Saturday, March 31, 2018

Too Many Fed LEO's in Oconomowoc

So this happened.

An Oconomowoc man who identified himself as a federal agent is accused of being a serial rapist and assaulting three women over a span of four years, according to court documents. 

David S. Scharlat, 53, was charged Friday with five counts of felony sexual assault, ranging from first to third degree, in Waukesha County Circuit Court. If convicted, he faces decades behind bars. ...

So.  Is he Feeb?  US Marshal?  ATF/E? Border Patrol? DEA?  Secret Service?


...Scharlat is an agent with the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services. On Friday, a spokesperson for the State Department could not comment on his employment status or the investigation....

Yah, well, next time we have a Saudi Arabian prince in Oconomowoc, the prince will have to fend for himself, I guess.  

How many of these Federal badge-toters are "diplomatic security" and what the Hell was one doing in Oconomowoc, WI?

Special Counsel? Fabbledoozle!

We've mentioned that some Political Windbags and many RadioMouths (all interested in your donations or advertising dollars, thankyouverymuch!!) are like a chorus of dogs out there, howling and barking for another Special Counsel.

They're all happy with your money, and they're all full of crap, including the President.

...AG Sessions, while responding to an irrelevant congressional request for a special counsel, told us yesterday that Huber is in charge of a “team” of prosecutors.  Yet some weird and seemingly illogical reason, many people don’t seem to understand that.

There’s already a team of prosecutors reviewing all the evidence of criminality collected by Inspector General Horowitz.  FULLSTOP.

There’s no need for a special counsel.  Jonathan Turley understands this.

It is nonsensical to demand a Special Counsel when there has been a team of federal prosecutors reviewing the evidence for over six months.  The outcome of their collective effort goes directly to federal indictments; there is simply no need for a special counsel.

Remember, the IG is looking at gross misconduct of official DOJ and FBI policy and practices.  The prosecutor is looking at criminal misconduct from within those offices.   The IG releases findings to the public, the prosecutor does not – until the courtroom.   There is an overlap within the parallel of the IG and Prosecutor, but both have entirely different objectives.

There’s also evidence of an existing Grand Jury.

There's also plenty of evidence that the Left, including the ex-President and the Perpetual Losing Bint, are very damned nervous about what's coming.  That's why the "SQUIRREL!!!!!"  and "SHINY OBJECT!!!!" plays are out there with Camera Hogg--and why Mueller's Jerkwads are combing through Trump business papers from 2010 or before so they can leak information--starting Monday--which is irrelevant but juicy.

Who's Who in the FBI/DOJ Investigations

By far, the best reporting on the FBI/DOJ scandals is here at Conservative Treehouse.

Think it's wordy?  Wrong.  There's no good way to reduce this to sound-bites--and having said that, I'll reduce this post to sound-bites.

People who are "co-operating" in the investigation:

...FBI Agent Peter Strzok, FBI/DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, DOJ Attorney Bruce Ohr, DOJ-NSD Deputy Asst. Attorney General George Toscas; FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker and Asst. FBI Director in charge of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap, are all still employed within the system.  Strzok, Page, Ohr, and Baker have been removed from responsibilities, but there are still there.  Bill Priestap is still in responsibility and still there....

They are co-operating shall we say this......ahhh.....under duress.  Heh.

People NOT co-operating:

...FBI Communications Director Mike Kortan (quit), DOJ-NSD Deputy Asst. Attorney General David Laufman (quit), AG Loretta Lynch AAG Sally Yates, DOJ-NSD Asst Attorney General Mary McCord (quit), FBI Director James Comey (fired), Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe (fired), FBI Director Chief-of-staff James Rybicki (quit)....

And then there's a bunch which are still un-indicted co-conspirators, which includes Hillary and Obozo.  May they rot in Hell, no matter what Pp Francis says.

Do You Really Need a Lincoln?

It appears that Ford's Lincoln-car personality doesn't like the Second Amendment.

...People magazine quoted McConaughey as saying, “Let’s ban the assault weapons for civilians. This is a no-brainer. And to my friends out there that are responsible owners of these recreational assault weapons that they use for recreation, please let’s just take one for the team here and set it down. That issue saves lives.”....

So the question:  why don't you "take one for the team" and buy a Caddy or a Benz?

Another question for McConaughey:  WHOSE team, knucklehead?

"Shotgun Joe" Biden: "Repeal the Second Amendment."

Ol' "Shotgun Joe" Biden, dispenser of the dumbest self-defense advice in modern history, says we should repeal the Second Amendment.  This is simply another confirmation of the Left's real objective in this war over natural rights, the objective being to take them away.

“I think there’s a 2nd Amendment. I think the 2nd Amendment is being very badly interpreted. It’s not consistent with what they’re — our founders intended, in my view. You saw Justice John Paul Stevens say that we should — because it’s been so prostituted, we should repeal the 2nd Amendment. It was about a standing militia. It’s a long story. I won’t go into all the legal side of that having taught it in law school. But there’s rational or irrational policy.”

Good that Joe "thinks" there IS a Second amendment.  That's a relief.   We also know that the 2A is a linear descendant of the English Bill of Rights of 1689.

...The Declaration and Bill of Rights were later said to be "the essence of the revolution";[42] only a year before the adoption of the American Bill of Rights, the great English jurist Edmund Burke would refer to the Declaration as "the cornerstone of our Constitution."[43] The Declaration listed a variety of civil liberties which James was accused of infringing. Prominent among these was the right to keep and bear arms. The form finally adopted complained that James had violated the liberties of the kingdom by keeping a standing army and moreover by causing his Protestant subjects "to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both armed and employed contrary to law." It accordingly resolved that "the subjects which are Protestant may have arms for their defense suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law."[44] Since only slightly over one percent of the population was then Catholic, this amounted to a general right to own arms applicable to virtually all Englishmen. The possible restriction--that they be arms "as allowed by law"--was clarified by prompt amendment of the Hunting Act to remove the word "guns" from items which even the poorest Englishman was not permitted to own. Now all Englishmen could own arms "for their defense suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law" in the form of whatever firearms they desired....

As you can see by the plain meaning of the text, self-defense was the effect of the English Bill of Rights. 

IOW, Joe's theory is not based on reality.  Surprised? 

There's more.  The right to self-defense is granted by God, not by Joe, nor any government.  And since the primary association in human affairs is the family, 'self-defense' extends FIRST to that family, then SECONDLY to the community.  Self-defense necessarily includes defense against predatory government, whether local or national, under the terms and conditions laid out in the Declaration of Independence.   Finally--that is, LASTLY, it includes defense of the nation against aggressors.

As to "Shotgun Joe's" teaching experience:  did he also "teach" the legalities of plagiarism?

Friday, March 30, 2018

Es Ist Vollbracht

Janet Baker in the aria from the St John Passion.

"It is finished."

Laura Lau Should Run in Milwaukee County

It appears that Laura Lau is a loosey-goosey kinda court commissioner.  That's all well and good with the five Waukesha County Dallet-Wannabees (Ramirez, Foster, Domina, Kieffer, and Mawdsley), but not so fine at this little blogspot.

How loosey-goosey IS she?

Glad you asked!!

...In 2017, Frank Schiller was arrested and homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle, four counts of OWI causing injury and four counts of bail jumping. The victim, Peter Enns, was a “good Samaritan” and was changing a tire for someone else at the side of the road when Schiller’s car struck.
As Lau set the bail at $1 million for Schiller, she was quoted in the media lamenting how he was released on a signature bond while awaiting trial for a fifth OWI in Milwaukee instead of in jail where he could do no harm.

"Well", you say, "a million-dollar bail is pretty stiff.  What's the matter with that??"

Read on, McDuff.....

...However, Lau herself was the court commissioner in two other cases involving Schiller. In 2006, Lau set bail at $1000 for Schiller when he was arrested for felony battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest even though by then he had already two OWI convictions, four cases of battery, two cases of drug possession, five violations of bail, two resisting arrest convictions, and one case of witness intimidation....

Maybe Ms Lau needs to learn how to use CCAP.  It's really not very difficult.

Or she could move to Milwaukee County, where "let them go" is inscribed above every courtroom door.

Limbaugh Notes "No Hell" of Pp Francis

So....when the Pope speaks, Limbaugh listens.

And he reacts, mentioning PJ Buchanan's column 'so.....for what did Christ die?'

The Pope is not very helpful, is he?

Ah, Bishop Seitz! Really??

Bp. Seitz is a Southeast Wisconsin native.  Now he's the Bishop of El Paso, TX.  And he has an opinion about the US Border.

...Catholic Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso said the southern border is not a threat to the United States, calling that a “false narrative.”

“We in the church believe a nation does have a right to control its border but we see a border as a place of encounter, a place of bridges, as Pope Francis has often reminded us. It is a place where people ought to be able to meet,” he said on the call....

Very kind of him to acknowledge that nations have the right to control borders.

As to "encounters" and "bridges," the Bishop can ask Kate Steinle's dad about that.  Or the dads and moms of the white-slavery/sex-trafficking victims.  Or the husbands, wives, and children of the narcotics addicts fed by drugs crossing the border illegally--or the parents who have buried their children due to overdoses.

What have you to say to THEM, Excellency??   Hmmmmmm??

Special Prosecutor FEVER!!!

There are a lot of WindBag Political Types--including Radio- and TV-mouths--who screech endlessly about ANOTHER SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!!!

Meantime, Jeff Sessions has had a Utah-based US attorney on the case since June of 2016 or so.  Sessions is smart enough not to talk about it until now.  But the WindBags and RadioMouths--not so smart...

Sessions is about 2 years ahead of these guys.

Shut Down "Catholic" Relief Services

It's time for the US Bishops to shut down "Catholic" Relief Services, which has spent a large bunch of dollars subsidizing the annual Heresy Weekend in Los Angeles.

...Patin said he wished that the only problem with the conference was with the speakers, but there also existed a glaring problem with its benefactors. 

It should sufficiently unsettle you to know that Catholic Relief Services is a major contributor to the REC,” he said. 

Patin noted how Ignatius Press, EWTN, Catholic Answers and Augustine Institute, all regarded as conservative Catholic groups, were located out of the way and in low-traffic areas.

This was in stark contrast to the prime positions given to CRS, he said. In addition, CRS’ logo was on virtually every Congress-provided piece of merchandise, including the tote bag provided by anyone who bought a ticket - some 35,000-plus attendees.....

Remove the money from "Catholic" Relief Services.  Create an agency which is actually Catholic instead--and put the money into that cookie jar.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rowe's Right. Fatherless Homes Are The Problem

There is a common factor in a lot of social maladies.  Mike Rowe tripped over it, and lays out a few facts.

• 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes — five times the average. (US Dept. Of Health/Census)
• 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes — 32 times the average.
• 85 percent of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes — 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)
• 80 percent of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes — 14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26)
• 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes — nine times the average. (National Principals Association Report)
• 43 percent of U.S. children live without their father [US Department of Census]
This is not "news," by any means.  Back in the 1970's the Rockford Institute was pumping out study after study warning about this.

So re-examine that screeching about "white privilege" in light of the above, eh?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cdl Dolan's Shot at the Democrats

This essayist notes that the Cardinal of New York, Timothy Dolan, has called out the Democrats in unusually strong terms.  That is true. 

He further proposes that Dolan, as the informal spokesman for the US Bishops, was notifying Pp. Francis that the Pope's left-ish politics are not what the US Bishops are going to push.  Well, that's possible, but I don't think Dolan was writing this to pull the chain at the Vatican.

So far, one "YUP", one "Maybe".  Here's where the author goes off the track:

...My take is that the calculations that went into this decision are something like this.  The Catholic bishops, having studied the politics of this new Trump era, have come to the conclusion that, as shepherds, they need to be with their flocks.  And they now know that their flock is no longer a Democrat flock, and not likely to return to that fold in any definitive way.  As a further calculation, I believe that the bishops have recognized that if they lose the moral high ground – in the eyes of their flocks – on the all important social issues, the consequences could be dire.  They've already seen how Trump was able to speak over their heads to the faithful.  They can't afford to allow that to become a pattern....

Nope.  The Catholic Bishops are indeed shepherds.  Shepherds do not "follow" their flock; they lead or guide them.  The author's view is seriously jaundiced by his fixation on politics, which is not uber alles in the Church.  Far from it!

Sad to say, Cdl. Dolan's announcement is about 30 years late.  The Democrat Party's horrific stance on the life issue--THE one that matters--has been solid for at least that long, Sen. Bob Casey notwithstanding.   Gov. Cuomo's "invitation" for Catholics to leave New York State because there is no room for "pro-life" people there is merely the capstone of what's been a-building since 1968.

Cdl. Dolan is joining some Catholics who have voted against the (D)s for years, but he will be leading a large group who have been voting for Mom, Dad, and Grandpa's (D) party since the 1930's out of there and into a party which (I remind you) was once as pro-abortion as the Democrats are now.

Just ask Barbara Bush about that.

While you're at it, ask Paul Ryan about funding Planned Parenthood again.

So We Should Listen to THESE People?

It's clear that CNN didn't plan on this outcome.

Some of these children cannot add 1+1 and get two--and they are almost voters.

Can One Be THIS Ignorant?

Glommed from PowerLine.  It's their "correction of the month." 

Ignorance, not "fake news."  And this is the WSJ, once considered the paragon of accuracy.

Ace's Gorilla Has It

This was worth stealing.

"The gun control issue is actually pretty simple if you look to see who's on either side. Those who believe in 2A rights are usually decent, hard-working citizens more comfortable with their churches or communities than in a gargantuan federal government. On the other side, you have a whole degenerate parade of dictators, would-be dictators, busy-bodies, power-mad politicians, tatted out basement-dwellers with multi-colored hair, broke baristas, overweight feminist banshees, sissified soy boys, media potato-heads on CNN, know-nothing-because-they've-been-taught-nothing high school students, pig-ignorant gender studies majors, inbred college professors, Salon editors driven mad by their own inferiority, and assorted commies, pinkos, twinks, wonks, and weirdos..."  --from Oregon Muse at AOSHQ


Time to Short Tesla? Another Silicon Valley Fraud

Clearly, Elon Musk has no clue about manufacturing anything except Government-grant money.

...Concern is growing over Tesla’s poor production performance. It managed to build a mere 260 Model 3s between July and September of 2017. That number is well below the 1,500 Tesla promised before the end of the fourth quarter of said year. Total orders for the wallet-friendly vehicle tumbled from a high of 518,000 to 455,000.

Production on the highly touted vehicle was expected to expand from 100 cars in August to 1,500 in September then plateau to 20,000 per month in December 2017. CEO Elon Musk promised to eventually produce 20,000 cars per month. The falling numbers coincide with Tesla’s inability to turn a profit....

20K/month by LAST December, eh?

Musk is just another Silicon Valley fraud.  Some steal shareholder money, others steal personal information.  Soon Congress will be involved, because when it comes to stealing, that's CONGRESS' territory, ya'know.

UPDATE:  It's worse than that.

...Moody’s cut Tesla’s overall rating to B3, or six levels below investment grade, from B2 and said its outlook on the company is negative. Tesla’s $1.8 billion of senior unsecured notes, issued in August, were downgraded to Caa1, seven steps into junk, from B3....

He has to find $2BN in the next 90 days.  Is Barnum right?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Becky Dallet's SanFran Values

She's so cute.  Such an achiever!!  Married to that nice man, has children....

And Becky loves San Francisco Values!!

In November of 2017 alone, 6,211 needles were collected while via the 311 App (the “concerned citizen” reporting app set up by recently deceased San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee), 1,498 requests were made to clean up human feces. The public defecation problem has become so intolerable in San Francisco that private citizens have built an online map to track the concentrations of poop in the city, so that pedestrians may know to avoid certain areas.

And it’s not just poop. The overwhelming smell of urine on parts of Mission Street and Market Street would make your nose bleed. I recall the first time I rode BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, San Francisco’s subway system) and was nearly knocked over by the sheer stench of the station. I was surprised to learn that exiting the station supplied little to no relief — the urine smell hangs heavy in the more populated areas of the city and is nearly inescapable. In a dark twist of humor, the city has had to replace numerous different street poles due to urine eroding the foundation....quoted at AOSHQ

That's what Becky--such a NICE girl!!!--wants to bring to Wisconsin, along with that San Fran money she collected a few weeks back.

Pp. Francis v. Pp. Francis

The Pope spoke to yout's yesterday.

Pope Francis, starting Holy Week services leading to Easter, urged young people on Sunday to keep shouting and not allow the older generations to silence their voices or anesthetize their idealism....

Well, yes.  Except for SOME yout's...

...I checked in with the online community in the Pre-Synod English group and discovered a very different dialogue going on to the one present to us. There was a huge online community asking for the Extraordinary Form to be represented in the document, and I realised going through these comments that we as a writing team had not been shown the wealth of online commenting. We were given only a summary of these comments, and so I was saddened to see that many in this group felt disheartened or not listened to....

Orwell would recognize this, of course.  There are "less equal" yout's.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Smarts of Munchkins

So some of the Million Munchkin Marchers were interviewed.

It's very sad.

Ya'know, I thought that Jay Leno's interviews of various adults and college students were faked--that Leno's producers actually TOLD people to be dumber than a box of rocks.

Now I weep for the country.

The Lefty Tactic on "Gun Regulation": "Hunters!!!"

The local rag (Journal-Sentinel) has published two items in the last couple of days about the "gun regulation" matter.

One was an editorial written by a hunter.

The other was a "news" item concentrating on a bunch of hunters.

Notice something?  Yup.....the noun "hunter."  THAT is the tactic the Left will be using for the foreseeable future to dress up their gun-control flapjaw.  After all, "hunters" know about guns, know about safety, know about whacking Bambis and goose-es.....right? 

So the hunters are experts on the Second Amendment.....which was NOT written to enable Hunters, Hunter safety, Bambi-shoots, or goose dinners.  It was written to DIS-able tyrants, whether (R), (D),--or worse, if that's imaginable.

Let them shout "SQUIRREL!!!!" all they want, but keep your eyes fixed on the real prize:  liberty.

And let all 200 readers of that newspaper think about hunting.  

About 50 Years Late, Cdl. Dolan!

It appears that Cardinal Dolan is "woke."

...The values Archbishop Hughes and Dolores Grier cherished — the dignity and sanctity of human life, the importance of Catholic schools, the defense of a baby’s civil rights — were, and still are, widely embraced by Catholics. This often led Catholics to become loyal Democrats. I remember my own grandmother whispering to me, “We Catholics don’t trust those Republicans.”

Such is no longer the case, a cause of sadness to many Catholics, me included. The two causes so vigorously promoted by Hughes and Grier—the needs of poor and middle-class children in Catholic schools, and the right to life of the baby in the womb — largely have been rejected by the party of our youth. An esteemed pro-life Democrat in Illinois, Rep. Dan Lipinski, effectively was blacklisted by his own party. Last year, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez insisted that pro-life candidates have no place in the modern Democratic Party....

Gee.  Really?  The (D) Party lost its senses and lurched anti-Catholic right around 1968; it was only a matter of time before they went full-metal-jacket contra the Church.

You were not "woke" while you were in Wisconsin, watching Doyle & Co. stuff money into Murder, Inc. Planned Parenthood.  What changed?

The Million (Aged) Munchkin March

You can look at all the pictures and video from the local TeeVee news sources, and even the print stuff.....go ahead, I'll wait.

OK, done?

Then you noticed that about half of the Marching Munchkins were well over the age of 30, no?

That's about the same proportions as you'll find on the gun ranges!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pick'N'Save to Drop Gun Publications

The girlyboys who run Kroger (and Pick'N'Save in Wisconsin) have decided to stop selling gun periodicals.

...An accompanying list detailed the initial 57 specific publications to be removed. The list includes familiar titles: Guns & Ammo, Guns Magazine, Firearm News, Military Surplus, Modern Firearms, On Target, Recoil, Rifle Shooter, S.W.A.T., Special Weapons, Tactical Firearms, Gun Buyer Annual, Gun Guide, Gun World, and World of Firepower. All told, fifty-seven distinct UPC coded publications will be pulled.

Looking at the list, it seems to be guided by a fairly simple baseline: if it mentions the AR-style rifle, it is set for removal. Those removals include annuals, buyer’s guides, special editions and other titles....

There is no mention of assault-foods such as weaponized beans.

Man Arrested at 160 MPH; Need Car Control!!!

This is another example of Why We Need Car-Sale Control.

...The incident began just after Trooper Dustin Eggert finished helping a stranded motorist on the toll road at about 7 p.m. Eggert was merging back into traffic when he saw the Hellcat blast past at well beyond the 70-mph speed limit, allegedly weaving through traffic and — shock! — not using a turn signal for lane changes. With a Bandit on his hands, Eggert took the role of Smokey, and just like Burt Reynolds movies, couldn't catch the offender. Seems that Indiana State Police Dodge Charger Pursuit vehicles are speed limited to 150 mph, allowing the Hellcat to pull away.

Eggert radioed for officers ahead to look out for the red baron, but received an assist before other LEOs swooped in: Eggert caught up to the Hellcat 11 miles down the road when the red coupe got held up behind two semis driving next to one another on the two-lane toll road. Sandoval pulled over, admitted he was doing a little more than 160 mph, then delivered The "Maryland" Defense unfazed by the fact that Maryland was more than 500 miles from his location. Turns out that 38-year-old Sandoval, from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, was also unbothered by driving on an expired license

EXPIRED LICENSE???  He was driving a car using an EXPIRED LICENSE??  You mean that there was NO BACKGROUND CHECK before he bought the car??? 

Oh.  Wait.  That march is later this morning.

Never mind.

The Trump Budget Signature

Vox, who is personally acquainted with the Deep State's slimeball tactics, has a few pertinent questions about this budget deal (whereby Catholic-boy Paul Ryan funded Planned Parenthood again.)

...Do you really think it is a coincidence that the Playboy and porn star stories are front and center on every media outlet while his daughter-in-law is divorcing his son, Theresa May is trying to start a war with Russia, and the stock market is undergoing daily 400-point swings? Do you seriously believe these things are not related to the God-Emperor taking the scalps of the #1 and #2 at the FBI, firing his Secretary of State, and the recent revelations about Facebook?
And do you not understand what these things represent on the Deep State's part? They represent desperation. They represent fear. They represent real change and they are the early signs of something important. I thought James Woods put it well in response to ex-CIA director John Brennan's open threats to the President.

You couldn’t get a toothpick up this guy’s ass with a pound of Vaseline right now. You’re next, swamp rat....

That "god-emperor" stuff is ,....yah.....well.  Otherwise, a very good series of questions, indeed.

McCabe is a Stupid, Vengeful Asshole, Too

Below, we mentioned that Andrew McCabe is a greedy bastard who WILL get his ~$60K/year Fed pension (the full one) at age 57.  We also mentioned that Poor Andy Waah Waah Waah is the nightmare of actual US citizens like Gen. Mike Kelly.

So it ain't coincidence that Mike Kelly was a big problem for Asshole (Waaah Waaah Waaah) Andy, is it?

Brief backstory:  a female Feeb, Gritz, had been on the 9/11 case since 9/11.  Single minded, hard-ass pursuit of ALL the bad guys in that case.

Then Gritz was transferred to McCabe's group.  He was her superior.

...In 2013, she filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against her FBI supervisors alleging sexual discrimination and hostile work environment. In 2014, she amended her complaint by averring that she suffered “a hostile [work] environment, defamation of character through continued targeting by Andrew McCabe.”

The FBI’s response claimed that she had become “underperforming, tardy to work, insubordinate, possibly mentally ill…”

So how was Gritz going to survive that kind of attack by the world’s greatest law enforcement agency? Enter General Flynn.....

"Aha!!!" You say.  "The same General Flynn that McCabe & Co. lied about?  The very same one who is selling his house to pay the legal fees he incurred due to the Comey/McCabe/Mueller Asshole Team of Assholes???"

Yes, indeed.  Why would Asshole Andy ruin Flynn?  Easy.

...In May 2014, Flynn provided a letter on Pentagon stationery which stated that Gritz “was well-known, liked and respected in the military counter-terrorism community for her energy, commitment and professional capacity, and over the years worked in several interagency groups on counter-terrorism targeting initiatives.” He added, “Her work consistently produced outstanding results in the most challenging environments.”

In 2015, Flynn publicly supported Gritz in an NPR broadcast in which he questioned why Gritz had been driven out of the FBI. Citing her years of valuable national security experience, he praised her as one of the “bright lights and shining stars” in the intelligence community. He added that she “just kinda got it when it came to the kind of enemy that we are facing and the relationship that was necessary between law enforcement and the military… and I just thought she was really a real pro.”
Subsequently, Gritz’s lawyer notified the EEOC that Flynn and other top officials would be witnesses on her behalf. The FBI’s predictably futile and laughable effort to preclude such testimony was unsuccessful, and McCabe was required to submit an opposing sworn statement to EEOC investigators....

Then McCabe, the "ultra-smart lawyer", did what Hubris told him to do:  he REALLY f*****d up.

...He admitted under oath that the FBI had started an internal investigation into Gritz’s personal conduct after learning that she “had filed or intended to file” a sex discrimination complaint against her supervisors. This bone-headed statement constituted an unequivocal and legally fatal admission that the FBI had illegally retaliated...

And he didn't stop there.  Nosirreee!!

...Two weeks after Gritz filed her EEOC complaint, McCabe had her investigated by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility for “time card irregularities”. This inspired move constituted yet another illegal retaliatory act and pure gold for Gritz’s case....

So you have a greedy fool and a cheap-trick punk paper-pushing asshole all wrapped up into one:  Andrew "Waaah Waaah Wahhh" McCabe.

That, friends, is why Flynn is living on the street and why the Feebs need a very serious decapitation by Jeff Sessions.

And that is going to happen.  Bet on it. As to McCabe:  honor demands hara-kiri.

Po', Po', Poooooor Andy McCabe!

Actually, McCabe is just a greedy bastardHe'll get that full pension at age 57.

Not being able to retire at 50 will likely have a significant financial impact on McCabe’s federal retirement income.

His pension income has been estimated by various news sources to have been in the range of $55,000 – $60,000 upon retirement at 50. Instead of retiring at 50, he would delay retirement until 57 or as late as 62. That could put the value of his uncollected pension in the range of $500,000 or so.

How will Po' Po' Poooooor Andy make up that $500K loss??

Glad you asked!!

...He is an attorney with degrees from Duke University and Washington University at St. Louis with a net worth estimated to be about $11 million and an annual income of about $900,000 (according to several websites). Obviously, most of that income is not from his federal salary....

Well, THERE's a topic for a Congressional investigation if I ever saw one.  

"Worst Nightmares", Andrew?

This is the "waaah waaaah, wahhhh" from Andrew McCabe:

...At worst, I was not clear in my responses, and because of what was going on around me may well have been confused and distracted — and for that I take full responsibility. But that is not a lack of candor. And under no circumstances could it ever serve as the basis for the very public and extended humiliation of my family and me that the administration, and the president personally, have engaged in over the past year

Could have been written by General Mike Kelly, eh?

The "Worst Nightmare" US citizens have is waking up to FBI Big Shots who serially lie and leak to disrupt the US Government to cause Constitutional crises.  THAT is a nightmare, jackwad..

Face it, Andrew:  you are a piece of shit.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Enterprise Rental Buys Mayfair Rental

Well, there's one less rent-a-car outfit in SE Wisconsin, and the anti-Second Amendment outfit bought it up.  Mayfair rental sold to Enterprise.

So.  No Enterprise, no Alamo, no National, no Mayfair.  None of them give a flying fadoodle about your self-defense, or the defense of your family, or your country.

Plenty left!!  Avis, Dollar, Budget--to name three national outfits.

Announcement From Planned Parenthood

Heard through the grapevine that there will soon be a "Paul Ryan" PP clinic.

Named for the good Catholic boy who told pro-lifers that he "de-funded" Planned Parenthood.

Except that he didn't.

Also hear that it will be selling select, fresh, baby parts.  Some mumbling about a couple of Wisconsin legislators who have been heroic in keeping that business sector alive. 

I dunno, "X's Baby Parts Express" or something.

Smooth Move, RoJo!!

Senator Ron Johnson--who will never again face re-election--was on the radio this morning telling us that the budget resolution Trump signed was "a terrible way to run an organization".....and "a terrible budget...."

Etc.  You get the drift:  RoJo thinks that it sucked.  Which it does!!

So what did RoJo do about it?

He voted FOR it, of course.   He could have voted against it; there were 64 "YEA" votes.  But no.  He tells the adoring crowds that the bill is terrible, and he votes for it.  Because.

Smooth move, Ron.

Budget Cave-In Votes

Ninety Republicans voted AGAINST Paul Ryan's Democrat Dreams budget.  That's the one that funds a big ditch in New York for $30 billion, but NOT a wall to stop drugs and slave labor.

Priorities, ya'know.

As to who voted AGAINST:

Not Duffy, of the North Woods.

Not Ryan, of course.  He's still funding Planned Parenthood.

Against it:  Sensenbrenner and Grothman.  But I don't believe Grothman was "against it."  There were plenty of "YEA" votes, so Grothman was given a pass by Ryan, ergo Grothman could pretend to be a conservative running up to the fall election.

He'll go back to Ryan-ism as soon as the election's over.  Who knows?  He might be promoted from go-pher, too!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Little Cock Robin

"Who killed Cock Robin?" "I," said the Sparrow,
"With my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin."
"Who saw him die?" "I," said the Fly,
"With my little eye, I saw him die."
"Who caught his blood?" "I," said the Fish,
"With my little dish, I caught his blood."
"Who'll make the shroud?" "I," said the Beetle,
"With my thread and needle, I'll make the shroud."
"Who'll dig his grave?" "I," said the Owl,
"With my pick and shovel, I'll dig his grave."
In today's news, "Cock Robin" Vos is scheming to make private (father-son, friend-friend) gun sales illegal in Wisconsin.  (An alternative version of his name is "Little Cock" Robin, FYI.)

Who'll dig HIS grave??

Better Than Redistricting: Deleting!!

Since the Extreme Left sues over any redistricting, Walker's Boyzzz have found a better way to get elected, and re-elected, and re-elected.

They simply deleted 300,000 or so Milwaukee voters.

This is FAR less labor-intensive than the Chicago Way, which requires Extreme Leftists to stay at a polling place all night casting votes for Cemetery Occupants.

We knew computer automation could save money!

Permanent War Party Wins Again

We must have some National Interest in Yemen, eh?

Well--that's what McYertle (a very rich man due to the ChiComs) thinks.  He's committed US forces to Yemen so the Saudi Arabians can whack the Houthis.  And yes, Trump is a co-conspirator.

Yah.  Hell, Yah!!!  Whacking Houthis is DEFINITELY in the interest of all of us here in Flyover Country.  /sarc

$30 Billion Ditch in NYC, $0 for The Wall

That's what Congress is about to do to you, and your children, and your grandchildren.

Another $Trillion deficit--and Planned Parenthood gets funded (Hi, Paul Ryan!!).

Sure, there's money for The Wall!  They'll take it out of the Defense budget.

It's no wonder Putin laughs at the USA.  Congress exists.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Deneen, the Pessimist

Whatever you may think of Trump--or the Elites--you'll find little consolation in this essay from Patrick Deneen.

...After more than two centuries, we can no longer assert the compatibility of Christianity and liberalism. Liberalism is ascendant, but its victory will be pyrrhic. A ­society solely premised upon a shared belief in individual differentiation will end in a war of all against all. The state of nature lies not in an imagined past; it is plainly visible in a near and all too real future.

The new aristocrats believe we have transcended the need for Christianity, which they regard as a myth no less mendacious than Plato’s noble lie. They believe that by dispelling the old myths, they can become the vanguard of an ever more equal society. They blind themselves to the fact that this claim is a form of status maintenance, allowing denial of a deeper commonality with those they regard as benighted and backward. Elites denounce the “populists” while denying that they have fomented a class war. They deplore the obnoxiousness of Donald Trump, perfectly obtuse of their complicity in his ascent. 

We are in uncharted territory. Liberalism coexisted with Christianity for its entire history, with Christianity moderating the harder edges of the regnant political philosophy, supporting forms and practices that demanded from elites the recognition of their elevated status, and hence, corresponding responsibilities and duties to those less fortunate. The thoroughgoing disdain and dismissiveness of today’s elites toward the working class is a reflection of our newfound “enlightenment,” just as is the belief among the lower class that only a strong and equally disdainful leader can constrain the elites. Liberalism has achieved its goal of emptying the public square of the old gods, leaving it a harsh space of contestation among unequals who no longer see any commonality. Whether that square can be filled again with newly rendered stories of old telling us of a common origin and destination, or whether it must simply be dominated by whoever proves the strongest, is the test of our age. ...


The nineteenth century decided to have no religious authority. The twentieth century seems disposed to have any religious authority.

It seems that the 21st Century is retroverting to the 19th.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Stupid Party: Still in the 1990's

Just had a brief and somewhat civil exchange with a classical Wisconsin Pubbie who is carrying the water for classical Pubbie causes, such as "free trade."  (Clearly, he didn't check with Abe Lincoln about that "classical" Pubbie position, but.....oh, well.)

Our Governor, and a bunch of other Pubbie folk here, have been waving "The Sky Is Falling" signs here in the barnyard, convinced that the (D) Party will wreak havoc on the pubbies.  This is not merely a fund-raising ploy; after all, off-year elections are generally horrible for the party which owns the White House.

But here's a question:  WHICH Party owns the White House?  Trump is not a Democrat, although he loves him them (D) deficits.  He's only a marginal Republican, although he loves him some Constitutional-type judges.

Could he..........holy switcheroo, Batman!!  Is he a Shape-Shifter??

Nah.  He's kind of a Ronald Reagan.  And as some of us recall, Reagan won by securing the votes of "Reagan Democrats."  

Think I'm wrong, eh?  Let's look at Pennsylvania, where a 'moderate' Democrat prevailed just a week ago.  THIS is the district which Trump took by 20%.  Twenty percent!

...Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District is a classic “Reagan Democrat” district, where the party of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy still holds a 46 percent to 41 percent registration edge even though Republicans now win most, but not all, of the elections. Senator Bob Casey, Jr., carried the district by 11 points in ousting Rick Santorum in 2006, when Casey was still seen as a culturally conservative, pro-life Democrat in the mold of his father, the late Governor Bob Casey. In his 2012 reelection campaign, however, when his liberal colors had become clearer, Casey, Jr. lost the 18th by nine points. The last Democrat to represent the area in Congress, Frank Mascara, who served from 1995 through 2002, got his college degree at 41 and opposed gun control and abortion. Some 23 percent of the district’s voters are union members, compared to 11 percent nationwide....

[The preceding Congressman was a Republican]  ...reliably right-wing on social issues and even most fiscal issues, Murphy had a lifetime AFL-CIO score of 44 percent, making him one of the most labor-friendly Republicans in the House....Murphy was a Trumpian long before Trump. He was defying some Republican economic orthodoxy while reaching out to union members and stressing the kind of right-of-center issues that appeal to normal people, not just Ayn Rand buffs....

So the Stupid Party runs this guy:

...GOP candidate Rick Saccone said he “was Trump before Trump was Trump,” unlike Murphy, he wasn’t. Rather, other than supporting Trump’s tariff plan (de rigueur in southwest Pennsylvania) he ran on his record as a traditional anti-union fiscal conservative....

He was also as inspiring as a glass of brackish-warm water on a hot summer's day.  But let's stick with the red-highlighted text here.  

When the Wisconsin (D) Senatorial candidate comes out for quasi-tariff legislation, does the Pubbie Party think she is trying to LOSE?   Was it just coincidence that she took that position within 10 days of Trump's tariff announcement?  HELL, NO!!  She had to move that fast to grab some of the momentum--of which there was a metric crap-ton going with Trump.

But our Pubbie pals will not support Trump's tariffs.  Nosirree, Bob!!  Fuggedaboutid.  Let Eau Claire, Janesville, and Neenah--the subject of Tammy's commercial--go hang.  We, the Pubbies, are going to let China disembowel US manufacturing because that's what Ricardo, the Koch Boys, and Von Mises tell us to do.

Oh, yes, there's more.

...He [Trump] understood the GOP is an increasingly working-class party, that much of the party’s base is “part of the ‘47 percent’” that Mitt Romney vilely dismissed as “takers,” and that “blue-collar conserv­atism . . . built on a broad range of social values issues” and featuring “accommo­dation of the economic interests of the party’s voters”...

...As F. H. Buckley has written, drawing on recent Voter Study Group data showing that 73 percent of voters are liberal on economic issues such as taxes and inequality but 52 percent are conservative on social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and immigration, “the sweet spot in American politics, the place where elections are won, is the socially conservative and economically liberal quadrant.”
By contrast, the fashionable “socially liberal but economically conservative libertarians” represent less than 4 percent of the electorate....

Well.  Scott Walker is gingerly pushing a few 'economically liberal' positions such as giving away $100.00 for every child in the State, and giving away a bunch of money to a diaper plant.  These happen to be so awkward that they are embarrassing, but Walker seems to have a clue.

(Why not $100.00 to each tax-paying resident, Scott?  Why not a 0.5% reduction in corporate tax for all corporations?)  EDIT TO ADD:  On the other hand, Walker could propose NO $100.00 tax gifts, and NO tax holidays.  He could use the cash to pay down State debt instead--which is a mutually-agreeable use of the money.

And just for fun the author addresses the Pubbie Blowhards who wrung their hands over the NW Wisconsin Senate loss:  (I'm looking at YOU over there at the JSOnline op-ed page).

.....we’re likely to be hearing a lot of the usual hand-wringing from both parties’ chattering classes in the wake of PA-18 about how the GOP has to win back Hillary Clinton’s affluent professionals. But the culturally trendy upper and upper-middle classes have been moving away from the Republican Party for at least 30, if not 50, years, long before Donald Trump came down the escalator. At this point, to be blunt, they’re never going to vote for us again no matter how many third trimester babies we abort, transgenders we let into the girls’ locker room, and illegal aliens we give sanctuary to

Oh, well.

Denver Gummint Learns Something

The Captain has a life-lesson post for Gummints.

In January, the Denver City Council approved a ban on the possession of bump stocks and police have told people they need to turn them in. More than two months later, police have not received a single one....

...The measure that was passed also removed the “grandfather clause” that enabled people to have a magazine with a capacity of 15 rounds or more if they bought it before 2013....

And The Captain has a great meme just for this occasion!!

Gummint:  "Turn it in."

Citizen:   “No.  Your move.”

Make my day.

Hey, Paul!! Tell Us Again About Planned Parenthood!

Paul Ryan was bragging about 'de-funding Planned Parenthood' when he was eating free food at the Right-to-Life dinners.

Uh-huh.  They should get their food back.

Why Girly-Boys Are Bad for America

Ace ruminates a bit about an essay on the usual crap:  White Male Privilege.  He quotes from a piece by someone named Will Leitch, then from the counter-punch at The Federalist.  Summing up the Federalist piece:

Big picture, his idea is simple and obviously true: Boys have an innate bias towards impulsiveness, daring, aggression, and, yes, even to violence, and it's precisely by training boys how to channel these sometimes good, sometimes bad impulses into positive directions that we turn boys into well-functioning men....

That necessarily includes instruction on self-restraint, which happens to be a major theme of Patrick Deneen's in the context of democratic government.  Self-restraint is the antithesis of the "live for today" mentality of classical Liberal materialism, and certainly the antithesis of the amoral/moral relativity bunch such as Planned Barrenhood and the Queer Movement. 

It is not co-incidence that SCOTUS has blessed the Queer Agenda and Barrenhood.

Actual manhood must be re-emphasized; PajamaBoys should be kept in closets.


"Catholic" College? Not Really.

Providence College, run by Dominicans, claims to be "Catholic."

That's false.  It is not willing to defend What Is True.

Catholic college students are threatening, harassing, and targeting a Resident Advisor (RA), including with a cartoon depicting him being anally raped, for posting a bulletin board affirming Catholic teaching on marriage.... response to repeated vandalism of the bulletin board and other student employees threateningly congregating outside the Catholic RA’s door – requiring campus security to move Smalanskas to a safe, undisclosed location – the college’s president, a Dominican priest, said “it belongs to a Catholic college to consider the views of those who disagree with the Church’s teaching.” Another administrator, Vice President of Student Affairs Kristine Goodwin, sent an email to student leaders on March 14 encouraging them to attend a protest “against homophobia and transphobia,”...

PajamaBoy President and Relative-Morality VP.  Sorry; that's not "Catholic."

Trump to Hit Red Chinese Again

Looks like the President is sending another message to the Chinese Communists.

President Donald Trump will announce Friday a host of new tariffs on Chinese imports, a Monday report from The Washington Post claims....the tariffs will be applied to more than 100 products the president argues were developed “by using trade secrets the Chinese stole from U.S. companies or forced them to hand over in exchange for market access.”

There are two well-known stories about ChiCom theft, one about Briggs & Stratton, the other about Chrysler.  But those two outfits are hardly the only ones.  The Clintons infamously gave the Communists both nuclear AND guided-missile tech secrets in exchange for ChiCom cash for Bill's campaign.

It will be interesting to see what gets hit this time.

Once again, for Senator Ron Johnson:  EVADE THE TARIFFS!!  BUY AMERICAN!!!

Dems Veto Wall Again

Call this what you like, but the Party of Slave Labor (yes, the Democrats) have vetoed the wall, again.

...The Democrats would only agree to the wall funding if Trump agreed to citizenship for at least 1.8 million younger illegals, not just work permits for the 680,000 DACA enrollees.

Citizenship for the 1.8 million illegals would also mean citizenship for millions of their chain-migration relatives and would create a legal precedent to justify giving citizenship to all subsequent waves of children illegally brought into the United States by their illegal-immigrant parents. That Democratic counter-proposal would also have stripped Trump of the leverage to win other popular immigration reforms, including ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery, and closing legal loopholes in border security....

The Democrats.  Slavery then, slavery now, slavery forever!!

How to Avoid Tariffs, Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson is running around Wisconsin bleating about tariffs.  Again. 

He's joined by a number of local RadioMouths, and they all mouth the same line:  "Tariffs are a TAX on US citizens!!  DOOM!  GLOOM!!"

Bull&^%t, Ron.

Unlike the income tax, the sales tax, and the gas tax, one can evade the tariff "tax" easily:


And Buying American has another couple of advantages:  it's legal, and keeps your neighbors working!

Oh, and Ron:  start thinking VERY hard about what sort of campaign message the Pubbies want to send in the upcoming elections, eh?  You want to send the message that Chinese coolies in Communist China are more important than US citizen-workers?

Maybe you want to think again, Ron

About Facebook "Friends Data"

While the Usual Suspects (NYSlimes, Gannett, etc.) are trying desperately to make this into a Trump and Bannon scandal, Bloomberg raises some other points.

...Here, in a nutshell, is the CA scandal. In 2014, Aleksandr Kogan, an academic of Russian origin at Cambridge University in the U.K., built a Facebook app that paid hundreds of thousands of users to take a psychological test. Apart from their test results, the users also shared the data of their Facebook friends with the app. Kogan sold the resulting database to CA, which Facebook considers a violation of its policies: The app was not allowed to use the data for commercial purposes. Carol Cadwalladr and Emma Graham-Harrison, writing for the U.K. publication Observer, quoted former CA employee Christopher Wylie as saying the firm "broke Facebook" on behalf of Stephen Bannon, the ideologue and manager behind the Trump campaign.....

Yah, that sounds just awful--except that Bannon & Co. learned that trick from someone else.

...It didn't escape keen observers that if the Trump campaign used Facebook user data harvested through an app, it did no more than Barack Obama's 2012 data-heavy re-election campaign. It's not documented exactly how Obama's team gathered oodles of data on potential supporters, but a deep dive into the tech side of that campaign by Sasha Issenberg mentioned how "'targeted sharing' protocols mined an Obama backer’s Facebook network in search of friends the campaign wanted to register, mobilize, or persuade." To do this, the protocols would need to use the same feature of the Facebook platform for developers, discontinued in 2015, that allowed apps access to a user's friends' profiles -- with the user's consent, as Facebook invariably points out....

Yah, yah, "user's consent," blahblahbullshitblahblah....

But here's why FB shares took a dive yesterday--and it has nothing to do with "breach" or "agreement" or Bannon,

...The relevant question, however, is what a campaign can actually do with the ['psychological profile'] data. one should take the psychological profile stuff at face value. No academic work exists to link personality traits, especially those gleaned from the sketchy and often false information on Facebook profiles, definitively to political choices...

Hmmmm.  Of course, if these 'profiles' are faulty for politics, maybe they are faulty for OTHER things, like commerce?  And what's that about "...often false information on FB profiles..."???

Note well that Bloomberg mouths FB's company line about its data:

...Some studies have shown that Facebook ads can work quite well for businesses. 

....but then takes another look at "privacy" considerations:

If they also worked for Trump, the CA story is a red herring: It's Facebook's own data collection and the tools it makes available to clients that should be the target of scrutiny and perhaps regulation, both from a privacy perspective and for the sake of political transparency....

"Some studies"???  And now it's time for 'scrutiny and regulation'?

I smell flim-flam with pixels--and so did the market, yesterday.

Federal Employee Union Squealing Like a.....

Squealing like a stuck pig, as they say.

...The National Federation of Federal Employees similarly warned that the rare move from Sessions was a "purely punitive action" against McCabe, and a form of corruption on the part of Republicans that needs to be stopped.

"Regardless of Mr. McCabe's guilt or innocence, the system was manipulated at some level to intentionally inject pain on a career employee," NFFE Executive Director Steve Lenkart told the Washington Examiner.....

There's a pile of crap if there ever was one.  Yes, McCabe WAS 'punished.' That's because the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility said he needed punishment for his perjury and corrupt actions while at FBI.

NFFE knows that the clock is ticking on their gravy train.

It's about time.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Demolishing "Free Trade" Silliness

A while ago, we linked to this author's first defense of tariffs.  The current NeoCon Darling--Ben Shapiro--wrote his own essay arguing against tariffs and endorsing "free trade."

The original author, Spencer Morrision, pounced.  It's clear that Ben Shapiro really does not know what the arguments are, and more important, he does not know what the stakes are.

Not gonna excerpt it.  You have to read it.  But beware; if you are a "Free Trade" type, you will spend a lot of time sputtering and drooling, but ZERO time responding intelligently.

Think Again About Jeff Sessions

This is VERY impressive.

Back in 2011, the indomitable Peter Schweizer published Throw Them All Out, a detailed examination of political corruption as it is actually practiced in the halls of Congress.

In his investigation, Schweizer found one single member of Congress against whom no allegations could be held – who had never taken a dime that was not his, had never cut any backroom deals, had never, simply put, played the game.

That individual was Jeff Sessions.
We have been persuaded that Sessions has a lot of action coming down the pike.  Stay tuned.


'Julius and Ethel' Ohr??

This is a tantalizing SPECULATION, ain'a?

...When Admiral Mike Rogers shut down contractor access to the NSA/FBI database (April 18th, 2016) the outside group needed a workaround. That’s where DOJ official Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie Ohr come into play. {Go Deep} The DOJ side of the operation was conducted within the National Security Division (John P Carlin head). {Go Deep} The DOJ-NSD via Bruce Ohr, could use the NSA/FBI database and pass information to, and receive information from, Nellie Ohr.
Nellie was hired by Fusion-GPS immediately after Admiral Rogers shut down the FBI ‘contractor’ use of the system. Nellie would be the go-between.  Nellie, working for Fusion GPS, took the raw intel (search results) from Bruce and passed it along to Christopher Steele....

By the way, Nellie Ohr has LOTS of Russian contacts.  

And for those of you who don't like comparing the convicted Rosenberg traitors to the Ohr couple, bear in mind that the Ohrs were part of a conspiracy to whitewash Hillary Clinton's un-secured server usage.

Just as were Lynch & Holder, and of course, Obama.

Confirmed: (D) Voters Are Kinda Stupid

While the writer at AOSHQ is in high dudgeon about this exchange, we are not.  The 2A works both ways, and we're not about to curtail a civilized discussion, even though THIS President is a teddy bear compared to the LAST one.  Let's face it:  Trump can't get appointments confirmed to DoJ and his enemies are everywhere in Government:  Obama's nasties occupy most of DoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, and IRS, not to mention EPA, HHS, Education, and the Pentagon.

Who's kidding whom?

Anyway, here's the exchange.

Rep. Tom Suozzi made the remark to constituents at a town hall last week, saying that folks opposed to Trump might resort to the “Second Amendment.” 

"It's really a matter of putting public pressure on the president," Suozzi said in a newly released video of the March 12 talk in Huntington. "This is where the Second Amendment comes in quite frankly, because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?"

A listener then blurts out, "What’s the second amendment?"
Umnnhhh.....well.....prolly a PublickScrewels grad, eh?

Mueller Not A Man in Full

OK, you have to know the literature of Tom Wolfe to get the headline reference....

But Mueller and his mob are breaking Rule #1 of that novel; you can see them sweating.

Get the popcorn, this will soon end badly for Mueller, the FBI, the DoJ, State, and the Democrat gaggle of goonies in Congress.

Wouldn't be surprised if a large number of lawyers lose their licenses, either.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Remember "Decimation"? Meet Mr. McCabe

The original meaning of the term 'decimation' is no longer current, but Jeff Sessions just used the technique on Mr. McCabe.

Another pundit alludes to it here:

This decision will encourage agents to trust coming forward. Others who had during the clique's time in charge got buried and mistreated and it kept agents from coming forward.  --Housely, quoted at Thinker  (N.B.:  Housely thinks that the firing has nothing to do with Presidential politics.)

Experienced parents also use the technique, as do experience schoolteachers.  Just as in the McCabe case, it no longer requires murder........even if you think it's justified.

Christie and Gowdy, Sittin' in a Tree.....

We already know that Rep. Gowdy is going to protect the Establishment/Deep State whenever possible.  We know that because Gowdy pulls his punches ALL the time, and is making lovey-dovey comments about Mueller & Co.

Now comes the ex-Gov of New Jersey, by co-incidence (???) another Federal prosecutor in background, who says the same words about Mueller.

Imagine that!   The object of their joint affections is another Fed prosecutor (and not that good a one, either.)

Did Facebook Data Elect Trump?

Althouse has three (THREE!!) posts on the latest Democrat attempt to depose the President.  This one claims that Trump's campaign 'abused' Facebook data to influence the election.

If you read the long, long, story about some Canadian kid with pink hair who developed a theory about.......whatever.........and Bannon bought the theory and then some scumbag Ph.D. double-crossed somebody else and (did you know that Ph.D. is a RUSSIAN!!????) and then there were ads on Facebook and ......Did you know that Facebook is a scuzzy capitalist PROFIT outfit???

But keep reading, and you'll find out that the Russkis involved in all this actually began their de-legitimatizing of the election in 2014--before Trump had announced.


Here's the trenchant Althouse thought on the whole matter:

Can anyone explain why there is so much fear of targeted political advertising? If it's as dangerous as they act like they think then people are so weak-minded that democracy should be broken and we might as well let the machines take over.

Unmmnnnhhhh.....yah.  Maybe the (D) voters are that stupid, which is why the (D) politicians are the super-screechers here.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Friendly Advice for McCabe

I consider this guy McCabe to be an Enemy of the State, but that doesn't mean I can't offer him some friendly advice.

President Trump and fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe have unleashed a war of words over McCabe's abrupt dismissal, with the president calling it a "great day" and the FBI official saying he would no longer remain silent after a "relenting assault" by Trump and other critics on his reputation and service.  ...

Here's the advice, Andy:  before you run your weaselly mouth, hire a very good lawyer.

The Fun Only Just Began With McCabe

Most of you realize that when the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility says "FIRE HIS ASS!!!" there's something very serious in the background.

Roger Simon thinks so, too....

...Forget Watergate. It will be the distant past once the Inspector General's reports—there apparently will be more than one—start to come out. This will be the "Gate of Gates."

From the FBI and across the intelligence agencies an astonishing number of people are going to find themselves accused, one can safely predict at this point, of some atrocious behavior in a free republic. And it will not just be the small change of Peter Strzok (the dimwitted director of counter-intelligence) and his gal pal Lisa Page. It will include—on one level or another—James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice and, almost inevitably, Barack Obama, not to mention others known and unknown....

Hillary.  Bill.  Hillary's COS at State.  Maybe not Biden--he's too stupid.  Pelosi and Schumer.

This will be delicious.

Karma Is A Nasty Master

It is reported that Toys R Us was a hefty contributor to Planned Parenthood.

It is also reported that Toys R Us' bankruptcy is in large part due to a very small cohort of under-12-year-old children.


McCabe, Comey, Under Criminal Investigation

Perhaps the most ferocious opponent of The Swamp is the Conservative Treehouse.

(OK, Andrew McCarthy ain't bad, either.)

He clearly has an 'insider's' take on events; he knows how to read Gummint-speak; he always distinguishes the precise nature of investigations; he also knows that criminal investigations usually take a lot of time.

And he knows that Jeff Sessions is nobody's fool, no matter what certain Talking Heads may say.

He ALSO knows--and names--the (R) Swamp-Protectors.

...the bad news is… the entity pushing today’s outrage du jour is the House Oversight Committee. Remember, the basic motives behind every single effort of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are political.

This is the Chaff and Countermeasures committee formerly led by Darryl Issa,… then Jason Chaffetz… and now Trey Gowdy.

Yeah, that.  The House Oversight Committee is 100% political and structured to protect the Swamp 100% of the time.  Issa, Chaffetz, Rosterhead…. same/same....

There's a LOT more solid information in that post.  He re-states that Sessions has had a Fed Prosecutor on this thing for 9 months or so.  The fun is just beginning.


Well, that's one popped pimple.

 BREAKING: Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he’s fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, effective immediately.
— The Associated Press (@AP)
There will be more, according to Hannity, who has a pipeline to Sara Carter.  And Sara Carter has been on the FBI LIES story since Day One.

Sammy Davis' voice with the exactly correct lyrics right here!

"I'm Your Judge, R. Dallet. How About Some Moola??"

It seems that the woman running for Supreme Court in Wisconsin has a "co-incidence" problem.

Just "by co-incidence," she asks for money from lawyers who have cases in her court.

And she doesn't waste time, either.  Six or eight weeks after she gets the case, you get an invoice solicitation.

Probably some sort of computer error, eh, Becky??

CIA's Brennan: Today's Gnostic Fraud

Several centuries ago, the Catholic Church faced down the Gnostic heresy.  It's still around, of course, and it's used by the CIASuccessfully!!

...Brennan's somber and self-righteous appeal to hidden secrets is the oldest con in the book. Just replace his top-secret computer monitor with a crystal ball or dried chicken bones, and his scam is the same one that Gypsy fortunetellers ran on superstitious peasants in early-modern Europe, or that soothsayers were operating in Homer’s Greece....

That's a very small part of an essay describing the con-job done by the Upper Class about Trump's "Russian" entanglement-that-ain't.

HT:  Ace

Mattis: "War Is Good!!" Umnnh...No

Gen. Mattis is wrong on this call.

Defense Secretary James Mattis supported his opposition to an upcoming Senate resolution that would remove US Armed Forces from Yemen, stating Thursday that keeping US forces in the region “is the best way to continue pushing this to a U.N.-brokered negotiation.”...

No, it's not--and frankly, the U.N. has been an Expensive Fail for the last 30 years or so.

If the Saudis have problems with Yemen, let the Saudis resolve it.  Maybe we can airdrop some MRE's or something.

Permanent War should not be part of the American agenda, General.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Go Ahead, Eric. Make My Day

Eric "Tough Hombre" Holder:

" the extent that they want to have a fight, let’s do it. You want to rumble, let’s rumble. You want to have a knife fight, we’re gonna do it.”...

Wow.  Pretty-boy lawyer from the District of Corruption talks tough, ain'a?

Ben Shapiro on Tariffs: Crap Piled on Crap Piled on......

Vox does a very good job of slicing and dicing Benny Shapiro's "economics".

We cited another American Greatness post a few days ago, so you are NO DOUBT clear on what that post said. 

Here, Vox dismantles Shapiro's response to a different Greatness post.  Shapiro's response consists of falsehoods, mis-statements, artful evasions, and general ignorance.  Once and for all, it would be smart of the Globaloney Free-Traders to dump Ricardo into the wastebasket.  His output is not going to help you in the least, pal.

But Shapiro is probably a nice young man.