Sunday, December 31, 2023

Just What the HELL Is Going On in Gaza?

There are "reports" of everything, but apparently zero proof of anything.  As usual, Wauck finds interesting stuff.

But it appears that the US, under Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants, is going to be a big loser, and Israel may also win that status.  And the US will also lose its war against Russia; see below.

Here we have Israeli TV reports that the war is NOT going well for Netanyahu:

Israeli Channel 13 :

"The intensity of the fire in the north (border with Lebanon), between Hezbollah and the IDF has reached such a level that in some towns, due to the security threat, it is not even possible to estimate the amount of damages.”

Israeli TV channel 14:

"The situation in the north of Israel (on the border with Lebanon) is worse than announced in the media.

Some positions are the target of dangerous attacks that are prohibited from being reported."

Kan TV [Hebrew] analysts:

"If #Hamas does not fall in #Gaza, we must prepare for a new and major attack on the periphery by them, even if their numbers are large and may reach the outskirts of Tel Aviv, and this is not unlikely at all."
This is not information that the US "press" is reporting, of course.

Worse, what the US "press" did report appears to have been false.

Here, Max Blumenthal is interviewed by Judge Napolitano, and partial transcript follows:

 [Blumenthal]:  Well this is a high level Israeli psychological operation and a propaganda hoax that only became coherent about two months after October 7th, when Israel decided that international support for its genocidal rampage in Gaza was faltering, and that they were particularly losing support among Joe Biden's base, which includes many feminists, Progressive minded people. And so they began to accuse Hamas of mass rape without any forensic evidence. And that's the first thing the New York Times piece by Jeffrey Gettelman--who is guilty of the worst journalistic malpractice, as we just outlined at our live stream at The Grayzone. And I did so on Twitter and we'll continue to do so.

They blame the lack of forensic evidence, the total lack of forensic evidence proving these allegations, on Jewish burial ritual. So, basically, if you challenge any of this or ask for evidence, you're anti-semitic. Then they proceed to interview all these "witnesses"--one guy, Roz Cohen, who's a former Special Forces soldier who was at the Nova Electronic Music Festival, who claims to have seen Hamas militants get out of a white van and gang rape a woman in the middle of their lightning surprise attack on Israel. And
this is a guy who has changed his story, as I've documented, no less than eight times. When he was interviewed on October 9th, first interviewed, he made no statements about having witnessed any rape. Then you have this anonymous paramedic that is, that the New York Times interviews, who has previously gone on an Indian news channel and lied about finding a dead Israeli baby thrown in a trash can by Hamas militants and stabbed multiple times. There's no record of that. He's just a fraud.

I can go on and on but, from top to bottom, this story is an elaborate fraud based on the perception that anyone involved with Hamas is capable of sexual savagery as soon as they come upon a Jewish Israeli woman. Which is interesting, because
if you listen to the testimonies of the young women who have come out of the Gaza Strip where they were held in captivity, none of them describe any sexual abuse. In fact, one said that she was shocked at how careful her captors were to not make her feel uncomfortable in any way, or violated in any way. That's not to say that everything Hamas did, that they didn't kill people, [that] they didn't kill civilians, but what Israel has to do, Israel has to go big with its propaganda to justify its big genocide.
So that "...river to the sea..." thing goes both ways; that is, Israel would like to push the Palestinians totally out of Israel?


Rumor is that Benji has asked Bai-Den to take a few hundred thousand Palestinians into the US, because other Arab countries will not take them, period.

Sponge-Brain-Shits-Pants and his allies such as Graham have managed to demolish any influence the US had in the Middle East, and they don't have a clue how the Hell to get out of the briar patch.

Just great.

Meantime, in Eastern Europe:

... The United States has called for working groups from the Group of Seven (G7) countries to explore ways to confiscate hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen Russian assets, the Financial Times reported this week. The United States, backed by the UK, Japan and Canada, has proposed setting up preparatory work for expropriating over $300 billion in Russian foreign exchange reserves that were immobilized by Western nations after the start of the Ukraine conflict.

The EU, where most of the assets are blocked, is more wary of a direct confiscation, fearing possible retaliation from Moscow if the money is taken. Currently, €210 billion ($230 billion) of Russia’s reserves are held in the bloc’s financial institutions, with €191 billion in Belgium, €19 billion in France, and €7.8 billion in non-member Switzerland.

Stealing Russian assets is not the greatest plan in the world when Russia is going to be in a position to simply march some of its 1.5 million mobilized troops into some of those nations and take whatever it wants from whomever it wants within the next two years. Notice that the G7 countries which are within marching distance don’t appear to be quite as enthusiastic about offering Moscow yet another casus belli....

One more thing:  Russia can still cut off more natural gas pipelines into Europe, just as did the US and its CIA a few months ago.  "Rulers" in Germany and France are very well-aware of that.

But to the NeoCons, why not?  Those are just European dead/starving bodies, like the Ukrainians.  Who cares??


Anonymous said...

……So, basically, if you challenge any of this or ask for evidence, you're anti-semitic……..

Yeah I get this. I post at Grims hall and he Hurd this at me


Anonymous said...

Zionists Launch ‘Massive Coordinated Attack’ on Christians in Jerusalem
Israelis even used 'nerve agents' in their attack against Christian faith leaders and community members.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure the Jewish CEO’s of Pfizer and Moderna are proud!!!!!!

US Military ‘Poster Boy’ For COVID Vaxx Dies Suddenly at the Age of 39

Another tragic loss as an otherwise young and healthy man suddenly drops dead. Lt. Col. Jered Little, “commander of Public Health Activity-Hawaii,” was proudly advertised en masse to encourage uptake of the COVID Vaccine. He died suddenly on Nov. 30 of a heart attack or stroke.

Grim said...

What's going on is that the IDF is smaller than the Marine Corps. There's over two million people in Gaza; the IDF has an active component around 150K. So they're substituting fires for clearing houses the way we would, because they can't sustain the casualties that American forces accept. As a result, they're using fires on about a 2:1 ratio versus similar battles in the region (Mosul, Syrian Civil War, etc).

That means that they're killing a lot more innocent people than if they were clearing houses the hard way. This is causing a lot of grief, not only within Gaza but within Israel and abroad.

There are only two outcomes of this war, though: Israel wins, or Hamas is kept from losing from international pressure. If the latter happens, the conflict isn't resolved; it just continues for another generation. The best thing for everyone is to just let Israel win, and break the Palestinian people free of leadership like Hamas.

Anonymous said...

If Hamas loses the conflict still won't be resolved. Both Hamas which was put and kept in power by Israel and the current Israeli govt need to go in order for 2 state solution. Israel is using this as another land grab and trying to drive out the natives.