Thursday, September 21, 2023

"Republicans" Killing Conservatives

Can't be surprised at the stupidity of these (R) leggies.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is reviving an effort to make Wisconsin's congressional primaries nonpartisan and implement ranked-choice voting for those elections....

Ranked-choice is another way to elect Leftists.  Ask anyone in Alaska...

 ...The bill is authored by Sens. Jesse James, R-Altoona, and Jeff Smith, D-Brunswick; and Reps. Ron Tusler, R-Harrison, Daniel Riemer, D-Milwaukee, and Tony Kurtz, R-Wonewoc....

One would hope that Vos buries this piece of crap proposal.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Another Wisconsin Nehls Nails Garland

This particular Nehls migrated to Texas and is now a Member of Congress.  Many of you know of his brother who was the Sheriff of Dodge County for a long, long, time.

Proof.  Evidence.  Treason.

For the Libertarians: Bp Sheen #17

The Libertarians and country-club boyzzzz hate this Catholic stuff.

"If the bringing of children into the world is today an economic burden, it is because the social system is inadequate; and not because God’s law is wrong. Therefore the State should remove the causes of that burden. The human must not be limited and controlled to fit the economic, but the economic must be expanded to fit the human." ~ Fulton J. Sheen

On the Scrap-Metal F-35

A bit of information.  Word is out that the software was compromised.  

Too bad about all those other planes, eh?  You might want to think twice about flying on an Airbus 380.

The Liars US Hires

 Nice to know that you're paying their salary, pension, and health care, right?  Every one of these people is a lying scumbag, some of them are serial perjurers.

All Friends of Joe!

Taking Bets at This Window: Biden '24??

 The Treehouse thinks it's all over for Biden; the next nominee will be a Clintonite instead.

...The fundamental change Obama initiated is deeply ingrained in the domestic intelligence systems now.  DHS, CISA, and on down the line to FBI and Main Justice, are fully weaponized for political targeting.  Into this status, enhanced Artificial Intelligence is about to be launched; the system is indeed overloaded, and social crisis will ultimately be the outcome as the threads that bind the republic are torn.   Obama doesn’t need to stand close and watch; their mission is essentially complete.

Worrisome statutes of limitation have been purposefully run out.  Energy policy is structurally changed. Pipelines destroyed, leases cancelled, green new deal embedded in the policy which will manifest the outcome of solar and windmill nonsense.  The borders are wide open, and tens-of-millions of illegal aliens have flooded in.   Lisa Monaco has the DOJ’s Trump targeting operation well under control with a compliant media to assist.  The treasury is broke, and the military is woke.

Three years of extreme leftist agenda, and now the eyes turn to 2024.

Obama doesn’t want anything to do with that, but Clinton sees a financial opportunity....

Lots of good reasons for Obozo to get the hell out of Dodge.  Recession, continuing inflation, fuel-cost increases, broad-scale arrests/incarcerations of political enemies, continuing invasion of illegals producing more financial stress and crime, likely Election Fraud V.2., possible war with Russia and/or China, commands from D.C. to "reduce greenhouse" bullshit, etc.

One other:  there's always the potential of more direct and violent resistance actions.  For that, Obozo will be in Hawaii, or perhaps his birthplace in Africa.

Tim Scott Takes Himself Out of the Race


Perhaps Tim Scott realized that he's going nowhere and decided to commit hara-kiri.  There's no other excuse for saying something this stupid.

...During a campaign event in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Scott invoked former President Ronald Reagan to suggest firing members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) who are currently on strike against the Big Three as contract negotiations have yet to net an outcome.

When asked if he would insert himself into a labor dispute, Scott said, “I think Ronald Reagan gave us a great example when federal employees decided they were going to strike. You strike, you’re fired. A simple concept to me.”...

Reagan fired people whose strike presented a clear and present danger to Americans:  air traffic controllers employed by the FAA.

Not having a shiny new Colorado truck is NOT a 'clear and present danger' to Americans, Tim.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Best Response


Putin and Trump......

An essay which begs loudly for notice.  Putin and Trump have a common enemy, which enemy acts in similar fashion against both of them.  Not only against them personally, but against their respective 'nations.'

...the ultimate goal is not to win kinetically or militarily, but rather to stretch out the conflict for as long as possible in order to create time and space for them to work the more subversive, under the surface war against the Russian public, elites, government, etc. In short, they want to increase the pressure on Russia’s political structures to maximize societal tension and eventually bring about some sort of political turmoil. A coup/maidan-style scenario would of course be ideal for them, even if it’s unlikely.

This is what economic sanctions were all about, as well. Not to mention the blocking of SWIFT, the destruction of Russian culture and repressions against their citizens all over the world—whether it’s bans from Olympics and other international competitions (chess, etc.), or restrictions like the ones just announced, where Russian cars are being banned from entering Europe, Russian people humiliated by customs inspections, etc.

All of this is meant to generate dissatisfaction and most importantly societal fatigue, such that the people will have “had enough” and begin to agitate against Putin and the elites. The Russian presidential election is coming up in March 2024. One ideal scenario for Western planners would have been for people to have gotten so fed up that they oust Putin by choosing a new candidate who promises to “bring an end to the pointless war, and restore Russia’s cherished economic relationships with the West.”

The problem is, all the sanctions failed, all the repressions and humiliations have only unified the Russian people with even more solidarity. New poll numbers just this week show Putin’s approval rating still sky high at 77% while new economic numbers show Russia again making record profits as oil prices have recently gone up, not to mention Russia began decreasing its ‘discounts’ to India and others.

So that was the true goal of the West—to make the war last long enough for them to demoralize Russian society into overthrowing or voting out Putin. Though it’s clearly failed, they likely believe that given enough time it can still succeed eventually, so they will probably keep trying....--Simplicius quoted at Vox

They are losing at that game in Russia and are losing against Trump, too.

Think they'll go nuclear in the war theater and assassination here?

Wanna bet?


War With Russia? Think Twice.

We don't really expect the NeoCon war-mongers in D.C. to think once, let alone twice.  So the entirety of Z-Man's essay of today is .........merely the Executive's various departments.

Read the essay.

There's one excerpt I'll happily provide because it refers to the most thoughtful and principled Presidential candidate of the last century.

...Thirty years ago, Pat Buchanan ran for president, campaigning, in part, against the de-industrialization of America. One of his points was that nations win wars on their industrial capacity, not their service industry. The same people demanding war with Russia today were gleefully auctioning off the industrial base thirty years ago, telling the working men that they needed to flip burgers. Now that the warmongers need those working men, they are in China, not Pittsburgh.

This is the reality dawning on the world as the Global American Empire flounders in its war against Russia. The Global American Empire is now in decline and the rest of the world is seeing what the Army War College is trying to tell the ruling class. The empire no longer has the capacity to maintain the empire....

Have "China Mitch", Liiiiiinnnnnnndseeeey! and Pierre Le'Danger go over there and vanquish Putin.  That'll show 'em!

Brewers Get a Bonus From Taxpayers? And Vos.....Ugh

Stuff is beginning to come out.

..In the newest plan, Milwaukee and Milwaukee County would cover about $200 million of the $700 million funding bill. Brewers President Rick Schlesinger says it would cost roughly $20 million to $25 million to winterize the park.

“It’s not a small undertaking but it opens up interesting possibilities,” Schlesinger said. “Concerts, NCAA basketball games, the NHL Winter Classic, volleyball. "To me, it’s a wonderful facility and the fact we could use it in November, December, January, February, and March when it’s otherwise shut down is a great opportunity.”...

Well, isn't that nice!

Another report that aired last night had a County official mentioning that the revenues from winter events go straight into the pocket of the Brewers.  (That comment has been deleted from the transcript.  Curious, no?)

Meantime, Vos demonstrates his nearly-invincible economic ignorance by proclaiming that 'it is cheaper to keep the Brewers (and spending a few hundred million) than to let them go'.  How does Robin the Econo-Meister come to that conclusion?

By assuming (ass-u-me) that the Stadium must remain standing through the rest of history, or sumpin'sumpin blah blah bullshit bullshit Robin was here!

(Not hard to tell that Vos has the Politician Mentality born of waaaayyyy too many years in "serving" some people--mainly himself--at the Government trough).

The Mayor of Milwaukee has a far better plan in his pocket:  tear down the Stadium and redevelop the land into housing.

Voila!!  No forever Stadium cost.

Schumer Gets It (!)

Schumer is a jackwad and he understands exactly what's going on.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor Monday, referring to Johnson. "It’s a reminder that in both chambers a small band of hard-right Republicans are dead set on grinding down the gears of government."


Stripping those gears may be the next move, jackwad.

The (D) "Health" Doubletalk

We have been subjected to a lot of Biden commercials declaring that 'Government has no business in healthcare decisions'--meaning abortion.

Even BrylcreemBoy has picked up that theme.

We'll agree that Government has no business in healthcare decisions when the Biden Regime and BrylcreemBoy agree that Government has no business in commanding "vaccinations," masks, and "distancing."

Meantime, it's all just doubletalk--a specialty of Government.

Is Trump Losing His Mojo?

We all knew that Trump started as a New York Kennedy-style Democrat.  So when he acts like one, we're not surprised.  But we can be disappointed.

Former President Donald Trump plans to negotiate with Democrats on the issue of abortion if reelected in 2024, saying in a Meet the Press interview released on Sunday, “I think they are all going to like me. I think both sides are going to like me.”...

No guts, no glory, Donald.

Even worse:

...He ... hit out at 2024 Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for signing a six-week abortion limit, calling the move a “terrible thing”...

WTF is the matter with you, Donald?

Monday, September 18, 2023

Bp. Sheen #16

 "Communism is the final logic of the dehumanization of man."
~ Fulton J. Sheen

Lost and Found Dep't

Announcement from the office:

We’re working with @MCASBeaufortSC to locate an F-35 that was involved in a mishap this afternoon. The pilot ejected safely. If you have any information that may help our recovery teams locate the F-35, please call the Base Defense Operations Center at 843-963-3600....
The item looks like a jet fighter, gray exterior, pointy front, stubby wings, good tires.  Transponder inoperative.  Last seen over South Carolina going several hundred miles/hour.  
You will NOT get a reward if you turn it in; purchase price was about $140 million but will be worth about $0 after it crashes.

Best question:

..."How in the hell do you lose an F-35?" South Carolina Republican Representative Nancy Mace wrote on X Sunday night, adding, "How is there not a tracking device, and we're asking the public to what, find a jet and turn it in?"...
In Biden's Regime, anything is possible, Nancy.

Jeffrey Tucker Right, Trump Wrong

 Before the main course.........Jeffrey Tucker is a very, very, smart guy.  We know him from another association (not Brownstone) and he was very impressive.

Here, he demolishes Donald Trump over the Covid thing.  Tucker's analysis is off-target, but he makes a number of good points.

An accurate analysis would be that Donald Trump cannot admit he was wrong.  That is his real problem.

A recap is provided by PowerLine.


...We need to know why the churches, schools, and businesses were closed at the urging of the White House. We need to know why we faced travel restrictions, why government printed and spent multiple trillions that produced crushing inflation, why the hospitals were shut to elective surgeries and diagnostics, and how it came to be that the fourth branch of government – the administrative state – became the only government in the last year of his term and largely remains so today....

...There are so many questions crying out for answers. In this interview, however, he says that he left it up to the states under a federalist idea. This is the line bandied about in Mar-a-Lago and no one around him dares question it.

It is demonstrably untrue. The one state that stayed almost entirely open – South Dakota – was in defiance of the White House in doing so. The first state to open up after that was Georgia under Governor Kemp, whom Trump blasted for the decision. Moreover, Trump has repeatedly bragged about how he shut down the country, as if that makes him awesome....

There's more.  

By the way, Tucker raises a very important question:  can (or will) Trump destroy the Administrative State which now runs the US?

Reality time for Jeffrey Tucker and the rest of the world:  Trump ceded control of the Covid thing because Trump was facing lots of bureaucrats with lots of MDs and PhDs in biological sciences.  Neither Jeffrey Tucker, nor 90% of you, dear readers, would have the nerve to tell all those credentialed people to take their warnings and stick them where the Sun never shines.

Especially after they tell him that 10 MILLION Americans could die.

So yes.  Trump was wrong.  His problem is that he's never going to admit it.

Mikey "Zims": Privileged Twit

Little Mikey Zimmerman grew up in the lap of luxury and doesn't like it when he's called out for being a horrible neighbor.

Mike Zimmerman, the developer of the Rock sports and entertainment complex in Franklin, is blaming “emotional” Milwaukee County Supervisors for “legal threats” relating to noise concerns and warned that any legal action against his facility “would be very expensive for them and taxpayers.”...

The County should go for it.  See if Mikey's daddy or mommy picks up the bills for "Roc."

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Bp. Sheen #14, #15

Yah, we're not as diligent as we should be so today (a Sunday!) you get a two-fer.

"It was to a virgin woman that the birth of the Son of God was announced. It was to a fallen woman that his resurrection was announced." ~ Fulton J. Sheen

And then this one:

"All worry is atheism, because it is a want of trust in God." ~ Fulton J. Sheen
........which is actually for someone who is close to me.

Lots of "Missing" Video From J6 Event

 You'll be shocked.........SHOCKED!! learn that there is a lot of "missing" video--or video that is heavily edited/redacted--from the J6 disturbance.

That "missing"/redacted video shows a lot of CapCops doing a lot of things:  beating demonstrators, waving them in to the Capitol, cutting fences to allow know:  Nancy Pelosi schemes.

Still trying to figure out how a demonstrator who is waved into the Capitol building by the police can be convicted of "trespass."

But we don't want to malign any D.C. Federal judges, do we?

Home Crew Coalition: DOOM!! Send $400 Million!!

This is amusing.  Begin at 1:30 or so on this video.

..."What if we lose them, right? We're trying to be a Tier 1 city; we can't lose a Major League Baseball team," Shaikh said. "And then what happens to the facility if the Brewers go? Not saying that's gonna happen, but I think they're a fabric of our community."...

Shaikh owns a restaurant downtown.

Gee, Omar.  Did Milwaukee dry up and blow away after the Braves left?  You weren't even born when that happened, pal.  And while we're at it, what is a "Tier One city"?  Is that a city that has an MLB team, and all the rest are.......ahhh.....third world?  Tell that to DesMoines, or Omaha, or Austin, or Columbus, none of which have MLB, NBA or even a nearby NFL 

Final quiz question:  Did the Brewers make the City of Milwaukee grow?  (Hint:  NO)

The leadership of the Home Crew Coalition is exactly what you'd expect:  a former Selig lieutenant, two minor-league baseball team owners, a couple of trades-union guys,  and one GOP Establishment figure.  Surely they can cobble together a few hundred million in loans and make a donation.

Nah.  Their preferred method is to hold Government's gun to your head and shake you down. 

Another Reading of "Just War" Theory

In this essay, the author James Baresel condemns the "national interest" argument and argues that "just wars" are undertaken only on a moral basis.  Since, following PJ Buchanan we've used the "national interest" argument, we'll present elements of Baresel's essay.  You should read the whole thing.

...After over a century of foreign policies guided by false ideologies, from the hostility to traditional monarchal and aristocratic government euphemistically termed “making the world safe for democracy” to the radical extremes of social liberalism, realists’ professions of “traditionalist conservatism” increase the attractiveness of what is actually a negation of traditionalist conservative political morality—a school of thought which replaces false principles not with true ones but with amoral materialistic pragmatism.

 Agreeing with classical ethics and Christian theology, Edmund Burke insisted that “the principles of true politics are those of morality enlarged.” After all caveats are made, foreign policy must still be grounded primarily on moral considerations—on determining how a nation can realistically pursue goodness and justice—rather than material national interests. If self-destruction in pursuit of chimeras will not aid the cause of worldwide justice, some sacrifice of national interest in that cause is usually legitimate and at times a moral obligation. Just war principles are clear on this....

He cites a Jesuit on the topic:

 ....Fr. Joseph McKenna stressed that “assessment [of whether the good to be achieved outweighs the harm] must be made in terms of moral rather than material gains and losses”—so much so that “In extreme cases the moral value of national martyrdom may compensate for the material destruction of unsuccessful war.”...

We would suggest that Fr. McKenna's 'in extremis' suggestion would logically baptize suicide as a virtuous act.  Now "suicide" may be the wrong term if "accepting martyrdom for the sake of justice" is the reality; look at St. Maximilian Kolbe as a modern example of that.  But our objection to Fr. McKenna's position is this:  one may choose martyrdom for oneself (given all the usual.)  But one may NOT choose martyrdom for others.  

This brings up the 'yellow-bellied Chamberlain' discussion.  Some argue that in reality, England was in no military (nor financial) position to undertake war with Hitler at the time.  Ad arguendam if that is true, would it be 'morally compelling' for Chamberlain to have launched a hot war at the time?

It is interesting that Baresel actually makes the case for Putin's SMO (!)

 ...Justifications for war in the Catholic Encyclopedia include “the need of punishing the threatening or infringing power,” “oppression of the innocent, whose unjust suffering is proportionate to the gravity of war and whom it is impossible to rescue in any other way,” and “request of another state in peril.”...

The population of eastern Ukraine is largely Russian, and the Ukrainian government put into place by the US has been terrorizing, bombing, and murdering those Russians since 2014.  Putin's SMO was initiated to rescue those Russians from 'unjust suffering' (or so Putin says.)

So under Baresel's analysis, Putin's move is a morally-justified operation if we accept that Putin did not initially use overwhelming force to prod Zelenskiy (and the US) into halting their 'infringing power.'  IOW, Putin holds the moral high ground here.  Following that logic, any US (or NATO) involvement would then be immoral.


 ...While the Catholic Encyclopedia teaches that securing justice for others through altruistic wars is just, and common sense tells us it is noble, what is neither a necessary precondition nor a justification for war is “national interest”—a material consideration rather than a moral one. Even when fighting injustices detrimental to national interests, it is the injustice alone which makes use of force legitimate....

Well, then, is it morally correct for the US to take on Red China over the Uyghurs?  Or to take on the Moslem Africans in defense of the Christians who are being slaughtered in the name of Allah?

One more thing:  War can be conducted without arms and armies.  There are various economic and political means by which a rogue state may be brought to heel without committing national suicide.  Perhaps Mr. Baresel will essay on those possibilities in the future.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Another Legacy of Bush the Dumber

Bush the Dumber left us with lots of debts due to his lying about "WMD's" in Iraq--not to mention many dead and severely wounded US troops.

Thanks, Georgie!

Worse than that:  he and Cheney signed a bill (Senselessbrenner the gay and fake conservative voted for it) which is about to enslave at least half of the citizens of the US.

 ...You might ask, why is the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) in the business of conducting widescale surveillance, monitoring and tracking of American citizens.

Unfortunately, if you are asking that question, then you likely don’t know the first, fourth and fifth amendment to the U.S. constitution were usurped by the 2001 Patriot Act.

George W Bush and Dick Cheney created the domestic surveillance system under the auspices of DHS and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden then took that DHS surveillance system and modified the dials (Justice Dept., FBI) so the surveillance only applied to their ideological enemies....

Screw you, W

Bush Boyzzz Lose a Big One

Bush the Dumber and his band of Establishment goombas lost today.

As RedState reported, Texas AG Ken Paxton was acquitted of all impeachment charges on Saturday, representing a blow to Democrats and a group of Republicans who had sought to remove him from office....

The real fun begins on Monday, when Paxton lights into his enemies.