Saturday, March 07, 2015

Walker Goes Mealy-Mouth, Again UPDATED!

(See below where Ted Cruz makes a damn fool out of Walker)


"Those are my principles.  And if you don't like them, well, I have others."--Groucho Marx and Scott Walker

Only weeks after taking this key state in the presidential race by surprise, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended his front-runner status in Iowa by pledging to support a federal ethanol mandate, shifting his position on renewable fuels at a Republican roundup on farm issues....

... Walker dropped his previous flat opposition to ethanol mandates, offering a new stance that's well-suited to a state covered in cornfields. Walker signaled he now favors keeping the mandate for now and phasing it out over time — without saying over what period of time. "I do believe it's an access issue so it's something I'm willing to go forward on renewing a (federal) Renewable Fuel farmers going forward planting crops know what the standard is," Walker said...

This is not new for Walker.  He's gone flaccid on pro-life matters and gay "marriage", too.

Oh, well.


 ...Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) managed to turn a disagreement with a crowd of Iowa businesses and farmers into an applause line at the Iowa Agriculture Summit.

Cruz reiterated his opposition to the Renewable Fuels Standard, a popular policy in Iowa that presents a thorny problem for many Republicans who campaign against crony capitalism but want to win the GOP presidential nomination.

“I recognize that this is a gathering of a lot of folks where the answer you’d like me to give is ‘I’m for the RFS, darnit;’ that’d be the easy thing to do,” he said. “But I’ll tell you, people are pretty fed up, I think, with politicians who run around and tell one group one thing, tell another group another thing, and then they go to Washington and they don’t do anything that they said they would do. And I think that’s a big part of the reason we have the problems we have in Washington, is there have been career politicians in both parties that aren’t listening to the American people and aren’t doing what they said they would do.”
And the crowd applauded, giving Cruz the warmest welcome so far...

Smooth move, Ted.

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