Monday, March 30, 2015

Paul Ryan, Abortion-Spender

A billion-point-five on abortionists.

U.S. federal and state taxpayers sent nearly $1.5 billion to Planned Parenthood and five other groups that promote abortion and population control between 2010 and 2012, according to a federal watchdog report.

And who was Chair of the House Budget Committee?  Who was in the same slot when the NEXT report (same spend) will be issued?

Yah.  "Mr. Catholic", Paul Ryan.

What the Indiana Law SAYS

The predictable screeching and bi-sexual hysteria continues to ramp up over the Indiana law; even somewhat sophisticated observers have...skewed....thoughts on it.

So what does it actually say?

[That] government entities in the state “may substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion” only “in the furtherance of a compelling government interest[]” and using “the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling government interest.”...

Yah, that's radical anti-whatever language. /sarcasm

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Agit-Prop Channel 4

It's not surprising that Channel 4 (Milwaukee) is just another agit-propaganda outlet.  But now and then it's so damn blatant with its tired old "racist/sexist/homophobe" crap.

The State of Indiana passed a Religious Freedom act.  Under its terms, a small business cannot be forced to act in a way that places an 'unreasonable burden' upon it due to the religious beliefs of the owner.

So.  Channel 4 of Milwaukee puts up a headline about it:

Angie's List freezes Ind. expansion in wake of anti-gay law

A perfectly ridiculous take, of course, but then, freedom of association is the New Racism, the New Sexism, and the New Homophobism, all rolled into one.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

No Religious Freedom in Wisconsin?

Apparently Indiana and 19 other States have religious freedom, and 13 more are considering same.

Not Wisconsin.

Curious, eh?

HT:  Owen

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pray, Get Arrested

Spineless Boehner grew a spine.  He ordered the arrest of 7 pro-lifers who prayed. 

....Those arrested, who included prominent pro-life activist and nurse Jill Stanek, were protesting the House Republican leaderships' failure to call a vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would prohibit aborting an unborn child in or after the 20th week of gestation.

The House Republican leadership shelved the bill less than 24 hours before it was set to come up for a vote on Jan. 22 ...

...After a brief introduction, protestors knelt in the hallway in front of Boehner’s office and began praying the Lord’s Prayer, followed by individual pleas to God to end abortion.

Within minutes, more than a dozen Capitol Hill police arrived and told protestors that they were “engaging in unlawful activity” and would be arrested if they failed to stop praying and move. After refusing, the protestors were handcuffed and forcibly removed from the area....

It's easy to jail people who pray.  You can do that while sitting in a bar someplace cutting deals with Pelosi.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ted Cruz's First Story-Example

Candidate Cruz wants to implement the Flat Tax.  (I prefer the Fair Tax, but he's running....)

Here's a guy that he should meet, so he can tell the story on the stump.

...Our tax code is so complex that people our government deems too poor to buy their own health insurance must fork over nearly a tenth of their income just to comply with it. I cannot be the only one.

If I could reasonably compute my own tax – and it’s a matter of common law, surely, that a typical citizen must reasonably be able to meet all impositions of the state by his own means – I’d willingly pay double my current income tax because of all the money I’d save on compliance

He's a Sub-S with income from property and fees.  His tax forms, Fed & State, are well north of 100 pages.

HT:  Grim

Wiggy Nods

Homer did it.  Now Wiggy does it.

..The shutdown ended as a terrible defeat for Republicans. Cruz was lauded by some conservative groups but nothing was accomplished while Republicans in Congress were hurt politically....

Yah.  The largest (R) majority in the House since 1776 (or thereabouts) and the Senate is under (R) control, albeit led by a sissy.

I'll take two more "terrible defeats" for $1000.00, Wiggy.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If Only...

We have two more years of this Marxist Cloward-Piven facilitator's  regime.  So he's not done yet.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

That AK? It's a Sturmgewehr

Huh.  See, Ace's blog is a learning channel, sorta like public TV, except it's interesting.

Lenten Ritual Distinctions

In this area, the celebration of the Roman Rite Ordinary Form Mass is almost totally un-informed by traditional practices.  It is common practice to use instruments before, during, and after Mass in Lent and a 'hail-fellow-well-met' atmosphere has supplanted dignified restraint throughout the year, which is especially grating in this season.

The Ambrosian Rite serves as a vivid contrast and as a silent reminder of what 'penitential' really means.

...First of all, it should be noted that in the Ambrosian Tradition, the whole of Lenten time is “aeortological”, that is no Saint’s feast - apart from St. Joseph and the Annunciation, the latter only since 1902 - is ever celebrated during Lent. Thus, almost on every Lenten weekday, the Mass is de feria, with the only exception of the above mentioned feasts. Fridays are always aliturgical, and the celebration of the Mass in Ambrosian churches is strictly [forbidden], as is the celebration of Mass by Ambrosian priests in the Roman Rite churches of the diocese.

The liturgical colour for Lenten feriae is that of strict penance: black

Frankly, this should not strike us as "odd."  Were the OF Lenten Masses hewing to any resemblance of traditional praxis, the Ambrosian would appear to be only a few degrees more "Lenten" than the Roman.

Instead, it strikes one as other-worldly.

Would that the OF celebrations strike us in the same way!!  Orate!!!

The REAL Waste of Tax Money

Chatter all you like about welfare or Gummint bureaucrats, but to find the Most Massive Waste of Dollars, look to the military-industrial complex.

..Inside-the-Beltway wisdom holds that the $1.4 trillion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program is too big to cancel and on the road to recovery. But the latest report from the Defense Department’s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) provides a litany of reasons that conventional wisdom should be considered politically driven propaganda. The press has already reported flawed software that hinders the ability of the plane to employ weapons, communicate information, and detect threats; maintenance problems so severe that the F-35 has an “overdependence” on contractor maintainers and “unacceptable workarounds” (behind paywall) and is only able to fly twice a week; and a high-rate, premature production schedule that ignores whether the program has demonstrated essential combat capabilities or proven it’s safe to fly. All of these problems are increasing costs and risks to the program. Yet rather than slow down production to focus resources on fixing these critical problems, Congress used the year-end continuing resolution omnibus appropriations bill—termed the “cromnibus”—to add 4 additional planes to the 34 Department of Defense (DoD) budgeted for Fiscal Year 2015. The original FY2016 plan significantly increased the buy to 55, and now the program office is further accelerating its purchase of these troubled planes to buy 57 instead....

One point four TRILLION dollars on planes that--really--cannot defend this country.

HT:  RenMan

GKC's Observation on the USA

'Tis a blessing to read Chesterton.

America had a great political idea, but it had a small religious idea. The spiritual vision was not wide enough for the breadth and variety of brotherhood that was to be established among men…. The nation arose not with unity of philosophy but with variety in fanaticism; with sects built on special dogmas or on the denial of special dogmas, on something that was not merely private judgment but particular judgment.--quoted at Crisis

As Ahlquist puts it, this led to the current problem.

...the latest attacks on cigarettes and beer don’t come any more from religious sects, but from secular sects. The religion is gone, only the fanaticism remains. And those who hold these “particular judgments” want to make them universal. And so all the fanaticisms clash and the culture falls into chaos because there is no unifying philosophy....

Those 'secular sects' are principally two:  one revolves around free sex, the other around materialism.  There is a third, whose current high priest is Al Gore; it is the worship of nature, which is different in degree from respect for nature.

The essay is worth the read, for Ahlquist (voicing Chesterton) also defines democracy in a way which is entirely different from the common holding.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Justice Kennedy Encapsulated

This excerpt from a longer essay encapsulates SCOTUS' Kennedy (among other 'progs'.)

...For the progressive, what matters is the isolated individual and his will as it pertains to moral matters. In a toxic blend of three deficient philosophies—Ockham’s nominalism (perpetuated in American society through its Protestant roots), the social contract theory of the “Enlightenment,” and the Nietzschean Übermensch whose power and superiority is his will—the progressive gives us a lone individual who does not discover but who actually creates and constitutes right and wrong....

That is, curiously enough, the Statism we see today.

The (Mostly) Unintimidated Walker

Seems like Governor Walker is kinda-sorta-mostly-sometimes "unintimidated."

The Iowa welfare-queen Corn-a-Holers scare the bejabbers out of him, and he's not doing very well wrestling with the slave-driver Big Biz illegal immigrant crowd, either.

Wait until the insurance-and-hospital crowd buys his silence on ObozoCare.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obozo, the Terrorist-Enabler

Now SCOAMF cuts off Egyptian tank and spare-parts deliveries for its military.

For example, the US is delaying the shipment of tanks, spare parts and other weapons that the army desperately needs in its war against Islamic State.  --quoted at PJMedia

The President of Egypt, Al-Sisi, notoriously defeated the Muzzie Bros.--who are prominent Friends of Barack here in the US.  Yes, that was a coup--but it was supported wholeheartedly by the Egyptian public, which could not put up with the Muzzie regime.

Smells like high crimes and misdemeanors to me.

EPA Moving Into Your Home. Ready??

Given lots of money by the Republicans, the EPA is going to move into your home.

Maybe that's figurative--but maybe it's not.

The Environmental Protection Agency has its eyes on pollution from backyard barbecues.  --3/13/15

The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures  --1/1/13

and currently,
The agency is spending $15,000 to create a wireless system that will track how much water a hotel guest uses to get them to “modify their behavior.”  

Yes, that's 'hotel' showers.

For now.

EPA/Norman Bates.  No difference.

By the way, there are new EPA regs on water heaters.  Will cost you about $200.00 extra/heater, beginning later this year.  Betcha didn't know that, eh?

Fat Turtles, Monkey Mood-Juice: UW Research Triumphs!

"Research without which Western Civilization will perish!!!"

Or so our UW leadership screeches as it bemoans a 3% budget cut.


Great list composed here.

Democrats Vote for Sex-Trafficking

In a vote anticipating a Bill Clinton-occupied White House, Democrat senators voted to keep sex-trafficking legal in the US. 

(R) Budget: Spend, Spend, Spend!!

We've mentioned that Gummint spending--at all levels--is the problem

So what do the Republicans do?


And just to show that they hold you in utter contempt, they come up with this line:

"...This budget does not make sudden cuts. Instead, it increases spending at a more manageable rate. On the current path, spending will rise by an annual average of 5.1 percent. Under this budget, it will rise by only 3.3 percent."

They'll call that "governing."  Makes them feel good at night, partying away in DC.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OMG! Catholics Acting Catholic!!

The latest squeal from the Left:  Catholics vote Catholic principles.


..Krueger points to the Catholic bishop’s demonization in 2011 of the “contraceptive mandate” in the Affordable Care Act, and their subsequent ginning up of the war on “religious liberty” — which was joined by elements of the religious right and fused with its war on Obamacare — as another factor helping to drive Catholics toward the GOP. And the numbers bear Krueger out. According to Pew, between 2009 and 2014, the number of white Catholics who said the Obama administration — and by inference the Democratic Party — was “unfriendly to religion” more than doubled from 17 percent to 36 percent....

Lots more at the link, all of it unsurprising, to a Catholic.

(By the way, the JFK Democrat Party left the building around 1972, so fuggeddabout running pix of JFK.  Capische?)

Friday, March 13, 2015

What's Wrong With This Graf?

This shouldn't be too hard for a real Conservative:  what's wrong with this graf?

...U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisconsin, has led the charge in the effort to reform of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Last week, Duffy, chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, along with several colleagues, reintroduced his Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reform package....






Duffy lacks balls.  He should be ELIMINATING this damnfool agency (which is only 3 years old or so).  The Republic got along very well without this bunch for 200++ years, right?

Who needs them AT ALL, Rep. Duffy, you coward?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Got AR? Buy Ammo.

We've been using this as a tagline for years, and it's never been wrong.



Next Up: Blow a Hole in the Debt Ceiling!

McConnell has just said that Obozo will get a larger credit card.

What McConnell is telling Obama is that no matter what he does from now until October, Republicans will always give him the debt ceiling increase he desires.  Hence, Obama can demand anything he wants and attach it to the debt ceiling – with full confidence that McConnell’s self-expression of fear and culpability for default will drive him to capitulate.

You can bet that the Wisconsin delegation will help.  Sensenbrenner and Ryan are hopeless cases--one a fraud, the other a toady to Boehner.  As to the rest, wind-speed will determine their vote.

Obozo's objective?  To screw this country into oblivion.

As to the (R) party:  same thing, just a little slower, or something.

Common Core "Fact, Opinion, Judgment" Horrors

This essay mentions Common Core, but that doesn't mean that the rot isn't in other curricular choices.

What it is, however, is rot, and it's spreading.

...When I went to visit my son’s second grade open house, I found a troubling pair of signs hanging over the bulletin board. They read:

Fact: Something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven.

Opinion: What someone thinks, feels, or believes.

Hoping that this set of definitions was a one-off mistake, I went home and Googled “fact vs. opinion.” The definitions I found online were substantially the same as the one in my son’s classroom. As it turns out, the Common Core standards used by a majority of K-12 programs in the country require that students be able to “distinguish among fact, opinion, and reasoned judgment in a text.” And the Common Core institute provides a helpful page full of links to definitions, lesson plans and quizzes to ensure that students can tell the difference between facts and opinions....


...So what’s wrong with this distinction and how does it undermine the view that there are objective moral facts?

First, the definition of a fact waffles between truth and proof — two obviously different features....It’s a mistake to confuse truth (a feature of the world) with proof (a feature of our mental lives). Furthermore, if proof is required for facts, then facts become person-relative. Something might be a fact for me if I can prove it but not a fact for you if you can’t....second, and worse, students are taught that claims are either facts or opinions. They are given quizzes in which they must sort claims into one camp or the other but not both. But if a fact is something that is true and an opinion is something that is believed, then many claims will obviously be both....

This is where it gets interesting.  That 'true for you/not for me' leitmotif is transferred to moral decisionmaking (!??!)

...Kids are asked to sort facts from opinions and, without fail, every value claim is labeled as an opinion. Here’s a little test devised from questions available on fact vs. opinion worksheets online: are the following facts or opinions?

— Copying homework assignments is wrong.
— Cursing in school is inappropriate behavior.
— All men are created equal.
— It is worth sacrificing some personal liberties to protect our country from terrorism....

 ... In each case, the worksheets categorize these claims as opinions. The explanation on offer is that each of these claims is a value claim and value claims are not facts. This is repeated ad nauseum: any claim with good, right, wrong, etc. is not a fact.

In summary, our public schools teach students that all claims are either facts or opinions and that all value and moral claims fall into the latter camp. The punchline: there are no moral facts. And if there are no moral facts, then there are no moral truths....

So that kid you're sending to the very best, finest, most up-to-date screwel, will hold the proposition "It is wrong to kill Mommy when she gets old and drools and talks silly" as a mere opinion, not a truth.

Well, then, you may get exactly what you deserve, I suppose.

HT:  The Catholic Thing

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The New Rite's Blah-ness

A while back we mentioned that the OF's primary problem is its fixation on text, which is unhealthy. was an unkind fate that allowed the new mass to come to completion just when – elsewhere – the importance of non-verbal communication was being rediscovered.

This was what was missing from the Liturgical Movement. An appreciation of non-verbal communication is not incompatible with the writings of the earlier exponents, such as Guéranger, despite his emphasis on 'understanding'. But as the movement develops, and turns into the movement to create the Novus Ordo, a blindness to non-verbal communication (and a parallel lack of interest in gestures and visual ceremonies) becomes increasingly evident and increasingly problematic

This is in contrast to the Eastern Rite folks: the Christian East has never forgotten, the Sacred Liturgy is not in the first place a comprehension exercise. It is the ritual worship of Almighty God employing multivalent symbols which thus become privileged sacramentals—sacred language included. Certainly, penetrating the meaning of the rites and prayers is fundamental, but this is facilitated by the work of liturgical formation (or more effectively, by liturgical habituation over a lifetime)—no short cuts, such as the quick rendering of the liturgy in the vernacular, are viable here. Even the liturgical proclamation of the texts of Sacred Scripture is not simply a didactic exercise, although certainly, the vernacular can be of immense help with participation, as indeed in some other parts of the liturgy (such as the prayers of the faithful). The Second Vatican Council knew this. But the wholesale removal of Latin from the liturgy and liturgical celebrations completely in the vernacular are contrary to what the Second Vatican Council desired and approved....

These "multivalent symbols' included Chant, the windows, incense.....

Subsidiarity Returns!!

Noticed by Grim.

...The most recent results of the 22nd Heartland Monitor poll, sponsored by Alllstate and National Journal, bear out Hansen's assessment of who is best suited to lead the U.S. Years of federal gridlock and dysfunction have left the public favoring state and local institutions over the federal government as the places best equipped to offer solutions to the country's ongoing economic and social challenges.

And federal government? Well, it just leaves people wanting more, according to the polling data. Of the 1,000 American adults surveyed, just 26 percent said that national-level institutions were making progress, compared to the 64 percent who favored the state and local levels. This conclusion cuts across the lines of gender, education, socioeconomics, and even different regions of the country. In short, Americans are fed up with the sniping and paralysis at the federal level and instead are turning their attention to local governments and groups for solutions....

Perhaps "wanting more."  Personally, I want less.  YMMV.

Hillary's Presser

It is reported that HRC told the press and the American people that:

“In the end, I chose not to keep my personal e-mails.  Instead, I kept all of YOURS, courtesy of  NSA."

Or words to that effect.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What? You Never Heard of Guardian Angels?

Presented without much comment, aside from the question above.

...four officers who rescued an 18-month-old toddler from the wreck of a submerged car on Sunday said they launched into their heroics when they heard desperate pleas for help coming from a woman inside.

But when the four men used all their strength to right the red Dodge sedan, they found little Lily Groesbeck to be the only passenger left alive in the vehicle.

Her mother, 25-year-old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, had passed away the night before when she lost control of the car and could not possibly have called for the men to help save her child.

'For two nights I've laid awake trying to figure out exactly what it could be. All I know is it was there, we all heard it,' Spanish Fork Police Officer Tyler Beddoes said

"Angel of God, my guardian dear/to whom God's love entrusts me here/ever this day be at my side/....

Monday, March 09, 2015

Real Polling on Gay "Marriage"

You've heard all the propaganda polls.

Now try one that's not queer-sponsored:

By an almost 2-1 margin, Americans in a recent poll declared they agree that “States and citizens should remain free to uphold marriage as the union of a man and a woman and the Supreme Court shouldn’t force all 50 states to redefine marriage.”

Yah, hey.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Most Murderous Terrorists? Not Muslims (!!)

Factoid of note:

The 25 deadliest terrorist groups in the world are responsible for most of the terror deaths since 1975. And the Tigers are just one of several Marxist-Leninist, Maoist, and Communist groups on that short list. They're joined by Peru's Shining Path, El Salvador's FMLN, Colombia FARCthe Kurdistan Worker's Party, the Philippines' New People's Army, Angola's UNITAthe Communist Party of India (Maoist), Spain's Basque Homeland and Freedom (ETA), Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN), and Chile's Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front (FPMR).

Their problem is lack of a good press agent, I suppose.

Or maybe that our dearly beloved US leadership ignores them because....sympathy..... or something.

US Warmongers v. German Intel

Remember this:  it was Obozo who started this conflict by supporting the overthrow of a duly-elected Government in Ukraine.  It may well be that that Government was corrupt and Russki-friendly--but it was elected.

(We have experience with corrupt Government, "high-horses" and all.)

...General Philip Breedlove, the top NATO commander in Europe, stepped before the press in Washington. Putin, the 59-year-old said, had once again "upped the ante" in eastern Ukraine -- with "well over a thousand combat vehicles, Russian combat forces, some of their most sophisticated air defense, battalions of artillery" having been sent to the Donbass. "What is clear," Breedlove said, "is that right now, it is not getting better. It is getting worse every day."

German leaders in Berlin were stunned. They didn't understand what Breedlove was talking about. And it wasn't the first time. Once again, the German government, supported by intelligence gathered by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany's foreign intelligence agency, did not share the view of NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).

The pattern has become a familiar one. For months, Breedlove has been commenting on Russian activities in eastern Ukraine, speaking of troop advances on the border, the amassing of munitions and alleged columns of Russian tanks. Over and over again, Breedlove's numbers have been significantly higher than those in the possession of America's NATO allies in Europe.
As such, he is playing directly into the hands of the hardliners in the US Congress and in NATO
....--quoted at Vox

Goodie!!  "Bomb-bomb" McCain as SACEUR.

If I were a cynic, I'd speculate that Obozo is deliberately fomenting insurgencies and wars throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East to scatter the US military's focus.  Combined with severe reductions in Defense budgets, this is Cloward-Piven exercised on the US military.

On the other hand, one doesn't have to be a cynic to believe this.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

You're a Woman? Belong to Planet Fitness? RUN!!!!

Bet you didn't know this about Planet Fitness:  it's a "no judgment zone."  Nice, until....

Yvette Cormier ... entered the women's locker room at the Planet Fitness location at 701 Joe Mann Boulevard in Midland.

"I was blocked, because a man was standing there," Cormier said. "It freaked me out because, why is a man in here?"

Cormier said an employee at the front desk told her that the individual identifies as a woman. After taking her complaints to Planet Fitness' corporate office, Cormier said she was told that the gym was a "no judgement zone" and they would not tell the individual in question to stay out of the women's locker room

Wait, there's more!

...According to Cormier, she returned to the gym each day between Monday and Thursday. While there, Cormier said she told women in the locker room about the individual she observed in the bathroom the weekend before.

Cormier said she then got a call from Planet Fitness' corporate office telling her that she was violating their "no judgement" policy. She says they asked if she was going to stop talking to other women in the locker room and she said she would not. Cormier said the representative told her she was no longer welcome at the gym

--quoted at Vox's place.

I think Vox' suggestion that men should join the club, declare themselves to be women, and loiter in the gal's locker room is a bit......ahhh.......heavy-handed.

But it sure as Hell would be fun.

Walker Goes Mealy-Mouth, Again UPDATED!

(See below where Ted Cruz makes a damn fool out of Walker)


"Those are my principles.  And if you don't like them, well, I have others."--Groucho Marx and Scott Walker

Only weeks after taking this key state in the presidential race by surprise, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his front-runner status in Iowa by pledging to support a federal ethanol mandate, shifting his position on renewable fuels at a Republican roundup on farm issues....

... Walker dropped his previous flat opposition to ethanol mandates, offering a new stance that's well-suited to a state covered in cornfields. Walker signaled he now favors keeping the mandate for now and phasing it out over time — without saying over what period of time. "I do believe it's an access issue so it's something I'm willing to go forward on renewing a (federal) Renewable Fuel farmers going forward planting crops know what the standard is," Walker said...

This is not new for Walker.  He's gone flaccid on pro-life matters and gay "marriage", too.

Oh, well.


 ...Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) managed to turn a disagreement with a crowd of Iowa businesses and farmers into an applause line at the Iowa Agriculture Summit.

Cruz reiterated his opposition to the Renewable Fuels Standard, a popular policy in Iowa that presents a thorny problem for many Republicans who campaign against crony capitalism but want to win the GOP presidential nomination.

“I recognize that this is a gathering of a lot of folks where the answer you’d like me to give is ‘I’m for the RFS, darnit;’ that’d be the easy thing to do,” he said. “But I’ll tell you, people are pretty fed up, I think, with politicians who run around and tell one group one thing, tell another group another thing, and then they go to Washington and they don’t do anything that they said they would do. And I think that’s a big part of the reason we have the problems we have in Washington, is there have been career politicians in both parties that aren’t listening to the American people and aren’t doing what they said they would do.”
And the crowd applauded, giving Cruz the warmest welcome so far...

Smooth move, Ted.

The Incredible Lightness of Channel 12 "News"

While Channel 12 is a very good source of local TV news*, its wholesale reprint of a CNN item on the HRC email scandal say the least.

You can read it here.  Two quick points (of the dozens which could be mentioned)

1)  There is no mention--at all--of "security."  When the Secretary of State is sending ALL her official correspondence through some random ISP, what security is present, if any?

2)  CNN glosses over the "control" matter.  Yes, HRC "controlled" her email.  That means that she can destroy her email and no one will know it.  It also means that she can "control" exactly what IS released to State--and the press.

By the way, HRC actually had TEN separate email accounts at that domain.  How many were cracked by the Russians, ISIS, or Red China?  We'll never know until it is far too late.

* Channel 12 has still failed to ask "WHY" railcars full of crude are burning all over the US.  They could--but then they'll find out that the answer is Obama.

Priebus' Gift

Here's the pictorial representation of Reince Priebus' effect as RNC Chair.

What has Reince wrought?

ObozoCare remains funded.

Illegal immigrants have taken all the "jobs created" during the Obozo Dictatorship.

Common, everyday .223 ammo has been banned.

The national debt is now incalculable.

No Child Left Behind remains in effect.

The IRS continues as the Office of Inquisition, aided by NSA's unchecked domestic spying.

The nation's electrical network will soon collapse under EPA regulations.

The Constitutions of 37 States have been overridden by the fantasies of flaming wacko blackrobes.

Obozo has literally stolen $3 BILLION and given it to insurance companies.

Illegal immigrants will recieve up to $300 Bn. in "tax refunds"--on taxes they have not paid.

The Chamber of Commerce has become the Shadow Government, allied with the red-diaper babies of the Administration.

Banking regulation (such as it is) has been taken over by a completely un-accountable "CFPB" buried within the FRB--and occupying $250 millions' worth of offices.

CFPB will join IRS, NSA, and EPA in ruling the country; Congress will remain a bystander.

Hail, Reince!

The Senselessbrenner Grandstand

Sure, Jim. 

In response to the ATF’s determined march toward banning the M855 round for law-abiding citizens, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has introduced legislation to eliminate the ATF altogether.

Did Boehner approve of this?

You could have stopped Cromnibus--but that would have taken balls.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Sen. Menendez' Problem

Yah, I thought of it this way, too.

...Menendez is going to get what he deserves, not only because there has been a lot of smoke, too much smoke, near the Menendez domicile, but because this is what happens to lefties when they cross Obama.

Menendez is a supporter of Israel and is on the wrong side of the Iran nuclear proliferation debate. So, Obama most likely told Holder to go after him.

This would never have happened to Menendez had he been right down the Obama line. Do you see Charlie Reingold in cuffs? ‘Nuff said....

Of course, Obozo is happy to rain s*&t on ANYONE who crosses him.  Too bad most Conservatives are crime-free, eh?

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Benji: Not Always Right


Seems that Netanyahu has made at least one fairly stupid call.

If you take out Saddam’s Regime, I guarantee you, that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region.


Dumb Question of the Week

Click on the link to find the Dumb Question of the Week from WaPo.

Obozo's Lips Are Moving? Then He's Lying.

There's an old saying to the effect that 'it's far worse than what you think you know.'

That goes double for the current regime.

When President Obama announced his sweeping unilateral executive action on immigration last November, administration officials stressed that the new edict would not take effect immediately. One part of the president's action — changes to DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, to extend the period in which illegal immigrants are protected from deportation to three years from its present two years, and also to extend work permits for the same time — was scheduled to go into effect Feb. 18, 2015, three months after the president's announcement. The other part of the president's action — the newly-created DAPA, or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents — would go into effect six months after Obama's edict.

Well, actually, no.

....In a "Defendants' Advisory" filed with Hanen's court late Tuesday, the Justice Department notified the judge that it has already implemented significant parts of the Expanded DACA program, and indeed that it has already granted expanded DACA protections and work permits to "approximately 100,000" people....

Yah, AFTER the Gummint liar/attorney had assured the judge that the regime did NOT do that.  In other words, another fraud on the Court, just like the Gummint's fraud on the court regarding Fast & Furious.

Try that yourself sometime and see what happens.

HRC: 'Make Emails Public.' No Texts?

She still thinks she's smart, eh?

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Could Hildebeeste Be Any Dumber?

HRC's problem is that she thinks she's smart.

She's not.

To summarize: according to, the domain has been hosted by Confluence Networks since 12/22/2011, more than three years. Confluence Networks, based out of the British Virgin Islands, has only existed as a domain ( since April 2011, appears to be closely related to a Dubai-based media advertising firm, and has always had its domain name managed by, a registration privacy firm that lists addresses out of Luxembourg and Australia, but gives a phone number apparently out of Denmark, and that shows up repeatedly in connection with fraud, scam, and spam-related domains.  --quoted at AOSHQ

While the old broad was 'hiding' her official correspondence from prying Congressional Republicans, she was doing so illegally.  Of course, "illegal" is no bar to HRC's actions.

But the dumb sock managed to find a very questionable host, to say the least.  So which national security items are now in the hands of .....ahhh......who knows who?

To her, of course, national security is secondary to HRC. 

We disagree.

So You're a Millenial? Get A Refund From Your School

Egads.  Some of these people are voters.  The rest WILL be voters.

...This exam, given in 23 countries, assessed the thinking abilities and workplace skills of adults. It focused on literacy, math and technological problem-solving. The goal was to figure out how prepared people are to work in a complex, modern society.

And U.S. millennials performed horribly.

That might even be an understatement, given the extent of the American shortcomings. No matter how you sliced the data – by class, by race, by education – young Americans were laggards compared to their international peers. In every subject, U.S. millennials ranked at the bottom or very close to it, according to a new study by testing company ETS.
...--quoted at Vox

Millennials are somewhere between 12 and 35 years of age.

God help us.

Terrorists Who Purchase Guns

The Captain notes that Schumer wants to make it illegal for terrorists to buy guns.

The Captain also notes all the categories of "terrorists" as defined by the Feds.

There are 72 categories, by the way.  And yes, you fall into one or the other.

Elephant Party Going Jackass

Yes, indeed.  The Elephant Party is planning to "fix" ObozoCare if SCOTUS nukes the State subsidy screw-up.  This would make them into Jackasses (as though that needs re-stating.)

...Republicans have spent the past few months preemptively and unilaterally portending an apocalypse when people lose their subsidies.  What’s worse, they are publicly taking on the responsibility for “fixing” it and assuming full culpability for any fallout.  To that end, they are making it clear that Republicans must put their stamp of approval on a bill continuing the Obamacare subsidies or replacing them with massive refundable tax credits, thereby enshrining permanent dependency – all with the blessing of the “more conservative” party....

That explains Paul Ryan's intense interest in the SCOTUS hearing on the case.  He's going to be "the fixer," after all.

The alternative, which is "do not one damn thing" is not even being considered.  The Elephant/Jackass Party could simply watch the explosion of hatred for ObozoCare.

...In a sane world, Republicans would take the opportunity of the potential SCOTUS decision to pin the tail of blame for crushing health care and health insurance costs on the Democrat donkey.  If SCOTUS pulls the plug on the Obamacare morphine (the subsidies), everyone would immediately feel the pain of the Obamacare mandates, regulations and interventions that have doubled and tripled premiums for most Americans.  And unlike most other issues, Obamacare is exclusively associated with Democrats....

Republican sanity:  the new standard of oxymoron.

All Hail the State!!

Net Neutral, Except to Statists

Seems that Google and Netflix consume fully half the bandwidth of the entire 'net.

So when they want to pay less, who do they call?

Yup.  Our little Lord Fauntleroy Statist-in-Chief, who then issues commands to the appropriate bootlicker.

By the way, when Google and Netflix pay less, just who will pay more?  (You get one guess.)

Walker Shuffle

Oh yah.  Scott Walker found that his SCOTUS Shuffle game doesn't cut it.  So he changed his tune.

Several months ago the pro-lifers in Wisconsin knew that Fitzgerald stuffed two pro-life bills into the memory-hole of the Wisconsin Senate at Walker's request because Walker's handlers didn't want him to be......ahhh.......too pro-life, or something.

Or maybe not.  Whatever.

We also mentioned that Walker used the same stupid excuse on gay "marriage".  You know the one:  'Teh Courts Made Me Do It."  Like abortion, we're dealing with the law of nature here.

Think Walker will reverse his field on that, like he did on illegals?

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Ryan Sells the Country for His Ways & Means Seat

Sure, Ryan voted to sell out the Constitution (and the country) for his seat on Ways & Means.

That way, he can also bust another budget, like last time.

For a f*n CHAIR, Paul?  You could have had Wales!

Sensenbrenner, a reliable ally of Boehner, was able to play "conservative" again.  But then, it's the play he'll advertise to the schlubs, who may actually vote for the Kotex King again.

I won't.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Who's Worse? Boehner or Hillary?

You can see below what a swine Hillary really is.

But being a that as bad as being a perfidious toady of the Boehner variety?

Please limit your response to one word.  Choose "yes," or  "no."

HRC: The Oozing Slime Never Stopped

Condensed, from the Ace accounts:

1)  Hildebeeste's "foundation" took in hundreds of millions, 20% or so from foreign governments.  None of those "contributions" (read "bribes") was vetted, or approved, by State.

2)  Hildebeeste did NOT use State Department email accounts for her emails.  They were all sent over Yahoo, or something.  Archives?  Records?

She doesn't recall.