Monday, June 30, 2014

"Unexpected" Rise in Great Lakes Water-Levels

Completely "unexpected." 

But one thing you CAN expect:  continuing cash flowing to "water management" experts.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Trapping Funds

Fund-raising can be a lot of fun!!

Father Garrett Kau joked with parishioners as he unpacked his gun from its case Saturday afternoon. Kau was one of dozens from around the region gathered at the Circus City Sportsman’s Club in support of the St. Clare Health Care Foundation.

... The priest, of St. Joseph Catholic Parish, said he saw a flyer about Saturday’s event and decided to participate in support of the foundation. Kau said enjoys living in Wisconsin and connecting with other outdoor enthusiasts.

“It’s actually been a few years since I’ve shot,” he said with a laugh, adding that so far, he’d been happy with his results.

Participants paid $20 for a pig roast lunch and a round of shooting and could pay extra for additional rounds....

...Participants included 17-year-old Aaren Weinke, of Baraboo, a member of the Sauk County Youth Shooting Team, Dr. Mark Meier, a general surgeon at the hospital for 20 years, and many other community members and hospital supporters.

The spanferkel alone is worth the $20.00.

Lois Lerner's Next Job

HT:  Peter

Saturday, June 28, 2014

RoJo and Turley? Yup. They Get It Wrong

Lions and lambs?  Naifs, really. They don't identify the problem correctly, so the solution won't work.

A growing crisis in our constitutional system threatens to fundamentally alter the balance of powers — and accountability — within our government. This crisis did not begin with Obama, but it has reached a constitutional tipping point during his presidency. Indeed, it is enough to bring the two of us — a liberal academic and a conservative U.S. senator — together in shared concern over the future of our 225-year-old constitutional system of self ­governance.

No.  Really?  C'mon, boys, it's Summerfest time f'cryin' out loud.  Shut up with the "crisis" noise, eh?  Beer's getting warm.

There has been a dramatic shift of authority toward presidential powers and the emergence of what is essentially a fourth branch of government — a vast network of federal agencies with expanded legislative and judicial power. ...The growing authority invested in federal agencies comes from a diminished Congress, which seems to have a dramatically reduced ability to actively monitor, let alone influence, agency actions.

Not exactly.  Congress writes laws which are filled with "at the discretion of the Secretary...."  or "...subject to the findings of the agency..." clauses.  How do YOU think the EPA managed to grab 'control' of CO2, for example?  It was either slovenly drafting or deliberate graftsmanship disguised as "the public interest."  Take your choice:  we've elected idiots or well-manicured crooks, folks. 

There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, no Congress-slime wants to be pinned down.  There are always escape clauses built into the legislation, and these political animals use them expertly.  Second, agencies and departments always have an agenda and Congress-slime always want to get re-elected.  So when an agency proposes to stomp the toes of .......say........the mud-bee industry, Congress-slime make it known that they can influence the agency.  Cha-Ching!!!  The mud-bee lobby forks up contributions and the agency's threat goes away.  Until next election cycle.

With a few exceptions, Congress is full of preening, scheming, pale and paunchy schlubs whose narcissism is only a few degrees removed from that of Obozo.  THAT is why "an Act of Congress" is always the solution, whether for managing bug populations on backwater creeks in North Noplace, Nebraska, or for dictating how many artichokes Farmer Brown can put on one acre of his own damn land.

The 9th and 10th Amendments were written precisely for the problem RoJo and Turley fret about.  And as Andy McCarthy notes separately, Congress can simply shut off the funds.

But that would leave Congress impotent quel' horreurs!!

Get the grift drift??

Yup. "Immigration Reformers" Lie Like Hell, Too

Not only did the study find that ALL the job-growth in the US went to illegal (and legal) immigrants over the last 14 years.  It also found that there are NO "jobs that [native] Americans won't do."

So those kids you raised--and often sent to college to acquire massive debts?

They can't find a job.

Well done, Ted Kennedy, GWBush, and ObozoCommie!!

Quiz question:  which Big Lie has more impact on the US:  Global 'Warming' or "Need for Immigrant Workers"?  Please limit your response to 250 words and provide citations.

Mary Burke, Student of Karl Rove

Seems as though Mary Burke's campaign is deceptive and near-slanderous.

There's a model for that:  Thad Cochran's campaign, with tactics from Karl Rove.

Who said that Democrats can't learn from Republicans?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Fraud in Mississippi

Mississippi's primary elections run under the same sort of rules that Wisconsin has:  you can vote in the (R) or (D) primary, but not both.

Unless Karl Rove is funding your (R) campaign, in which case, by all means, steal the damn election!!

“It’s not so much a recount,” McDaniel continued. “We’re looking to the issue of whether or not people who participated in if June 3 Democrat Primary crossed over into the Republican Primary this Tuesday night. We’ve found more than 1,000 examples of that in one county alone. So, we’ve found widespread irregularities of ineligible voters. They should not have been there in the first place. And they were pushed there. This is what's shocking, Sean. They were pushed there be an overt action, an aggressive action on the part of Sen. Cochran’s campaign that was filled with race-baiting, lies, distortions...."--Hannity show quoted at Breitbart

One local pundit approves of the results:

It’s time McDaniel conceded the election, and time for the national Tea Party groups to go screw up another election somewhere else. 

Umnnhhhh...another way to put that, Wiggy, is that you approve of Rove & Co.'s tactics.  Surely you jest.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Obozo 0, Citizens 12

Obozo lost 12 in 24 months, all 9-zip.

That's just so far.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

EPA Hard Drives Crash, Too!

But only after a subpoena is issued.

...members grilled McCarthy on lost emails from a hard-drive crash (the same issue that wiped out emails from IRS employee Lois Lerner). In this case, the emails in question were from retired EPA employee Philip North, who was involved in the agency's decision to begin the process of preemptively vetoing the Pebble Mine project in Alaska.

North, who declined an interview request by the committee, is retired, and committee staff say they have been unable to track him down. According to a committee aide, North's hard drive crashed in 2010--which was around the same time that the committee is investigating the agency's discussions of a potential veto--and the emails were not backed up.

NSA knows where North is, of course, and--like with Lerner--they prolly have the emails in their DB.

We're only missing one element:  North never took the Fifth.


Post-Doc Studies in Wussiness: Boehner

Before McCarthy's article surfaced, it occurred to me that Boehner's strategy sucks.  Reduced to simple terms, Boehner has decided to run and tell teacher about the mean kid who hit him in the face.

McCarthy phrases it more elegantly:

...Under our system, in order to avoid having major public policy questions decided by the governmental branch that is not politically accountable to voters, the judiciary is limited to resolving concrete controversies — cases in which the party bringing the suit has actually been injured by a violation of law. Courts are thus prohibited from issuing advisory opinions: pronouncements that some course of conduct is or would be illegal. 

Yet, that appears to be exactly what the speaker will ask them to do.

It's merely a show for the lumpenproles who still think that being (R) means opposing Statism.

Conveniently for Cryin' John, McCarthy provides the REAL answer, too!

...Republican leadership does not see its “other options” as including the exercise of powers the Constitution gives Congress to stop executive lawlessness in its tracks, namely, cutting off the executive branch’s funding and impeaching executive branch officials who violate the law, carry out lawless policy, mislead lawmakers, stonewall investigations, and frustrate Congress’s constitutional oversight function.

Johnny Boy doesn't have the balls to do that.  Never did, never will.

ONLY -3% GDP Dump?

The Feds released the revised 1Q GDP number.

Minus 3%.

First time in 58 years it's been that bad.

Not to worry, say the spinners.  It was all the cold winter.

Don't bet on that.  Remember that "auto sales" are not to the final buyer--the consumer--they're to the dealers.  Also note that new housing sales are down---not up.

A Gun or a Woman?

There are a number of good reasons for favoring the gun.
  1. You can trade an old .44 for a new .22.
  2. You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you're on the road.
  3. If you admire a friend's gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times.
  4. Your primary gun doesn't mind if you keep another gun for a backup.
  5. Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo.
  6. A gun doesn't take up a lot of closet space.
  7. Guns function normally every day of the month.
  8. A gun doesn't ask , 'Do these new grips make me look fat?'
  9. A gun doesn't mind if you go to sleep after handling it.
  10. And the number one reason a gun is favored over a woman....

HT  Captain

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ripping the Snot Out of Koskinen

Koskinen is a snotty bureaucrat.  Pasty, chubby, and condescending.

Here's how you rip the snot out of them.

HT:  Zippers

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jindal Hits It Out of the Park

Jindal's on to something here, and it's not very pretty.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday night accused President Barack Obama and other Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education and said that a rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for “a hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital.

“I can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States,” Jindal said, “where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.”  --FoxNews quoted at Cold Fury

It gets a lot better.

“Are we witnessing right now the most radically, extremely liberal, ideological president of our entire lifetime right here in the United States of America, or are we witnessing the most incompetent president of the United States of America in the history of our lifetimes? You know, it is a difficult question,” he said. “I’ve thought long and hard about it. Here’s the only answer I’ve come up with, and I’m going to quote Secretary Clinton: ‘What difference does it make?’” 

Buy.  More.  Ammo.

Waukesha County Imitates Dane County?

A hint of the disorder which infects the mind of the Waukesha County clerk lies in this adulatory essay about the Dane County clerk.  (Hint:  it's called "corporation counsel.")

...McDonell was the first county clerk to promise he would keep his office doors open nights and weekends to accommodate gay nuptials.

Crabb ruled on the afternoon of June 6. Within hours McDonell marshaled volunteers to issue marriage licenses and dozens of weddings took place into the night, throughout the weekend and until the following Friday when, at state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s request, Crabb stayed her ruling pending appeals.
McDonell credited Dane County attorneys, along with officials in Milwaukee and Rock counties, for persuading officials, even in Republican counties, that while Crabb hadn’t issued an injunction ordering anyone to allow gay marriages, her ruling gave clerks the authority to issue license applications if they so chose....

That's patently false, of course. Crabb's initial ruling did NOT delete the Wisconsin statute (nor Constitutional amendment) forbidding issuance of licenses for gay "marriage."  The fact that she did not specifically do so was a clear sign that the stay was going to be issued.  Crabb deliberately waited a week to issue that stay; but in the absence of clarity, Dane and Waukesha charged ahead with absolutely zero prudence.  You'd expect that from Dane and Milwaukee, of course.

Novack--the befuddled clerk--followed McDonell's lead, but she did not do so on her own.  That leads us to Corporation Counsel, folks.

The Diabolic: "Gender"

The term 'gender' has been introduced to Western culture.  At the core, it is a lie specifically designed to evade nature.

Don't take my word for it.

...“In response to my questioning, Pope Francis said, ‘Gender ideology is demonic!’” Laun wrote in his essay, adding that the pope was not exaggerating in his comment.  

“Indeed, gender ideology is the destruction of persons, which is why Pope Francis was justified in calling it demonic,” he said.

Writing of gender ideology, Bishop Laun explained that “the core thesis of this sick product of reason is the end result of a radical feminism which the homosexual lobby has made its own.”

“It asserts that there are not only Man and Woman, but also other ‘genders’. And furthermore: every person can choose his or her gender,” he added....

Understand that a 'product of reason' in this sense is actually ir-rational because it denies 'essence.'  

..."According to the biblical creation account, being created by God as male and female pertains to the essence of the human creature. This duality is an essential aspect of what being human is all about, as ordained by God. This very duality as something previously given is what is now disputed. The words of the creation account: “male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27) no longer apply. No, what applies now is this: it was not God who created them male and female – hitherto society did this, now we decide for ourselves. Man and woman as created realities, as the nature of the human being, no longer exist. Man calls his nature into question..."---Benedict XVI

This "gender" ideology--a construct fashioned in Hell by the father of lies--is also the basis for homosexual 'marriage,' which by extension is also a lie.  It's a point we have made repeatedly when referring to homosex 'marriage.'

This is a matter of nature, which has to do with essence, not accident.  Color of skin is accident.  One's sex and the powers inherent thereof is nature.

Ask any Muslim, Hindu, or Orthodox Jew.  

By coincidence, an essay at Federalist takes up the same general idea.

...As fringy as they may sound, injecting such lies into our language—“the pregnant man” and the push to separate the word “pregnancy” from the word “woman”—are clear signals that we are moving steadily towards erasing all gender distinctions in the law.

And why should we care? Because erasing gender distinctions, especially as they apply to childbearing and rearing, would serve to legally un-define what it means to be human. A new legal definition of human—as neither male nor female—would apply to you whether you like it or not. Already, there is social pressure for everyone to comply with the gender theory notion that biological facts are mere “social constructs.

Oh.  I see.

...We should especially care because we are well on the way to enacting such laws already. In November, the U.S. Senate voted in favor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The law is based on the assumption that one’s perceived “gender identity” does not always “match” your sex “assigned” or “designated” at birth. So, the thinking goes, the law should allow a more ambiguous array of gender identities: male, female, both, neither, or something else entirely. It’s not an overstatement to say that ENDA is a huge step, mostly under the radar, to codify a new definition of humanity.

And the list of Bozos who voted for this includes ALL the usual "Big Tent" Pubbies:

Ayotte, Collins, Flake, Hatch, Heller, Kirk, McCain, Murkowski, Portman, and Toomey.

McCain is like the damned spot of Shakespearean fame.  Just won't disappear.

And how does our Waukesha County Clerk fit into this panoply of lies and deceit?

...If gender distinctions are erased in law, all marriage will become legally obsolete. The elites pushing same-sex “marriage” have known this all along....

The dumbass woman has managed to commit criminal stupidity, that's how.  Who knew that a miserable little clerk in Waukesha could imitate Obozo so well?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lois Lerner, Criminal Sludgebucket

The WSJ (ht Ace) reports that Lerner's hard drive was annihilated 10 days after the Republicans sent their first inquiry letter about IRS' persecution of Tea Party groups.

Not to worry about Ms. Lerner, who will draw a full pension and health-benefit package in her retirement.  Too bad that won't be spent at Leavenworth, eh?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear Archbishop Listecki...

Anthony Esolen makes some points which, perhaps, the Archbishop hasn't had time to consider before he set his nasty little lapdog loose.

[Common Core's] whole approach to education is wrong; it is based upon a wrong understanding of the human person.  That is why it has no real place for the humanities, reducing them to occasions for scrambling up “skills,” rather than for opportunities to grow wise, to learn how to behold and cherish what is beautiful, and to build up the intellectual / moral virtues of reverence, gratitude, honesty, clarity, and humility.  It can no more be made Catholic, while remaining itself, than human sacrifice can be made Catholic, or cloning, or eugenics, or any other fundamental offense to the very being of man....

That is the elegant version of my observation that CC is, essentially, a Prussian/utilitarian scheme.  The little darlings are being prepared for Office Work, or Machinist Work, or Computer Work, rather than for Life.  Technical education is just fine--for some, it's perfect--but only after they have an understanding of Beauty, Truth, Charity, and Goodness.

...These days it is an easy and terribly painful thing to compare the work of our current educational carpenters with those of past generations.  You can find old textbooks.  Those alone should crush us with shame.  The third is that education is not in fact a techne like carpentry after all.  It is the formation of a human soul.  That, of course, is denied by the Common Core promoters.  But parents surely are not only competent to judge the formation of the souls of their children; they are by far the most competent, because they know those children far better than anyone else does, and they see most clearly the results of their schooling.  Finally, parents who are not teachers are free of the prejudices that come from any insular setting.  The age-segregated, community-isolated school, a new thing in the world, is something of an island.  The teachers see what goes on inside; but other people are in a better position to evaluate what kinds of people come out....

Hmmmm, Your Excellency??

He's A Lying Scumbag, Paul

OK, Paul, he's a lying scumbag bureaucrat weasel.

Just what are YOU going to do about it?

SCOAMF Rides Again

Our Emperor has grown tired of his Iraqi leader Maliki.

It was Hildebeeste and SCOAMF who allowed Maliki--an Iranian favorite--to form a government, despite the fact that a better alternative existed and had a licit claim.

Now that Iran is showing its teeth through its subsidiary ISIS, Obozo the SCOAMF finds that 'at this point in time, it DOES make a difference.'

EDIT/ADD:  Apparently it is the Sunni--with Saudi money--who are the ISIS folks.  Thx, Steve!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"The Highly-Trained"

Captain makes a point about "highly-trained" cops.

A police officer mistakenly fired his rifle Wednesday morning while in court in front of the judge.

A Miami-Dade Police Officer, according to police, was demonstrating a scenario to a judge on the 30th floor of the Lawson E. Thomas Court House around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

After demonstrating, police say the officer mistakenly fired one shot from his police issued rifle, an AR-15.  --quoting CBS/Miami News

So yeah, only the cops should have guns.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

That "Church Music" Thing

We're aware that the Milwaukee Cathedral music program is pretty good.  Too bad that the Archdiocese doesn't have an iron-fisted Prussian 'church music' dictator like the one they have over in their education department.

And it's too bad that Abp. Listecki doesn't hold up this letter as something that WILL be required reading by pastors and their music staffers--and WILL be obeyed.  However, since the Archdiocesan priest who writes nasty letters to little old ladies is openly indifferent (if not hostile) to liturgical orthopraxis, let's not hold our breath.

There is a hierarchy in Catholicism; "education" is distinctly secondary to the Sacred Liturgy.

Except in Abp. Listecki's Archdiocese.

Abp. Listecki v. Abp. Listecki

Terry demonstrates that Abp. Listecki is not paying much attention to what he writes.

...Next he says "The standards of our Catholic schools far exceed the Common Core standards." If that's the case, then he's wasting everyone's time with the Common Core standards. If our schools already have higher standards, then it's also hard to make sense of his next statement that "Common Core standards are just one of many ways we measure the success of our students." And if they are being used as a measure, then that contradicts the next sentence in which he says "These standards are neither 'adopted' or 'adapted'." They're adopted or adapted as a measure of success. The next contradiction is in the next sentence, "In addition, the standards do not have any impact on curriculum or content whatsoever." So they are insignificant, yet he's defending them as if they are indispensable....

(I will add that "standards" ALWAYS affect curriculum.  Teachers ALWAYS "teach to the test."  To baldly state otherwise is inexplicable.)

What we have here is a case where the Archbishop--obviously preoccupied--is defending a decision made by his school superintendent, a woman heavily involved with associations which are not particularly stellar to thinking Catholics.

What is curious indeed is the ferocity with which he defends her decision--to the extent that one of his direct subordinates has written threatening letters to little old ladies, a Rembert-redux if there ever was one.

This is not a case of a few parents kvetching over trivia.  Over 100 heavyweight Catholic intellectuals have opined that Common Core "standards" are inadequate. 

Finally let's lay another card on the table:  these "standards" were influenced and/or pushed down the throats of educators by such luminaries as Bill Ayers and Arne Duncan, both of whom are members of the Inner Circle of Chicago Leftism.  I don't care that Jeb Bush was a part of it, nor that the money came from Bill Gates.  Anything with their fingerprints should be rejected on sight by any Catholic.

Too bad that the only discussion Abp. Listecki will have about this is through nastygrams, eh?

Cdl. Dolan Gets It

We've expressed a number of reservations about Cdl. Dolan, principally surrounding his non-position on chemical abortifacients here in Wisconsin.

On matters somewhat less important, however, it seems that the Cardinal has a solid grasp of common sense, unlike the wombat gaggle quoted in this item.

Here's Dolan's statement:

“[T]he answer to problems with the free market is not to reject economic liberty in favor of government control. The church has consistently rejected coercive systems of socialism and collectivism, because they violate inherent human rights to economic freedom and private property. When properly regulated, a free market can certainly foster greater productivity and prosperity.

The key, of course, is "properly regulated."  But that doesn't bother the Socialist Simpaticos--all professors of some-wonky-or-other at "Catholic" colleges.


"The Savvy Pundit" gives up on nature.

Gay marriage will be the law of the land in the U.S. inevitably and soon.

Inevitable.  That was Hillary Clinton in 2008, IIRC.

Only a fool relies on a political party or a secular, civil government to validate her morality.   Morality is a transcendent thing that is not subject to definition by the shifting sands of popular opinion within a democracy.

Let's quibble a bit.  It is not "my (or your) morality."  That must be obvious to the author, who immediately contradicts himself, declaring that morality 'is transcendent.'  The second sentence is correct; the first is very poorly phrased.

But this is not principally a "moral" argument.  In this case, we are dealing with nature, as was the case in Roe.  All those religions which decry homosexual activity as 'immoral' do so by following the law of nature.  So, for example, it remains both un-natural and immoral to have sexual congress with sheep.

As was the case with Roe, it is clear that US jurisprudence ignores natural law.  It is both un-natural and immoral to have sex with inanimate objects, but no judge in this land will even convict Susie Q for using her vibrator....right?  And killing one's own pre-born baby is no longer illegal either.

Yes, believers--which in this case include Muslims, orthodox Jews, and Hindus--should have more than the civil law as foundation for their teaching.  It is indeed foolish to trust in princes. 

On the other hand, it is also foolish to use 'inevitability' as an excuse to assume the martyr position.  Winston Churchill did not, nor did Washington at Valley Forge.  And if "Savvy" wants to argue that those men were engaged in a different sort of battle, we can say "How so?"  For this is a matter--as was Roe--of material importance to the health of the State.  Maybe not its survival, as only 5% of the population is involved. 

But the family remains THE building-block of civilization.  Erasing, or smudging, the definition of 'family' will have consequences, just as does the erasure of 400 million lives since Roe.

So, Savvy, my position on your proposed surrender?


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scalia's Snark

Love this guy's stuff.

Some there are—many, perhaps—who are offended by public displays of religion. Religion, they believe, is a personal matter; if it must be given external manifestation, that should not occur in public places where others may be offended. I can understand that attitude: It parallels my own toward the playing in public of rock music or Stravinsky.--Scalia in Elmbrook, quoted at Breitbart

Or like HaugenHaas and the Jebbies at Mass.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

He's Not Stupid. He's a Revolutionary.

That would be SCOAMF.  Obozo.  The Commie-in-Chief.

In the first section of this essay, the author suggests that the USDollar may not be the 'world's reserve currency' for much longer.  That means that Obozo's debt-runup will turn into rapid domestic inflation very quickly.  Obozo has monetized debt payments by running the hell out of FRB presses, but other countries (notably China and Russia) are actively seeking other currencies as payment mechanism.  If the Arabs switch from petro-dollars to petro-Euros, the game is up and the American is down.  Flat.  Busted.

Oh, but there's more!!

At this juncture, one recalls the infamous Cloward-Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis which, as the Discover the Networks website explains, “seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.” Choking the welfare rolls would serve to generate a political and financial meltdown, “break the budget, jam the bureaucratic gears into gridlock, and bring the system crashing down.” The fear, turmoil and violence accompanying such a debacle would provide the “perfect conditions for fostering radical change. That was the theory.”

And that, I am almost certain, is the theory that Obama, a master of presidential stealth, is attempting to convert into practice — Cloward-Piven in its exponential form: burgeoning debt, calculated unemployment (i.e., freedom from “job-lock”), exploding entitlements, higher taxes for the employed and rising costs for everyone, a chaotic medical-and-insurance state of affairs, an unreliable currency, industrial stagnation, infringement of privacy concerns, a green energy boondoggle, a billion dollar global warming swindle (based on dodgy computer models and selective disinformation...), and the continued flouting and undermining of the Constitution.

Add to that the flagrant and continuous law-breaking by Obama, IRS, and NSA and the peculiar actions by Eric Holder's gang....

...One would prefer to regard this hypothesis as the stuff of fiction or unhinged conspiracy theory. But the circumstances described above, considered alongside the president’s Marxist training and Alinskyite methods, as well as a number of new developments, fuel such troubling speculations. These new developments involve a set of curious events within the military establishment. As Larry Kelley writes in Freedom Outpost, “Over the five years of his presidency across all branches of the armed services [Obama] has fired 197 senior officers. Just this year, he fired nine commanding generals, including General Ham, head of US Africa Command, who publicly stated that he disagreed with the order not to send a rescue mission into Benghazi on the night of the attacks when our people were pleading for their lives. Retired and active members of our most elite warriors are openly speculating that an Obama purge of its commanders is under way.”...

While at the same time, the Pentagon has been circulating advisories that conservatively-oriented citizens are potentially 'domestic terrorists.'  Hmmmm?

When we consider what is being enacted under the aegis of a ceaselessly prevaricating president, we would be frivolous if not delusional to deny the possibility that something in the nature of what Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America describe as an “attack from within at the highest levels of power” is gradually but inexorably taking place. Citing reams of fact, they have no doubt that “Obama is setting America on the path to ruin.”

And that House of Representatives we elected to keep order?  We see Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, and Ryan (among others) doing exactly nothing.  They continue to fund this, continue to temporize, and continue to--in effect--paste wallpaper over the now-Swiss-Cheesey walls of ordered liberty.

I've been saying it for more than 5 years.  Buy More Ammo.  You'll need it to kill your own food, if nothing else.

HT:  Cold Fury

NYTimes: Another Planet

One expects the NYTimes to defend, protect, and advance extreme Leftism (note that the Old Lady has not yet mentioned the "disappeared" emails between Lerner, Holder, and Valerie Jarrett.)  And since New York is not remotely close to Red States, one doesn't expect the Times to 'get' the Tea Party, either.

Sure enough, the Times does not disappoint!

The Times quotes Potomac Research Group strategist Gregory R. Valliere who said that it is not unreasonable to make a comparison between tea party conservatives and “Elizabeth Warren liberals” in terms of the rising tide of economic populism.

Even though Valliere would not directly make that comparo, the Times left it there, hanging out like their red flag with the yellow hammer-and-sickle.

It's no wonder that information-seekers have abandoned print 'journalism.'

Friday, June 13, 2014

Walker Goes Limp

It appears as though Act 10 was also Walker's last act.

He and his servant (Sen.) Fitzgerald stuffed a couple of reasonable anti-abortion bills into the memory hole.  Then Walker sorta-kinda-pussy-danced around the EPA's CO2 asininity--which will cost Wisconsin residents dearly in jobs AND in cash-flow--and now he decides to take a powder on THE most controversial political issue in Wisconsin.

Walker's limp-i-fication has everything to do with running for the Presidency.  You can tell, because he's imitating Do-Nothing/Say Nothing Obozo.  Except Walker doesn't play golf.

Schimel: Another FAIL

Why is this guy running for a law-enforcement office?

“The clerk found herself in what she believed to be an untenable situation,” Schimel said. “…It’s not possible for me to ethically bring charges against her. You cannot put a person under the law in the position that whichever way they turn, they risk violating the law.”  --Brad Schimel, District "Attorney" of Waukesha County, quoted at Wiggy's Place

As has been mentioned by actual adults--one with a VERY significant law-enforcement position--the Waukesha County clerk violated Wisconsin Statutes by issuing "marriage" licenses before the law was changed.

Schimel stood aside and peed his pants.

Can't wait for another "give me money" letter from Little Brad.  Who knows?  Maybe a (D) will win.  At least they have convictions.

The Dog Ate Lerner's Emails

Oh, sure!!

More than two years of emails sent by Lois Lerner, the former official at the center of a scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups, have been lost, the IRS informed the House Ways and Means Committee.

On Friday, the committee released a statement saying that the IRS informed members that they lost Lerner's emails from January 2009 through April 2011.

Try telling IRS that you "lost" a couple years' worth of expense receipts.

Go ahead.  I double-dog-dare ya.

Obozo Administration to "Collapse"?

O'Reilly goes there.

“President Obama now faces the collapse of his administration. And I’m not overstating that ladies and gentlemen. He does. The administration is now tottering on the verge of collapse in public opinion anyway.

Well, Bill, the SCOAMF's public-opinion polls have gone to GWBush levels, and may well go further south as the cumulative impact of several large-scale scandals roll up.  ObozoCare leads the pack, but there's Holder's Stasi-ism, IRS' corruption, the VA, and the utterly complete dysfunction of foreign policy.

I guess the US has never really cottoned to having a Communist seditionist in the White House.

But let's grant that O'Reilly is correct and the Administration "collapses."

What then?  Will Obozo react as the Chavez-ites in Venezuela?  Or will they simply ride out their last days on the golf course?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jeff Anderson, the Epitome of Slimy Lawyers

One of the reasons that many people use the term 'lawyer' as a pejorative is lawyers like Jeff Anderson, a scummy Minnesota "advocate" who disdains using the truth in pursuit of his fortune.

In the most recent example--bettering the old NBC "exploding gas tanks" story by at least half--we find Anderson carefully editing video and text to slime Abp. Carlson of St. Louis, who once was a Bishop in the Twin Cities.

Exposure of the truth is found here.

In any business, 5% create problems for the other 95%.  In PI lawyering, Anderson is the 0.00002% who accomplishes what 5% normally achieve.

Sensenbrenner's Love Letter to Eric Holder

It's becoming more and more clear that Sensenbrenner is getting a little too old and senile for office.

...I, along with other conservative leaders like former Attorney General Ed Meese and Ken Blackwell, sent Mr. Cantor a letter.  The letter addressed a bill sponsored by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wi) that would reverse a Supreme Court decision and give Eric Holder renewed powers over state elections, including the power to block photo voter ID and citizenship verification procedures. It was a power wickedly abused by the Holder Justice Department (where I used to work) and is regularly used to help Democrats in the name of civil rights.  The bill sponsored by Rep. Sensenbrenner explicitly removes white voters from the protection of the law and unleashes all sorts of other mischief and federal mandates on state election officials....

Gee, Jimbo.  Don't you like the 10th Amendment (look in your pocket--you have it handy, remember??)  We already know about your sloppy draftsmanship's effects on the 4th.

Get out, Jim.

Paul Ryan's Big New Problem

It wasn't just immigration that un-horsed Cantor.

It was the whole enchillada (cough), including his support of ObozoCare funding, massive debt-accumlation through his budgets, and his clear and open support of the NSA's blatant trampling of the 4th Amendment.  Cantor never met a Federal spending program that he didn't support to one degree or another, and never met a Chamber of Commerce operative that he didn't service.

So.  What does Paul Ryan do now?  His Heritage Action score is in the low 60's; he hitched his wagon to the Boehner/Cantor engine......


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Children's Corner at Sykes

For a thorough lesson on unprincipled, 3rd-grade political monography, see this.

1)  Re-electing Republicans is NOT a "conservative" priority.  Maintaining ordered liberty and civilization is.

2)  It's not an argument from religion.  It's an argument from ontology (nature, stupid) which should govern the discussion.  By no co-incidence EVERY major world religion acknowledges nature.  Don't confuse precedence.

3)  Usually, only 10-year-olds argue that "he did it first."  So when "the consigliere" jumps into a furnace, "conservatives" should follow?

(What Mafia Family ever elected a 10-year-old as 'consigliere' and survived a week?)

Sodomy is "what it is", twit.   Now go play in a sandbox someplace.

Yup, It's Obozo

This is about right:

Click to embiggen.

HT:  MoonBattery

Kathleen Novack: Confused, at Best

Apparently Kathleen Novack doesn't know the Wisconsin Constitution. 

Either that, or she doesn't give a rotten damn

So.  Either she's over-paid due to stupidity, or over-paid due to violating her oath of office.  IOW, she's just another politician.

The Cantor-Obozo Cloward-Pliven Gambit

As soon as Obozo phoned-and-penned amnesty for kids, thousands of them showed up, and are now living (literally) in warehouses near the border.

Cantor (and Paul Ryan, by the way) are co-conspirators.

I wish I could say that they are "unwitting"--that is, stupid--but I'm not sure of that.  Maybe Paul Ryan can 'splain it all to Charlie Sykes, eh?

How To View These Times

Perhaps by co-incidence, this essay appeared today. 

Then again, maybe it's not co-incidence.

...The world, I think, does not suffer from a lack of vision. If it suffers from anything, it is from too many visions that are not true to reality. I have often wondered about the passage in John’s Gospel that reads: “To hate me is to hate my Father. Had I not performed such works among them as no one has ever done before, they would not be guilty of sin; but, as it is, they have seen, and they go on hating me and my Father” (15:23-24). No words could be stronger. 

The disciples are warned that they will be hated just as Christ was hated. They are not, to be sure, to return hatred for hatred. But they are not forbidden to wonder about the depths of this hatred of the divine being as it is manifested against them....

...No one who hates the Son or the Father sees God. What they hate are the works “performed among them.” These “works” are designed to instruct and teach men what they are. What we are from the beginning, in nature, is better for us than any alternative vision we might concoct for ourselves to explain what we are and what our individual destiny is. In this sense, we can speak of a “hope beyond its sight.” The premise of Christian civilization that modern secularism, with ever increasing urgency and force, is busy ejecting from the public order is this: Final human happiness is not found in this world.

All alternate visions insist that it is in this world. We are our own instruments in finding or establishing it. The Son and the Father are actively “hated.” In explaining and showing man what he is, it is necessary to acknowledge that what is best for us is not what we make for ourselves. It is what is given to us....

And how is this hatred manifest in our time, or perhaps in any time? It is presented in terms of “rights” and “dignity.” It is utopian in character. It claims to institute social justice and equality. It systematically rejects any stamp of man’s divine origin. What is said to be man’s nature, his need to distinguish, as something already in being, what is good from what is evil, comes to be hated. We must rid ourselves of things in man said to be of divine origin. The state is the instrument not of a common good, but of a transformation of man so that nothing of his ultimate origin or destiny can attain public profession....

...beyond our “sight,” we have “hope.” “Light” has pierced the “darkness.” Yet darkness and hatred, in fact, are freely chosen because many, if not most, reject the work of the Father who is seen in the Son. We refuse this “light” by insisting that we have “rights” to make ourselves as we want to be, not what is really best for us to be....

Many who claim Christianity hate the Father and Son, preferring utopian 'rights' and 'dignity,' which reject nature--that is to say, they reject ontology, to substitute their own.  It's not new.  Cain, too, hated, and attempted to re-make the world to accord with his own vision.  He claimed "dignity" by murdering Abel.

This is the world.  Christians who are cognizant are "in it" but not "of it."  Woe to those who think and do otherwise.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Cdl. Dolan, NRTL, and Squishes

It's well-known in the Milwaukee pro-life circles that while he was here, Abp. Dolan cozied up to NRTL--an organization which supports 'exceptions' and is not in tune with Roman Catholic teachings on birth control.

Seems that NRTL has problems with Conservatives in other places

...More surprising to many conservatives are the endorsements by National Right to Life. NRTL has endorsed Lindsey Graham, Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts and Thom Tillis for Senate in 2014. All of these endorsements are primary endorsements, and these are the only candidates NRTL has endorsed for Senate. In the North Carolina Senate primary, Tillis, who supports abortion exceptions, was opposed by two staunchly pro-life candidates in OB-GYN Greg Brannon and Pastor Mark Harris. NRTL has been taking an moderate stance for a while now, opposing Rep. Justin Amash’s amendment to defund all abortion providers, and kicking out Georgia Right to Life from the national network for being 100% pro-life.

So. What was Abp. Dolan thinking?  That being "mostly" pro-life is better than being totally so?  Or was he thinking schmooze?  We know that Abp. Dolan was completely silent on the abortion-pill legislation (unlike other Wisconsin Bishops.)

Yoo-hoo, Cdl. Dolan!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Ministry of National Thought

Coming soon in ObozoLand!

Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner has created a new post: secretary for strategic co-ordination of national thought. -- quoted at HotAir

There are problems in Argentina.   They might be prelude to problems here.

At the Daily Beast, Joel Kotkin agrees with Bloomberg’s Stephen Carter on the rise of a new McCarthyism, this time imposing penalties for dissent from progressive orthodoxy rather than tolerating debate on a broad range of issues.

This is hardly confined to "academia," although it's worse there.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Crabb: It's 'Consensus' Which Makes Law

Only 200 years ago, it was 'the laws of nature and nature's God'.  Now it's 'consensus.'

Judge Crabb: "In light of Windsor and the many decisions that have invalidated restrictions on same-sex marriage since Windsor, it appears that courts are moving toward a consensus that it is time to embrace full legal equality for gay and lesbian citizens.  --quoted from Althouse combox

Opposing gay 'marriage' has never been an argument from religion.  It's an argument from natural law, which NO major religion has contradicted in its teachings.

Da Union Demands Taj Mahal

We've only spent $19 million on the place, but that's not good enough for Da Union.  So they have a list of non-negotiable demands, or they won't work in the place. 

I'd be happy to tell them that their non-work is accepted immediately and that they may pick up their final paycheck next Friday....but that's just me.

“Cubicles will not be used in the building, each person will have their own office,” the union has demanded. The office walls will be a minimum of 3 inches thick and “insulated with ‘Quiet Batt 30 Soundproofing Insulation.’”

The offices will also be furnished with a desk from the Kathy Ireland Southampton Onyx Collection, have a “Freedom Task Chair with Headrest,” and a 51 inch Samsung television, with a cable package that includes all available news and weather channels.

Common areas will be painted the shade “marine” and all office areas will be painted in the shade “beeswax,” according to the document. The NWSEO also wants all artwork to be from “local artists within a 50 mile radius” of Tuscaloosa and the art is required to have a “water theme.”

Break rooms will also be furnished with Samsung TVs, a refrigerator, stove and oven, microwave, and an eating table that is “at least 18 square feet” as well as “10 Wynwood Garden Walk Arm Chairs.”
The union is also demanding that the break rooms be fully stocked with cleaning supplies before any employee starts working, and the women’s bathrooms be equipped with “personal feminine hygiene supplies.”

Outside, the union is requesting longleaf pine trees, water oaks, and camellias to be planted, and a minimum 100 by 100 foot plot for a “community garden.”--Zippers quoting Free Beacon

I suppose that the heated/cooled underground garage, gourmet dining facility, and game rooms are already in place.

Stephen Moore Van Winkle Awakens

Stephen Moore is a respectable guy, who admits to having been comatose for the last several years:

Everywhere I go around the country — whether talking to financial advisers, business leaders, tea-party groups, or college students — I am almost always asked the same question: Is Barack Obama intentionally trying to destroy the economy? And for five and a half years, I’ve always flatly rejected that notion. This is a good man with the right intentions; it’s just that he has completely the wrong economic model floating around in his head.

Note well that 'everywhere' has the question.  I don't know where Moore lives, but if one guesses DC-area...

Anyhow, he finally caught on to what 'everywhere' has known for 5 years.

After Monday’s announcement of imbecilic and destructive new carbon-emission standards, I’m not so sure that the White House is well-meaning or that this president really cares about the working men and women of this country. These regulations on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions will be a severe self-imposed wound to an economy already stuck in a slow-growth rut.

As though killing oil/gas exploration, flooding the country with low-skill/no-skill immigrants (but CHEAP, hey!!!), tax dis-incentives, and the crown jewel of Socialism--ObozoCare--wasn't enough, Stephen?

Shall we mention the psychological/economic effects of Rogue-Lawless executive actions, Rogue-Lawless A.G., HHS, and F.H.A. activities, and direct persecution of political opponents, Stephen??

How about Federal land-grabbing, Stephen?

Want some coffee for your awakening?  We might be able to scrape up a buck or two to buy one for ya.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Crabb: Boring

The sun rises in the East, and Barbara Crabb attempts to over-rule the Wisconsin Constitution.

A federal judge in Madison Friday overturned Wisconsin's gay marriage ban, striking down an amendment to the state constitution approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2006 and prompting an emergency action by the state to halt the dozens of joyous weddings that began in the state's two largest cities.


Ms. Crabb could have also ordered the sun to rise in the West, because that "East" thing is obviously discriminatory.  After all, what's the law of nature to a Federal judge post-Roe?

Mandated Surveillance?

It's not called a "tax."  But it's a city-required expense.  Hmmmm.

The Chippewa Falls Police Department is pushing for an ordinance requiring all tavern owners in the city to pay for and set up surveillance cameras at their establishments because some law enforcement officials think the devices could help solve more crimes.

...if a bar owner were to violate the proposed law, which would allow police to obtain video footage at any time, they could lose their liquor license and be shut down.

Charming.  What you don't see, however, until the very end of the story, is this:

The city also has a similar ordinance that applies to grocery and liquor stores.

Looks like an expensive town in which to do business.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Bergdahl Maneuver

Trenchant comment on the Seditionist-in-Chief and his cabal:

I think this [reaction to the Bergdahl Maneuver] caught the regime by surprise because to them, personally, being a deserter in the face of the enemy is something that they think is no big deal, an action that they sympathize with, since they are themselves domestic enemies of the Constitution and have always identified their own country -- and the rest of us non-enlightened, unwashed citizens resistant to their Mandarin class -- as the enemy.


The Voice Crying Out

This anonymous essay says it all.

The essayist is the voice in the wilderness, of course; and it speaks to the Therapeutic Society's most ....ahhhh....devilish problem:  its utter relativity, which simply becomes irrelevant in the face of Evil.

Not that we haven't been warned before. 

Islam's Glorious Past

The five which Obozo dumped back into combat come from a line of glorious conquerors. 

The enormity of the slaughters of the "religion of peace" are so far beyond comprehension that even honest historians overlook the scale. When one looks beyond our myopic focus, Islam is the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind, bar none.

About 80 million killed in the Muzzie takeover of India; around 100 million African blacks killed in the Muzzie slave-trade, and we're not clear on the dead Iberians.

Hitler stood in awe. 

HT:  ColdFury

The Eyes of Holder

This falls right into line with NSA, Choke-Point, and ObozoCare's "medical terror" spying.

The United States is reviving a law enforcement group to investigate those it designates as domestic terrorists, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday....

The Department of Justice will reconstitute a task force that was originally formed after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing but dissolved after the Sept. 11, 2001 hijacked plane attacks as law enforcement agencies focused on threats from militants abroad.  --Captain quoting Reuters

Shouldn't be too hard to track Bill Ayers and his close associates from Chicago, right??

More Obozoism: Mel Watt

Seems that the Director of the Fed Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has a serious case of Obozoism, which is, essentially, "Not My Job".  Fortunately, Watt's Obozoism won't cost lives, like Benghazi or deserter-rescues.

But it will cost Americans a lot.

As voices across the ideological spectrum have come to recognize the need for serious reform of our housing finance system with a greater role for private capital, the nation’s top housing regulator made an unfortunate revelation.  A revelation which points to the difficult path for serious housing reform.  Mel Watt, newly installed Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) director and top regulator of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, says that reforming the unfair housing finance system and protecting property rights is not part of his job description.

 “My responsibility in the conservatorship is not to the shareholders, really.  So I don’t lay awake at night worrying about what’s fair to the shareholders,” Watt said in a recent interview on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers”....

Well, it's only money, after all.

Questionable Shoot


When someone 'reaches for something' the response is deadly force?

ObozoCare Elevator, You Get the Shaft

And away we go!!

....Insurers are upping premiums for all Obamacare exchange customers in Vermont, which is working its way to a single-payer health-care system to encompass the whole state by 2017. MVP Health Care has requested an average rate increase of 15.4 percent, while the only other insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, requested average hikes of 9.8 percent....

...While not all Arizona’s Obamacare insurers have submitted proposals, two top insurers are planning to up rates drastically: Cigna proposed average premium hikes of 14.4 percent and Humana requested a 25.5 percent boost....

...[In Connecticut]  Anthem Health Plans requested a 12.5 percent average increase, affecting 66,000 individual health care policies; ConnectiCare Benefits has proposed an 11.8 percent average rate increase

BONUS!!!  Those increases will be identical to the COST OF ELECTRICITY increases in Wisconsin beginning 2015 due to Obozo--who still thinks that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Yes? No? Walker Campaign Settlement

While the WSJournal reports one thing, Walker says another.

Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that he won't back away from key allies amid a continuing secret John Doe investigation.

Walker also expressed surprise with a recent Wall Street Journal editorial that criticized alleged settlement talks between the Walker campaign and special prosecutor Francis Schmitz.

"I'm certainly not going to undermine people who share my same beliefs and I'm certainly not going to undermine anyone's First Amendment rights. I'm frankly kind of shocked for anyone to suggest that," Walker said...--Thinker quoting MJS

The suggestion from some parties is that Schmitz ( initiated the discussion of "settlement" to protect themselves from a complete disaster.  The civil-liability potential remains quite high here.

But how, exactly, the Walker campaign can "settle" when the conservative-group leadership is in position to sue the prosecutors (and possibly GAB) remains to be seen.