The Daily Mail has a decent hard-news staff.  Their 'other' staff--based on the writing in this article--is composed of teenage girls, ninnies, and hate-filled old crones (of either sex.)

They figure Butker is vulnerable, so he gets the slings and arrows.  It's a warning to any other decent, honorable, and Christian men.

Be prepared.

NFL Greed vs. Fans

You already know how this will end:  NFL Greed wins.  Fans?  You lose.

...The NFL on Wednesday announced a new deal to sell games to Netflix the next three seasons. So the streaming service will feature two games on Christmas Day this year, and then it will stream at least one holiday game in 2025 and again in 2026.

The two games this year, per multiple sources and reports, are the Ravens at the Texans and the Chiefs at the Steelers....

Packers fan?  Prepare to pay for that!

 ...Consider that Amazon Prime streams Thursday night games. It streams a wild card game. And it streams a game on Black Friday, a new addition last season that is now expected to continue in perpetuity.

Peacock joined the NFL partnership band last year and will stream the Eagles versus Packers regular-season opener on Friday, Sept. 6 from São Paulo, Brazil....

Or maybe NOT pay for thatNot paying is the smart play.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Another Jay Weber Problem

 On today's show Jay Weber told us that 'EV's made in China could be made for only $12,000.00'

Yes, they could.  And that would be a problem for Detroit.

But it's irrelevant.

What Jay apparently does not know is that Biden's ban on importing EV's from China does NOT include the EV's which will be made by Chinese firms in MexicoSo the Chinese EV's will be imported anyway.

The reason that's not widely-known?

...BlackRock investment firm writes the regulatory and economic policy for Joe Biden’s administration. That’s the quid-pro-quo that maintains the Biden political financial operation. All of DC know it. No one does not know. The ones who claim they do not know about it are all pretending. Republicans take the background BlackRock bribes and pretend.

BlackRock positioned massive investment assets inside Chinese auto manufacturers, MG, BYD, and Chery. The three Chinese companies are in the process of moving North American auto manufacturing to Mexico, specifically to make EVs. The Chinese EVs made in Mexico will come into the U.S market tariff free under the USMCA trade agreement. China and BlackRock will make billions....

 Maybe Jay should consider reading something other than the WSJ and BlackRock press releases before he runs his yap.

But that would require him to actually do some work.  That's a problem.

Yes, Of Course Illegals Are Voting!

Exactly as Tony Evers and Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants wanted.

...Just Facts then conducted a comparable study that used the same datasets, a more straightforward methodology, and related studies to constrain assumptions. This found that roughly 27 percent of non-citizens were registered to vote and about 16 percent of them voted in the 2008 national elections....

Over 80% state that they voted Democrat.


 ...As is often the case with studies of illegal actions where enforcement is limited, both Just Facts’ study and the one from Electoral Studies have sizeable margins of uncertainty. This is due to relatively small sample sizes and other possible sources of error — some that could produce overcounts and others undercounts....

But "fact checkers" cannot disprove the study:

 ...So-called fact checkers and certain scholars have repeatedly tried to dispute the Electoral Studies paper and Just Facts’ study. However, their criticisms were mathematically illiterate and laced with unrealistic assumptions, empty arguments, half-truths, and outright falsehoods....

Illegals or not, there is NO question that signature-verification was either ignored or compromised in certain Wisconsin counties.  If that is wrong, then the question:  where are the audits that prove otherwise?

There aren't any.  Guess why.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Pasting the SmileyFace on CCHD

Your Bishops have a Truth Problem.  They don't like to tell it to you.

Get this:

...[The Bishops] will also be reflecting on positioning the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) for the future. For a half-century, grants made possible through the annual CCHD collection have gone to help community organizations working to empower people striving to overcome poverty. Now, the bishops have begun the process of discerning the next 50 years.

Over the past several years, including during the pandemic, the CCHD maintained its level of support for those in need, despite a decline in donations. Last year, the CCHD started a review to explore ways to renew the mandate and mission of CCHD. The bishops will spend time prayerfully discussing the best way to adapt to the post-pandemic needs and resources, while at the same time continuing a steadfast commitment to helping the poor and disenfranchised emerge from the cycle of poverty....

Well, there is SOME truth there.  'The Bishops will be reflecting.'  Yup.  The Bishops .....discerning the next 50 years.  (WHAT????  Franny1 told us that the world is ending soon due to cow-farts.  We won't make 50!!!)  'Grants have gone to help community organizations working to empower people striving to overcome poverty Marxist rabble-rousers screaming for Mo'Free Stuff from governments'.  

But the best one?  'adapt....needs and resources....'

Why is that the best?

Because the Bishops FIRED THE ASS of the former CCHD poobah who spent CCHD into near-bankruptcy.  What they're really going to 'reflect upon' is how the Hell they shore up CCHD before it drags the entire USCC down the porcelain tube.

(Which would not be all that bad, would it?)

 Never, ever, ask a Bishop for a straight answer.  You waste less time by asking a Democrat to act responsible.   

Even More JoeFlation!

The nutbags and cuckoos running the country (in the name of Biden) have another inflation-treat for you!!

...Florida-based Ryder analyzed the potential cost of transportation if internal combustion engine trucks are converted to EVs. There is a 5 percent cost increase for light-duty EVs and a 94–114 percent increase for heavy-duty trucks, the May 8 report states. For a fleet of 25 mixed vehicles—light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks—costs surge by 56–67 percent.

As transportation costs have a direct bearing on the price of goods sold in markets across the country, Ryder estimates such increases to eventually add about 0.5–1 percent to overall price inflation in the economy....

What--you thought the groceries got to the store carried by Santa's reindeer?  Sorry:  they were responsible for farting CO2 and Biden ordered them all slaughtered.

Pervert "Story Time" KO'd in Falls. Good!

 The Press really wants you to have Bad Feeeeeeelz about this.

We don't.

A drag queen story time draws backlash in Menomonee Falls. A bakery was planning to host the story hour as a pride month fundraiser.

It was met with threats and a push to boycott. Opposition even came from a village trustee, and it forced the owners to cancel.

Batter and Mac Bakery announced the story hour last week....

*snif* *snuffle* *wail-and-snort*

Stop with your grooming.  Just stop.


FrannyBlather on "Climate Change"

As it turns out there are a lot of areas in which Pp. Franny1 is a nincompoop, like liturgy, homosexual conduct, the death penalty, and--most obvious--the "climate."

And for good measure, he hates the US.

Here he is, spewing un-informed propaganda about "climate change":

....the pontiff wrote that he has “heartfelt concerns” for “our suffering planet,” contending that “the world in which we live is collapsing” because of humanity’s failure to adequately address the crisis.

It is “indubitable” that the impact of climate change will increasingly prejudice the lives and families of many persons, he contends, adding that its effects are already felt in the areas of “healthcare, sources of employment, access to resources, housing, forced migrations, etc.”...

All of that is based on the outright lie that 'climate change' is real, as opposed to faked with highly-managed temperature readings--which it is.  

But FrannyIgnorance is what we're stuck with.  Serious Catholics don't pay attention to him; instead, they hold fast to what is good.  That works best in the long run.

Demolish I-794? Really??

The State of Wisconsin's DOT is mulling over the possibility of demolishing I-794.  Tearing down that passage from downtown Milwaukee to the near southeast side residential area is a Big Priority for a small group of 'back-to-nature' advocates and the slow-witted Mayor of Milwaukee.

They have big plans!!!  At the bottom of this post is a sketch of what they expect to do with the "reclaimed" land.  Note the pretty office buildings?

Those are a figment of someone's imagination.  Ever since the FauciFlu, office buildings have remained empty, and their values have decreased--in the linked case, by 90% or so.  That means that the taxes they pay to the city will diminish significantly, too, as buildings are taxed on their value, not on their "pretties".

Here's the fever-dream they picture.  Good luck with that!  More likely that all Milwaukee will get in their "reclaiming" is another squalid fishing village, like Jones Island began.

4 - Rethink 794 view from Lake Michigan after.jpg

Monday, May 13, 2024

Is Jack Smith REALLY Real?

Well, this is interesting. fact, the Biden Administration and its Attorney General, Merrick Garland, are themselves to blame for the current delay. Special Counsel Jack Smith claims to be an inferior officer of the United States, but in fact he holds no such office. Smith is a mere employee of the Department of Justice, and he lacks the power to initiate prosecutionsLucia v. Securities and Exchange Commission, 585 U.S. __ (2018) holds that only officers of the United States can take actions that affect the life, liberty, and property of citizens.

 Judge Cannon has asked for oral argument on June 21, 2024 on former President Donald Trump's motion to dismiss Special Counsel Jack Smith's indictment on the ground that Smith was unconstitutionally appointed to his current job because he is not an inferior officer.....

Smith was not confirmed by the Senate, which is a requirement.

This kinda makes Garland look like an idiotWe already know that Smith is an idiot, of course.

A First!! President Pedo!!!

Well, it might not really be a FIRST, but it's the first one we were told about.

Fits in very well with the Clinton Clan, too.

Green Bay, the Dirty-Election City

It's Green Bay, so 'another Chicago' will not catch on.  It cannot be both the city of St. Vincent Lombardi, the Packers, AND the dirtiest election practices in the country, can it?

Yes, it can.  And--aside from the scale difference between Chicago and Green Bay--it is.

Kittle has the story.

The honest clerk was squeezed for objecting to the meddling (chicanery?) of a New York schemer with a hyphenated name:  Spitzer-Rubinstein.

The replacement clerk, who was the Mayor's right-hand assassin, did not know Wisconsin election law and didn't give a flying damn, either.

This was not "Oops."  This was straight-up election fraud.

But the '20 was 'the cleanest election in the history of the universe.'


Gas Stoves, A/C, and Now? COOKING!!!

 Your Government Bureaucrats have declared that gas stoves are a danger to mankind.......because.  Also air conditioning, as it requires energy and that's bad .......because.

Now, Your Government Bureaucrats have declared COOKING to be a danger to mankind, too.

...If there’s one thing the researchers at NOAA’s Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL) have learned in their multi-year deep dive investigation into the unrecognized and underappreciated sources of urban air pollution, it’s this: If you can smell it, there’s a good chance it’s impacting air quality. ...

...‘What we’re  looking at from cooking are primarily oxygenated VOCs, or volatile organic compounds,’ said Matt Coggon, a research chemist at CSL and lead author of the study. ‘These are quite reactive in the air, so we expect they’ll be important for air quality.’...

...Coggon and his team of researchers determined that on average, 21% of the total mass of human-caused VOCs present in Las Vegas’ outdoor air were from cooking activities. Depending on the time of day, cooking VOCs ranged from from 10% to 30% of the total....

Yah, well.  Raw meat, eggs, and veggies were the diet of your forebears, 10,000 (or whatever) years ago, so obviously you can do this too.

Or you could simply capture, field-dress, and cook Government Bureaucrats.

Hmmmmm.  This will take some thought.

WHAD To Become the New WFMR

 Wisconsin Public Radio announced that WHAD-FM (90.7) of Delafield will begin an all-classical music format on Monday, 5/20/24.

That ends a lengthy drought for over-the-air classical music fans, as the last all-classical Milwaukee area station, WFMR, turned off its format at midnight, June 26, 2007.

WFMR started up with ambulance money (Baker/Curtis Ambulance), survived on paper money (Cofrin of the Fort Howard family) and also on stereophone cash (Koss.)  But the format simply could not draw enough advertising dollars to sustain itself.

So here's a quiz for all 13 remaining WFMR listeners who also read this blog:

1)  What was the name of the morning host?

2)  What was the name of the midnight-6A (all jazz) host?

3)  One of the owners was married to a VERY hottie soprano soloist.  Name either the owner or his wife.

Please place your answers in the combox.  We may come up with a prize, but don't count any chickens.