Saturday, March 07, 2015

Priebus' Gift

Here's the pictorial representation of Reince Priebus' effect as RNC Chair.

What has Reince wrought?

ObozoCare remains funded.

Illegal immigrants have taken all the "jobs created" during the Obozo Dictatorship.

Common, everyday .223 ammo has been banned.

The national debt is now incalculable.

No Child Left Behind remains in effect.

The IRS continues as the Office of Inquisition, aided by NSA's unchecked domestic spying.

The nation's electrical network will soon collapse under EPA regulations.

The Constitutions of 37 States have been overridden by the fantasies of flaming wacko blackrobes.

Obozo has literally stolen $3 BILLION and given it to insurance companies.

Illegal immigrants will recieve up to $300 Bn. in "tax refunds"--on taxes they have not paid.

The Chamber of Commerce has become the Shadow Government, allied with the red-diaper babies of the Administration.

Banking regulation (such as it is) has been taken over by a completely un-accountable "CFPB" buried within the FRB--and occupying $250 millions' worth of offices.

CFPB will join IRS, NSA, and EPA in ruling the country; Congress will remain a bystander.

Hail, Reince!

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