Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Elephant Party Going Jackass

Yes, indeed.  The Elephant Party is planning to "fix" ObozoCare if SCOTUS nukes the State subsidy screw-up.  This would make them into Jackasses (as though that needs re-stating.)

...Republicans have spent the past few months preemptively and unilaterally portending an apocalypse when people lose their subsidies.  What’s worse, they are publicly taking on the responsibility for “fixing” it and assuming full culpability for any fallout.  To that end, they are making it clear that Republicans must put their stamp of approval on a bill continuing the Obamacare subsidies or replacing them with massive refundable tax credits, thereby enshrining permanent dependency – all with the blessing of the “more conservative” party....

That explains Paul Ryan's intense interest in the SCOTUS hearing on the case.  He's going to be "the fixer," after all.

The alternative, which is "do not one damn thing" is not even being considered.  The Elephant/Jackass Party could simply watch the explosion of hatred for ObozoCare.

...In a sane world, Republicans would take the opportunity of the potential SCOTUS decision to pin the tail of blame for crushing health care and health insurance costs on the Democrat donkey.  If SCOTUS pulls the plug on the Obamacare morphine (the subsidies), everyone would immediately feel the pain of the Obamacare mandates, regulations and interventions that have doubled and tripled premiums for most Americans.  And unlike most other issues, Obamacare is exclusively associated with Democrats....

Republican sanity:  the new standard of oxymoron.

All Hail the State!!

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