Friday, September 30, 2022

What Did Putin Actually Say?

As is to be expected, the press is furiously typing the Victoria Nuland/State Department line about what Putin said during his announcement that re-unification will proceed apace.

You can get the Nuland/Neo-Con/Warmonger take anyplace; it's carbon-copied.

The real speech?

...There is no Soviet Union anymore; we cannot return to the past. Actually, Russia no longer needs it today; this isn’t our ambition. But there is nothing stronger than the determination of millions of people who, by their culture, religion, traditions, and language, consider themselves part of Russia, whose ancestors lived in a single country for centuries. There is nothing stronger than their determination to return to their true historical homeland.

For eight long years, people in Donbass were subjected to genocide, shelling and blockades; in Kherson and Zaporozhye, a criminal policy was pursued to cultivate hatred for Russia, for everything Russian. Now too, during the referendums, the Kiev regime threatened schoolteachers, women who worked in election commissions with reprisals and death. Kiev threatened millions of people who came to express their will with repression. But the people of Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson weren’t broken, and they had their say.

I want the Kiev authorities and their true handlers in the West to hear me now, and I want everyone to remember this: the people living in Lugansk and Donetsk, in Kherson and Zaporozhye have become our citizens, forever….

Here's excerpt two:

 ...The United States is the only country in the world that has used nuclear weapons twice, destroying the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. And they created a precedent. Recall that during WWII the United States and Britain reduced Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities to rubble, without the least military necessity. It was done ostentatiously and, to repeat, without any military necessity. They had only one goal, as with the nuclear bombing of Japanese cities: to intimidate our country and the rest of the world.

The United States left a deep scar in the memory of the people of Korea and Vietnam with their carpet bombings and use of napalm and chemical weapons. It actually continues to occupy Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea and other countries, which they cynically refer to as equals and allies. Look now, what kind of alliance is that? The whole world knows that the top officials in these countries are being spied on and that their offices and homes are bugged. It is a disgrace, a disgrace for those who do this and for those who, like slaves, silently and meekly swallow this arrogant behaviour.…. 

Interesting, no, that the Nuland Press entirely forgets about the material in red above, while screeching hysterically about "precedent," which--obviously--it was.

But our Congress will soon be sending $12 BILLION so that Zelenskiy can pay his government's bureaucrats and continue the pretense that he's winning this war.

After all, what's more important to US citizens than Ukrainian Government bureaucrats?  Your pish-posh whining about fentanyl, invasions, energy, and FBI scorched-earth tactics on pro-lifers?  Irrelevant and immaterial.  The NeoCon Warmonger crowd has important work to do, no matter how many of you (and the Ukrainians) are killed.

Have a nice day!

Dementia Joe Speaks!!!

Dementia Joe (a/k/a Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants) told the country that he was going to "ban assault weapons."


Here's what he had to say when asked about his dementia:

“It’s focused I say I think it’s I I haven’t look I have trouble even mentioning even saying to myself my own head the number of years. I no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly. I mean it’s just not uh uh I haven’t observed anything in terms of there’s not things I don’t do now that I did before whether it’s physical or mental or anything else.” 

That's verbatim.

Next thing you know, he'll push the Nuke Button, thinking that it will call his nurse.

The Scienczzzzzz!!!!

Fits right in with their narrative.

Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director for Primary and Trans Care claimed that men can get pregnant during a House Oversight Committee hearing on abortion Thursday....

The man (??)  woman (??)  also claims to have an M.D.   Given the above, it's worth checking into before you engage him (??)  her (??) for any treatment.


Italian Polls Mirror US Politics

 Republicans could learn something here.

Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy were the most popular party among workers and the middle class in last weekend’s election, while the wealthiest Italians, along with university graduates, were more likely to vote for left parties.

The Brothers of Italy (FdI) came first in last weekend’s elections with 26 per cent of the vote, winning nearly six million more votes than in the previous election in 2018, and according to a breakdown of voting by the firm Ipsos, the party managed to secure just over 30 per cent of the votes of lower-middle-class people amid strong numbers across all income ranges.

Among upper-middle-class people and university graduates, the left-wing Democrats were the most popular party, followed by Meloni’s FdI, the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reports....

That's consistent with what we see (by and large) in the US.  The Educated and Rich are too gifted--in their own estimation--to bother with natural laws.  That's for the 'little people.'  

And the little people told the Educated and Rich exactly where to go. 

Pro Dio!  Pro Famiglia!  Pro Patria!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Anton Calls Out the "Conservatives" and Has a Question

Michael Anton is probably on the FBI's "next-to-hit" list.  So read his essay; there may not be more.  Here's just a piece:

...I will tell you some of what I see. A giant, unaccountable, unelected fourth branch of government that does what it wants without input or supervision from the people, and that usurps executive, legislative, and judicial power. Rights are routinely trampled. Two-track justice—one standard for friends of the regime, another for its enemies—is now the norm. Just last week a man killed with his car a teenager for the “crime” of being Republican. He’s already out on bail. Meanwhile there are still dozens of January 6 protesters in pretrial detention for ridiculous noncrimes such as “parading.”

The Justice Department, FBI, CIA—all the security agencies—are out of control in attacking American citizens. The FBI is now doing SWAT raids for misdemeanors. Earlier this month, the president of the United States gave a speech calling half the American population enemies of the state. I could go on.

What is conservatism’s response to all this? What is the response of “the weasels, compromisers, mediocrities, and losers of the Republican-conservative-libertarian establishment”? Those are not my words, but I like them. They sum things up concisely, accurately, and vividly.

Conservatism’s response is to get angry. But not at any of these abuses or the people who commit them. No, rather it gets angry at people like Mollie Hemingway, Julie Kelly, and Heather Mac Donald (and others) who point out these outrageous abuses....

I especially like the part where he describes Scott Fitzgerald, Brian Steil, and Mike Gallagher--and their mentor, Paul Ryan, who shook the Janesville dust off his feet as fast as he could.

So where does that leave the "conservatives"? the extent that the modern conservative takes his “principles” seriously, he must oppose the founding principles, which are not conceivable absent the American Revolution. But he must oppose the revolution—what with its friend-enemy distinction, its radicalism, its “instability” and “incivility,” its violence. Plus, of course, its racism, sexism, classism, lack of transgender bathrooms in Independence Hall (though, for all I know, they’re there now), and all the rest....

Can't have any of that, can we?  

He's getting to the point.

 ...So, returning again to the beginning: What do the founding principles require of us today?

First, they require an honest assessment of where we are, of the present regime, of how it operates, and toward what ends. Let’s do an honest reading of the 18 (or 27, depending on how you count) charges against George III in the Declaration of Independence and compare them to our situation....

... I have a question for the conservatives—actually several. Which I know they won’t answer. So, really, the questions are for you, the reader, to ponder.

Is the right of revolution ever justified? Was it justified only that one time, in 1776, but never again? If so, why was it justified then and what makes it unjustifiable ever again? Because of historicism? Because the American Revolution was somehow an irreversible leap forward?...

Nah.....Ben Domenech will NEVER ponder those questions.  He'll be too busy eating doughnuts with Megan McCain, his wife.  Sykes?  He's too old to think about these things.

... Now, we should all hope that this remains merely a theoretical discussion. And, in the terms of that theoretical discussion, I maintain it as axiomatic that you can’t have natural rights without a right of revolution, just as you can’t have the founding without an actual revolution, and since you can’t have the regime of the founders without natural rights, you can’t have the founding principles or the founders’ regime without a right of revolution. ...


In the end, the question is "how much".  How much do we have to endure?  How much should we force our children and grandchildren to endure?  

“The war is actually begun!  The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”  

Good question.   And Anton's not the only one who's curious.

Bai-Den to End Hunger!

Last week, Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants announced that he would be ending cancer (with taxpayer money.)

And this week, he announced that he will be ending hunger in the US (with taxpayer money.)

One wonders if he will announce the end of all wars next month (with taxpayer money.)  But that's not likely, as he has been trying to start one with Russia for over 120 days.

Actually, the best way for Bai-Den to end hunger and wars would be for him to leave office.  Now.

Milwaukee's Martha's Vineyard

This is amusing.

St. Catherine's has traditionally housed lower-income women, who paid nominal rent to live there.  At one time the place had a curfew--get inside by 11:00 PM (maybe midnight?) or you're out of luck.  That was when an order of Catholic nuns ran the joint.

That was the good old days.  Now, St Catherine's is a mixed-use residence which includes addicts, homeless, women fleeing domestic violence, etc.  All very nice, except there are problems (!!!)  So we now learn about Milwaukee's Martha's Vineyard!!

...Of the neighbors who spoke at the Sept. 7 hearing, five own homes on the 1300 block of North Astor Street

They told committee members that St. Catherine residents sometimes sleep in cars on the street, where they smoke marijuana.

"They leave their kids running on Astor Street in front of our homes without watching them as they are doing drugs," said Michelle Melstrand.

Melstrand and the other homeowners also complained about garbage left on the street, panhandling, people loitering on their stoops, numerous emergency responder calls to St. Catherine and other problems — including people who have defecated on their properties.

It amounts to a decline in the neighborhood's quality of life, they said.

"It's quite frightening to walk past and see what is going on at St. Catherine's," said Amy Brengel, who lives nearby on North Prospect Avenue.

She and others questioned why St. Catherine was operating within an affluent neighborhood.

"I understand that there's a need for this," Brengel said. "But there are other places. Not in this high-rent, very expensive location."...

Smooth move, Amy.

Teacher Union Head: Ignorant Witch

Aside from demolishing education during the faux-demic, the American Federation of Teachers' head, a creature called Randi Weingarten, is a colossal ignoramus.  So ignorant that she leads a teachers' union!

Weingarten steps into it--deeply--by praising the 1619 Project, a racist re-write of history.  Then people who actually know history put her in her place.

This is what parents have discovered, and what is leading to the School Board Revolutions ongoing all across the country (except in Wauwatosa, where the School Board approves Porn-K5.)

Voters Now Paying Attention

It's traditional:  voters don't pay attention to elections until about the beginning of October.

Then they do.

And that's not good for the Democrats this year.  Michels and Ron Johnson are now pulling ahead of the Socialist-Communist-Incompetent Democrat alternatives, and Fetterman is falling off the table in Pennsylvania.  Laxalt is suddenly 'back in' the Nevada race, and both Oregon and Washington State are about to elect Republicans in formerly-(D) districts.  Kari Lake is now even with the completely dishonest (D) alternative in AZ.

Still waiting for Johnson and Fitzgerald (Mr. Go-Along/Get-Along) to comment on the demolition of the Nord Stream pipes which will bring freezing, de-industrialization, and starvation to Europe soon AND in the future.

Those remarks will be very interesting, no?


There's natural death, death by a thousand cuts, regular old homicide death, suicide death--and then there's FauciDeath.

Official figures provided by 29 European countries confirm there have been more excess deaths in 2022 across Europe than in 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as 2021 when a huge swathe of deaths occurred following the emergency use authorisation of the Covid-19 injections.

Unfortunately, analysis shows that the increase in 2022 is due to so many children and young adults now dying on a weekly basis....

You'll hear a lot about fentanyl.  Since there are few--if any--autopsies, one could also blame the excess deaths in children on Ooogledy-Boogledy.

But we know where a large chunk comes from.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Now It's Putin's Move

Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants took out both Nord Stream pipelines, which is a direct kinetic attack on Russian property.

It's Putin's move next.

How about a GPS satellite or two?  How about the undersea cross-Atlantic phone cables?

The banking system's internet connections?

Are you ready to pay the price for Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants' stupidity?  How much will you pay??

Only Putin knows.

More Fun With Meloni

 Ms. Meloni is going to be a lot of fun.

Here she puts that prissy-puss Macron in his place.  Forcefully.

More, please!!!

But, But, But NO MEAN TWEETS!!!

Americans, Poles, and Bulgarians have been told to get the Hell out of Russia immediately.

Looks like the US did blow up both Nord Stream pipelines.

The Doom Clock just advanced from 11:49 to 11:57 on a 12:00 scale.

But there are NO MEAN TWEETS, which should satisfy Charlie Sykes.

Memories of Fraud

Herewith we present the facts.  Without evidence, of course.

In the 2020 Election, late at night, over 145,000 votes were recorded all for Joe Biden in Milwaukee.

145,000 Biden, 0 Trump.  You understand statistics can be really odd that way, right?

Clearly, Biden won.  Uh huh.  

And the chain-of-custody on the ZIP drive of the Milwaukee elections clerk (Woodall-Vogg) was broken; she "forgot" the drive in her desk on 4th and Michigan and had to run back to "retrieve" exactly that drive.  The cops who escorted her were not asked for sworn testimony about that little adventure.

They're going to try again, by the way.

Evers Loves Him Some Criminal Re-Offenders

Maybe this is how Evers ran his classroom.  It doesn't work in real life.

Gov. Tony Evers’ administration expanded the state’s earned release program in multiple ways even though more than 40% of earned release and challenge incarceration inmates are re-arrested within two years, endangering public safety, Wisconsin Right Now has documented....

Two out of five are back in the Graybar Hotel in a couple of years.  Armed robbers, habitual criminals, felons with guns.......the kind of folks you WANT to have living next door.  Uh-huh!  No wonder Tony gets his money from out-of-state.  Those people don't have to worry about Tony's early-release people moving in near them.

Maybe they even got the same prisoner-number.  Saves a lot of expense, ya'know.

Evers: Lotsa New York, Hollywood Money

Tony Evers gets a LOT of big dollar money from people who do not live in Wisconsin.

Ten people gave Evers the max donations of $20,000: Abigail Dow, an instructional coach who lives in New York City; Joseph Kaempfer, a real estate agent in Virginia; Stephen Clearman, of Valatie, N.Y., who’s not employed; Eileen Stauss, of Washington state, an attorney; Lynda Resnick, vice chairman, Los Angeles; Andrew Hauptman, chairman, Beverly Hills, Calif.; Andrea Soros, a business exec in Scarsdale, N.Y.; James Garbett, a consultant in Moline, Ill.; Nathaniel Simons, an investment manager in Berkeley, Calif.; and Marsha Laufer, a Florida retiree.

OK.  Berkeley is not Hollywood.  It's worse.

Very noticeable contrast to Michels.

 ...Louis Gentine, the retired CEO of Sargento Foods Inc.; Michele Gentine, Louis Gentine’s wife; Dan Ariens, CEO of the Ariens Co.; David Charles, president Cash Depot; John Dykema, president of Campbell Wrapper Corp. in De Pere; Lisa Dykeman, vice president; Jeffrey Lebakken, owner of a rent-to-own business in Eau Claire; Terrence Wall, a Middleton developer; Michael Shannon, chairman of KSL Capital Partners in Denver; and Mary Sue Shannon, a Denver retiree....

TWO out-of-State donors, both in Denver. 

Tells you all you need to know about Evers and Michels.

Tosa Sex Class Pix Can't Be Shown on TV

The Wauwatosa Schools will go forward with "Porn for Five-Year-Olds".

But the materials are so graphic that they cannot be shown on television!

By the way, what the Hell is the Tosa Superintendent trying to pull by organizing an LBGTQ+++SJ demonstration FOR this curriculum?  And why are LBGTQ's favoring coursework which tells 5th-graders how to have sexual intercourse?


Faddis: Russia Lost the War

Sam Faddis is ex-CIA.  Here's what he says on the Ukraine conflict.

...Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine with a clear vision. Russian troops would stage their own version of American “shock and awe.” Kyiv would fall within days. Ukraine would become a client state. By the time the lazy, fat Americans and their European lackeys woke up it would all be over.

It was not to be. The Red Army no longer exists. What passes for it is small, devoid of meaningful logistical capability, and armed with a lot of poorly maintained weapons and equipment. The Ukrainians held. The war turned into a slog, not a blitzkrieg.

It has gotten worse since. The Ukrainians have gone on the offensive in places. Russia has lost ground....

Faddis goes on the describe the Great Flight of draft-eligible men from Russia. 

That overall narrative is one promulgated by the US State Department and the British Foreign Office.  It's not the only narrative, of course.  There are others--credentialed others--who opine that while Russia's 'special military operation' is not gaining huge amounts of ground, Putin's forces are getting what they want and will get more as time goes on and the Ukraine military is ground into dust.

Regardless of all that, Faddis has a very serious warning for the Putin-Hate-Fixation crowd now running the US (which may or may not include Non Compos Mentis Joe):

...In Washington, the Biden administration, which seems focused primarily on how many billions of dollars it can funnel to giant defense contractors under the pretext of “saving Western civilization” seems to be ignoring all of this. It continues to double down on tough talk, and administration members who never heard a shot fired in anger now talk openly about nuclear exchanges.

Regime change may still sound enticing to those with no experience in how it usually plays out. It is not. Putin is a thug, but right now Russia is relatively stable and intact. That means among other things that its thousands of nuclear warheads remain under the control of a central authority.

We do not want a power vacuum in the heart of Eurasia. We do not want to play out our Libyan adventure on this much grander, much more dangerous scale. We want to end this war....

Victoria Nuland should, as a matter of fairness, suit up in fatigues and go there to shoot people.  She can take that tube of gelatinous fat Alex Vindman to be her military muse, too.  That should be part of the CR.

"Sham" Ukraine Election?

This is not a surprise.

In the referendums in four Ukrainian provinces occupied by Russia, conducted under the electoral supervision of Russia and often with armed Russian officials going door-to-door collecting votes, the winner Tuesday was — unsurprisingly — Russia.

Moscow said the residents of those four regions in Ukraine's east and south voted overwhelmingly to join Russia in an election decried as a sham by the U.S. and its Western allies....

Bai-Den calls it a "sham," because if anyone knows about "sham" elections, it's Bai-Den.

The Russkies even copied a Democrat technique:  door-to-door collection of votes.  Apparently they didn't catch on to the "no-ID mail-in" trick yet. Also, they're a little heavy-handed with those 95%+++ totals.  Democrats have learned how to fraud-up an election with small margins--say 20,000 votes/State. 

Next time it will look a lot better.  Practice makes perfect!!  Ask any Democrat.

Hallmark Channel Sinks Into the Pit

For a short time, my spouse will be watching ..........nothing.

...The Hallmark Channel has been very excited to promote new “projects featuring LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors,” according to VP of programming George Zaralidis in an interview with NBC. Each year, the Hallmark Channel announces its lineup of Christmas movies, and LGBTQ activists have long protested the lack of LGBTQ plots and characters in these offerings. The 2020-2021 season saw the channel’s first LGBTQ lead in a Christmas movie and a promise to expand such programming down the road....

Making Santa's Workshop into a homosexual meet-up spot?  Nah.  Giving a whole new meaning to "Pumpkin Spice"?  Nah.

But there's hope!

 ...Knowing this, Bill Abbott, the CEO of Crown Media Family (which owns the Hallmark Channel), jumped ship. He wanted nothing to do with producing propaganda. This is also true of a number of the stars who helped make the Hallmark Channel what it is: Candace Cameron-Bure, Danica McKellar, and Jen Lilley.

Giant Freakin’ Robot says Abbott’s goal at his new network, Great American Media, “is to respond to the Hallmark Channel’s initiatives by providing the family entertainment his former employer became known for[.]”...

She will find Great American Media if it kills me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ron Johnson Is Sick ot the Crapola in DC

This should be a campaign ad for Ron.

Dear Colleague,
As this fiscal year comes to a close, and we look to fund the government, we must use our spending power to ensure that we do not enable the Biden Administration’s reckless progressive agenda.

We must not accept anything short of a “clean” Continuing Resolution (“CR”) that contains no additional spending or extraneous policy riders. At a minimum, any agreement on a clean CR must carry over into the beginning of the 118 th Congress.

Failure to stand strong against lame-duck spending and caving to the Democrats will likely worsen inflation, prolong the current economic recession, and advance policies contained in the Biden administration’s progressive wish-list. The American people cannot afford another Washington feeding frenzy. 

We must not let them down

That letter is authored by Mike Lee (R-Utah) and signed by Ron Johnson and 12 other Senators.  The bolded red lettering refers to the $12 BILLION that Scott Fitzgerald (Fat R-WI) is all happy about.

Maybe Fitzgerald needs a primarying in '24.  He's been a dependable establishment (moron) for years.  He should go back to whatever he claims to be his actual job.  He can open a store in Ukraine if he's all that hot about that damn country.

WI NatGas Bills Up Again. Thanks, Joe Biden!

Since Bai-Den (and Schwab) decided that the USA was living far too well with its abundant natural gas, coal, and petroleum, things have gone spectacularly bad.

 ...The National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) is estimating it will cost Wisconsin residents more than $1,200 to heat an average home this winter, an increase of more than 17% compared to last winter.  [Data Link Here]

Roughly 50% of Wisconsin residents use natural gas for home heating.  Natural Gas heating costs are increasing 34% this year (vs last winter, 2021). That’s also a 66.1% increase over the winter of 2020....

That, friends, was BEFORE somebody sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines into Europe.

Who Chopped Up Nordstreams 1 & 2?

Let us recall that Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants promised to 'stop' Nordstream--but would not say how.  That was repeated by his War-Mongerette, Nuland.  (Who elected her?)

This morning, a story broke stating that Nord Stream 2, an undersea natural-gas pipeline leading from Russia to Northern Europe, suffered a cataclysmic failure; its pressure was reduced by over 90% and the line may have filled with seawater, making it useless for the future.

Then Nord Stream 1 was also discovered to have gross damage.

 ...Major leaks in two natural gas pipelines connecting Russia to Europe were being investigated Tuesday as possible acts of sabotage.

The breaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines caused natural gas to bubble up through the Baltic Sea, causing a foamy disturbance visible from the surface.

“We have established a report and the crime classification is gross sabotage,” a Swedish national police spokesperson said.

Seismic monitoring stations in Sweden, Finland and Norway recorded two explosions Monday near the Danish island of Bornholm, the largest of which registered a 2.3 on the Richter scale.

“There’s no doubt this is not an earthquake,” said Bjorn Lund, director of the Swedish National Seismic Network....

It's an act of war.

Since Nord Stream provided almost all the natural gas going into Western Europe, particularly Germany, this winter will be a major disaster for homes and industries there.  

It will have very serious repercussions in the US, which is shipping liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe as fast as it can--but of course, that raises the prices for natural gas here.

The Russians--and at least one Polish minister--think that the US pulled this.  Wauck is in agreement, and he lists good reasons to believe it.  Equally likely:  the British, whose noses are so far up Uncle's butt that they emerge from Uncle's throat.

Given the nature of Biden's foreign-affairs bunch, that would not be a surprise.  They don't really give a flying damn about anything except 'regime change' in Russia.  If you can't afford to heat your home here in the States, you'll have to offer that sacrifice to the Gods of Regime Change. 

That won't be the only "regime change." 

The Chinese have their wish:  we live in interesting times.

Evers, a Genuine Screw-Up

There's a more pungent version of "screw-up" but........

The Evers Administration was an utter failure paying unemployment comp during the "crisis" of Covid.  He was an utter failure at choosing which places to shut down--and then he was an utter failure at making a simple contact with the Legislature to continue his Little Boy Dictator shut-down act.

He's also an utter failure in education; only about 1/3rd of Wisconsin grade-school kids can read or do math at grade level, and Evers has been in control--direct or indirect--for at least a decade.

To spread the manure on top of the Evers-cake, he's also unable to motivate the Department of Safety and Professional Services to, ya'know, DO ITS JOB.  Read the story at this link for a perfect picture of Evers' governance.

Oh--let's not forget the 44 child-rapists he's set loose on Wisconsin residents in the last four yearsThose children never will.

Will Scott Fitzgerald Piss Away MORE?

Scott Fitzgerald, who thinks he cannot lose his seat, is a fan of pissing away large money on Ukraine.  He can't come up with a good reason for it, but he's gonna do what he's told.  Good dog!!

There are competing needs; his constituents are feeling the Biden-Index of inflation and cutting back on stuff like "food," in preparation for freezing this winter due to--oh yes!!--Ukraine's war.  Of course, spending another $12 BILLION to pay the payroll of the Ukie Government is a serious priority for a Congressman from Wisconsin, right?  Just add it to the national debt, Scottie.

Think Scottie will vote against this?

Think again.

NOTE WELL:  Tom Tiffany has it right, again.

UW Hospitals Do Gender Mutilations, Too!!

The UW Hospitals advertise (whoops!!  No Longer Advertise) their Add-a-Dick-To-Me and Chop-a-Dick-Off-Me surgeries.

If you have children and live near "Dr." Katherine Gast, you may want to keep the children indoors and  your doors locked.

Jus' sayin'...

FEEBS: "Not a SWAT Team"

They know they stink like sulfur.

...a spokesperson with the FBI Philadelphia field office denied that a SWAT Team had been used to apprehend Mark Houck.

“There are inaccurate claims being made regarding the arrest of Mark Houck. No SWAT Team or SWAT operators were involved. FBI agents knocked on Mr. Houck’s front door, identified themselves as FBI agents and asked him to exit the residence. He did so and was taken into custody without incident pursuant to an indictment,” the FBI said....

Oh, well, that makes it soooooooooo much better, you miserable jackals.

But they're not done explaining:

 ...The FBI did not deny that up to 25-30 armored agents were on the scene or that Houck’s children witnessed the agents pointing rifles at their father and mother to arrest him for allegedly shoving someone in front of an abortion clinic....

Yah, hey.  

'It was only 25-30 random armored-up FEEBS that just happened to be pointing their AR-15's at children, 'n' stuff like that, ya'knowNot a teamJust a bunch of guys, happened to all meet by accident at this DOMESTIC TERRORIST'S HOME', ya'know, on their way to bowling.'

Shove it where the sun never shines.

Pro Dio! Pro Famiglia!! Pro Patria!!!

There you are.

With those proclamations, I've become a full-bore Fascist, according to the Smart Ones at the NYTimes, CBS, MSNBC, European Union, and Davos.

I'm comfortable in those clothes.

Last night, Tucker Carlson asked why the Republican "Commitment to America" doesn't include any simple declarations like the above.  That's a very good question, ain'a?

You should ask your friendly local Republican.  Nine out of ten of them won't know.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Meantime, in Canada


Dear Tim Michels: ZERO OUT D.P.I.

Our next Governor, Tim Michels, should take immediate drastic action on the rapid-growth 4th stage cancer which is killing our children:  the Department of Public Instruction.

Zero out its budget. 

Well, yes, it's a Constitutional office, so leave $500.00 in its kitty and keep the Secretary's pay intact.

Then get together with actual educators--the ones who run the successful Choice schools--and re-build DPI using only their input.

Maybe Jill Underly will get the hint and quit.  If she doesn't, that's OK, too.  She'll be 'managing' a department which will be doing what it's supposed to do:  facilitating REAL education for our children.

Jesuits Embrace "Gender Theory"

In less than 10 years, Marquette High will be a 57 Flavors of Gender school.

...Parents with students in Jesuit schools have good reason to be wary. 

The Jesuit Schools Network began with a pro forma recognition of the “Catholic principle that every person is charged with the Divine, created in the image and likeness of God” when it revised its Domain 5 secondary school standards, which incorporated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as Jesuit antiracist core values (DEI+A).

In practice, it is apparent that many Jesuit educators deem the “image and likeness of God” to be non-binary and gender fluid. 

Standard 13.2, requiring training in antiracism and bias for educators and students, includes this related criterion: “All school personnel work to eradicate barriers between and among people such as misogyny, homophobia, and gender and socio-economic stereotyping and discrimination.” ...

At one time, the Jesuits were respected for their intellectual firepower.  Now, they won't differentiate between "man" and "woman."

Manchin Made a Bad Choice. Too Bad.

Ever since Joe Manchin--who has had ambitions to be President--cut a deal with the Devils Schumer and Pelosi, he's had big problems getting what he wants from Republican Senators.

He made his bed.  Let him lie there in agony while West Virginians take away his playpen-office.

The 'Cost of Biden' Index

Someone calculated the 'Cost of Biden' index.

...Joe’s policies have cost each of us $4200 since Biden falsely took the oath of office just over 18 months ago now (or 612 days), which equals approximately $6.87 a day. Since there are 1440 minutes in a day, you are losing a penny just about every 2 minutes, or $0.30 an hour…even when sleeping. It doesn’t sound like much, but that comes out to $48.09 a week or $208.99 per average month (of 30.42 days)....

So you began each of the last 612 days by lighting $6.87 on fire.

Still think election fraud is a cute Democrat prank?

Good Advice for Tim Michels

Ron DeSantis on the MSM:  "Don't try to get these people to like you."  They are totally disconnected from reality.

So Tim:  don't waste time with them.  You saw what they did to you regarding your principles on abortion; they'll be happy to try again on any other topic.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Italy Goes Populist-Rightist

This was a pretty-sure thing 4 weeks ago.

Now it's (almost) official.

...according to early exit polls out of Italy's national election, the right-wing bloc of Giorgia Meloni - which the ultra-left wing press just can't stop comparing to Mussolini - is set for a historic, if largely expected, victory and a clear majority (if, however, not a super-majority) which will propel Meloni to the top of the Italian government as the country's next prime minister, ushering in a historic right-wing shift for a country that - like Sweden until two weeks ago - has traditionally been very left-wing....

There are three other partners in the rightist coalition:  the League (formerly Northern League) and Forza Italia, headed by Berlusconi.  It is expected that these two will assent to Meloni becoming PM.

The EU dictator-ette will be PO'd.  Let's see what that brings. 

MORE:  The NYSlimes is attacking this woman with slanders, implied slanders, lies, and vituperative bile.  They're better at it than the Little Local Pravda's GoodGollyMissMolly (of course,) but it's the same game, same target.

Ace put together a few short cuts from her speeches and they are worth every second.

Pro Dio!!  Pro Famiglia!  Pro Patria!!

Laugh-Line from McCarthy/Stefaniak

They really, really, expect you to swallow this crap.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik vowed Friday that their first action as leaders of the chamber if the GOP wins the majority in November would be to repeal the funding President Biden signed into law to hire as many as 87,000 new IRS agents....

Then Bai-Den will veto their legislation.

End of that "promise."

Think they'll re-run that legislation with Trump as President in '25?  

Well..........did they repeal ObamaCare when they had the House, Senate, and Presidency?


The "Headline Lie" Game

Since Good Golly Miss Molly isn't getting traction with lies and distortions in the text of a story, Little Local Pravda is moving those up to the headlines.

To wit:

Tim Michels now says he would back legislation allowing abortions in case of rape and incest despite decades of opposition

It has the disadvantage of being NOT TRUE, but hey!  Print it anyway!!
Michels has long held that he disapproves of ALL abortions.  No exceptions.  And he's on firm moral ground there, which is why Little Local Pravda hates his guts.
In the present case, Michels said that 'IF a bill came to him from the Legislature which DID allow abortion under certain circumstances, THEN he would SIGN it.
"SIGN" is one thing.  
"BACK" is another thing entirely; the connotation is that Michels would actively push it.   Good Golly Miss Molly knows that very well; it's actually the way she reported it--mostly.
 Republican candidate for governor Tim Michels now says he would sign legislation creating exceptions to Wisconsin's abortion law for rape and incest, despite opposing such exceptions for at least two decades and saying as recently as this month that he would not change his position.  ...
See how Good Golly Miss Molly implies that Michels 'changed' his position?

There's a reason that Michels said what he said.

..."Yes, I would sign that bill," Michels told O'Donnell. "And let me say a couple of things about that. I am pro-life and make no apologies for that. But I also understand that this is a representative democracy. And if the people — in this case, the legislature — brought a bill before me, as you just stated, I would sign that."...
Miss Molly and the Little Local Pravda cadre want their Governor to be a dictator, not a democrat.  That's why they desperately want Evers to win.  
Too bad they're in the wrong country for that, eh?

The Point of Gaslighting You

The point of gaslighting you is to humiliate you, making you passively assent to spectacular lies.  It is NOT to make you believe their crap; only Biden believes it.

So long as you just sit back and let them lie like Hell without shouting back, they're accomplishing exactly what they want.  And Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants is determined to humiliate you.

"In 41 states plus the District of Columbia, the average gasoline price is less than $2.99."

"Bullets from an AR-15 travel five times faster than bullets from any other gun." 

"9mm bullets explode the lungs out of a body."

"I am not a pedophile."

We may have added that last one to the collection.

Trust but Verify in Washington County

Interesting note to the upcoming election.

The [Washington County Executive] committee then voted on doing a full recount by hand of the governor, lieutenant governor and U.S. senator elections in the general election on Nov. 8.

According to Reichert, the county audits every election held, by choice.

Normally, the county will randomly select two reporting units in the county and then hand-count the ballots in two of the races in the election and compare the results with the voting machine tabulations.

“What we are suggesting doing for the 2022 general election is hand-counting the entire county as a part of an audit doing the top state race and the top federal race, which would be governor, lieutenant governor and then the U.S. Senate race, and hand-counting all of those,” said Reichert.

According to Reichert, the expense of the recount is up to $50,000, and would be paid for by the county and not the individual municipalities. The funding would come out of the strategic priority fund....

Apparently Washington County is absolutely certain of the mail-in/drop-box vote validity.

Your Teachers' Union

In Wisconsin, the vast majority of teachers belong to the NEA.

That should make you spitting mad and VERY watchful.

...The NEA is mainlining queer theory into the public schools and promoting a how-to guide on "fisting" for children. Queer theorists believe that transgressive sex is a method of liberation—and have long sought to legalize adult-child sexual relationships....

In Waukesha, a teacher blew the whistle on very objectionable material available ONLY on classroom computers.  Mysteriously, that material was only available between 8 AM and 3 PM--in other words, not to the prying eyes of parents.

Think your District isn't playing the same game?

Can't You All Get Along??

There are those who believe that all cultures are totes compatible.

Riots between Muslims and Hindus in Britain have spread from Leicester to Smethwick – and may “spread all over Britain”, community leaders warn.

A mob of over 200 Muslims shouting “Allah akbar!” gathered outside the Durga Bhawan Temple in Smethwick, a post-industrial town in the West Midlands, on Tuesday night, with mob members trying to scale its perimeter fence before scrapping with intervening police officers, according to reports.

The violence, which saw police pelted with fireworks and other missiles, was ostensibly triggered by word that the temple had invited Sadhvi Rithambara, an Indian described by the press as a Hindu nationalist, to deliver a sermon.

The incident follows now long-running violence in Leicester, in the East Midlands, between Muslims and Hindus, initially linked to an India versus Pakistan cricket match, which at one point saw a member of a Muslim mob vandalise a Hindu temple in front of the police....

And then there are the Realists, who know that "totes compatible" is fatuous malarkey.

Cooperated With FBI. Now He's Sorry

Long story short:  a pro-life office was attacked and vandalized in New York State.  The manager of the office turned over the surveillance video to the FBI so that the criminals could be prosecuted.

Well, that was stupid.  Bai-Den's FBI/Do"Justice" aren't prosecuting anyone.

And it gets worse!

...Harden has asked the FBI and local law enforcement for access to the footage, but they only showed him still images taken from the video.

After months of no action being taken against the attack’s perpetrators, Harden filed a lawsuit asking a judge to order law enforcement to turn over the footage, Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported.

“Time is of the essence to commence a civil litigation because the longer time goes by the more likely it will be that those responsible for the firebombing will spoliate other evidence,” the complaint reads....

 ...The surveillance footage reportedly shows “multiple perpetrators,” clear figures, and license plates that Harden said would make identification of the perpetrators possible....

Yes, Harden should have made a copy before handing it to the scumbag FBI.

But he was operating under the old model, where the FBI was an ally of Americans.

That's a model that's in the trash can.  The FBI put it there.

The New Kristallnacht Is Here

If you don't think the Bai-Den Regime means business, you're not paying attention.

...Mark Houck, the founder and president of The King’s Men – a group that helps men overcome pornography addiction – was arrested at his rural Pennsylvania home on Friday for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act during his regular sidewalk counseling outside of an abortion clinic in 2021. Speaking with LifeSiteNews, Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, said that around 25 to 30 fully-armored FBI agents stormed their property early Friday morning, aiming their rifles as the children screamed in horror.

“They started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it,” Ryan-Marie said of the raid....

Who in their right mind thinks that a FACE Act violation deserves two dozen SWAT-FEEBS?

Do all those FEEBS feel just fine about what they did to those children, let alone Houck himself?

Oppose baby-killing and porn?  Little Hitler's SA will take you away.  Think we exaggerate?

...The Nazis believed that the police would have a particularly important role to play in the new Germany. Therefore, almost immediately after Hitler’s appointment, the Nazis sought to take over and transform Germany’s police forces. But the decentralized nature of German policing in 1933 made this difficult. At that time, various state and city governments—not the German chancellor—oversaw the country’s police forces. Nazification of the police could not happen overnight. In fact, it took several years. It was not until 1936 that the Nazis fully centralized all police forces under SS leader Heinrich Himmler’s control. ...

Remember all those "free" Federal dollars given to your local police?  Remember all that "free" slightly-used full-armored vehicles and the heavy armaments given to your locals?

Notice how the Obama/Holder/Biden/Garland DoJ is imposing its will on your local cop shop with "civil rights" investigations and mandates?

The early trial runs were obvious except to the deliberately obtuse:  Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Think the FBI's involvement in those massacres was accidental?  That is when Bill Barr's Government career began to take off, and why Bill Barr (among many others in D.C.) so loves the "Patriot" Act.

Houck is merely the latest 'shopkeeper whose windows were broken.'  Too bad, so sad.

What are YOU going to do about it?

Who Is the Hero Jake Gardner?

Zmirak poses a question that extends beyond the "Who Is?" title of this piece.

You can read about Jake Gardner at Zmirak's post.  Skip to the last third for the obituary which tells you all about Jake, and will break your heart; but here's a small part of Zmirak's payoff commentary:

...A Jake Gardner is an American who busts his own chops, plays by the rules, keeps his word, breaks up fights, treats people fairly, fears God, distrusts the government, doesn’t envy his neighbors and stands up for his rights, but doesn’t pick on the weak. He’s not the sullen government worker who watches the clock and maxes out his sick days. He’s the teacher who stays late to tutor troubled students. Or the weary mom who volunteers 20 hours a week at the crisis pregnancy center, helping illegal immigrants or teenage moms to keep their babies instead of killing them. She’s a Jake Gardner, too....

Now we move to the heart of the matter.

... The Jake Gardners are what keeps any decent country running. So if you want to wreck the place and squat in the rubble, they are the people you need to target. To cow, intimidate, break, and batter into learned helplessness. So the next time a mob oozes down the street they won’t try to help their neighbors, as Kyle Rittenhouse did. They won’t even try to protect their own elderly dads, as Jake Gardner did. They’ll let felons hopped up on drugs loot their businesses right in front of them. As Jake Gardner wouldn’t, which is why our home-grown Bolsheviks knew that he must be destroyed. As a lesson to the others. The first rule of Kristallnacht is that victims don’t get to fight back on Kristallnacht. (That’s why you must disarm them first, as the Nazis disarmed their foes.)...

We know that.  So what?

 ...If a million Jake Gardners or Kyle Rittenhouses had stepped forth in 2020, the riots that made Kamala Harris and Al Sharpton and George Soros [and the execrable pair of Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes] titter would have stopped, dead in their tracks. Maybe all those judges who were spooked into ignoring the 2020 election fraud would have had a little more courage. We might have an honestly elected government today....

A few more Koreans on rooftops, a lot fewer Problem Children loose on the street.

Is that "vigilantism"?  Nope.  "Vigilantism" does not happen in the moment, as did Jake's actions.  More to the point:  Jake simply stepped out--armed--to defend his business, his block, and his dad.  Deadly force came into play when Jake's life was in grave danger.  Were Jake backed up by another dozen business owners, would that street have burned?

These are the times that try men's souls.

RELATED:  Antifa Gets Smacked in Philly--or, How Patriotism Should Look.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Truth for the AGES


Shelter on Martha's Vineyard!!


Evers' Sex-Ed for Pre-Schoolers

Tony Evers--and his acolytes and butt-kissers--still run the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI.)

And they really, really, really want to sex up your children and grandchildren, even before they get to school.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the education arm of the state government, promotes transgender video resources and suggested reading explicitly aimed at preschoolers, according to a resource titled “Resources for Gender Expansive Preschoolers.”

The guide includes a litany of resources for three to five-year-olds, including videos that talk about transgender ideology. One video shows the story of a biological girl whose parents transitioned her to a boy. Another video encouraged parents to allow young boys to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween....

Fortunately for parents who like to raise Hell at school board meetings, DPI also gives a list of material which should be burned.

The Teachers' Union will be very unhappy if you burn these items.

Screw 'em.


Gaetz Is Right: Butt Out, McCarthy!

It's no surprise to find that the Pubbies are looking for attaboys and puppy-love.

Too bad that they're looking in the wrong places--like being the "Other" Big Government Boyzzz.

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz slammed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s “Commitment to America” agenda in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller on Friday, focusing specifically on one bullet point that suggests the GOP should subsidize the hiring of 200,000 new police officers through recruitment bonuses....

What?  Is Gaetz against law and order?  Anti-cop?  A secret Soros sucker??

Nah.  He just likes the Constitution.

 “It is unsound constitutionally. And it is disappointing to see something that doesn’t align with traditional Republican principles on federalism emerging out of some, you know, poll tested focus groups from the roommate of the minority leader,” Gaetz said. 

McCarthy, like his mentor Paul Ryan, has the D.C. Disease"We're here.  We're smarter.  And we have ways to make you ours."

Just get the Hell out of our faces, please.

Bruce Pearl, Freedom Fighter

At one time, Bruce Pearl was the buckets coach at UW-M.  He was very good at it; UW-M's program has not been nearly as successful since he left.

Now he's at Auburn; last year's record was 28-6.

More important:  Pearl has common sense.

...Pearl, 62, was ticked after the Michigan Democrat rudely replied to JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon during his testimony at an Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday in which the businessman said that divesting from fossil fuels is the “road to hell for America.”

Tlaib had asked Dimon if his bank had rules against investing in new oil and gas products. But Dimon was unequivocal, saying, “Absolutely not, and that would be the road to hell for America.”

The Democrat was furious over Dimon’s candor and blasted him, saying, “Sir, everyone that got relief from student loans [that] has a bank account with your bank should probably take out their account and close their account.”

Tlaib’s distempered reply sent Pearl off on a tangent, the New York Post reported.

“Like Gas Prices aren’t high enough?” the coach tweeted on Wed. “Is the Congresswoman from Michigan not at all concerned with how much it’s going to cost people to stay warm this winter? Let’s just let Russia and Iran take care of our fossil fuel needs?! A weaker USA is dangerous for the world!”...

Actually, Bruce, that's the point.

Friday, September 23, 2022

How's That Utility Bill Doing??

Surber mentioned it.

..."Massachusetts Energy Companies Announce 64% Increase in Electricity Rates Beginning November 1st."...


Massachusetts may be the first.

They will not be the last.

Where's the Hurricane???

The chart below shows FIFTY YEARS of hurricane activity.  

Pipsqueak CARBON APOCALYPSEDEATH HURRICANES haven't materialized this year, and have remained relatively stable in number for the last 50 years.  

But as Buck notes at the link the Slimes proffers has a reason:  sometimes CARBON APOCALYPSEDEATH HURRICANES actually diminish due to CARBON APOCALYPSEDEATH!!

Tropical Cyclone Frequence since 1970.JPG

What Little Pravda DOESN'T Print

Earlier today, we noted that Little Pravda (a minor branch office of Big Pravda) was playing word-games with Part-Time Tony Evers' parole mess.

But there's MORE!!

...On September 22, Senator Van Wanggaard wrote a letter to DOC Secretary Carr complaining that numerous requests by him, Senator Julian Bradley for the parole information have been met with no responses from DOC.

Wanggaard says the Legislative Reference Bureau’s requests for similar requests “have also been stymied and/or ignored in their efforts.”

“I will be blunt. It appears that the Department and/or the Commission is stonewalling and undermining the Legislature’s duty to oversee the DOC and Commission.”, said Wanggaard....

Part-Time Tony's trying to hide something really bad.

Somehow that factoid didn't make the story that Good Golly Miss Molly Doughnuts wrote.

How To Bring Recruitment to ZERO

In two years or less, the Air Force will not have an incoming class at the Academy.

 ...We have heard countless examples of how critical race theory (CRT) and other woke ideologies have infiltrated military diversity training. 

With a new report showing that the Air Force Academy is demanding cadets to stop using the words “mom” and “dad.”...

The Army has gone bonkers--and is crying about 'recruitment problems.'  The Navy went overboard (heh) several years ago and is also having trouble finding recruits.

Oh well.  Does this mean that the REMF's at the Pentagon will have to suit up and fight?

Say His Name, Rep. Cline!

Found at the most reliable news site:

Republican Senators may need some prodding to embrace the Commitment to America, a new national campaign platform developed by House Republicans, says Virginia Republican Rep. Ben Cline. ...

It's OK, Ben.  Just say it with meMITCH McCONNELL IS AN ELITIST STOOGE.

There.  That feels good, no?

The Doubletalk "News" at Little Pravda

You will notice something missing in the Doubletalk "news" provided by Little Pravda.

Republican candidate for governor Tim Michels is attacking Democratic Gov. Tony Evers over the parole of state inmates convicted of violent crimes, with Michels calling on Evers to stop paroles altogether — a move that in some cases would violate state law....

Perhaps that's the case; it's what Part-Time Tony argues.

But the law does NOT mandate release, does it?

Not in ALL cases:

...The commission chairman has authority over parole and the commission is required by state law to regularly interview eligible inmates. In many cases paroles are mandatory under state law. Only inmates sentenced before 2000, when a law known as truth-in-sentencing took effect, are eligible for parole. ...

Part-Time Tony gives out "STATISTICS" which condemn his practice, by the way.

  ...Of the total number of offenders paroled during Evers' tenure, 593 were convicted of offenses classified as violent, such as murder, rape and armed robbery. The number for Walker's time in office was 744 violent offenders. ...

Part-Time Tony's been in office for FOUR years and paroled ~600 for an average of 150/year.

Full-Time Scotty was in office for EIGHT years, paroling ~750, for an average of  94/year.

Part-Time Tony should be sent back to the classroom where he can parole wayward 2nd-grade kids.

One more thing:  scroll all the way down on this page to discover exactly what Evers is releasing.  Keep your kids close and your weapons loaded.


Bill Barr, "Super Catholic" Is a Liar.

If you're shocked at the headline, you're living under a rock in remote Brazil.

In brief:  Barr said that the DoJ had 'found no evidence' of election fraud.

There's a reason for that:  Barr told his USAttorneys NOT TO LOOK.

Then he lied about it.

Remind me why Barr was the keynote speaker at the recent Napa conference?

Some Actor Says Mean Stuff

Offhand, I recall seeing this guy exactly once, that on the small screen.

Patton Oswalt is reportedly using his latest Netflix special to attack Trump supporters who have refused to get the coronavirus vaccine, labeling them as “backward, racist, sexist, homophobic dipshits.”...

Oh, my.

I guess I'll sit down and have a good cry over that.

Dimon Sheds Lefty-Skin

Jamie Dimon, the CEO at JPMorganChase, is a mild-Lefty kinda guy.

So when he pipes up with a very strongly-worded defense of economic common sense, it's news.

 ...The chief executive of the largest U.S. bank was testifying before a House panel with other bank executives. Representative Rashida Tlaib, the Michigan Democrat, claimed that preventing temperatures from rising more than 2.7 degrees in the coming decades would require no new fossil fuel production.

“Please answer, yes or no. Does your bank have a policy against funding new oil and gas products?” Tlaib asked.

“Absolutely not and that would be the road to Hell for America,” said Dimon....

Tlaib proceeded to threaten Dimon (and Citi, BoA, WellsFargo) with regulations to cure their 'problem.'  

It's evident that Tlaib is leading someone's parade to Hell.


For Home Use by Teachers??

Meantime, in Ohio....

Teachers in Ohio’s Hilliard City School District are allowed to wear “safe space” badges with a QR code that leads to how-to guides on extreme sexual content.

The badges are being promoted and provided by the National Education Association, a major teachers’ union in the United States....

...One guide book, Queering Sex Ed, is a program of Planned Parenthood Toronto and styles itself a “recipe book designed to give you more information about some of the sex acts that we don’t think get enough play.”

Each “recipe card” is a different sexual act, such as “anal sex,” “bondage,” “rimming,” and “fisting,” and takes the reader through a step-by step guide to complete the act....

Are these badges for the teachers' own use at home?  In the janitor's closet at school?

SURELY they're not for the children, right?

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Steve Friend for FEEB Director!

When Trump returns, here's the guy he should put in to the top slot before the FBI undergoes a major weight-loss program of about 75% of its personnel.  Friend can wield the axe, and he'll enjoy it.

...On Wednesday Miranda Devine revealed the name of the latest FBI whistleblowerSteve Friend – who exposed the FBI’s disgusting lies on tracking domestic right-wing terrorism.

Steve Friend is a SWAT Team member who has been with the FBI for 12 years. He is married and has two small children....

... “He just could not live with his conscience after he was dragged off these very important child porn, child exploitation, and human trafficking investigations he was working on, and put on the very bogus January 6 cases he has been working on… He could see from the ground how the FBI Washington DC Field Office was manipulating these cases to try and expand and pretend the problem was bigger than it was. And he also didn’t want to participate in SWAT raids on people who were being accused of misdemeanors at worst… Steve Friend stood up and said, ‘I will not do this.'”...

So they fired his ass, of course.

Germany's In Big Trouble

The German government made the decision to boycott Russia and to assist Ukraine in the current imbroglio.

Russia said "Fine.  We're shutting off your natural gas."

That's something Trump warned Germany about--and they laughed at him.  Would 't be all that bad except that Germany also shut down its coal-fired electric plants a while ago.

...According to release statistics from the German economic ministry, energy prices in August were more than double the same period last year, up 139%.  The monthly increase was more than 20.4% higher than July.  Additionally, producer prices for electricity rose 174.9% compared with August 2021 and by 26.4% in a single month.

This jaw-dropping increase in energy cost has resulted in German manufacturing prices for industrial goods jumping 7.9% in August alone, with a year-over-year increase in the cost to manufacture goods at 45.8%.  That is the highest rate of price increase since Germany began recording their statistics in 1939....

Might be time to short your interest in Bayer and VW.

But hey!!  That's a very satisfying cutback in the use of fossil fuels, no?