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Pelosi's Sturmtruppen Fire Into 1/6 Crowd

This looks less and less like an 'insurrection' and more like an attack on Americans.

At this link, you'll see Pelosi's Sturmtruppen firing a flash-bang into the crowd.  It's not a deadly weapon, but it can easily maim, blind, or deafen humans. 


mRNA's Lethal Spike

This is beginning to look like a disaster.

...New peer reviewed study on COVID-19 vaccines suggests why heart inflammation, blood clots occur. "We never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin, and a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin"...

 Think that's bad?  Read on:

Documents from Pfizer to Japanese regulators show high concentrations of mRNA nanoparticles in the ovaries, spleen, and other organs where the spike protein is replicating and causing damage

The Population Bomb adherents finally figured out how to achieve their goal.

HT:  Vox

How Things Got This Way in America

Ed Feser is a Plato-Augustine scholar, Catholic, who writes very clearly.  Here, in only a couple of grafs, he lays out the Current Problem in America.

...Oligarchy as Plato conceives of it stands between timocracy and democracy.  Like democracy, it is governed by the appetitive part of the soul.  But the specific appetite it fosters, the desire to acquire wealth, is not as unruly or chaotic as the pursuit of sensual pleasure that dominates democratic society.  Its satisfaction requires some degree of self-discipline and delay of gratification – and thus the bourgeois virtues, which, though not as noble as those honored in the two higher sorts of regime, at least put some restraints on the other appetites.

The trouble is that, for one thing, later generations within an oligarchy, who enjoy the benefits of affluence without having had to exercise the discipline required in order to create it, tend to become soft and decadent.  And for another thing, there is money to be made in catering to the lower appetites.  Hence oligarchy tends to decay into democracy in Plato’s sense.  And that is why the America of the robber barons and of the military-industrial complex eventually gave way to the America of Woodstock and the sexual revolution, and now to that grisly amalgam of the two – the America of contemporary woke capitalism. 

If easy affluence is corruptive of the natural virtues, it is even more corruptive of the supernatural virtues.  The rich young man, though he showed initial interest in following Christ, opted instead to hold on to his possessions when he had to make a choice (Matthew 16: 19-22).  This famously led Christ to warn that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24). ...

There is a good deal more, including an astute analysis of the parable of the Rich Young Man, before Feser concludes:

 ...From a traditional Christian point of view, then, the main danger of actually existing capitalism is not that it makes people poor, but on the contrary that it makes them rich compared to most people who have ever lived, and certainly fixates them on the acquisition of material wealth.  It has thereby led the mass of mankind into a particularly insidious sort of temptation that relatively fewer were faced with in previous ages.  Most people read passages like Matthew 19:24 and smugly think of the rich as “them.”  But to paraphrase Walt Kelly, we have met the rich man, and he is us.

Is the solution to abolish riches?  No, because wealth is not intrinsically bad, and indeed is a positive good.  Again, the problem is not riches per se, but the fixation on riches.  And the fixation can exist even when riches do not.  The solution is to counter this fixation.  Sound principles by which this might be done were set out by popes Leo XIII,  Pius XI, and John Paul II, who condemned socialism in absolute terms, but defended capitalist institutions only with significant qualifications of a kind that no libertarian or classical liberal could accept – and who insisted that both the crisis of modernity and the social transformation needed to remedy it are fundamentally moral and religious rather than economic in nature....

 "Social Justice" is NOT Mo'Money.

Memorial Day

This is from We Were Soldiers.  You can hear it played and sung at the link below.

To fallen soldiers let us sing,
Where no rockets fly nor bullets wing,
Our broken brothers let us bring
To the Mansions of the Lord

No more weeping,
No more fight,
No friends bleeding through the night,
Just Divine embrace,
Eternal light,
In the Mansions of the Lord

Where no mothers cry
And no children weep,
We shall stand and guard
Though the angels sleep,
Oh, through the ages let us keep
The Mansions of the Lord

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Althouse On the Attack!

Retirement has been good for Althouse.  Getting away from the university drawing-room has a salutary effect.

Here she goes, tooth and claw, after the NYTimes after it declares that 'the pandemic' caused a large jump in gun sales.

It's absurd to state — as if it's a fact — that the pandemic "fueled" the surge when there were riots and the police stood down and did not protect the citizens! I personally got trained to use a gun last summer, and I fired a gun for the first time in my life. That had nothing to do with the pandemic. It was about civil disorder threatening my neighborhood and the manifest unwillingness of the city to keep order. You're on your own, we were told, quite plainly....

She's very good at parse-analysis; you might enjoy the way she rips the NYT a new nostril.

By the way, there's been NO action from the various cop-shops to indicate a change in their 'you're on your own' stance.  If it were going to change, one would expect a Big Announcement from either Mayors or Chiefs to the effect of "FAAFO".


Kimball on Ryan

This assessment of Ryan's "re-emergent" speech is not nice.

But it's accurate.

...What is that brand of conservatism? It is more an attitude than a definable philosophy. It is understated, well-polished, and clubbable. It is comfortable uttering nostrums that sound conservative while actually achieving nothing. It is what we might call “window-dressing conservatism.” Safe. Pampered. Epicene. Above all, it is adept at losing while covering those losses with a glaze marked “dignity.” “We lost, my fellow Americans, but at least we did it with our heads held high.” ...

Want more Loser Club Conservatism?  Check out Sykes and Wiggy.

Straws in the Wind, Europe

Interesting little item.

Switzerland shocked Brussels by walking away from a closer relationship and into an uncertain future, but MP Thomas Aeschi says the Swiss will not be a cash cow eternally milked to keep the EU alive, preferring Swissexit instead.

Switzerland today is celebrating its breakaway status from the European Union, having finally tired of the bullying and rhetoric from Brussels and walked away from a proposed framework arrangement after seven years of negotiations, preferring to go it alone in Swissexit. 

Never a full member of the EU, that decision leaves its relationship with Brussels facing an uncertain future. The two are bound together by a collection of 120 bilateral agreements that, one-by-one, will lapse over time....--quoted at Vox

Meantime, the Pope and the mega-moneymen in the US are calling for a 'no borders' world along with an end to the vile, selfish, racist, sexist, (etc.) Nationalist Fever.

That's a battle they're losing, right along with VAXXX EVERYONE!!!

Trumpism lives on.

Why Trumpism? Here's a List

We repeat this item on occasion because it's worth knowing.  This is what Paul Ryan and two far less consequential Wisconsin 'conservative' pundits campaign against.

Bring jobs and industries back to America. End our reliance on Communist China and build American supply chains instead of “global supply chains.”  Buy American and hire American....

 Forget free-trade dogma—defend American workers and businesses against the predations of a global corporate oligarchy. Do what’s good for American citizens rather than what’s good for “the global economy.”

America’s voters believe in countries and national sovereignty, not in submission to the alphabet soup of transnational authorities such as the WTO, WHO, G20, OECD, and so on.

They chose to restrict immigration to end the downward pressure on American wages.

They believe in rule by elected representatives rather than by a permanent state bureaucracy and judges accountable to no one.

They chose to end the military adventurism of endless wars that drains our blood and treasure and destroys tradition and cultures here and abroad. Make our allies pay their fair share for their defense. They recognized “America’s leadership role in the world” is fancy talk for making America the “policeman of the world,” and said, “No thanks.”

They know we must rebuild America rather than embark on nation-building projects around the world.

They feel in their gut we must break up the monopolies that control our media, technology, and economy and have an undue influence over our society and government.

They rejected the neo-Marxist ideology of race and gender identity and stood up for American national identity, Western civilization, Judeo-Christian culture, and traditional values of God, personal responsibility, and inalienable rights such as freedom of speech granted by our Creator, not the government....

As to the two now-faded mouth-runners:  in this podcast, they pine for the Good Old Days of Losing.  Mitt Romney would be proud of them.  (When you click on the link, you'll be one of the 100 who actually listen to them.  Maybe you'll get a free T-shirt!)

Saturday, May 29, 2021

How Many Did Fauci Kill?

Recall that Fauci mis-managed the AIDS crisis and one author states that Fauci's idiocy cost 13K lives or so.

This time around, he didn't like Ivermectin.

according to online data, Delhi cases have gone from 24K daily at end of April to 1491 yesterday. Whether it's due to ivermectin or just down phase of Gompertz curve, it's huge and gratifying good news that's mostly unreported in doomcasting media....

Ivermectin, you say?  Hmmmmmm.  Let's ask Mexico!


This result is consistent with the results of mass distribution of ivermectin in Mexico City, as reported by James V. DeLong on these pages on May 21, 2021

Charts at the link along with additional information, which would have been VERY DAMN USEFUL if the Fraudci had given a flying fart about American lives. 

Try him and fry him pour encourager les autres.

True Story


Goodie!! Bai-Den* Sending "Aid" to Central America

Old Joe Biden* will send $861 MILLION to Central American countries because that will help.

...The administration plans to provide $861 million in federal aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico in order to “address the root causes of irregular migration,” according to the proposed budget for 2022. Vice President Kamala Harris asked private sector companies to “make new, significant commitments” to create sustainable economic opportunities aimed at ending the migration crisis at the southern border on Thursday, according to the White House....

For about one-third of that, we could finish The Wall, which will ALSO "address ....irregular migration."  It will also "address" the ISIS and MS-13 invasions, the drug highway, and the sexploitation of girls and women on the road to poverty in the US.

But never mind all that.  Democrats like sex, drugs, and.......illegal voters too!


...The U.S. government will support private sector commitments to increase investment and sustainable economic growth in the region, the White House said. The Biden administration said the goal is for private sector engagement to not change with politics to avert future crises caused by thousands of migrants making the journey to the U.S., the Wall Street Journal reported....

 Yah, but...

...“We’ve been giving foreign aid to a lot of those countries for decades, and it’s only gotten worse,” Republican Kentucky Rep. James Comer said, the WSJ reported. The region has seen high levels of internal corruption, though some company officials said they’ve worked on economic development alongside anti-corruption efforts....

Uh-huh.  No doubt.

It's only OPM, another Democrat term for "waste it."

US Hits Herd Immunity!! Cancel Your Vax!

Bingo!  Even DHS admits it.

...we asked state health officials to estimate how many Americans have been exposed to the virus.

"Now, a year a year and a half into the epidemic, seems like a reasonable estimate could be that about a third, maybe even higher than that of people in the US have been exposed," said Dr. Ryan Westergard, chief medical officer for communicable diseases at Wisconsin's Department of Health Services....

About half of the US is vaccinated.  Combine that with 33% naturally-immune from having had the disease, and we are well into the requirement for herd immunity, the lower end of which is 70%.


Teachers' Union Writes State Budget Now?

Read between the lines here.

...In a letter Friday, a U.S. Department of Education official told State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor that action taken Thursday by the Legislature's budget-writing committee puts at risk $1.5 billion in federal pandemic aid for schools. 

The Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee dedicated $128 million in new funding for K-12 schools and set aside $350 million in a separate fund that GOP lawmakers said would be used for schools but was not yet appropriated as such. ...

...That means Wisconsin has fallen short in meeting a $387 million K-12 spending threshold in order to receive the pandemic aid under federal rules that require state officials to spend about 35% of state funds on schools.  ...

"Federal rules" written by the single largest Democrat campaign contributors:  the teachers.

Robin Vos should tell the Feds to go pound sand.  School spending is the largest component of Wisconsin budgets, and despite a serious slide in students over the last decade (-41,600+), Wisconsin "conservative" legislators continue to spend more, more, more on schools--with less, less, less in academic results to show for it.

The teachers' unions are cancers in need of starvation treatment.

The BIG False Flag: January 6

That disturbance of January 6th was largely a false-flag op run by Antifa and its allies.  Naturally, the FBI lied like Hell about that.


Vax Desperation Goes National

Who the Hell are these Governors working for?

Ohio offers $million dollar prizes, California now at $116 million prizes.

What's motivating Governors to this level??

McConaughey: Nutbag

Hollywood twit.

Actor Matthew McConaughey, who is weighing a gubernatorial bid in the state of Texas, is going to bat for universal mask wearing...

He does big-money Lincoln commercials.  How about mandating masks for all Ford employees, everywhere, all the time?

Friday, May 28, 2021

Ron Johnson vs. Wisconsin Manufacturers??

Amazing story here.

An exasperated Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tweeted his frustration late Thursday after the Senate on a 91-4 vote adopted a measure that cuts U.S. tariffs on hundreds of products imported from China.

“The ‘China bill’ now reduces tariffs on hundreds of products made in #China. Why would we cut tariffs on China in a bill to improve American’s ability to compete with China? And only @HawleyMO, @TomCottonAR @BernieSanders, and I voted against it. #Strangebedfellows,” Rubio said in his tweet....

Ron Johnson voted FOR the 'enrich China/screw US' bill.


But there's even more!!

...the national security safeguards in the bill to protect U.S. technology research are inadequate.

“What I want you to understand is this is not a minor security threat, this is the number one priority of Chinese intelligence, this is what all of their agencies and all of their government are geared towards doing,” Rubio said, referring to Chinese digital and human intelligence theft of American secrets....

Trump put the heat to China for a lot of very good reasons.  It's almost unbelievable that Ron Johnson (and 40+ other Republicans) would vote to help China AND harm the US.

Isn't it?


Peculiar Choice of Lawyers

Here's a verrrrry interesting side-note.

A Georgia judge approved the unsealing of ballots for an audit in Fulton County. In response, Fulton County has hired lawyers -- specifically, criminal defense attorneys. Rather than rely on the county's own attorneys, they hired two top experts in criminal law from Atlanta firms....

The watchman here is Grim.  He's not to be trifled with in any regard.

Fr Rutler Exonerated!!

The NYC District Attorney's office tossed out the complaint filed against Fr. Rutler, calling it "baseless."

Not a surprise. 

Fixing Paper's Vapors Over Lawyers

Local Pravda is on the fainting couch over the fact that a lawfirm is 'involved' with 'anti-vaxxers.'

We've taken a paragraph from their SCARY STORY and edited it a bit.

...The legal salvos show that a groundswell against compulsory immunization election integrity is being coordinated, at least in part, from a law office. And they offer a window into a wide-ranging and well-resourced effort to contest vaccine requirements election integrity and transparency in...settings critical to the country's reopening cohesion under its Constitution— a dispute with sweeping implications for public health, fiscal responsibility, law and order, increasing state authority tyranny, and individual rights....

Frankly, our version is far more informative.

'Rugrats' Now Extension of Porn

Noted in passing:

Phil and Lil’s mom Betty in Rugrats will be an openly gay woman in the upcoming Paramount+ reboot of the beloved cartoon....

That's really a product-line extension of porn, which is Hollywood's "gift" to the US.

Paul Ryan doesn't deem this worthy of a fight.

Bp. Coakley Should Study Genesis and The Catechism, Pray for Courage

Kinda sad to read this blathering foolishness from a Roman Catholic Bishop.

The chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul S. Coakley, said in a statement that the shooting “reminds us once again that something fundamentally broken in our society and culture must be courageously examined and addressed, so that ordinary places no longer become scenes of violence and contempt for human life.”

How about public excommunications of Catholic politicians who contumaciously and persistently support abortion, Excellency?  That would be a very good start on that "contempt for life" complaint of yours, no?

The Bish apparently forgot everything he read about the Garden of Eden story, too.

... “As Americans we must understand why these horrific occurrences of violence continue to take place in our communities, and then unhesitatingly act to root out the causes of such crimes,” the archbishop said....

You mean Original Sin?  You're going to 'root out' the fallen nature of man, Bish?

Then His Excellency falls into a trap.

... “Our Conference has called for many years for rational yet effective forms of regulation of these dangerous weapons,” he stated....

The shooter used two handguns.  No sporting rifle was involved.  Handguns are THE most regulated of firearms in this country, Excellency, and California has extensive (near-oppressive) regulations on weapons and who gets to buy them.

Bp. Coakley, there is a 'contempt for life' and as you know, it is Satan who promotes it.  Feckless and cowardly (read:  "compromised") Bishops dumped moral courage to the side when bribed with Federal money, implicitly giving moral license to politician-murderers.   

And that Second Amendment thing?  You can look it up in the Catechism's paragraphs 2263-2264.  Notice how Pope St John Paul II extended those principles to 'defense of country'?  I cannot lay my finger on that part of the Catechism which mandates Catholics to subject themselves to tyranny, either.

Now go forth and preach the Gospel.  ALL of it!!

Paul Ryan All-In on New York "Values"

The 'boy from Janesville' sold that house as fast as possible and moved to New York and that's where he prefers to be.

...Ryan will also ask conservatives to resist fighting every cultural battle picked by the left, suggesting that ordinary Americans are growing tired of the culture clash.

We conservatives have to be careful not to get caught up in every little cultural battle,” Ryan will say. “Sometimes these skirmishes are just creations of outrage peddlers, detached from reality and not worth anybody’s time.”

Ryan will argue that Republicans are getting too distracted by minor grievances.

“Culture matters, yes, but our party must be defined by more than a tussle over the latest grievance or perceived slight,” he plans to say....

Ryan refused to define which 'cultural battles' he would ignore.  Rioting?  Looting?  Marxist theory taught to 2nd-graders?  Taxpayer-financed tranny child-mutilation?  How about Dr. Mengele-Fraudci financing of planting hair from unborn babies onto lab rats?


Paul, your train left the American station about 4 years ago.  Stay in New York City.  It's where home is--to you.  From there, it's hard to see Carville, but perhaps you can read what he said:

Former Clinton adviser James Carville said Wednesday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” called out Democrats for exhibiting a “metropolitan arrogance” and “urban smugness” that he said was detrimental to Democrat efforts....

Got that?

Say hello to Eric Cantor and Mitt.