Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Stop the Whining From "the Right"

I have bona fides here; I supported Ted Cruz and--for good reasons--was chary of Donald Trump.  About the last thing we need in the White House is "New York values."  But even more horrific would be the New York values of the Hildebeeste.

So we have Trump.

And we have caterwauling and whining from a local pundit, from an Atlanta pundit, from a whole lot of D.C. pundits....whining, mewling, caterwauling, histrionics.

Shut up, already.

So far, he's told Europe to straighten out; told illegals that they are not welcome (and enforced it); begun repealing the horrible Obozocare regulations; indicated that his Administration will no longer pursue lawsuits against the common good; rolled back the coal regulations.....and he's fighting the war on ISIS to WIN it, rather than diddle-dicking around like his limp-wrist predecessor.  Oh, yah, he's going to shove Paris right up Europe's ass.

So shut up, already, whiners.  I'm so, so, sorry that he's not using your Preferred Brand of China, and perhaps not drinking the Correct Bottled Water.

Shut up.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Signals To The Russians!!!

I don't know why the lights are a 'mystery.'

What appeared to be flashing red lights appeared from the second floor of the White House Sunday evening.

Livestream webcams showed the strange sight—the flashing stopped after about 20 minutes.

There was no official statement from the US Secret Service or The White House

See, red is the color of the Commies in Russia.  And since we know with Biblical certainty that Trump got the Russians to jigger all the voting machines in the country, it's obvious--also with Biblical certainty--that Trump is asking for another Russian op.


Expect the WaPo and/or NYT to be reporting this tomorrow morning.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump and How The (Third) World Works

Don't let the headline of this piece fool you.  It's not really about Kushner at all.

Instead, it is all about how the third world really works--and how well The Donald understands that.

But if you read between the lines, there are lots of analogies out there.  Weak-sister European leaders come to mind, as do pusillanimous Catholic Bishops--here and abroad.  Loads of Federal and State judges....

Oh, well.  

The Times When Germany Sucked America Dry Are Over

Seems that Ms. Merkel, who got her start as a Communist Party functionary, has commenced hysterical wailing.

...Faced with a western alliance divided by Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency, Merkel said "die zeiten, in denen wir uns auf andere völlig verlassen konnten, sind ein Stück vorbei", or loosely translated "the times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out" and added that "I've experienced that in the last few days."...

Well, yes.  Germany has, indeed, 'depended' on the US because Germany has not--ever--coughed up its fair share of NATO expenses, leaving it to the USA and a few others to make up the difference.

The times, they are a'changing, Angela.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dead Bodies:Clinton::Love:Marriage

Yah, there's plenty more to the Seth Rich death than the Usual Suspects will tell.

You old folks will remember the Rose Law Firm, and believe it or not, they're right in the middle of this, too.

Co-incidence, of course.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

Hillary and Obozo Had in Common......Files!!

What Hillary and Obozo have in common--aside from the anti-American, anti-Western Culture stuff--was a vast collection of blackmail-useful data on politicians and other D.C. types.

AOSHQ inadvertently reminds us of this, but things make a lot more sense when you consider the possibility that blackmail is in the repertoire.

...Given the tsunami of leaks not just related to Trump but also other areas, it wouldn't surprise me that information illegally obtained on political opponents has been used for quite some time and would partially explain some behavior of certain judges and politicians that have left their supporters scratching their heads....

So, Justice Roberts, is a penalty a tax? 

Just sayin'...

Why Regulators Are the Real Enemy

Yes, that nice little regulator down the block is a subversive.

...In a quietly released statement issued late on a Friday afternoon, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, an agency of the state government, announced a proposal to effectively redefine the word “sex” in the state’s discrimination law to also include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” or “SOGI” for short.

This proposal wouldn’t change the law—only the commission’s “guidance” on the matter. But this new “guidance” would mean the law would be enforced as if it had changed...

Ponder the term "regulatory reform" and how re-phrasing that to "reforming regulators" will be far more satisfactory. 

Lance Sijan

Fitting story for Memorial Day weekend; Cpt. Lance Sijan's memorial site is dedicated.

Sijan was raised in Bay View, graduated from the Air Force Academy, was shot down and died in VietNam.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

His sister was among those who gave speeches and hers was remarkable for her direct quotation of G K Chesterton:  "The true soldier fights not because he hates those in front of him but because he loves what is behind him."

May he, and all True Soldiers, rest in peace.

Sobieski's Daughter Speaks

The term 'tough Polack' is well-founded.

...Speaking in the Polish Parliament on Wednesday, Beata Szydło seized the moment to launch an excoriating attack on European Union leaders following the Manchester attack which, among others, claimed the lives of a Polish couple, leaving their two daughters as orphans.

...“Where are you headed Europe?” she demanded. “Rise from your knees and from your lethargy or you will be crying over your children every day....

The echoes resound from the gates of Vienna.

(Szydlo's son will be ordained today and will celebrate his first EF Mass on June 4th.)

Friday, May 26, 2017

Told You That Comey Is a Snake! Told You!!

Before some (R) Congress-critters declared that Comey was a good guy, I called Comey a snake.

Well, I'm right and Trey Gowdy is wrong.

The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to newly declassified government documents that undercut the bureau’s public assurances about how carefully it handles warrantless spy data to avoid abuses or leaks.

The Feebs:  who knows how low lowlifes will go??

Now you know why the MSM is spreading the story about Comey being an incompetent boob and following the lead of "fake" Russian documents.

The Deep State (and the Democrats) are beginning to disavow any knowledge of Comey......

Gianforte Looks Better Every Day

Imagine having to put up with this insufferable queer.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What Is the Common Element Here??

Courtesy of Badger Catholic we are reminded of three Catholic feast days:

  • August 6, The Transfiguration of Christ, was extended to the Universal Church by Pope Calixtus III to celebrate legendary Hungarian general János Hunyadi’s victory over the Turks at Belgrade in 1456. This feast has great significance for Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic churches.
  • September 12, the Holy Name of Mary, celebrates the victory of John Sobieski and his Polish warriors over the Ottoman Turks at the gates of Vienna in 1683.
  • October 7, In thanksgiving for the victory at the Battle of Lepanto on the first Sunday(eventually a fixed feast on Oct 7) of October 1571, Pope St. Pius V ordered that a commemoration of the Rosary should be made on that day.  
See if you can notice the common element--and it is not "Turks" (which is a whitewash of the real enemy.....which was then and remains now an Invasive Species.....)

Will the Catholic Church have a feast day honoring the defeat of Mohammedan Terrorism??

Meet Me in St Louis? Not Ever.

The city of St Louis has made it illegal for Christians to deny employment to abortion advocates.

Clearly, the city of St Louis is not in need of any Christian tourist dollars.

US Intel Undermining England--and Trump

Apparently the US intel bunch has a number of Muslim Brotherhood moles.  That's the only good reason for the unforgivable blabbermouthing going on here.

...While British police had discovered the identity of Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber who killed 22 in Manchester on Monday, the name was withheld from the media initially for operational reasons. Yet less than 24 hours after the attack took place, American newspapers citing “government sources” were able to name the attacker.

Later further leaked intelligence including detailed crime scene information, and photographs of shrapnel, a backpack, and a battery were released by The New York Times. The BBC report states the “likely” culprit of the leaks are U.S. law enforcement officials who will have received access to the data through the transatlantic ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence sharing agreement, rather than the White House.

The nature and speed of the leaks by these U.S. officials have caused “disbelief and astonishment” in the British government....

Remember too:  US "intel" sources are the ones which are constantly attempting to undermine the Trump Administration with horse-hockey about "the Russians."

Just a co-incidence, I'm sure.

Moonbat Wasserman, the Cops, and Cyber-Spies

The moonbat from Florida, Wasserman-Schultz, actually threatened the Capitol Police over their investigation of cyber-spying by a family of Pakistani crooks--who were hired by Moonbat Debbie.

...In a highly unusual exchange, the Florida lawmaker uses a hearing on the Capitol Police’s annual budget to spend three minutes repeatedly trying to extract a promise from the chief that he will return a piece of evidence being used to build an active case....

 “My understanding is the … Capitol Police is not able to confiscate members’ equipment when the member is not under investigation,” Wasserman Schultz said in the annual police budget hearing of the House Committee on Appropriations’ legislative branch subcommittee.

“We can’t return the equipment,” Capitol Police Chief Matthew R. Verderosa told the Florida Democrat.

“I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences,”...

Hmmmm.  Since the Paki family provided IT services to a number of (D) Congress-slime, Little Debbie's open threats reflect a level of desperation which tells me that there's more than just scholarly commentary on legislation stored on those computers.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Notice Tonight's "Russians Did It!!" News Story?

Now the MSM is spreading the story that the Russians faked-up a memo which Comey took as the truth.  The faked-up Russian product said that AG Lynch would prevent too much investigation into the Clintons.  (And if Althouse can't figure out what the story says.....well....)

Why do you care about such patently ludicrous Byzantine horse-crap?

Because it's a sign of the enormous level of desperation in the (D) camp.  How do we know that??

...James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order… a deep-water Swamp Denizen who has been highly paid to deliberately provide cover for high-level corruption by the Clintons and Obama.  He is has been central to trying to destroy the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration from the start. He is as dirty as they come in DC.  He had highest-level cover (the FBI no less) and was deep into an effort to eliminate Trump.  Trump had to move hard, fast, and at exactly the right time to cut the head off the snake without getting bitten by the snake or being finished by the other swamp denizens.

Begin by noticing how the President fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office, that Comey had no inkling he was being cut, that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department.  This was not a violation of protocol, it was tactical. Notice how Prez Trump compartmentalized the strike and did not inform any of his White House “staff” to prevent leaks.  Notice how he emasculated Comey and the swamp denizens by letting them know in a tweet that the Attorney General got information (surveillance “tapes” from the seizure of Comey’s office) to let Comey and his handlers know that Trump’s DOJ has the goods on them.  This was a brilliant, strategic and totally imperative move at exactly the right time against horrible, evil and corrupt powers infesting our government.

The swamp is on notice that the President is on to them, they are sweating bullets because their criminal games of corruption are being pursued and they know it....

That from Pournelle, quoting an email from a friend of his.

This is beginning to get very good, and that dead Dem Nat Committee employee is a part of this tale.  It's not the first time that someone who crossed the Clintons wound up at room temperature before their time, ya'know.

HT:  RenMan

"True and Good" Man Comey?

Pournelle (via VoxPop) assembles the professional history of Mr. Comey.

It doesn't look as nice as some Pubbies would have you believe.

Of course, crossing the Clintons can have permanent-room-temperature effects, and Comey knows that, too.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Notorious Plagiarist Takes Administration Post

Think that's about David Clarke?


It's about Laurence Tribe--working in the Obozo Admin's Department of "Justice."

Trump, Islam, Terror, Etc....with Steyn!!

Yesterday, we mentioned that the Trump/Tillerson formulation about Mohammedans and terror is incoherent or ridiculous.  Take your choice.

Well, Mark Steyn, an observant sort, observed that it's probably more Tillerson than Trump.  This is what Trump actually SAID in his speech:

...That means honestly confronting the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamists and the Islamic terror - of all kinds....

But that's not what he was supposed to say.  The script only uses the term "Islamist," which is worm-wording for "not Muslim."  At one time, Steyn used the term 'Islamist' too--but no longer.

..."Islamist" came to seem an equivocation, and one that led to darker evasions - such as that "a small minority" has "hijacked" a "religion of peace". And the evasions were followed by a ludicrous but insistent inversion of reality - that, as John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others will have it, Islam has "nothing" to do with terrorism....

(Steyn was polite enough to leave out GWBush, but I am not.  Bush was a pleasant, useful idiot.)

...On the campaign trail, Trump proposed banning Muslim immigration until we can "figure out what the hell's going on" - which, whatever else may be said about it, indicates a certain prudent modesty...The trouble is Trump is left to his own devices less and less....

Yes, well.

The Manchester experience will have an effect, I suppose.  Over the next 120 days there will be lots and lots of large festival gatherings in the US, too.  Will Islam make waves?  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Glad She's NOT Your Neighbor?

Imagine living next door to someone who writes this sort of horsecrap. child should be permitted to use a water gun under any circumstances. That a particular squirt gun might bear no resemblance whatsoever to a real firearm is of no concern to Levy, who contends, “Even if they’re colorful and super cool, kids shouldn’t be playing with water guns because it normalizes the real thing.”

Yah, normalizes.  Right.

Joining The Clueless: Rex Tillerson and The Donald

There are some assertions so stupid that only a globaloney-meister can believe them. 

Here's one:

...Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in Saudi Arabia today that President Trump's trip underscores that the commander in chief "is clearly indicating that this fight of good against evil has nothing to do with religion."...

Really.  "Good" and "evil" are concepts which spring from.....nothing at all?  Trump thinks that?  Tillerson repeats it? 


Aside from the ontological idiocy, we see--again--the Globalist Elite's wishful thinking that 'religion' is irrelevant to culture (and actions) unless it is the 'religion' of secular humanism (with a little God-talk tossed in to make the Baptists happy.)  Not all that far from Grand Orient Masonry, is it?

The Saudis must be rolling in the aisles laughing; after all, THEY finance the actual practitioners of Islam-as-written, which are the Wahhabis.  The Wahhabis are ISIS....

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Church's Civil War Gets Less Civil

Three news reports:

American Cardinal Raymond Burke was recently dismissed as a “disappointed man” upset over the loss of his power by fellow Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras, coordinator of Pope Francis’s “C9” council of cardinal advisers....[see this link]

Then we have a spiteful little twerp-professor:

....I recall, for example, the preface for little-to-be-recommended Alcuin Reid, whose theories and whose person have raised scientific and ecclesial perplexities across half the world, and that instead Ratzinger tried to recommend as if he were an authority.  Also in this case the words that press agencies are reporting are enough to indicate a real and true car crash.  It’s as if Ratzinger had, all of a sudden, resigned his resignation and wanted to influence the decisions of his successor. Let’s see if we can adequately point out the delicate and inappropriate aspects of this intrusion...

Oooh, that smarts..........not.

And finally, Pp. Bergoglio SJ himself:

..."But there were always those people who, without any commission, go about disturbing the Christian community with speeches that upset souls: "Eh, no, someone who says that is a heretic, you can’t say this, or that; this is the doctrine of the Church.’ And they are fanatics about things that are not clear, such as these fanatics who go about there, sowing discord in order to divide the Christian community. And this is the problem: when the doctrine of the Church, that which comes from the Gospel, that which the Holy Spirit inspires – because Jesus said, 'He will teach us and remind you of all that I have taught’ – that doctrine becomes an ideology. And this is the great error of these people."

Batten down the hatches, pray as you were taught.  Nothing has changed the Catechism.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Thinking About The Larger Trump Situation

It has been said--justifiably--that The Donald is The Cause of many of The Donald's difficulties.  His tweeting and drama-queen stuff, combined with his utter lack of coordination with his commo staff (and other high-level administration staffers) is a recipe for trouble.

He should take the advice of Limbaugh and Hannity:  ignore the crap-storm and move the agenda full steam ahead.

OK.  He may or may not do that.

But there's a lot more to the crap-storm situation than just The Donald's tweeter, and when The Federalist publishes a lengthy essay on the problem, it's serious.

It’s nearly incontrovertible that a slow-motion coup d’etat is now taking place. Since November 9, 2016, forces within the U.S. government, media, and partisan opposition have aligned to overthrow the Electoral College winner, Donald Trump.

To achieve this they have undermined the institutions of the Fourth Estate, the bureaucratic apparatus of the U.S. government, and the very nature of a contentious yet affable two-party political system. Unlike the coup d’etat that sees a military or popular figure lead a minority resistance or majority force into power over the legitimate government, this coup d’etat is leaderless and exposes some of the deepest fissures in our system of government. This coup d’etat represents not the rule of one man or even many, but by the multitude of our [self-declared] elites....

The essay cites "Publius Decius Mus" ('mus' is Latin for 'mouse', by the way) and Codevilla's essays to underpin the argument that this is not really about The Donald; rather, it is about what REALLY matters.  Here, Publius:

If conservatives are right about the importance of virtue, morality, religious faith, stability, character and so on in the individual; if they are right about sexual morality or what came to be termed “family values”; if they are right about the importance of education to inculcate good character and to teach the fundamentals that have defined knowledge in the West for millennia; if they are right about societal norms and public order; if they are right about the centrality of initiative, enterprise, industry, and thrift to a sound economy and a healthy society; if they are right about the soul-sapping effects of paternalistic Big Government and its cannibalization of civil society and religious institutions; if they are right about the necessity of a strong defense and prudent statesmanship in the international sphere—if they are right about the importance of all this to national health and even survival, then they must believe—mustn’t they?—that we are headed off a cliff.
My editorial emphasis on "family values" is there for a reason:  when you come right down to it, the State is warring against the family, having already (largely) conquered the church(es.)  We are at the final stages here, folks.

Here, Codevilla:

...This election is about whether the Democratic Party, the ruling class’s enforcer, will impose its tastes more strongly and arbitrarily than ever, or whether constituencies opposed to that rule will get some ill-defined chance to strike back. Regardless of the election’s outcome, the republic established by America’s Founders is probably gone. But since the Democratic Party’s constituencies differ radically from their opponents’, and since the character of imperial governance depends inherently on the emperor, the election’s result will make a big difference in our lives.
In effect, the crap-storm about Trump is NOT "about Trump."  It is about whether The Left will be un-impeded in its Statism-quest.  And that Left is wholeheartedly supported by managerial elements of the various and multitudinous Departments--and more ominously, national intel and LEO people.

Lots, lots, more at the link to Bayou--and a big hat tip to him!!

Walker's Defense of Over-Spending

Governor Walker makes a defense for his Really Large Spending plan.

He sets it up with a lot of noise about recently-added jobs and the current (top-line) unemployment numbers.  That setup is deliberate, because he wants you to connect these with his spending on EdYooomaCaayShun:

...we include the largest actual dollar investment in K-12 education ever. We increase state aid for our technical colleges and the University of Wisconsin System. And we continue to hold the line on tuition to make college more affordable for students and working families.  ...

One has little to do with the other, of course; the vast majority of people employed in construction and manufacturing do NOT have college degrees, and many do not have HS diplomas, either.  And while retail employment IS employment, it is not something on which a State's economy is built.

Nonetheless, the Governor plunges onward!!

...In my budget plan, we have the lowest level of transportation bonding since the 2001-2003 state budget and the lowest overall bonding in 20 years. On top of that, our rainy day fund is 178 times larger than it was when we first took office. ...

(But whatever you do, do NOT look at my budget with your GAAP glasses on.  Pay attention ONLY to the rainy-day squirrel!!)

.....we make government more accountable so we can continue to lower the tax burden on our hard-working taxpayers....

Note well:  the Governor does NOT say that it is a 'smaller Government,' just that it is 'more accountable.'  That's because you cannot define "more accountable" any more than you can define "more".  It's a clever rhetorical device, but is it what we rely upon for umpty-$$Billion in spending?

Think Of It This Way....

James Woods defines some of the Current Insanity:

lague of Progs (@PlagueofProgs) | Twitter:

The Jebbies (Finally) Elect Their Commie Leader

Since at least the early 1960's, the Jesuits have been increasingly enthralled by Marxism, whether in the material or spiritual realm.

They finally 'came out' clearly with the election of their new superior-general, and it is noteworthy that Pp. Francis (also a Jebbie) confirmed that election.

As usual, Neumayr has the story.

...Sosa has written about the “Marxist mediation of the Christian Faith,” arguing that the Church should “understand the existence of Christians who simultaneously call themselves Marxists and commit themselves to the transformation of the capitalist society into a socialist society.” In 1989, he signed a letter praising Fidel Castro....

...Sosa’s ambitions, like Pope Francis’s, go well beyond meddling in economies. He is also pushing a moral revolution in the Church, evident in his astonishing claim that, since none of the Apostles tape-recorded Jesus Christ, his words on adultery can be elastically re-interpreted....

That's a re-fashioning of the Bart Simpson line:  "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything."  Except here, the Jebbie tells us that we 'can't prove anything' that Christ said.  That's heresy, of course.

But that's where the Jebbies have been going for decades.  Fr. Cletus Healy SJ was spared the agony of living under Sosa's reign.  We are not so fortunate.

UW On Notice About UW-Oshkosh Fraud

Rep. Steve Nass has put the UW system on notice:  no taxpayer money shall be used to cover UW system's crappy-to-non-existent oversight in the Oshkosh foundation case, nor to cover the stupidity of lender/bankers.

Nass is right.  Some bankers failed to exercise due diligence?  That's their problem, not the problem of Wisconsin taxpayers.  Was the UW System's (seeming) disregard for financial controls a contributing cause?  Let the banks sue--at considerable expense--to find out.

And if UW loses that suit?  Well, then, there will be a reduction in State funding which matches whatever the system has to pay out.  The reduction should be squeezed out of the System's executive and audit offices.  Lesson learned.

Anti-God, Anti-Civilization Bunch Strikes Oconomowoc

It appears that the same social disease that struck the Elmbrook Schools several years ago has now metastasized to Oconomowoc

As you may recall, a form of human herpes sued Elmbrook for holding its high school graduations in a non-denominational church because the church's decor included a cross.

The same herpes has migrated to Oconomowoc and is threatening the city with lawfare over a couple of signs which do NOT have a cross.  However, the signs use the word "churches," which is an egregious offense against the snowflake-herpes and humanity in general, but particularly Mohammedans and Jews.

(It wasn't an offense to the former Mayor Gary Kohlenberg, a nice Jewish fellow, by the way.)

We look forward to the City's effort to eliminate social disease.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump's Historical Lacuna

So The Donald was riffing at the Coast Guard Academy.

No politician in history," Trump complained, "has been treated worse or more unfairly [than I have]."

Abraham Lincoln.

Oh.......wait!!  The press did not kill Honest Abe.  And it won't kill The Donald.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Think-Graf: Relativism v. Beauty

Just a snippet of think stuff here:

...The revolutionary outlook of modernity rested in its separation of aesthetics and morality, and in doing so, made both beauty and morality necessarily relative and solipsistic. In its relativism, as Allan Bloom noted in The Closing of the American Mind, a degradation of rational cultivation that had been central to classical philosophy through Catholic philosophy occurred. Rational introspection to arrive at truth is only possible through the fully cultivated intellect, but the spirit of relativism and postmodernism have rendered such notions as impossible to ever attain. Relativism is the great embodiment of anti-intellectualism as Leo Strauss explained in Natural Right and History. And the slip into solipsism and atomizing individualism runs counter to the social and communitarian impulse of human nature and Catholic philosophy....

Remember, please, that Allan Bloom was a committed atheist, not some church-y kinda guy.

More--lots more--at the link.

Clinton, DOJ, Gowdy, HUH???

So Comey's back-and-forth on HRC is good?



On Fox News’ “The Story,” Gowdy cryptically told host Martha McCallum that he believes “history will be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were.”...

"...he [Comey] wanted to safeguard the integrity of the investigation, the integrity of the process, and I probably ought to just leave it right there,”

And how corrupt IS the Department of Justice?

Dog Not Barking

Interesting that Comey has a memo about a convo with Trump--but not about any convo with Obama, Holder, or Lynch.

Just kinda interesting.

Monday, May 15, 2017

So the Obozo Spied on SCOTUS, Too!

If it's true, Obozo (and Jarrett) should join Hillary in Leavenworth.

But Trump doesn't have the balls to pull that off.

"We're From the NSA and We're Here to REALLY Screw Over Your Computers!"

You shouldn't be surprised.  This is the same Gummint which couldn't get its healthcare web page to run, and which is regularly killing veterans at its VA "hospitals."  It's also the same Gummint which refuses to prosecute known serial national-security criminal offenders.

So what made you think that the NSA could actually keep a secret?


Little IRS Boss-Bitches are Scared

Seems that Ms Lerner and Ms Paz are very, very worried about their safety because their testimony might be made public.

Details about tea party bias claims against the IRS could remain secret because current and former agency officials say their lives are in danger if they publicly testify about the case....


It's the Left which has gone to violence, ladies (I use the word generously.)

Hey, Scott!! It's The SPENDING Again!!

Apparently the Governor, in the interest of getting himself re-elected, will over-spend the revenue by $300 million or so.

That wouldn't be a big deal, except that he ALREADY over-spent the revenue by $1.7 BILLION.

Under the label, they're all Big Spenders.  With your money, of course.

The Madness of the NeverTrump Bunch

For the record, I'm not a fan of Trump.   Given that, the fact remains that he is not Hillary--who will never be President!!   Some very good things have happened due to The Donald, including reversal of a number of harmful Obozo E.O.'s, Gorsuch, and a very fruitful discussion of "what IS the U.S. healthcare policy?"

But Nooo Yaaawk values?  Kushner and Ivanka?  Sorry--we didn't elect them, nor those "values."

That being said, we now find the NeverTrump Sykes to have run his toy train off the cliff.

...Not long ago, conservatives would have been horrified at wholesale violations of the norms and traditions of our political system, and would have been appalled by a president who showed overt contempt for the separation of powers.

But this week, as if on cue, most of the conservative media fell into line, celebrating President Trump’s abrupt dismissal of the F.B.I. director, James Comey, and dismissing the fact that Mr. Comey was leading an investigation into the Trump campaign and its ties to Russia....

Are you serious, Charlie?

Since when is canning a Presidential appointee a "violation of ....norms and traditions" and a "violation of separation of powers"?  Do you need Constitution 101 remedial--where you'll find that the FBI is not part of the Congressional nor Judicial branches?

Get off your high horse, Charlie.  There's a lot to be said for overturning the fat applecarts and shoving the pigs away from the trough of D.C.  "Constitutional Crisis!!!!!!" is not one of them.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

To MSM, "FOUR" = "Many"

You can't make this stuff up.  In MSM-land, four voters equals "many" voters.

OK, then.  In Milwaukee, we have MULTIPLE daily newspapers. 

RoJo, What Were You THINKING?

Senator Ron Johnson takes a broadside from Spiliakos at The Corner:

Senator Ron Johnson has proposed a bill for “state-based” guest workers: People would be brought into America not as prospective citizens but as temporary workers who are bound to the land. Who knew that the solution to America’s persistent decline in labor-force participation among the prime-aged was to import people to work as serfs?

Umnnhhhh....that also vaguely resembles what triggered the War of Northern Aggression.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dratted Chickenhawks.....

We've managed to acquire a couple of chickenhawks in the neighborhood.

This does not make She Who Must Be Obeyed happy, because she likes to feed birds.  Little, regular birds.  But chickenhawks like to EAT those little, regular, birds--and chipmunks, bats, squirrels, and bunnies.

Since we've gotten here, the bats disappeared first, then the chipmunks, then a lot of the little birdies, and now we're noticing that the squirrel population is down, too.

Time to haul out the pellet gun, eh?

Windswept House Echoes in Neumayr Book

Some of you will recognize the title of a very controversial--but little-read--novel written by Malichi Martin, an ex-Jesuit priest.  The novel made some rather shocking allegations about various Catholic Church prelates.

So happens a priest-friend of mine corresponded with Martin while the book was being written--and Martin gave him a "key" to the characters in the book.  The most important U.S. figure was identified as Jos. Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago, whom Martin portrayed as a Satanist.

I told you it was rather shocking.

Anyhow.....George Neumayr now reveals a not-shocking bit about Bernardin.

In the course of researching No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom, I learned that the late Chicago cardinal Joseph Bernardin helped pay for the education of Barack Obama in Saul Alinsky’s ruthless tactics....

...Garrow treats Obama’s Bernardin-financed foray to Los Angeles for the IAF training as one of the keys moments in his Alinskyite education. Anyone who doubts the leftist infiltration of the Catholic Church should read that section in Garrow’s book. Socialists disguised as Catholic leaders stood ready to help Obama at almost every turn during his “community organizing.” What I said in No Higher Power — that the Church had bred one of her own destroyers — is abundantly clear in Garrow’s account.

U.S. Catholics continue to be burdened by Bernardin's legacy:  the "Catholic" Campaign for Human Development--which was tossing money hand-over-fist into various Alinskyite entities for years, and continues to do so to this day.

But ALL U.S. citizens will be burdened by the legacy of Bernardin named Obama.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The NeverTrumper Whine

It doesn't make any difference whether Comey was canned yesteday, today, or tomorrow.

Cancer is always excised as soon as practically possible.  And Comey was a cancer on the FBI.

How Does Mark Twain Know Schumer?

Apparently Mark Twain has met Chuck Schemer (D-NY)

When the doctrine of allegiance to party can utterly up-end a man's moral constitution and make a temporary fool of him besides, what excuse are you going to offer for preaching it, teaching it, extending it, perpetuating it? Shall you say, the best good of the country demands allegiance to party? Shall you also say it demands that a man kick his truth and his conscience into the gutter, and become a mouthing lunatic, besides? Mark Twain
Who knew??

The Crazies Are in Nevada, Too

You may have thought that California, Oregon, New York, and small parts of other States (e.g., Madison, WI) are inhabited by Teh Crazies.  You'd be right.

But you'd have bet (heh) that few of them are in Nevada, except the allegedly bi-sexual beatings fetishist Harry Reid.

You'd have lost that bet.

The Senate’s first Latina, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, is also the first female senator to suggest diversity quotas in place of democratic selection for members of Congress.

That wack-job is Reid's replacement, by the way.

We know that the U.S. Senate is roughly divided between asylum escapees like Schumer, Blumenthal, McCain, and the above ditzy broad--and actual men of substance like Cruz, Lee, and even RoJo.

I maintain that that division is sufficient for any "diversity" goal.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Like Spies? You'll Love Amazon!

Ticker raises a point.

...Amazon has introduced a "new" Echo device.  Having convinced a number of people to allow them to stick an always on speaker and microphone in their house with the data going to Amazon and whoever else they wish they have now upped the game with both a camera and screen.

Gee, that's real nice.  A camera and microphone inexorably tied to and controlled by a big company in your house where it can and will transmit both audio and video under their, not your, control....

Frankly, I am amazed at the number of people who fawn and slaver over "technology" like this in their homes and cars.   You may "trust" Bezos, personally.  But do you trust every other yahoo Bezos hires?  If so, WHY??

Leftoid "News": Only One FBI Agent!!!

The headline here sums up the Leftoid "thought" on Comey's long-overdue departure.

President Trump abruptly axes FBI’s James Comey in midst of Russia probe

The sub-text here is simple:  lacking Comey, the Feebs cannot possibly complete its "Russia probe."
Well, the CIA and NSA managed to do so, and found nothing.  And there are a lot of Feebs still on the payroll.  In fact, the acting director is very closely tied to a New Jersey Democrat who benefitted handsomely from the activities of the Clinton gang during the last election cycle.

Somehow, the Feebs will struggle onward. 

The Senate Shakedown Begins

Reported today:

...Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said the Senate’s work on the healthcare reform bill “will not be quick, or simple, or easy.”...

That's because McConnell and his slimy (R) creatures have to shake down various healthcare interests for large campaign donations before doing what these bottom-feeders have been promising for the last 8 years or so.

And yes, this will also benefit the campaign accounts of Slimy Schumer & Co., too.  *Wink, wink.*

The Uni-Party action, prioritized.  First thing, get the money!

Silly Sally Utterly Defeated by Cruz

While it is difficult for Leftists like Sally Yates to think logically, Silly Sally's position on Trump's immigration E.O. is not supported by any U.S. law.

Ted Cruz ripped that blankey from Sally's hands.

Cruz: Well, are you familiar with 8 U.S.C. section 1182?

Yates: Not off the top of my head, no.

Yates claimed to be practicing law at Justice, but is 'not familiar' with the law under which Trump promulgated the E.O.  Really?

Sally had a comeback, though--which muddle-brained Lefties (like the one that rhymes with puffmost) claim is governing.

 ...I’m also familiar with an additional provision of the INA [Immigration and Nationality Act] that says “no person shall receive preference or be discriminated against in issuance of a visa because of race, nationality, or place of birth,”...

Oooooh!!  That might have smarted, but for the reality of Silly Sally's preferred law:

...Under federal law, the executive branch is expressly required to take religion into account in determining who is granted asylum...

Now then, one can hardly be a "refugee" fearing religious discrimination if one is a Muslim departing a Muslim country, eh?  Let us be more clear, for the Leftoids attempting to read this:

... Asylum is a discretionary national act of compassion that is directed, by law not whim, to address persecution....

Above and beyond all that, no foreigner enjoys (U.S.) Constitutional rights. It is true that all humans enjoy God-given rights--which are partially enumerated in the Constitution--but while those claims to rights are valid, they are not identical to those enjoyed by U.S. citizens in domestic courts, and they certainly do not take precedence over the rights of U.S citizens when national security is at risk.

Silly Sally and her idol, Obama, may *feeeeeeeel* otherwise, but in the end, there is no RIGHT to emigrate to the US.  None.  

Buh-bye, Sally. 

Hair-Fires in Democrat-Land

Now that Comey the Snake has been tossed, the hair-fires are a sight to behold.   The daddy-issues are emerging fast and furious.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Gummint (Almost) In Your Bedroom

This will meet the approval of the Usual Suspects.

... Tesla's hometown of Fremont, wants to help the state achieve its goals by requiring new homes to include solar energy installations, and to be "EV ready," according to East Bay Times.

Fremont City Council's ordinance would mean that all new single- and multi-family residential developments to install solar panels, the size of the system corresponding to the square footage of the home. Any new residential or commercial developments with parking spaces would need to be pre-wired for EV chargers

Fruits, nuts, and even more nutsy nuts.

Comey Gone. Good Riddance

Comey was a political snake.  He's not alone, of course.  But he should have known better.

Yates, Comey Both Self-Appointed SCOTUS Members

The Senator from Louisiana (Kennedy) asked Ms. Sally Yates 'who appointed you to the Supreme Court?' after Ms. Yates unilaterally decided not to defend Trump's immigrant-restriction EO.

The same question applies to Mr. Comey, the FBI guy who made the judicial determination that mens rea is required for violation of the Espionage Act, despite the statute's clear language to the contrary.


In this land of Equal Opportunity which is really Equal Outcome, and following the rubric of non-discrimination, I think that everyone in this country (legally or not) should be made members of SCOTUS.

Ms. Yates should be forced to swear us all in.

Burnt Toast Makes Her Hurt All Over

It appears that UW-Madison is a hotbed of racism. Asian female enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, submitted a bias incident report claimed that she experienced racial discrimination when a male employee served her a piece of burnt toast.

"...and got french toast from one of the male kitchen staffs there. I don’t know why but he gave me a clearly quite burnt toast among all other breads that were not burnt. I was so shocked but I couldn’t say anything and just accepted it. I am a female Asian student.

Clearly not an English student.

Show me on the dolly where the male staffs hurt you, ditz.

But there's more Solid, Science-Based, Factual Evidence of TOTAL UW-Madistan racism!!

...Carmen Goséy wrote “I was operating in a white position as a person of color […]  Now I see the University was not designed for the success of minority communities; it was designed for white students to learn about my oppression while not having to participate in dismantling it.”
She added “all white people are racist” and that her chairmanship of the Associated Students of Madison made her “a token for white supremacists.”...

Who knew?

Here's a solution:  close the UW-Madison!!  Burn it to the ground!!  Sow salt on its acreage so that nothing will ever grow there again, especially racist stuff like UW Madison.

Corn Owns The Donald

It appears that Archer-Daniels-Midland and the rest of King Corn has purchased The Donald.

Continue bending over for your daily corn-a-holing.  Vaseline optional.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Chicago Fool in Uniform

Wherein the Sheriff of Cook County makes a damn fool of himself.

What was it yesterday?  10 shot, 2 dead.  In Cook County, no less. 

Brocade-for-brains has plenty of work to do in his own swamp, no?

Only $125 BILLION Missing? Pshaw!

So the Pentagon's missing $125 Billion and no audit is possible.

Don't worry, be happy.  Sen. John (War-War, Bomb-Bomb) McCain will make up the difference, using his (current) wife's fortune.


The Miller Park Theory of Pastrami

That's not really a mixed metaphor.

Bud Selig, who obtained $400 million++ from taxpayers for his new baseball stadium (Miller Park) so that the value of the Brewers would increase so that Bud could sell it at a large profit....

Yah, that Bud Selig.

Anyhow, he purchased a delicatessen in one of Milwaukee's more........ahhh......sketchy neighborhoods.  At high noon it's not a bad place to be, but Condition Yellow is in order.  That said, it's not likely that Bud's paying a lot of property-tax on the joint.


Thought I'd drop down there to pick up a pastrami sammich and some chalava.  Checked it out on the inter-tubes, of course.  Apparently Bud's 'free money' deal at Miller Park resonates with him--he's getting SIXTEEN DOLLARS for a pastrami sammich (with pickle.)

It gets better.  Having decided that SIXTEEN DOLLARS for a sammich-with-pickle is utterly ridiculous, I thought I'd inquire as to whether the place still offers chalava.   So I called the joint and got a recording:  if I want to order something to go, call "Grubhub," if I have other questions, leave a message.

LEAVE A MESSAGE!!????!!!  To ask if you still offer chalava?  SERIOUSLY??

Apparently the "kiss my toe" which got him his Miller Park hasn't gone away.  But customers might.

Wondering About the "Systems" You Work With?

A remarkable couple of observations which comport with what I've seen.

...I helpfully pointed out that Asian solutions are not American solutions. Anyone who has done business with the Chinese or Indians knows they have a very different way of looking at things. For South Asians, a solution is whatever meets the letter of the request or whatever gets you off the phone. The Chinese will tell you whatever you want to hear. It’s not lying as they don’t have enough respect for you to tell a lie. It’s dismissal through deception....

Oh, that's not all.

...South Asian engineers tend to have a strange narrowness that causes them to miss the big picture. Indian engineers will literally build a road off a cliff if that’s what the spec says to do....

My employer recently purchased a new-to-us webpage from a Florida provider.  It is clear to anyone with two eyes that the webpage was built in the Far East (and in the last century, too.)  But hey:  it's what it is.  We--and our customers--have to fight and persevere to find what we're looking for.  It's a helluva way to run a business, no?

But H1-B and el-cheapo solutions forever, eh??!!

The Cause of Chicago Climate Change

It is reported that Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and extreme Leftist, has installed a "climate change" page on Chicago's website.

As a public service to Hizzoner and the residents of Chicago, we'll tell you where the 'warming' in Chicago comes from!


Hot Lead has surpassed Political Gasses as the leading cause of warming in Chicago.  However, there is a 30% chance that 'exhaust gas' will dwarf either of those, as residents of that city depart for less-deadly areas, such as Afghanistan or Yemen.

Bushes Out, Clintons Out, Trumps All In

The Daily Caller observed that although the US voters got rid of two other Political Families, we seem to have acquired another one--and it's larger than either of its predecessors.

Dad signs executive orders, daughter tells daddy he should bomb Syria, one son campaigns and raises money for Republicans, the other is a surrogate, one son-in-law visits Iraq, and one daughter-in-law is already working on the 2020 campaign....

And all this time, I thought Trump had some sort of business entity that his family was going to run on his behalf.

So the question:  does Trump think that the US is his family's business entity, or was there no real business entity in all those hotels and golf courses?

P.S.:  Hollywood seems to think that these folks are the Clampetts.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Baby-Rattle Nelson Need Not Cry Any More

Justin Amash makes it clear just how bad the new healthcare bill really is.  Among other things, it will be impossible for Walker--or anyone else--to deny coverage for pre-existings.

...Even in a state that waives as much as possible, a person with a pre-existing condition cannot be prevented from purchasing insurance at the same rate as a healthy person. The only requirement is that the person with the pre-existing condition get coverage—any insurer, any plan—within 62 days of losing any prior coverage....
There, Mr. Nelson.  You can put away your blankee and rattle now, and take a nice nap.

By the way, this "fix" is really terrible.

...The bill does not change the ACA’s federal requirements on guaranteed issue (prohibition on policy denial), essential health benefits (minimum coverage), or community rating (prohibition on pricing based on health status). In short, Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions provisions are retained. The latest version of the AHCA does allow any state to seek a waiver from certain insurance mandates, but such waivers are limited in scope. Guaranteed issue cannot be waived. Nobody can be treated differently based on gender....
That leaves the question:  will men still be paying for pregnancy coverage??  And do you suppose that Baby-Rattle Nelson will be screeching if Walker waives that?

"Brain AIDS"?

It may sound silly, and I am not in agreement with all of his argumentation.

HOWEVER, the man does get the most important thing:  cult precedes (and governs) culture.  If there is one thing you impress upon your chilluns and grandchilluns, that is it.

Worth the 15 minutes or so!!

How Soon Another Commie Falls??

There's a tin-horn Commie dictator running Venezuela these days--but the womenfolk don't like him.

No surprise; they're beginning to starve to death, as are their children and men.  Communism does that to ya, unless you're the (current) dictator.

HotAir asks how much longer the asshole can stay in place.

How about a modified Iran-Contra?  Wipe out a bunch of Commies, wipe out the mullahs--all for a few hundred thousand M-16A2's and several million rounds of ammo.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Does "Religious Freedom" Extend to Satan-Worshippers?

Interesting question but of course, the answer is "no."

However, the knee-jerk (D) answer is "yes," in parallel to the (D) reaction to same sex "marriage" and "trannies in your bathroom."

They seem to have an affinity for things contra naturam.  Makes sense, then, that abortion is their chief sacrament.

Two-Year-Old Twit Is a Failed (D). (Surprise!)

A failure (D) candidate, now a county exec, attempts "resistance" politics at a tourism promotional event. 

Not hard to see why he lost his Congressional race, but hey!  There's a state Supreme Court race coming up, and a gubernatorial, and a re-run at the same congressional.

Maybe Nelson will put down his rattle and blanket and run again.  Go ahead.  Make our day.

Is "Unemployment Rate" Really All That Good?

Well, yes, at a reported 4.4%, that's really very good.

However, let's cover The Donald's reign just as we covered The Commie Obozo's.  Let's talk about U-6.

...The U-6 rate is defined as all unemployed, plus "persons marginally attached to the workforce, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the labor force."

In other words: the unemployed, the underemployed and the discouraged.

The U-3 rate has in the past few months returned to the prerecession levels that economists consider full employment. The U-6 has seen significant improvement in that time, but still remains higher than before the recession....

So yah, it's better.  Not great, and certainly not as good as the 4.4 headline would suggest.  But it's better.

Silly Rant from N.J. Cardinal Tobin

We'll assume that the quotation here is accurate....

...and I want to say to you, we are the ‘No’ that God scrawls on the wall,” Tobin said. “We are the ‘no’ to a nation who is heartless, who would deport people separating them from their families and their loved ones simply because they are victims of a broken system.”...

Umnnnhhhhh....Your Eminence.....if such 'separation' is traumatic, the 'families and loved ones' can depart the country, too.  They are not chained to their street.

Frankly, we are tired of the Moralist Nannies who claim the high ground merely by shouting and marching around.  First off, their own 'morality' is deficient, evidenced by the reckless smear of an entire "nation".  Morally upright people are not that silly.

Secondly, there is more moral traction in a nation's licit determination of immigration rules than in a post-hoc claim to national treasure, with the "hoc" being illegal entry to the country.

Apparently the Cardinal is not willing or able to think very clearly.  This is not exclusive to the Cardinal, of course; it's usually a practice of politicians. 

Perhaps the Cardinal should run for office from someplace other than his chancery. 

Friday, May 05, 2017

A LOT of Tax Relief from Pubbie Healthcare Bill

The Republican healthcare bill, which thankfully included a number of conservative provisions, eliminates a long, long, list of ObozoCare taxes.  Some petulant RadioMouths here in Milwaukee will tell us that the bill is "too conservative," because that's what Paul Ryan will say.

By the way:  where WAS Paul Ryan while the bill got repaired?


-Abolishes the Obamacare Individual Mandate Tax which hits 8 million Americans each year.
-Abolishes the Obamacare Employer Mandate Tax. Together with repeal of the Individual Mandate Tax repeal this is a $270 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s Medicine Cabinet Tax which hits 20 million Americans with Health Savings Accounts and 30 million Americans with Flexible Spending Accounts. This is a $6 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s Flexible Spending Account tax on 30 million Americans. This is a $20 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s Chronic Care Tax on 10 million Americans with high out of pocket medical expenses. This is a $126 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s HSA withdrawal tax. This is a $100 million tax cut.
-Abolishes Obamacare’s 10% excise tax on small businesses with indoor tanning services. This is a $600 million tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare health insurance tax. This is a $145 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare 3.8% surtax on investment income. This is a $172 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare medical device tax. This is a $20 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare tax on prescription medicine. This is a $28 billion tax cut.
-Abolishes the Obamacare tax on retiree prescription drug coverage. This is a $2 billion tax cut.

Like I said, a long, long, long, long list.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

ACLU Endorses Trump's Exec Order on Religious Freedom

Yes, you read that right.

The Donald signed an EO that was so useless, even the ACLU won't bother with it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

So Paul Ryan's Lying. Will RadioMouths Spin That, Too?

There are two RadioMouths in this market that will do anything to make Paul Ryan happy, including perverting the story on the utter failure of Ryan's "leadership" on ObozoCare repeal.

Now Ryan's lying about funding for Planned Butcherhood, too.

Think those two will spin this one--again??

America, America?

A few quotes from an essay.  The ellipses are meant to disguise something; we'll get around to that.

As...has become not just the richest city.... its residents have come to describe their politics as “on the Left”—a judgment that tomorrow’s historians might dispute. Most often, [that means] what we might call the “glass-ceiling Left,” preoccupied with redistribution among, not from, elites: we may have done nothing for the poor, but we did appoint the first disabled lesbian parking commissioner. 

(In that last clause, I envisioned Tom Barrett talking.)

...Political Correctness is more than a ridiculous set of opinions; it’s also—and primarily—a tool of government coercion … It determines the current polarity in... politics. Where you stand depends largely on whether you believe that antiracism is a sincere response to a genuine upsurge of public hatred or an opportunistic posture for elites seeking to justify their rule

The smell of MSM!

As the prospect of rising in the world is hampered or extinguished, the inducements to ideological conformism weaken. Dissent appears. Political Correctness grows more draconian. Finally the ruling class reaches a dangerous stage, in which it begins to lose not only its legitimacy but also a sense of what its legitimacy rested on in the first place

The essay is about France, folks.

HT:  UnzReview

Mr. Pence, You're Full of S***

About 6 minutes into this 13-minute clip, one realizes that Pence is just another political hack bullshitter.

So.  Did Ryan mentor Pence, or did Pence mentor Ryan??

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Pp. Francis, Obama: Peas in a Pod?

Neumayr is perhaps the most reliable Catholic political pundit in D.C.

The only thing Neumayr does not do in this essay is to draw the parallel between Obama and Bergoglio--a parallel which should be striking and disturbing:  both sat at the knee of avowed Communists and 'learned' from them, and both bragged about it.

Hmmmmm.  Perhaps Neumayr is exercising a whole bunch of Christian charity.

Trump Excuse for Budget: WEAK

That Democrat budget which Paul Ryan proposed?

Trump Boyzzz explain that it is only fair--it was the Democrats' turn last year and this is last year's budget.

Besides, he got to spend more money on the military.

Weak, Donald.  Weak.

Hartland vs. FDA (!!)

Yes, Hartland, WI., the not-very-big village in central Waukesha County.

The Hartland, Wisc., Board of Trustees is poised to make history Monday night when it votes whether to send a resolution to Washington, D.C., that could save the nation's vaping industry, and lives.

The resolution is the result of three full days of hearings to collect evidence that the Food and Drug Administration broke federal law by implementing its vaping regulation without "coordination." The FDA is required under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1976 to discuss economic and other effects the rules may have on local communities....

Should it be the case that FDA violated the 'coordination' rule, FDA's inane Jackboot Regulation will be voided across the country.

Lexington, Concord, Hartland.....

Monday, May 01, 2017

About Voces' "Event" Today

Nicely worded summary of today's "Voces March-Around":

...people know that the street protest is a made for TV event and that the “protesters” are often paid to show up and make noise. Alternatively, it is assumed that the true believers are batshit crazy and best ignored. In other words, it’s just another TV show in an age where we are awash in TV shows. For the most part, the street protest is for weak losers desperate for attention. The only impact they have on the larger public is to confirm that the “movement” is impotent and can be ignored....

Yes, the Press will cover all this, breathing hard.  For normal people, that will be the time-slot to get another beer, or void one's bladder of the last one.

HUD: New Poster Child for Waste, Fraud, Abuse

The Daily Caller is on to something here.

Tax fraudsters living in Gummint housing, millions of dollars granted but un-used, cover-ups....

Yah, it's the Federal Government, alright.

But Does He Lie More Than YOU, Carl?

Given yesterday's post--wherein it is clear that Carl Bernstein is a Lying Liar, we find this ironic in the extreme:

Sunday on  CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” reporter Carl Bernstein said President Donald Trump had “lied as no president of the United States in my lifetime.”...

But then, Bernstein knows lying, eh?

The (R) Girlllzzz Club, Budget Version

You can bet that Girly-Boy Ryan will be spinning this as a "victory" and that two local RadioMouths will be spewing Ryan's line on their knees.

U.S. House and Senate negotiators reached a bipartisan deal on a $1.1 trillion spending bill that largely tracks with Democratic priorities and rejects most of President Donald Trump’s wish list, including money to begin building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border....

Ryan will continue baby-killing; there will be no cuts to EPA nor to State and--later--there will be another pretend battle over the national debt.

The Girrllzzz Club.  Only Republicans may join.