Sunday, July 31, 2022

EPA's Slick Lying on "Heat Waves"

You may have noticed that "news" readers are reading the very same copy about "heat waves."

That's because the copy is generated by typists looking at EPA's very slick lying. go to [EPA's page titled “Climate Change Indicators: Heat Waves.”...

At the link, you will see a graphic.  But if you're too damned lazy to read the footnotes ("news" people fit that description) you won't notice some VERY important qualifiers.

...But then I slowed down and read more carefully and noticed some significant qualifiers, point by point:

  1. “Heat waves are occurring more often than they used to in major cities ….”
  2. “In recent years, the average heat wave in major U.S. urban areas ….”
  3. “The average heat wave season across the 50 cities ….”
  4. “During the 1960s, the average heat wave across the 50 cities ….”
  5. Of the 50 metropolitan areas in this indicator, 46 experienced a statistically significant increase in heat wave frequency between the 1960s and 2010s. Heat wave duration has increased significantly in 26 of these locations, the length of the heat wave season in 44, and intensity in 16 ….”

Huh. The labels in the graphs didn’t say anything about “major cities,” “urban areas,” “metropolitan areas.” They appeared to depict what happened for the whole United States.  .....

That was the point, of course.  "Appeared to depict" is exactly what the propagandists wanted.

If you've paid attention, you know that "major cities" are heat islands, trapping heat in asphalt and concrete--and as reported elsewhere, the temperature-measuring stations therein are 96% corrupted.

But there's more!

...Longer-term records show that heat waves in the 1930s remain the most severe in recorded U.S. history (see Figure 3). The spike in Figure 3 [Figure 3? What’s that?] reflects extreme, persistent heat waves in the Great Plains region during a period known as the “Dust Bowl.” Poor land use practices and many years of intense drought contributed to these heat waves by depleting soil moisture and reducing the moderating effects of evaporation...

Oh.  So the 1930's were worse.  THAT'S why the EPA charts started in 1961, you see.

And even more, yet!!

Remember those "largest metro areas" cited by EPA?  Where were they in the 1930's?  And where are they now?

...Of them, none were in the Great Plains region. By the way, only one, Baltimore.—in the northernmost of “Southern” states—was in the “Southern region,” none was in the Desert Southwest region, and only one in the entire Southwest. But the South and Southwest are the hottest regions of the country.

What about the 1960s? Only 1 of our 10 largest cities was in the “Great Plains region,” in its southernmost state, and 1 was in the Southwest, specifically, southern California. The rest, not.

How about the 2010s? Because the Great Plains region includes Texas, 3 of our top 10 cities were in that region. One was in the Desert Southwest, but 3 were in southern California—which, apart from irrigation, is also desert, and it’s definitely in the southwest, so it ought to be included in the “Desert Southwest.” So 7 of our 10 largest cities were in the southern Great Plains region, the Desert Southwest, or the desert of southern California....

So EPA is measuring "heat waves" in two very different geographies, but not telling you that little factoid.

EPA, just like NOAA, consists of people who like their jobs and would not have them if weather is just weather.  And they certainly cannot enforce "green new deals" on a population who understands that weather is just weather.

That's why you see charts, not text.  

And that's why nobody trusts the "news,"

Wanna Lose Weight?

.....and this one doesn't mention the babies who don't have formula........STILL!

Picture, 1000 Words....


Saturday, July 30, 2022

Hospital Slammed for Firing Vaxx Refuseniks

Something's going correctly!

Health care workers who were fired for not getting a COVID shot have won a major victory. The Liberty Counsel has announced a "historic" $10.3 million settlement in the nation's first-of-its-kind classwide lawsuit.

The class action settlement against NorthShore University HealthSystem is on behalf of more than 500 current and former health care workers who were unlawfully discriminated against and denied religious exemptions from the COVID shot mandate, according to the non-profit religious rights law firm. ...

Can't wait for Children's, Ass-ension, and Aurora to get hit the same way.

Test Siezure in Canada

It is not a coincidence that Trudeau started this program during the Biden regime.

The Canadian government wants people's semi-automatic rifles. They unveiled a new gun buyback plan to purchase "assault-style" weapons that the federal government banned in early 2020. 

Public Safety Canada released a statement last week indicating that the gun buyback program is "mandatory for individuals to participate," according to CTV News. ...

That's a test-run for the program Biden/Pelosi* would really love to try here.  If it's successful, you'll see legislation (or some illegal 'regulation') before January.

*We assume Pelosi will not get shot down over Taiwan.

Handy Chart of Definitions


Who's "Trashing" in Wisconsin Gov Race?

There are all sorts of PACs jumping into the Wisconsin (R) primary race, some trashing Kleefisch, some trashing Michels.

Happens every time, all the time.  They de-contextualize statements or activities, lie by omission, use 'scary' black-and-white know the drill.  Ho-hum.

But there is only ONE actual candidate who is trashing the other.

That's Kleefisch--whose own campaign is slamming Michels.

Not a good look, Becky.  Not at all.

Manchin's Deal? 80K More IRS Agents

He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harrass our People, and eat out their Substance.

You can lay this at the feet of Mitch McConnell, who handed this to Schumer when he passed CHIPS.

Believe it or not, the Build Back Better legislation would more than double the size of the IRS. That’s one of the hidden details in the agreement that Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., cut with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., behind closed doors. And of course, Democrats want to ram it through Congress within a matter of days...

The draft bill contains an $80 billion “investment” in the Internal Revenue Service. Of that amount, more than half, or over $45.6 billion, will go towards enforcement activities.

Even as it doles out such vast sums for the IRS, the bill contains only a few short pages of text explaining the provisions. In other words, the IRS will have a relatively wide berth to spend the new funding as it likes.

But last May, the Treasury Department released its “tax compliance agenda,” showing where it would like to spend that money. And on page 17 of that document, it helpfully included a chart demonstrating the IRS agents it would hire with that additional cash. All told, the Biden Administration wants to hire 86,852 agents, expressed in this chart as “FTEs,” or full-time equivalent employees

These are not Swarms who will examine Biden's pals in Big Tech or the Military-Industrial Complex.  These are Swarms who will concentrate on small business and individuals, just like you!

So contrary to reports, the Biden Administration will be paying attention to the Little Guys.  

Aren't you happy??

Red China's War-Noise

This is serious stuff.  Remember that almost everything 'in print' in Red China is on a Government-approved outlet.

The Chinese government's English language mouthpiece Global Times has grown particularly loud and bellicose in response to Nancy Pelosi's potential trip [to Taiwan]....

At the same time, prominent GT pundit and the publication's former editor, Hu Xijin, has claimed the Chinese military "has the right" to block Pelosi's plane and any US fighter jet escorts from Taiwan's airspace (which China claims as its own)....

(Quoting)The PLA has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the US fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction. If ineffective, then shoot them down.

STOP GRINNING!!  Nancy is still the Speaker.  Stop grinning!!

Which of her aides is right now finding a "long-lost uncle's" funeral requiring his attendance?


Groomer Tech 101

Gee.  There are commonalities between 'grooming' and sex-ed classes in the US.

...The most common tactics groomers employ are cultivating a positive reputation within a community, introducing sexualized topics or imagery to kids, isolating them from their parents, and encouraging them to keep secrets, experts told the Daily Caller. Each of these red flags have manifested themselves in classroom policies or public programs for children across America in recent years....

This stuff used to be called "de-sensitizing," which means 'taking away their innocence.'

When Planned Parenthood is involved--as it is in many sex-ed 'curricula'--you can rest assured that sexualizing kids is an integral part of the game.

...Another key step in grooming is exposing children to sexualized content at a young age. “They start to bring up some kind of sexual content at some point so that they can start to initiate some contact with the child,” Newlin said, explaining that only trained professionals or parents should be discussing these topics. “Who should be doing that? Professionals, in that kind of setting. I think it’s good for parents to be having conversations with their children about sexuality.”

Kids are increasingly exposed to sexualized topics in schools and other community settings. For instance, a recent pride event labeled “family-friendly” in Rome, Georgia, featured sex toys, condoms and explicit drag queen performances. One left-wing sex education group markets videos to kids as young as kindergarten and discusses topics including sexting and abortion....

Your K-5 child really, really, really needs to know about sex toys and drag queens, right?  Well, if he doesn't, why does your 16-year-old daughter need to know?

Just which faculty member signs up to teach this stuff, hmmmm?

Vos, Lying Again

Little Cock Robin Vos is a flat-out liar, and this week's events should prompt him to resign his "Leader-Liar" slot as Speaker.

First, an activist demonstrated that the system Vos blessed years ago makes election fraud a cakewalk.  When that was revealed, Vos went into High Dudgeon Mode, demanding prosecution of the activist.  (That's in distinct contrast to Vos' total silence about a Democrat Assy member who assaulted a cop--on video.  Little Cock Robin didn't have anything to say about that.)

Vos, stumbling around in Biden-esque disarray, began flat-out lying about his approval of drop-boxes following a SCOWI decision making them illegal (with few exceptions.)

..Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was among those cheering the court ruling, tweeting: "The legislature has long maintained that the law never allowed these illegal drop boxes and we’re happy to be vindicated by today’s decision." ...


During the Election Fraud of '20, Vos condemned a glaringly-illegal Madison voting event.  Following that condemnation, Vos and Fitzgerald had their lawyers send a letter (send a letter--always effective!!!).  But that letter makes Vos a liar.

 ...The Vos and Fitzgerald letter, the one sent before the events, decries what they describe as the "imminent, illegal collection of absentee ballots" at the events. (Vos spokesperson Angela Joyce told us Vos was concerned that at the events, ballots "were received in an unsecured manner with no clear statutory authority to do so.") 

The letter suggested that voters instead use other available methods of returning their ballots. 

Specifically, among the approaches they suggested: Dropping ballots in "authorized ‘drop boxes,’ which ‘must be secured and locked at all times’ to protect ballot integrity."...


Yes, there's more!!

The Vos/Fitzgerald lawyer-letter is very specific:

"We wholeheartedly support any of these convenient, secure and expressly authorized absentee-ballot-return methods," the letter says. 

Such as?

...In addition to the clerk’s office, it instructs them to be placed in "convenient, accessible locations, including places close to public transportation routes, near or on college campuses, and public buildings, such as libraries and community centers familiar to voters and easy to find." 

Since the letter from Vos and Fitzgerald cites this particular guidance and notes that they "wholeheartedly support" the methods they listed, it would seem that they supported such drop boxes at locations other than the clerk’s office, as long as they were secured and locked. ...  [Guidance from the Wisconsin Election Commission Democrat-Electing Machine]

Robin has two choices here:  resign, or act like a man and admit you blew it big-time--THEN resign.


Common Sense in Kettle Moraine

The Kettle Moraine school district has decided that common sense will prevail.

...[Superintendent] Plum said district policy prohibits staff from using their positions to promote partisan politics, sectarian religious views, selfish propaganda for personal, monetary or nonmonetary gain.

He said after legal analysis of the policy, the expectation is that teachers and administration will not display political or religious messaging in classrooms or on their person, including Pride flags. The expectation also prohibits pronouns, political language and religious views from staff emails and signatures, and that the standardized email expectation is name, position, title, location, certification, awards and degrees....

Imagine that!  A school district wants its staff and faculty to concentrate on!

Irrational rants were posted on Facebook, of course.  You can read them at the link.

Suddenly, Barr Has Concerns About Hunter's Laptop?

Really, Bill?  

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said on Thursday that President Joe Biden’s top law enforcement officer should appoint a special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation...

The FEEBS--who reported to you, remember?--had that laptop in JANUARY of 2019.

Where the Hell were you, Bluto, in the first quarter of '19?  On a beach in France?

What's your code-name in the Swamp, Bill?

Johnson & Fitzgerald's "War Aids" to Kiev

It was soooooooooo nice of Ron Johnson and Scott Fitzgerald (R-Dumbass) to ship FORTY BILLION DOLLARS in 'war' aid to Ukraine.

Know why it was nice?

Because with that money, the Kiev Grand Opera is staging a few of Verdi's greatest hit operas.  (Go to 17:50 on the podcast.) Operas like La Traviata, Rigoletto, Nabucco.  And of course, the summer party circuit in Kiev is alive and very well, thanks!  Just ask the Vogue people how nice Kiev is during the summer.

Who knew that opera in Kiev was so damned important--so much in the vital national interests of the US--that we taxpayers (and our grandchildren, and THEIR grandchildren) should pay for it?

Those two have NEVER been asked the hard questions by their fan-bois (and fan-gal) sycophants on the radio.  NEVER--except for one in Green Bay who asked RoJo and got a line of gibberish that would make Kammy Harris blush with shame.

The Swamp is sucking RoJo in.  Fitzgerald has always been there, of course; look at his idiotic election legislation that enabled the Steal of '20.  Someone needs to be primaried.

Friday, July 29, 2022

The Rhyme of History


Surprise!! NOAA Temp-Measure Devices Corrupted

But only 96% of them are corrupted!!

A new study, Corrupted Climate Stations: The Official U.S. Surface Temperature Record Remains Fatally Flawed, finds approximately 96 percent of U.S. temperature stations used to measure climate change fail to meet what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) considers to be “acceptable” and  uncorrupted placement by its own published standards....

 ...96% of these stations are corrupted by localized effects of urbanization – producing heat-bias because of their close proximity to asphalt, machinery, and other heat-producing, heat-trapping, or heat-accentuating objects. Placing temperature stations in such locations violates NOAA’s own published standards (see section 3.1 at this link), and strongly undermines the legitimacy and the magnitude of the official consensus on long-term climate warming trends in the United States....

What does that mean in real life?

“With a 96 percent warm-bias in U.S. temperature measurements, it is impossible to use any statistical methods to derive an accurate climate trend for the U.S.” said Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Anthony Watts, the director of the study. “Data from the stations that have not been corrupted by faulty placement show a rate of warming in the United States reduced by almost half compared to all stations.

It's warmer.  But not by much.  

You're not likely to see this in the "media."  They have a Narrative, ya'know.

Betsy DeVos & Dick Uihlein, Never Trumpers

Interesting little side-note from this story about Betsy DeVos' Never-Trump candidates.

Dick Uihlein dropped $250K into the NeverTrump PAC run by Betsy DeVos in Michigan.

Yes---the very same Dick Uihlein who single-handedly financed Kevin Nicholson's failed primary run for Governor on the (R) ticket 2 years ago.

Like we said:  interesting.

TerrorPox!!!--Says HHS Top-Twerp

Here we go again.

Every American should 'pay attention' to the monkeypox outbreak because the disease could spill over into more groups than just gay men, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warned Thursday — as U.S. cases topped 4,600 to become the highest tally in the world....

Preggers?  A little kid?  YOU, TOO, can be a victim!!

And whatever you do, do NOT look at ForeverWar, Inflation, Recession, and the Border Invasion.

That is all.

The Usual Suspects (8 of 'Em!!)

At least eight people want rolling blackouts for Wisconsin's 5.5 million residents.  There may be 10.

Environmental activists and elected officials gathered outside We Energies' downtown Milwaukee office on Wednesday to express their opposition to the company's plans to delay the closure of a coal-fired power plant....

Look at the picture.  Count 'em. 

Now for a real laugh, here's what the Sierra Club had to say:

...“Delaying the retirement (of the plant) by one year could mean 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide (emitted), 2.4 deaths, additional hospital admissions including an asthma ER visit, a heart attack, over one case of bronchitis, over 26 additional asthma attacks and over 126 lost workdays.”...

"Could."  "....over one case...." (1.1?  1.76?)  "....over 126 lost workdays..." "2.4 deaths" (Which part is the .4 part that died?) 

Compare that to a rolling blackout or brownout, where 5.5++ million citizens are subject to "lost workdays," untold deaths from oxygen-pump failures and auto accidents due to traffic-signal failures, deaths from heat or freezing, millions of dollars in spoiled food in homes and grocery stores.....

But that's what all 8 of these demonstrators want, including the nun waving her Dominican title around because after all, that's what Catholics want.  Really, Sister??

The Green Revolutionaries are the single worst threat to America and humanity in general.  They are the abortion-promoters, the starvation generators, and the racial Supremacists.  They are the "eat bugs" bunch.  They are the 'you will own nothing and be happy' bougies. 

Act accordingly.

WEC's Gross Dereliction of Duty

The Wisconsin Supreme Court declared that drop-box absentee-voting is illegal early in July.  Further, the Court ruled that no one can return a ballot on behalf of another.  That was in response to the Wisconsin Election Commission's "guidance" that allowed such voting--in direct contravention of State law.

The Wisconsin Election Commission raised a one-finger salute to the Court (and voters), saying that they might meet someday to perhaps revise their flatly-illegal "guidance."  Maybe.  Who knows?  It's vacation season, after all, and then it will be Ann Jacobs' week to take a bath, and.....blah blah babble-fart.

But when a citizen made fools of the WEC by demonstrating that anyone at all can order up a ballot online and have it mailed to anyplace at all, that WEC had a meeting Right then and there.  (Did Ann Jacobs take her bath??)

That citizen had made fools of every member of the WEC.  They are a laughingstock--along with the geniuses who invented WEC:  Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald (and Scott Walker.)

Illegal "guidance"?  Who cares?  Que sera, sera.

Making a fool of WEC?  EMERGENCY MEETING!!!  Call the National Guard!!  Shoot to KILL!!

Note well:  the "emergency meeting" did not address the illegal "guidance."  Guess why?

WEC gaslights by stating that the system 'does not have vulnerability.'  Well, if that's the case, then how did Citizen X manage to obtain ballots in the name of others--and have them mailed to his own address? 

WEC's full-frontal lying (supported by the press which has 11% credibility or so) is designed to cover one thing, and one thing only:  the Fraudlection of '20--in which Democrat operatives ginned up just enough votes to swing Wisconsin (and Georgia, and Arizona, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania) to Biden.

The pathetic 'reporting' at Channel 58 is another example of "how to get to 11% credibility in one easy lesson.'  There's a guy who found the mouse but averted his eyes from the elephant in the room.  But his pose is cute, no?

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Belling's Excellent Question

Yesterday Mark Belling asked an excellent question regarding the Hunter Biden/Red China/Ukraine/Russia scandal.

Belling wants to know Who Else Knew?

The US has pretty good intel collection materiel and still has some 'humint' assets around the world.

So why didn't CIA, NSA, FBI, and Nat'l Security Council know about what the Biden Crime Family was doing?

Or--even more frightening--they DID know and why did they not do one damn thing about it.

Whose 'side' are these people on?

Answer:  Not Ours.

The Counter-Factual Question re: McConnell

 As Bonchie makes clear (again), Mitch McConnell is not only dumb, but also a danger to the Republic.  Dumb as in "Manchin totes played him" and a danger as in he's a Uniparty Deep-State enabler.

Of course, the Uniparty Deep-State population in D.C. (nearly everyone there) has a response:  "Muh Supremes!!  Muh Supremes!!!"  "He repaired SCOTUS!!  We can't dump him!!!"

(That happens to be the same objection raised whenever dumping Vos comes up here in Wisconsin--except here it's "Muh majority!!!"  "Robin engineered the majority!!"  "We can't dump him!!"

Those are counter-factuals, like "What if the South won the Civil War?"

Frankly, no one knows whether McConnell (or Vos) is all that much better than Person X would be at the same task.  You have no idea because it's a 'counter-factual.'  

But it's about damned time that we find out in BOTH cases.  

McConnell's epitaph could well be "He saved SCOTUS but lost the country!!"

Ain't that wonderful?

The Anti-Augustines: Rousseau & His Progeny

This is as concise a summary as we've even encountered.

...Briefly put, Rousseau taught that human nature is good, not sinful; that all humans are free and equal by nature; and that inequality and its consequence, un-freedom, were byproducts of the creation of private property.  ...

We've been irritated by the screeching about "FREEDOM" by elements of the Trump party, as though "freedom" was some sort of unalloyed good.

In reality, 'freedom' is the liberty to do what is right.  Only what is right.

Moving on:

...From there, it is but a short step to the dream of utopia: a society in which everyone will be equal, everyone will be free, and everyone will be good; and this goodness will be a spontaneous thing, not something imposed by police, law courts, and prisons; and all things will be held in common, with a sufficiency of the necessities of life for everybody; and nobody will be avaricious or unkind, and nobody will wish to exploit anybody else; and such limited government as society may need will be purely democratic.

Two further features of this ideal society will be the absence of anything but a very vague Deist-tending religion (no real Christianity), and something whose quaint name used to be “free love.”

The desire for such a society was, doubtless, stimulated by the decline, due to the Enlightenment, of belief in Christianity and its essential accompaniment, belief in life after death.  If we can no longer look forward to heaven in the next world, perhaps we – or our descendants in later generations – can at least look forward to something like a heaven on earth.

Parallel to this earthly paradise was the idea of a great Revolution that would usher in the utopian age...

The French had FOUR revolutions, beginning in 1789.  None brought Utopia.  The Bolsheviks tried it and failed.  The Maoists tried and are in the process of failing.  In Western Europe and America, the Soros/Great Reset movement is continuing the effort.  Have you noticed the Utopia yet?

All of them believe that eating the fruit of the apple tree will work--this time.

Don't bet on it.

SCOTUS: "Parents Have Rights"!!

As various Wisconsin school districts implement CRT and LBGTQXYZ educational programs, parents will be bringing lawsuits.

And based on SCOTUS precedent, it's likely that parents will prevail (despite Brian Hagedorn, Scott Walker's 'Government Man' on the WI Supreme Court.)

...parental rights fit squarely within the “deeply rooted” standard. The Supreme Court recognized that parents’ rights were constitutionally sacrosanct nearly a century ago, in Meyer v. Nebraska (1923) and Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1925). Both decisions were written by Justice James McReynolds, and both dealt with a vast intrusion of government power into traditionally private matters driven by the World War I-era push for a domestic monoculture to serve the nation’s wartime exigencies.

In Meyer, the justices addressed a Nebraska law that proscribed classroom instruction in German, Italian, French, Spanish and other modern languages, which were deemed to have a divisive effect on the young. The Oregon law in Pierce was even more drastic in supplanting parental authority over their children’s education: The law banned virtually all private education through the eighth grade.
In Meyer, decided by a 7-2 majority, McReynolds compared the Nebraska law with the military indoctrination of male youth that was characteristic of ancient Sparta but entirely out of place with American self-government. In an apt rejoinder to today’s antiparent ideologies, the court in Pierce unanimously concluded that the constitutional order presupposed a sphere of liberty protecting the relationship between parents and their child: “The child is not the mere creature of the State; those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right, coupled with the high duty, to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.”

In the ensuing decades, the high court reiterated the fundamental status of parental rights. In May v. Anderson (1953), the justices noted that a mother’s right to the “care, custody, management and companionship of her minor children” is an interest “far more precious” than any property right. In Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972), they concluded that parental rights are firmly rooted in the “history and culture of Western civilization” and “established beyond debate.”...

Even Hagedorn can't ignore Yoder, right?

So--to that Educrat who declared that 'all your children are ours,'--go to Hell.

FauciBeagles Rescued!

Sixty-two beagle puppies are now at the Wisconsin Humane Society and will be available for adoption later this summer.

They were bred to become experiment-victins for Tony Fauci, among others.

But about 300 million Americans are also Tony Fauci experimentsThey won't get rescued.

Does Manchin Fold Really Facilitate Oil/Gas Leases?

Manchin (D-El Foldo) agreed to another Inflation Special spending bill, claiming that the bill will force Biden to re-instate three oil/gas leases.

...The three sales in question were contemplated in the 2017-22 Outer Continental Shelf leasing program, but the Interior Department canceled them in May, citing a lack of industry interest and ongoing litigation....


Does the bill specifically prevent new lawsuits against these leases?  If it doesn't, then what Manchin did is typical Political Trickery and Deceit. 

And all Americans will get out of it is MO' INFLATION!!!

Need WI Absentee Ballot? Order One Up!!

Another loophole for fraud courtesy of the Wisconsin Election Commission Democrat-Electing Machine.

This is a letter from a citizen:

Significant vulnerabilities at Request An Absentee Ballot ( have been identified where anyone with a smartphone or computer can order an absentee ballot online in someone’s else’s name and have that absentee ballot sent to an address other than the registered voter. All you need is the date of birth.

Further, the I.D. of anyone requesting these absentee ballots is not requested or required.

Yesterday evening to prove how easily absentee ballots can be nefariously ordered, I went online and successfully ordered absentee ballots in Cory Mason and Robin Vos’s name to be shipped to my address...

... I obtained permission to order absentee ballots from numerous individuals from around the state and successfully ordered their absentee ballots to be shipped to my address without their assistance. These efforts verified that a very large-scale absentee ballot harvesting scheme with nefarious intentions is easily accomplished due to a lack of a secure website along with the maladministration and malfeasance of WEC officials....

The local press will dismiss this, without evidence.  But the Racine County Sheriff didn't:

 ...The Racine County Sheriff’s Office is calling for the immediate suspension of an online absentee ballot function within the state’s website “My Vote Wisconsin.”....

... “With only a person’s name and date of birth, anyone can request another person’s ballot and have that ballot sent to any address entered. No photo identification is needed, and the requester can make a declaration of being indefinitely confined – thus, for the current and future elections, the requestor will be sent someone else’s ballot at the different address entered,” the Sheriff’s Department wrote in a July 27, 2022, news release....

And the WEC will continue its fraud-facilitation.  It's what they do.

Pp. Francis Learns New Sayings

So Pp. Francis goes to Canada and apologizes for.......something or other.  The Church had established boarding schools to educate the natives back in the 1800's.  That part we know with certainty.

It is now claimed--without evidence--that many of the students were killed by priests, nuns, and other faculty/staff while in those schools. 

So Pp. Francis apologizes with great (pagan) ceremony.  But then:

...A major organization of Inuit native Canadians has insisted that Pope Francis’ apology was insufficient, calling on the Catholic Church to pony up monetary reparations.

Pope Francis’ apology is “only one step towards reconciliation,” Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI) said in a statement following the pontiff’s declaration of sorrow this week for the ways in which many Christians “supported the colonizing mentality of the powers that oppressed the indigenous peoples.”

“Inuit have finally been heard and their experiences acknowledged,” said Aluki Kotierk, president of NTI, which sent a delegation of 55 Nunavut Inuit to Edmonton to witness the papal apology.

Now NTI has called on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to provide financing to the Nunavut Tunngavik Foundation for culture and healing programs for Nunavut Inuit negatively impacted by their time in residential schools....

From this, Pope Francis should learn a couple of things.

1)  It's all about the money.

2)  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Think he'll catch on?

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Scott Fitzgerald's Vogue Model

Scott Fitzgerald and Ron Johnson sent $40 BILLION to Ukraine.  As a return favor, Zelenskiy posed for Vogue magazine.  Rumor has it he sent a complimentary copy to each of them.

Oh--both Scott and Ron need campaign contributions.  Maybe Scott will be in Vogue, too!!

25,000 MORE Fake Votes in Wisconsin?


The Wisconsin Election Commission Democrat-Electing Machine failed to update the WI voter database for individuals found incompetent to vote.  Judges make that determination, the county register of deeds forwards the info to the WEC.............and the WEC puts it into the circular file.

For example, the City of Milwaukee only showed ONE 'no-vote/guardianship' person on the WEC database.  ONE incompetent in the whole damn City.  REALLY?

Based on a random survey of counties, the Thomas More Society has estimated that there were about 25,000 votes "cast" in the Fraud of '20 by people who were adjudicated incompetent.  Trump lost Wisconsin by only 20,000 votes.

If there is any coverage, the "nooz" will state that there is "no evidence" for these claims.  It's what they do, because they are lazy liars.

But there is evidence:  the county records and the WEC's database.  They differ.


Lasry Drops, Crowns Barnes

Alex Lasry, whose Senate campaign was largely bleating about abortion and showing pictures of him standing around the new Bucks arena during construction wearing a very clean, un-scarred helmet, has dropped out of the (D) primary race.

That's his second accomplishment!!!  The first?  Being born a Lasry.

Further, he endorsed Barnes, a ne'er-do-well having the appropriate check-box(es??).  Barnes is a lead-pipe cinch for the (D) nomination as a result.

Why did Lasry do it?

Because he--like Nelson--realizes that Ron Johnson will prevail in November*.

Lasry allowed Barnes to go forth and lose the Big One, putting Barnes out of business, politically, for at least the next 5 years.  Barnes will have to find a job, meaning the City of Milwaukee will have another 'anti-violence' twerp on the payroll, accomplishing nothing but costing money.

*All the usual disclaimers are presumed here.


That's the pop in rates from Fed today.

Bai-Den's ATF: Just As Crooked as the FBI

War on Guns has a video of an ATF agent shooting photos of every page of a dealer's record of sales book.

That is completely, totally, illegal.

But this is Bai-Den land now, peasant.  STFU.

Biden's New Tranny-Plan: You Pay!!

Since President Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants has a fixation on Trannies, he wants YOU to pay for it.

...On Monday afternoon, the administration announced a new plan to modify the Affordable Care Act. Biden calls the push “gender-affirmation” care and is adamantly against current safeguarding measures that prevent children from easy access to sex change treatments....

...This new proposal from Biden and his administration would apply to Obamacare health plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. And would include puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries that make a person’s body look more like the opposite sex....

The plan sets up the field for lawsuits claiming that refusal of payment for such 'treatments' is discriminatory.  Using the "sue and settle" racketeering protocol used by Big Green and its legal teams of rent-seekers, Medicare and Medicaid will immediately fold their hand and agree to pay.  Insurers may take a bit longer.

Bai-den & Co. are putting the US onto the Highway to Hell at full throttle.  That's their only accomplishment, but it's a big one.

What Breitbart and Pence Missed

Andrew Breitbart is justifiably praised for his remark that 'politics is downstream from culture.'  Apparently Mike Pence picked up that thought and repeated it in a speech.

But what both of them didn't say is the most important part:  culture is downstream from religion.  In other words, what a people (truly) worships is reflected in their culture, which then affects their politics.

There's an implicit and very serious warning embedded there:  insofar as your real religion deviates from the worship of the True God, your culture will deviate from the ideal culture.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The FBI: Enemy to REAL Americans?

Brought up on another website pursuant to the "surprise" that the FBI screwed the pooch on Hunter Biden's laptop (not to mention Trump's russiarussiarussiarussia bullcrap):

Whatever happened to:

Anthony Weiner’s laptop?

Las Vegas shooters motivation?

Epstein’s videos - bedrooms were wired for video and sound?

Epstein’s friends / visitor lists ?

Clinton’s Server?

Involvement in Jan 6th?

Wasn't Bill Barr--prominent chest-beating Catholic--the A.G. at the time, supervising the FBI?

General Orders


FEEBS, DoJ Corrupt. *Shocked* Face Here

Not news.

A string of whistleblowers within the FBI allege that the bureau and the Department of Justice have selectively observed federal guidelines, launching investigations into conservative-aligned figures without sufficient basis to do so....

It's likely that there are countless other "shocks" like this which will never emerge.

Why do they do it?

Because they can.  And don't you forget it, you miserable plebe.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Candyman Evers

Tony Evers is realizing that East and West Coast donor money--there's a lot of that in his campaign-finance report--won't save his seat as Governor.

So he's going to Plan B:  bribing the electorate.

...Evers told TMJ4 News he's now open to exploring a temporary state gas tax holiday - which is 31 cents a gallon.

"It would have to be temporary," said Evers. "We'd have to use the surplus that we have because we can't take money away from building and fixing roads. "...

In other words, he's bribing you with your own money from the tax surplus.

Hmmmm.......strange dude driving a pickup truck, offering candy.....

Sunday, July 24, 2022

"The Russkies Did It!!" Not Likely At All

All over the 'news' this morning is an attack on parts of the Ukrainian port of Odessa supposedly by the Russians.


Well, the Russians, Turks, and Mega-Corruptos of Ukraine signed an agreement to move thousands of metric tons of grain out of Ukraine through that port, thus averting or at least ameliorating a projected famine.  Ukraine's grain is critically important in the global food supply.

The attack happened one day later.  No facilities needed to move the grain were hit--IOW, the grain will move just as the agreement foresaw.  But the Russkies were blamed.  And of course, they denied it.  UPDATE:  Russkies confirm they did unleash the attack, but only on 'military targets.'  That is in line with the original story.

Now comes The Last Refuge to apply the always-accurate "Cui Bono?" test:

...Russia was particularly a geopolitical beneficiary from the agreement itself.  No longer could NATO and the western alliance blame Russia for the void in global food markets associated with the conflict in Ukraine.

From the perspective of Russian President Putin, the grain movement through the port city of Odesa was a net benefit.  “Russia has taken on the obligations that are clearly spelled out in this document. We will not take advantage of the fact that the ports will be cleared and opened. We have made this commitment,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

However, from the perspective of the Western alliance, the agreement mooted one of their biggest justifications for the upcoming global food shortage.   If Ukraine and Russia are exporting food, and yet food costs are still rising…. well, the food shortage impact from western energy disruption, the Build Back Better agenda, starts to become increasingly visible.

Suddenly, within hours of the trade agreement, the grain transportation system and the port city of Odesa come under fire from mysterious cruise missiles....

Canada and the Netherlands have already begun an economic attack on farmers.  The US has so far--officially--not done so, although the Federal laissez-faire approach to the cost of fuel and fertilizer plus its unceasing propaganda-flow on the desirability of crickets vs. beef and chicken......well, draw your own conclusions.  Moreover, the US Neo-Conservatives of the State Department are dying to drag US Armed Forces into the Ukraine conflict.  All of this makes the "attack" very conveeeeeeeenient, no?

So it was good and necessary to blame the Russians.  What makes this suspicious, aside from the obvious motives, was the fact that nothing critical was harmed, and the speed with which the 'attack' was launched.

UPDATE CONTINUED:  Expect more 'war-war' noise from the NeoCons (who are also Never Trumpers) as the Odessa story unfolds.

Incident at Country Thunder

Not really an "incident," but you won't hear about this on MSM.....

A friend was at the Country Thunder show last night in Kenosha County.

That friend reports hearing the loudest-ever "Fuck Joe Biden" chant that they've ever heard.


State Dept Declares Independence From USA

Not amusing at all.  

...The State Department recently informed SIGAR, which was created by Congress to provide independent and objective oversight of Afghanistan reconstruction projects and activities, that it would not cooperate with future financial audits. Instead, Sopko writes, the State Department told him from now on it would choose its own auditors. The watchdog reminds the State Department that it is prohibited by law from preventing his office from carrying out its duties and that its authorizing statutes specifically states no officer from the Department of Defense, the Department of State, or the United States Agency for International Development shall prevent or prohibit the Inspector General from initiating, carrying out, or completing any audit or investigation related to amounts appropriated or otherwise made available for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. “It should go without saying, but neither SIGAR’s authorizing statute nor the Inspector General Act of 1978 contain a “choose your own auditor” provision,” Sopko writes to Blinken....

The State Department for decades has been--by far--the most arrogant bunch of jerks in the entire Federal Government.  CIA is dirtbags and showboaters, FBI consists of largely weak field agents and totally corrupt C-Suite people and the rest of Government is largely drones.  (IRS is another matter entirely.)

But State always thought that THEY were the US, not Congress, not the President, and certainly not the flyover-country rabble.  After all, they had certificates from Georgetown and Harvard!

Trump wishes to reform Government?  Start by eliminating about 50% of the State Department.  

Perspective on the Waukesha Teacher "Crisis"

The teachers' union and some cooperative parents have railed on and on and on about the horrible, terrible, just plain awful number of teacher resignations and retirements in that District.

*Yawn*--consider the source!!  The Waukesha School Board is now completely in the hands of conservative citizens who are determined to remove--root and branch--all the racist (CRT) and groomer crap (pronoun/gender confusion) from the curriculum and keep it out.  Since the Union is determined to push that garbage, their wailing about 'resignations' is a flanking move designed to conceal their overarching 'social goals' objective.

So when a report on the resignation/retirement phenom appears, one reads it!

The survey's parameters are described, followed by conclusions.

...Of the responders with salary as an included primary reason, 319 of the 615 responders listed student behavior as their biggest reason to leave the classroom, followed by 138 for “progressive political activity” and 134 for “salary is insufficient”. ...

Hmmmm.  Then this:

...When pay is listed as an ancillary reason in contribution to another factor, the numbers shift dramatically. 447 of 615 responders listed unchecked student behavior as their primary reason for leaving the classroom. 128 listed “progressive political activity”, while only nine listed parental harassment. ...

Apparently the Little Darlings are not so darling any more!

 ...Given this, it’s beyond incredible that Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers and Becky Pringle of the National Education Association would cite Republicans’ and parents’ “politicization” of the classroom as the reason for the teacher shortage. It’s not even a secondary or tertiary issue—it’s forty-nine times less important to teachers than the behavioral crisis. 

Furthermore, 356 of the 615 teachers reported that they were a member of a teachers union this previous year. It’s not just non-union teachers that are reporting these issues. ...

Be polite when you listen to the Union Rep.  Then go about your business undisturbed.

Ron Johnson Goes Over the Edge on Abortion

Apparently some 'professional consultants' have wormed their way into Ron Johnson's campaign--or should we say "snaked"?

A couple of days ago, Johnson said he's perfectly happy with Federalized gay "marriage", meaning that Johnson is opposed to Nature.  That's usually not a good place to be in the long run, Ron.

Yesterday he announced that he thinks killing the child of a criminal is the right thing to do.

These are standard GOPe positions on sexual morality.  Johnson appears to think that he can win his Senate race regardless of his raising the middle finger to genuine conservatives; and one also suspects that he's taking these positions to prepare the ground for Vos/LeMahieu to push the same crapola through the Legislature after the elections.

Maybe your internal polls are right, Ron; after all, the Democrats handed every Republican in the country a huge gift by putting Bai-Den in the White House so Republicans don't have to run against an opponent.  And yes, any of the Democrats running against you has a freight-train of baggage behind them.

So yah, that 'two-term' thing:  was that just another 'professional consultant' idea too??

Saturday, July 23, 2022

The Dishonorable 'Mad Dog'

Anyone who observed the Mattis Mutiny under Trump knew that the "Mad Dog" was a rat.

How much a rat?

A whole lot of rat.

...We landed in Afghanistan on February 12, 2007. Before long the First was involved in a complex ambush near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, on March 4, 2007. We were attacked by a suicide car-bomb, waves of Taliban fighters on both sides of the road, a sniper, and a mob that placed an obstacle to trap us in an ambush kill box. We  successfully counterattacked, killed the Taliban terrorists, avoided civilian casualties, and returned to base within 20 minutes, where we learned of the Taliban’s swift information operations campaign that was already underway, accusing us of mass-murdering Afghan civilians. The Taliban’s version of events went out within 20 minutes through the BBC followed by countless others. Ultimately, the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, condemned our actions and the Army generals kicked us out of Afghanistan within five days. Crushing the Taliban in battle morphed into a PR victory for the extremists in the media and a weakening of the allied forces in country. Due process went right out the window.

Ironically, Mattis was assigned as the convening authority by the commandant of the Marine Corps in August 2007, to be responsible for the investigation and a Court of Inquiry into our March 4 battle. Mattis received the results of my polygraph test and the sworn testimony of all the Marines involved in the firefight, confirming that on that morning no Marines said they killed any civilians or saw any civilians killed. 

Unlike Lejeune’s comments of “cultivating a deep abiding love of Country and Corps in the hearts of your Marines and that the key to combat effectiveness is unity and esprit that characterizes itself in complete irrevocable mutual trust,” Mattis unleashed an unprecedented 45 criminal investigators and four prosecuting attorneys against the seven Marines falsely accused by the Taliban of mass murder....

In typical US Prosecutor fashion, ......

 ...Mattis’ prosecution team found perceived vulnerabilities in the Marine commandos and commenced “ethnic targeting” of two Hispanic Marines. Mad Dog’s prosecutors continuously interrogated one of them, and the government manufactured a statement from him that our fire was out of control during the March 4 ambush. The prosecution then threatened to deport the Marine’s mother back to Mexico unless he signed the statement. That Marine testified he was coerced into signing the prosecution’s false statement. Another Hispanic Marine also testified he was repeatedly threatened by the prosecution to take a polygraph, which was not a legal order, but the prosecution ordered him to anyway....

"We'll screw the shit out of your family member unless you falsely confess!!"  Gee.  Where have we heard that before?

And how does that comport with 'fair, impartial, justice'?

Mad Dog, indeed.  We'd use the term 'distemper,' as in mentally diseased. 

By the way, all the Marines were acquitted of the charges.

About "Lost, Not Stolen"

Apparently the latest version of denial and deceit about the Election Fraud of '20 is called "Lost, Not Stolen" and we are to believe all that is written therein because "Conservatives" wrote the screed.

So PowerLine took a look at the "conservatives."  As it turns out, they're all variants of the George Will Bow-Tie Model.  (While they were at it, they also dismantled the "arguments" used by these turncoats.)

...After all, these are Republicans!  Conservatives!  If such top names in the conservative movement are calling the 2020 election fair and free of fraud, it must be so!  Except that a closer look reveals the NeverTrump bona fides of every author. Ted Olson, who spearheaded the legal campaign to legalize same sex marriage, refused to aid Trump in his battle against the Russian collusion hoax. Former federal judge Michael Luttig recently assisted the January 6 Committee and sits on the board of a project whose mission statement declares that election integrity laws “threaten the cornerstone of American democracy.”  Perhaps the most acclaimed of all the authors, Republican stalwart Ben Ginsburg, urged Republicans prior to the 2020 election to vote for Biden to prevent Trump from destroying the party....

Surprised that they didn't invite Charlie Sykes to help; after all, he's past his prime, too.

Vatican Diplomat Approves Law-Breaking

Apparently the end justifies the means to at least one Vatican muckety-muck.

...though the Holy See’s Secretariate of State does confess difficulties with the Biden administration, “at the same time, there are other issues on which we can work very well. Most of the positions, I would say, are issues on which both sides recognize the importance and sometimes the sensitivity of the issues.”

Asked to provide examples of differing views between the Holy See and the Biden administration, the archbishop mentioned “migration,” lamenting “how sometimes people who have been in the United States for many, many years are eventually deported.”...

Why sure, Excellency!!  The US' expulsion of lawbreakers who are not citizens is just..........awful.

You should bring that up with Michael the Archangel, who kicked the lawbreaker Lucifer (thus, non-citizen) out of Paradise.  I'm sure he'll get a good laugh from your blather.

Hyundai's Profit Formula

It's not too hard to make a profit if your labor force is........ahhh.......cooperative.

Migrant children have allegedly been found working at a Hyundai supplier in Alabama after police launched a probe into the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl who ran away with a 21-year-old plant employee. 

SMART Alabama in Luverne, an automotive parts manufacturer that has supplied parts for Hyundai since 2003, reportedly fired multiple underage workers - some as young as 12 - as publicity around the missing girl's case heated up.

A former employee alleged that as many as 50 underage workers were employed across various shifts when he was working at the plant.  ...

The supplier's majority owner is Hyundai itself.

Not good.

Good Old Trickery & Deceit on Covid

After you've read the headline:

Unvaccinated people died at a rate 3.5 times higher than those who got a booster in June, Wisconsin DHS said

You have to read the fine print:

...older people make up the majority of boosted residents, as well as the majority of COVID-19 deaths. ...

Oh.  So the 'majority' of Covid-19 deaths and boosted residents are "older."  Apparently, the "science" says that when you get old, you die.  Damn!!  

It's also worth noting that a lot of 'young' people--fully vaxxed and boosted--are "suddenly, unexpectedly, dying" from myocardia"But that's not Covid!!"  they say.

See how propaganda works? 


See if you can figure out the missing link here:

Creative Marriage!

Ron Johnson approves of Marriage Contra Naturam.  But even he didn't think of this one.

They Better Get the Guns First...

Here's the reason they have to take your guns:  they're after your cars, too.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published a paper calling for the end of “wasteful” private car ownership.

The WEF argues that communal sharing of cars is the way forward to lessen global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.

The globalist elites say too many people own private vehicles for the planet’s good....

OK, then.  You can have our cars after you pry our guns from ........

We used to work with a Commie bastard who railed on and on and on about 10-round magazines on AR's, telling me that 'no one needed that much ammo.'  So we reminded the Commie that he and his wife owned a full-sized Buick sedan and since their children were gone, they certainly did not 'need that much car'.

It shut his pie-hole about that matter.  

By the way, the Commie was very happy to have us around when he went to shady neighborhoods on business trips.  He knew we pack heat.

Kalamazoo Goes Crazy

We've driven through or near this town a lot over the years.

Now we're certainly not going to stop there.

Kalamazoo, Mich., business owners are furious after city leaders voted to decriminalize public urination, defecation and littering, among other offenses, all under the guise of “equitable changes.”...

Wonderful, especially around restaurants and groceries!

Think governments are inherently stupid?  You're RIGHT!!

... Bil shared that the city recently installed an approximately $100,000 fully furnished restroom near the Kalamazoo Mall — which houses Bil’s and Emery’s businesses — to help curb urine and feces on the streets. She adds, however, that the new bathroom is often locked....

The bathroom has Government Hours--which is to say, "When we damn well feel like working."

Kalamazoo is home to six colleges and universities.  You can guess what bunch of AWFLs and NPC droids pushed for this..........ahhh...........crap.

The Deep State vs. The First Amendment

Well, this will be fun to watch.

...what if the social media platform defers censorship decisions to the government itself? Can the government circumvent free speech protections by using a cut-out to censor citizen speech critical of its policies or preferred political candidates? ...

The States of Louisiana and Missouri aim to find out.

...The plaintiffs seek to force the federal government to reveal “the identities of federal officials who have or are communicating with social-media platforms about disinformation, misinformation . . . or any form of censorship or suppression of online speech,” in addition to “the nature and content of such federal officials’ communication with such social media platforms.” The plaintiffs have also asked for permission to “serve third-party subpoenas,” on selected social media platforms seeking, “similar information about the identity of federal officials who communicate with them, and the nature and content of these communications.”...

The plaintiffs are focused on the Hunter Biden laptop story, the "mis/dis" information censoring of Covid-related posts, and election-fraud discussions. 

There's a lot there.  Expect to see a run on disc-wiping software and shredding machines.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Solzhenitsyn on Ukraine

No, Solzhenitsyn didn't see the future (today's war.)  But he predicted it.

...The United States is placing its occupation troops in one country after another. This is the de facto situation in Bosnia for 9 years, in Kosovo and Afghanistan for 5 years each, in Iraq.... There is little difference between NATO’s actions and individual U.S. actions. Clearly seeing that today’s Russia poses no threat to them, NATO is methodically and persistently developing its military apparatus – to the east of Europe and into the continental reach of Russia from the south. There is open material and ideological support for “color” revolutions, and the paradoxical introduction of North Atlantic interests – in Central Asia. All this leaves no doubt that.a complete encirclement of Russia is being prepared, and then the loss of its sovereignty. No, Russia’s accession to such a Euro-Atlantic alliance, which conducts propaganda and the violent introduction into various parts of the planet of the ideology and forms of current Western democracy – would lead not to expansion, but to the decline of Christian civilization....

This country has a lot of sins to pay for. 

LOTS more at the link!

Trump '24 Will Chop a LOT of Heads

This is good.  Inadequate, but good.

Donald Trump has plans to purge the so-called 'deep state' beyond what any president has done before if he runs for and wins the presidency in 2024 and as many as 50,000 government workers could find themselves on the chopping block. 

The former president, if elected again, would move in with a plan being drawn up now to 'drain the swamp' and cut tens of thousands of civil servants from what are typically apolitical roles, according to an Axios report. 

He would clean house of mid-level staffers at the Pentagon, Justice Department, State Department and beyond and bring in thoroughly vetted candidates who were found to be more closely aligned with his 'America First' agenda.  

After interviews with over a dozen Trump-world insiders the outlet's investigation found that Trump is planning to use an executive order called 'Schedule F,' which he issued in October 2020 and Biden later rescinded. 

The order would reclassify tens of thousands of civil servants who were deemed to have some influence over policy as 'Schedule F' employees, which would strip them of their employment protections. 

Better:  eliminate Education, HHS, Transportation, EPA, and the FBI.  Yah, too bad, they earned it.  Best?  Keep Treasury, about 25% of A.G., Post Office, about 25% of State, and DoD.  Screw all the rest.

An Evers Judge, of Course

Tony (Red Pickup Truck!!!!!) Evers appointed a judge in Milwaukee County.

That judge, Milton Childs, felt all weepy-sorry for a gun crimes felon who was in jail on criminal charges for more than a couple of days.  Imagine that!  The horror!!  In jail for 17 days!!  OMG!!!!!!   The felon's Circuit Court Access list of cases is TWO PAGES LONG, but he's .........Oh, the Humanity!!

So Tony Evers' judge Milton Childs reduced the bail to $1,000.00

Following his release, the gun-totin' felon KILLED TWO PEOPLE.

Congrats to Pickup Truck Tony for his excellent choice in judges!!

Ron Johnson Goes Batshit Nuts, Updated!!

It's bad enough that Ron Johnson sent $40 BILLION to the Ukraine for materiel which hit the black market immediately and for cash to pay for Ukraine officials' new mansions in Switzerland.

Now ol' Ronnie decides that marriage contra naturam is just fine and dandy and should be protected by Federal law.

 ...Johnson said that although he believed the bill was “unnecessary” in light of existing judicial precedent pronouncing same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, he sees “no reason to oppose it.” He noted that since Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 ruling in which the Supreme Court held same-sex marriage to be protected under the due process clause and equal protection clause of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, he has “considered the issue settled.”...

If it's "settled," there is no need to vote for a law, right, Ronnie?

Apparently Ron thinks he can't lose the election.

What was that term 'hubris' all about?

UPDATE:  We are not fans of Dreher, but he makes a lot of points in an essay excerpted by WauckRoJo ignores all this and sucks up to the Left--which will never vote for him.  NEVER.

Here's the payoff line:   

...As Camille Paglia, no right-wing Christian, has noted, this sort of thing historically precedes the collapse of a civilization....

Smooth move, Ron.

Can Bai-Den Implode the US?

Steve Scalise (R-LA) sums it up pretty well.

...“[T]he code red emergency is American families who are struggling already, paying way too much at the pump, when they go to the grocery store, anywhere else for all of the high prices that are caused by what Joe Biden’s already done, all under the name of global warming and climate change and the Green New Deal. They are wrecking the economy and raising costs on everybody while the president jets all around on Air Force One. He just came back from Saudi Arabia begging them to produce oil. We actually produce it cleaner in America, less carbon footprint to get it in America than anywhere in the world. If there is going to be oil produced anywhere, it should be right here. And yet, Joe Biden’s shutting it down. That’s increasing carbon emissions globally. So, it’s Biden’s policies that are increasing carbon emissions and his answer is to try to wreck the economy even more and raise prices on families even more.

He added, “China’s building a coal plant every single week while he’s shutting things down in America.”...

Yah, well, Steve, China bought Joe Biden years agoAnd he's staying bought.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Another Bai-Den Accomplishment!!

He's killing NATO slowly and empowering Iran quickly.

That's the long-and-short of it.  Want details?  See this post from Wauck.

Israel better mind its P's and Q's.  The Russkies, China, Turkey, and possibly the Kingdom are slowly developing their commonalities.

President Addle-Brain-Shits-Pants can't really do anything about it, because the Russkies, China, Turkey, Iran, and the Kingdom have noticed that Bai-Den has no clothes.

Grasshoppers!! Mmm Mmmm Good? Nope.

Bill Gates and the other Usual Suspects (probably including some dweebs on the UW-Madison faculty) are currently beginning the Big Push for eating insects instead of real food--like beef.

Peter the RenMan has a lot of experience with that.  He's African, after all.  You can read all his commentary at this post, but here's the comment that ends the question:

...You don't see any commercially processed, canned or frozen grasshoppers on African supermarket shelves, do you?  That might be what detectives call "a clue".  If it was in high demand, businesses would find a way to make money out of it.  They don't, because they can't. ...

So when Gates or his purchased minions in Government start breathing heavily over grasshopper stew, and tell you tall tales about "how popular it is in Africa," they're lying.

Lying!!  It's What They Do!!

Ph.D., ex-Marine, Dumb as a Box of Rocks

Now and then you get someone like this.

Look at the brief video, and note the testimony of Sen. "Notoriously He-Man" Booker's favorite witness.

The woman is an ex-Marine pilot (Super Cobra choppers).

Dumb as a box of rocks.

Here's what Herschel has to say about the AR:

 ...By 500 yards the velocity of a 5.56mm round is about 1400 FPS out of a 20″ barrel (less out of 14.5″ or 16″).  The notion that a 55 grain bullet travelling at 1400 FPS could penetrate ballistic plating is so ludicrous that it’s laughable.  That’s similar to the muzzle velocity of a 22 LR....

See why the public is weary of "experts"?

Chesterton on American Divorce

 Buried in his humor is the real point.

If Americans can be divorced for "incompatibility of the temper," I cannot conceive why they are not all divorced.  I have known many happy marriages, but never a compatible one.   The whole aim of marriage is to fight through and survive the instant when incompatibility becomes unquestionable.  For a man and a woman, as such, are incompatible.

Of course, GKC never imagined the possibility of 'marriage against nature' recently approved by Bryan Steil and others in our laughable circus called Congress, following in the footsteps of a Court which used to be laughable.

Quote found in The Quotable Chesterton

ATF "Agent" Learns Respect the Hard Way

There are a lot of Feds who think they own the ground we let them walk on.

Here's the sad, sad, tale of one who resists arrest.

Awwwwww.  That's really too bad.  

He even tried the "I can't breathe" gambit.  Musta watched that on TeeeeeVeeeree!

Like "Free Trade?" How About When You're Starving?

SOME of us have been suspicious of  "free trade" for decades.

Others are just waking up to it.  Take potash, for example.

...Why is there a fertilizer shortage, you ask?  Because the United States imports 93 percent of our potash, a key nutrient used in making fertilizer, while Russia and Belarus are responsible for 40 percent of the global potash supply.

Naturally, the folks who decided to make us dependent on fertilizer imports are the same people who decided to blockade Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. That should tell you everything you need to know about our ruling class....

That's just the Stupid Government and Bill Gates part.

...Yet conservatives also deserve credit for this catastrophe. They’re the ones who are constantly going on about the blessings of capitalism and free trade. 

To be fair, a trained economist could probably tell you how we save eight cents per ton by making our Illuminati Burgers out of soy grown with fake Russian dung—assuming stable global markets, of course. But, as everyone without an economics degree knows, global markets aren’t stable. 

To you and me, it’s obviously a bad idea to become dependent on fertilizer imports. It’s obviously a bad idea to become dependent on any import that your people literally can’t live without. Obviously, it’s an especially bad idea when that industry is dominated by a hostile power. Obviously. To you and me, this is all clear as day. But that’s because we’ve never studied economics....

Studied economics like the Free Trade Geeks in Americans for Prosperity, or the Chamber of Commerce.  (Note well:  they are still eating well!!)

So what do we really have here?

 ...For decades, the elites of both parties been advocating for both “free trade” and “wars of democracy.”  We became more dependent on the nations we intended to invade. We fed the crocodile, hoping it wouldn't eat us next. Honestly, the Gateses and the Kochs and the Clintons and the Bushes might as well have walked around Indiana setting wheat fields on fire, for all the good they did us.

This is why I say all conspiracy theories are nonsense. There’s no secret cabal of the rich and powerful controlling human affairs. There is a cabal, of course, and they do control human affairs. But it’s not a secret. They go on TV and brag about it.

We invent these fantasies about an omniscient, omnipotent elite because the truth is so much more terrible: our rulers have no earthly idea what they’re doing....

In a way, that's a good thing;  they are so f***ing incompetent that they will never know who has the weapons that will take them out.