Sunday, March 31, 2019

Yes, Lawyers Are Good Liars

The latest and greatest ambulance-chaser jackpot is Roundup, a weed killer.  Actually, Roundup (glyphosate) kills anything growing out of the ground.  It's been used by farmers, gardeners, golf-course groundskeepers, and ordinary homeowners for years.  I always have a half-gallon in storage, ready to go.

Now, the usual jackals are winning cases on the "CANCER!!!" scare.

It's bullshit.

We started this discussion with the premise that RfDs, not LD50s, are the appropriate comparison for chronic toxicity. Using RfDs, how do caffeine and glyphosate compare? Keeping in mind, the LOWER the number, the HIGHER the toxicity. 
EPA RfD for glyphosate:  0.1 mg/kg/day
EPA RfD for caffeine: 0.0025 mg/kg/day
0.1  ÷ 0.0025 = 40
This means that caffeine is 40 times more toxic than glyphosate. However, this is only a useful number if we know our typical exposures. The exposure numbers above show that we don’t give a second thought to consuming caffeine at levels hundreds of times higher than the oral RfD, but are simultaneously worried about exposures to glyphosate that are 100 times lower than the RfD. In discussions of toxicity, we must use the correct data to back up our points to step outside the cycle of misinformation....
The link contains a 15-minute read on the actual scientific method (not the lawyer/liar method) and compares the danger from coffee and glysophate.

I'd like to see the lawyers drink a LOT more coffee.  Gallons more.  By force, if necessary.

Here's a Migrant for Bp. Seitz!

Since Bp. Seitz--and other Catholic Bishops of like mind--are certain that we should welcome all the migrants, he should be happy to take this one into his Bishop-y residence, no?

[This one is] going by the names Miriam Celaya, Mirian Zelaya Gomez, and a few other variants, who last November famously screwed up her nose at the beans and tortillas Mexicans provided to caravan migrants free of charge in Tijuana as they awaited entry into the U.S. The caravan migrant, billed as one of the pitiful moms and kids of Democrat "narrative" told a DW video journalist the free offering was "food for pigs."

She got a lot of flak from Mexicans for that one, and then leveraged it successfully to slip into the U.S. illegally to make an asylum claim ahead of the other caravan migrants, claiming Mexican persecution.....

We're not done yet!!

...she was coming here to get free medical care for her special-needs daughter. She had some other priorities over her kid and she's now been booked for "aggravated ssault with a deadly weapon" in a Dallas jail, along with her undocumented immigant sister Mirna, apparently for assaulting what's been reportedly her own aunt, who had provided her with free housing....
 Certainly--we are told--99% of the  migrants are just wonderful people, hard-working, tax-paying, not interested in welfare, housing, or health bennies.

That's what we are told, anyway, by +Seitz and his friends.

Put up or shut up, Excellency.

Wordsmithing, Ph.D. Level

One of the better wordsmiths on the inter-tubes is Cold Fury.

Here's an example:

...without interference from a meddlesome, wholly corrupt Deep State/Enemedia/Democrat-Socialist cabal...

While accurately portraying the MSM, he also triggered thoughts of 'enema' (which produces.....what...exactly?) and 'enemy,' which characterizes the MSM's relationship with citizens of the US.  And yes, the same two nouns are applied to the Deep State and the Socialists who now ARE the Democrat Party.

Damn, that's good!!

Abp. Chaput Names the Evil

It took a while for the Archbishop of Philadelphia to speak on the matter.  But he named the name, to his eternal credit.

...Many bishops are frustrated with Rome “for its unwillingness to acknowledge the real nature and scope of the abuse problem,” Chaput said in a meeting with seminarians in Ohio. “Not naming the real problem for what it is, a pattern of predatory homosexuality and a failure to weed that out from Church life, is an act of self-delusion.”

“Clerical privilege is not the problem,” the archbishop insisted. “Clericalism may be a factor in the sexual abuse of minors, but no parent I know – and I hear from a lot of them – sees that as the main issue.”...

Under "failure to weed out" come such offenses as allowing James Martin, SJ and Bryan Massingale to push their homosexualist propaganda which works toward erasing the line between good and evil.

Don't expect +Chaput to get a red hat while Francis is Pope.  More likely he'll suffer 'white martyrdom', or worse.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Cdl. Cupich a Communist Plant?

Interesting narrative from Chris Manion, Ph.D. about his first meeting with then-Fr. Cupich. 

Would it surprise you to learn that Cupich--along with others in the Bernardin USCC--was agitating against Ronald Reagan's policy in Central America?

Would it surprise you to learn that Cupich's position, and that of Bernardin, (then-Fr.) O'Malley, and (then-Fr.) Lynch was directly contrary to the positions of all the Central American Bishops?

Dots.  Must Connect Dots. 

Bella Dodd and Manning Johnson.

Certainly falls into the category of "Major Suspect."

"Cow Farts" SOLVED!!

Occasional-Cortex appeared on Charlie Sykes' new home network and solved the "cow farts" matter.

...Ocasio-Cortez doubles down on the threat that earth is facing from cow farts: “We need to innovate and change our, our grain, uh, our, our cow grain from which you know they feed in these troughs. We need to look at regenerative agriculture. These are our solutions”...--quoted at RedState

There ya go!!  Just change the cow-grain in those feed troughs to 'regenerative' cow-grain in those feed troughs.

Hell, that's simple.  Why didn't I think of it?

Charlie Sykes' New Bedfellows

Charlie has a new 'home' network.  There he works shoulder-to-shoulder with a propagandist employed by Qatar.  Qatar is part of a Middle East troika; the other two members are Turkey and Iran.  These are not nice people.

...Mehdi Hasan seems to be everywhere on TV these days. Reliably Trump-obsessed cable channels like CNN and MSNBC relish the opportunity to promote a foreign-born Muslim guest who, they believe, has the credibility to call the president and his supporters racists and white supremacists. 

... But the government he represents -- to millions of unsuspecting American viewers -- has long promoted the Muslim Brotherhood, funds the bloodthirsty designated terror group Hamas, has helped al Qaeda and the Taliban fund-raise, and is relentlessly hostile to American interests. In addition to supporting terrorism against Israel, Qatar uses its powerful media infrastructure to destabilize our Arab allies in the region by fomenting revolution inside their borders....
Wonder if Charlie has a selfie with this dude?

THIS Is a "Hero"

We have an acquaintance who calls every cop and firefighter a "hero."  Every single one, no matter rank or duty-history.  That's a cheapening of the term "hero" and it's simply wrong.

In contrast, here's an actual hero, who was NOT a cop or firefighter.

...Today in Camden Arkansas a truck driver carrying ammonium nitrate brakes caught on fire, while driving the operator of the rig noticed the fire called 911. He turned his rig down an abandoned stretch of highway where there was no houses or buildings. He parked the truck and while first responders were evacuating houses he was trying to put out the fire when the tanker exploded blowing a 15ft crater in the road killing the driver who put his life before others to keep them safe. The explosion was felt a hundred miles away. The driver was the only casualty in this accident his name was Randall McDougal 63 years old....

May the angels accompany him to Paradise; he laid down his life to save others.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Understanding Comes From History

Stolen directly from AOSHQ


Holder: Traitor or Seditionist?

The more one knows about Eric Holder, the more one despises this stinking jackwad.

...To understand this abuse of power, it helps to go back to July 2011, when DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz was appointed.

From the very start, Horowitz found his duties throttled by Attorney General Eric Holder, who placed limitations on the inspector general’s right to have unobstructed access to information. Holder used this tactic to delay Horowitz’s investigation of the failed sting operation known as Operation Fast and Furious.

“We got access to information up to 2010 in all of these categories. No law changed in 2010. No policy changed. … It was simply a decision by the General Counsel’s Office in 2010 that they viewed, now, the law differently....
Sally Yates is Holder's co-conspirator here.

Obama, another co-conspirator, did not remedy Horowitz' complaint until December of '16, just before he left office.  THAT is why Spygate went so well for the seditionists (?  Traitors??) of the Obama era.

There is a LOT more at the link.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Little-Boy 49%-Tony Gets Slapped, Hard

Little brat "49% Tony" Evers got his smart ass handed to him by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

He's wasting a lot of money on pointless lawsuits.  But to a Democrat, particularly a brat like 49% Tony, money is nothing, particularly because it's somebody else's money.

Any time you think you're man enough, Tony.....

Smollett's Rotten Family Tree

J Smollett is guilty as Hell.  But he's connected.

...Janet Harris Smollett instilled this hate into her children. She was mentored by Julian Bond, a founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center with numerous ties to communist front groups. According to her own son, Janet was tight with the cream-of-the-crop of black radical communists, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, and Angela Davis....

The fruit--yes, that's what he is--of that tree is poison.

THIS Is How To Respond, Part 2

A couple of days ago, we highlighted a woman who knows how to fight.

Today, we find another woman who gets it. 

(These women are in sharp contrast to the vast majority of the "men" who are elected as Republicans.)

Republican Pennsylvania State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz outraged Democrats by mentioning Jesus 13 times in her invocation on the day of Pennsylvania’s first female Muslim representative’s swearing-in.

Borowicz thanked Jesus, “the King of Kings; the Lord of lords; the great I Am; the One who’s coming back again; the One who came, died, and rose again on the third day,” for the honor of being His ambassador, asked forgiveness on behalf of America for forgetting Him and for Him to heal the country, praised Him for President Donald Trump’s support of Israel and declared that “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow.”

Democratic Pennsylvania State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, the first female Muslim representative in the state’s legislature, decried the Monday prayer as offensive, as did state Democratic leadership....
NEVER apologize for the truth.

Sensenbrenner's Living in the Last Century

Back in the early 1900's Congress had not yet shed its obligations by pushing them over to regulators or the President.  But in the latter half of that century, Congressmen figured out that they could get re-elected forever if they took no responsibility for their actions.

So when Jim Sensenbrenner runs around with his hair on fire yapping about "muh Constitution," he knows he's spraying the room with Magic FooFooDust and hoping the rubes will believe him.  Remember this:  Sensenbrenner was part of the Congressional majority which NEVER took back its Constitutional powers. 

Now he pretends that Congress should act on the national emergency at the border, so he votes against the country and the President.*

Gee, Jim.  Didn't you vote FOR Paul Ryan to be Speaker?  The same Paul Ryan who couldn't find the Constitution (or a budget) with both hands?  The Paul Ryan who used the Constitution as toilet paper?

Retire, Jim.  

*Gallagher voted the same way, but that's because he's an idiot.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"People's Court"?

The baby-killer candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court--Neubauer-- wants to make that Court into a "people's court."

Just like the teevee show court she watched when she was in law school.

And she's actually serious about that as a campaign ploy, as though the Wisconsin electorate wants a soap-opera Court.

Buying "Privilege": Three Current Examples

It's almost stupid to read a "news"paper when you have the Ace of Spades HQ providing all you need to know about Democrat/Lefty Privilege, which is spilling its sewage all over the country.

First, the "buy a college entrance" thing--which actually is the least malevolent of these.

Second, the "Get Out of Jail If You're Obama's Buddy" thing--which is very malevolent, in fact, toxic,  and will probably have consequences in the social order for a long, long, time.

Finally, the "Rich Democrat Kid Buys 'Psycho' Defense Get Out of Jail" which makes it clear that Feinstein is a far worse enemy of the State than the NRA ever imagined.

Dropping the Hammer on Abp Listecki

The Milwaukee CUF chapter has had enough of the pussyfoot-shuffle of Abp. Jerome Listecki, who is also an officer of the US Army.  (Would you follow him into a real war?)  So they sent him a no-nonsense letter.

A few excerpts:

...due to your actions and inactions, the “gaying of the Milwaukee Archdiocese” is gaining increasing national attention and — via Milwaukee Archdiocesan priests Fr. Bryan Massingale and Fr. Gregory Greiten — contributing generously to the homosexual subculture throughout the Church that is "wreaking great devastation in the vineyard of the Lord" as the late Bishop Robert Morlino and others have declared....

Fr. Greiten has declared himself to be 'a homosexual priest', rather than 'a priest.'  He was led to this foolish declaration by the Gay Mafia (New Ways Ministry Branch) and is now a national "star" (or disgrace...)

Church Militant picked up on all this, of course.

...the Church Militant article addresses “Gay and Straight In Christ” (GASIC). We alerted you to GASIC years ago. You assured us that after talking to them, you were confident they were adhering to Catholic teaching. This is odd because then and now, GASIC seeks to — in their own words — “push the envelope," promoting spiritually poisonous lies...
It will NEVER be said that +Listecki is a vigorous and energetic house-cleaning kinda guy.  He's more like +Wm. Cousins, the Archbishop here preceding the Disgraced Rembert.  Cousins' idea of a work day was 10AM-2PM with a couple hours for lunch and never, ever, ask a lot of questions about the Gay Gang running both the Major and the Minor seminaries here.....

...Last November, you awarded the Archdiocese’s Vatican II Service to the Priesthood Award to homosexual advocate Fr. Mike Hammer who openly promotes the idea that the Church is wrong with regard to its teaching regarding homosexual activity and needs to change.

In October, you refused to use your proper episcopal authority (see pages 11 & 12) to stop Milwaukee Archdiocesan priest Fr. Bryan Massingale from conducting retreats for “gay priests, brothers and deacons” taking place at Siena Retreat Center in Racine....
And then they hit him with Marquette University which cannot even claim to be "in the Catholic tradition" without lying like Hell.

...The silence of bishops regarding the homosexual subculture metastasizing throughout the Church enabled McCarrick — and so many others — to become the monsters they are. Until this grim reality is addressed directly, visibly and vigorously, the crisis will worsen. Your Excellency, you have the opportunity — and the duty — to begin this process here and now. Call out and denounce the homosexual subculture that has long been spiritually and financially impoverishing our Archdiocese. Publicly putting an end to GASIC and explaining your reasons for doing so would be an excellent place to start....
Someone should start a pool on that event happening.  Vegas says better-than-even nothing will come of it.

HOWEVER--be it noted!!!  The Archbishop DID remove +Weakland's and +Cousins' names from various prominent places AFTER he received this letter.


Francis' Biblical Climate Change?

We learned something new today!!

Pope Francis tied a lack of water in different parts of the world to global warming Sunday, calling it one of the “inevitable consequences of climate change.”

What did we learn??

In Francis' world, all those Hebrews must have been spewing diesel exhaust, I-134 HFC's, and CO2 into the air during the times of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, Haggai (

(Wouldn't ya know it!!  It was The Jooooooooooooooooooooz!!)

Now if Pope Francis would have consulted with legitimate theologians instead of AlGore's shamans, he would have learned something a bit more frightening:  disobedience of the Lord's commands usually brought drought and famine.

Something to think about during Lent, eh?

Monday, March 25, 2019

THIS Is How to Respond to Lefties

We are pleased to know about Harmeet Dhillon, who shoved several cubic feet of truth right up the...........ahhhh............"nose" of an NPR snot.

THIS is how the Left should be treated.  Never apologize, NEVER give quarter.  Drive that locomotive right over their sniveling little jellybellies and smile as you do it.

Hint to Brian Hagedorn:  you can do all that as a Christian, ya'know.

A Bit of Humor

Stolen directly from Grim.

Paying By Check

In the last few years, lots of people have had to replace their bank debit/credit cards; the numbers (or the cards themselves) get stolen or replicated.  And a number of card numbers get .....ahhh........."lost" by retailers.

So people replace the cards, which is usually inconvenient.  Not horribly inconvenient, but a pain in the ass.

There's a solution:  pay by check.  I'm beginning to do that.  I encounter no dirty looks from cashiers, and I've never had a payee return a check demanding electronic payment instead (although one has gotten close and was warned.)

Modern techno-foodadderie is all the rage, but it ain't all the solutions; often, it's a bigger problem.

Drive your own damn car.  Pay with cash or by check.  Mail stuff.  Talk on the phone, don't Google on it.

Learn how to ride a horse and shoot straight, too.

Fuggedabout Russia. Now It's "OBSTRUCTION!!!!"

Russia is going to disappear in the next week or so, to be replaced by the nation of "Obstruction."

Only problem with "obstruction" is it requires specific intent.

(That's different from violations of national security, like the ones Hillary did as a matter of routine.  But you won't find that bit of info in The New Obstruction Narrative, will you?)

Sunstein, who is a committed Lefty lawyer:

...The much trickier issue involves obstruction of justice. On that count, the special counsel declined to reach a legal conclusion. In a sentence that will be much quoted, he said that “while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”...

Of course, Sunstein knows that Bill Barr will brown-nose to Trump's advantage, based (I guess) on the pattern formed by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, who did a VERY good job of covering Barky and Hildebeeste.

Of course, it's possible that Trump did not "obstruct" at all--but that won't be considered by The Intellectualoid Establishment.  Never.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Tlaib Advocates Borderline-Violence

Since Martin Luther King was not Muslim, his successful methods don't count.  Neither do Ghandi's, same reason.  Instead.....

“So, to me, I say raise hell. Make people uncomfortable,” Rep. Omar said to the excited audience.

Which was the method espoused by Mohammed himself, accompanied by a lot of head-severing, raping, and pillaging.   And unlike Tlaib, he didn't have Trump to blame!!  But those damn Joooz and Christians--THEY were the problem!!

...“We all kind of knew that this was happening, but the reason I think that many of us knew that this was going to get worse is that we finally have a leader, a world leader in the White House, who publicly says Islam hates us. Who fuels hate against Muslims. Who thinks it is okay to speak about a faith and a whole community in a way that is dehumanizing, vilifying — and doesn’t understand, or at least makes us want to think that he doesn’t understand, the consequences that his words might have. Some people, like me, know that he understands the consequences. He knows that there are people that he can influence to threaten our lives, to diminish our presence, but what we know and what Islam teaches us — and what I always say, is that ‘Love Trumps Hate.'”...
What we have here is a lying Muslima byotch who advocates borderline-violence while blubbering that "love trumps hate."


Streisand Is Beyond "Bizarre"

Breitbart observes that Streisand made "bizarre" comments on the Michael-Pervert Jackson affair.

Wait until this one gets a bit more play:

“His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from....whatever DNA he has,”

So is Barbie telling us that she believes in ..........what, exactly?  That people with Michael's DNA are inclined to homosexual child rape?


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Feel Like a Serf Yet?

Good ol' Z-man analyzes the "new" economy and finds the mouldering remnants of 1300's Europe.

...The result is the new economy looks a lot like a very old economy, the one we used to call feudalism. A small number of people control vast swaths of property, forcing everyone else to accept a vassal relationship. They can effectively control entire sectors of the economy, simply by maintaining control of key points or by maintaining near monopoly status in certain areas. Google and Apple control the mobile phone market, by controlling the mobile OS. That’s why an open source alternative has never appeared....

(That key-point control is assured through patents which may be .......ahh......questionable.)

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter exercise oligopoly on 'socializing', which is really "advertisement grooming" and Privacy Invasion.

And Visa/Master are near-oligopolies on payment processing, which frankly is a helluvalot more significant "choke-point" than Faceberg, control.

Paying A LOT for Solar Energy

Earlier, we did the math and determined that for Wisconsin to go "all-solar" energy, the entire land-mass of the State would have to be covered with panels and batteries.

(That would not leave any room for Tokin'Tony's office, which is the only benefit of such a proposal.)

But how much does solar energy actually cost?  How much does the Government GIVE AWAY for this unicorns-and-sparkles foodiddly?

Well, the Feds allow a tax credit of 30% of the cost of the installation, and that credit can be 'rolled' into next year's taxes if necessary.  So --roughly-- if your utility says you have to pay five cents/KWH for "solar," the actual cost is more like seven cents per KWH. It could be even more expensive than that, as the State of Wisconsin exempts solar systems from property-tax calculations.  If utilities enjoy this exemption (damned hard to find out!!) then the cost

You will note that utilities are pushing "solar" this year.  There's a reason:  the 30% Federal credit ends this calendar year; the 2020 credit will be smaller. 

Yes, indeed, this looks just like the FoxConn thing.  Gummint gives away a lot of somebody else's money for "good" purposes. 

Gee.  How come the Milwaukee news-rag isn't screaming its fool head off about this one?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lying or Mistaken, FBI Wins Either Way

Kinda disturbing essay here about the FEEBS' love for "302" forms--which are not really accurate and can be .........ahhh........."adjusted" as the need arises.

But those adjustments can land you in Club Fed for 10-25.

Nice, eh?\

There's a very good reason for the Second Amendment, friends.

Christopher Lasch on Never Trumpers

PowerLine dug up this quote from Christopher Lasch which was in a 1994 (!!!!) book of his.  Lasch was something of a political enigma, disliking both the "fusion Conservatism" of Buckley and the Progressivism of the Left.  It's interesting that one of his influences was Orestes Brownson, and that he thought very highly of MLK's populism.

Anyhow,  here's a quote from that 1994 book:

...Simultaneously arrogant and insecure, the new elites, the professional classes in particular, regard the masses with mingled scorn and apprehension. In the United States, “Middle America”—a term that has both geographical and social implications—has come to symbolize everything that stands in the way of progress: “family values,” mindless patriotism, religious fundamentalism, racism, homophobia, retrograde views of women. Middle Americans, as they appear to the makers of educated opinion, are hopelessly shabby, unfashionable, and provincial, ill-informed about changes in taste or intellectual trends, addicted to trashy novels or romance and adventure, and stupefied by prolonged exposure to television. They are at once absurd and vaguely menacing—not because they wish to overthrow the old order but because their defense of it appears so deeply irrational that it expresses itself, at the higher reaches of its intensity, in fanatical religiosity, in repressive sexuality that occasionally erupts into violence against women and gays, and in a patriotism that supports imperialist wars and a national ethic of aggressive masculinity. . .
The reek of Kristol, Boot, Sykes, and Hayes (not to mention the Establishment (D) and (R) twits such as Paul Ryan and Joe Bidet) just leaps out at you from that quote, eh?

1994.  Damn!!

Catholic Church Under Attack

Things are escalating.

A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious case of anti-Christian vandalism....

One is tempted to ask whether Sen. Feinstein or Lisa Neubauer have been touring France recently.

But it's more likely that this is the result of "multi-culturalism," worshiped by Democrats here and other brainless dolts everywhere.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

VDH Essays on Moron Never Trumpers

(Two posts in a row on moronic never-Trumpers!  Trolling sewer rats again....)

VDH has a great essay on how his votes were influenced in the elections of '44, '48, '56....

Here's just a tiny bit:

...I think the better strategy for 1956 is “NeverEisenhower,” and just hope Stevenson wins. That way, the Democrats will go so hard left-wing that they will turn off the country. Their extremism will allow us time to rebuild the Republican Party and get ready for 1960 with known establishmentarians and good party men like Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.—or at least a guy who has held one office before thinking he could become president....
VDH said this while in the Loge seats of his cruise-ship, I hear.  He was entertaining the rubes who paid for his trip, while despising every one of them in his vodka-soaked heart.

Charlie Sykes Has Gone Mad

Apparently Charlie's "recovery" from Leftism has failed.

Utterly, completely, totally.  Smoking a-bomb crater fail.  10 million dumpster-fires fail.

His new home, "the bulwark" has a new and disgusting essay out this month.

But upon closer inspection the right's bashing of socialism rings a little hollow--and not just because of Gorka's bombast. Yes, AOC's proposals are misguided but they are unlikely steps toward a planned economy, show trials, or the gulag system.  --quoted at AOSHQ
Ace comments:

...Hey, remember when True Conservatives believed that all the parts of socialism were the bad parts of socialism? Now apparently a lot of socialism is good, as long as we stay away from the bad parts, like totalitarianism.

Which, as history tells us, can be easily extracted from socialism, and in fact is successfully extracted from it almost every time it's tried....
One hopes that Charlie enjoys his cruise-ship rewards for this.  Maybe the ship should dock at Havana for a few months, so Charlie can enjoy the fruits of ........socialism.

Abp. Listecki's Good Symbolic Move

We have been severe critics of Abp. Listecki when he deserved it.

So we'll give him an attaboy for doing the right thing in this instance.

Bowing to increased pressure from Catholics and victims of clergy sexual abuse, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee announced Tuesday that it was removing the names of former Archbishops William E. Cousins and Rembert G. Weakland — both of whom took part in the coverup of sex crimes against children — from its headquarters complex and cathedral center.

The archdiocese removed the sign outside the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center, its headquarters complex in St. Francis on Tuesday. A new name will be announced and a temporary sign installed at 10 a.m. Friday.

Weakland's name was quietly removed from the pastoral center at St. John the Evangelist in downtown Milwaukee, as was a bas relief inside the Cathedral depicting Weakland shepherding small children....

While Weakland--a friend and protege of the notorious Jesuit Cdl. Martini of Milan--has a far worse reputation than does Cousins, it was under Cousins' "leadership" that both the major and minor seminaries here became infested with homosexual faculty and management.  As a result, Weakland inherited a lot of very serious problem-priests.  Very, very, serious.  Several hundred million dollars "serious."

(There's another little question here:  what about Bp. Brust, Cousins' auxiliary?   Bp. Atkielski, also an auxiliary, just like Bp. Sklba?  None of these men could have had "clean hands," either.)

Of course, this has NOTHING to do with the current Archdiocesan Fund Drive.  Nothing at all, nothing to see here, move along.

It's a start, Your Excellency.  

Expunge DUI? Why??

It would be very interesting to hear the reasons for this.

Republican lawmakers are introducing a bill that would allow some first-time drunken drivers to ask judges to erase their record....

Wisconsin does not treat first-time DUI as a criminal matter and I'm fine with that.  Teh Stoopids happen.  But expunge?

What's that all about??

Monday, March 18, 2019

It Ain't Just the Methodists, Pal

Crisis offers interesting stuff.  Here, the author discusses a problem with Methodism--and Protestantism in general.

...Bonner has hit upon an essential dilemma within Protestantism. One person reads the Bible and determines homosexuality is immoral, based on an interpretation of such passages as Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; and 1 Timothy 1:10. Some of these passages suggest that some sexual immorality may even disqualify one from heaven. Another person reads the Bible and determines that God’s unconditional love should contextualize all Biblical injunctions, and that one should read passages about sex in cultural and historical context. Indeed, do not most Christians read passages about women being silent in church (1 Cor. 14:34) or covering their hair (1 Cor. 11:2-16) as being culturally conditioned? Thus no LGBTQ behavior can disqualify one from the kingdom of heaven, despite St. Paul’s admonitions. At least, this is the kind of reasoning such persons employ....

*Cough* how about that "MERCY," eh?  Or that "Who am I to judge?"....hmmmmm?  How about that Jebbie Martin?  Or the Kasper/Marx wonzos?? 

I can hear the Methodists (et al) now:  "Hey!!  If we knew those damn Romans would cave on all this, we coulda hung around!!  We coulda kept Latin!!!"

Yah, you coulda.  

Miller v. Peters, Round 4

Ed Peters is no mean canonist; in fact, he is on the faculty of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.  So is Monica Miller, on the Theo faculty. 

Their in-house disagreement over the excommunication status of women procuring abortions has been going on for a while.  See our previous post here, and follow the link in that post to the prior foofafferie.  All of this stems from Cdl. Dolan's poorly-handled interview on Fox, where the Cardinal assumed the "defense" mode common to churchmen in the last half of the last century.  +Dolan was excusing himself for not body-slamming Cuomo for the license-to-murder law he signed in New York--an excuse which +Dolan should never have presented.

Yesterday, Peters presented a weak-tea argument:  that since ....ohh.....maybe....50 million Catholic women have procured abortions, the automatic excommunication should NOT be imposed.  He bases this argument on the US Bishops' successful petition for change in the ex-comm penalty for obtaining a divorce. 

But the excommunication for abortion can be released in the Sacrament of Penance, which is not a very high bar; it's not like obtaining an appointment with a Bishop (not easy to do, by the way) for the same purpose, as was the case with the divorce dustup.

There's another difference between divorce and abortion:  abortion is one of the sins crying to Heaven for vengeance (it's murder, after all.)  Divorce is not one of those. 

(Digression:  when did you last hear of 'sins crying to Heaven for vengeance' in a sermon?  Hmmmmmm??)

It's a debate worth having, and Miller gets support from another heavyweight Canon lawyer over at CUF/St Joseph Foundation.  Happy to see Miller making the case that some people just need to be ex-comm'd.

The 4th, the 14th, States, and Unenumerated Rights

Yah, well, if you think that title is lengthy, you should see the essay.

And it's worth reading because it is a brief, clear, and comprehensive statement about what went wrong with SCOTUS, beginning with Slaughterhouse.

The consequences?  'Rights' but no 'duties'. 

This author has a small problem, however; he castigates Bob Bork for what the author calls a 'positive-law' bias which Bork held; but it is precisely 'positive law' which is a problem.  See, e.g., abortion and queer "marriage."  In brief, the author doesn't have much use for natural law, except to enshrine it as a bar to slavery--which it most certainly is.  It's also a bar to homosexual "marriage" and abortion.

So go read it.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Is the US at "Peak Lefty"?

Well, to be clear:  WAS the US at "peak Lefty" leading up to the Trump election?

The Trump election was certainly a Great Big Sign that things were going to change.  And they did.

Supported by continually-growing approval ratings, Trump decided to terminate the US military presence in the Middle East and Afghanistan.  Both those moves were temporarily blocked by a large war-party presence in Mordor-on-the-Potomac (and in his cabinet) but Trump does not seem to be deterred as much as delayed.

Same applies to The Wall.  He's delayed, not deterred, and the delay has to do with people and politicians who--frankly--don't give a flying f&^* about Americans if that interferes with their pocketbooks.  See any meat-packer, for example.  Tyson doesn't just give money to the Clinton Cabal, ya'know, and neither does Kraft/Oscar Mayer.

He also decided to tell NATO allies to pay up or go away.  Naturally, the Bush-Rubio Internationalist Globaloney Davos bunch immediately began ripping at their pearls while fainting dead away; but Trump persists.  In the same vein, he actually DID what the 5 last Presidents promised (while lying, as usual) and moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Then he took on North Korea and Red China.  Trump, unlike the lame-stream media and all Democrats, knows that North Korea does exactly what Red China tells it to do.  (Kimmie-Un understands that he's as expendable as a used Kleenex to good ol' Premier Xi.)  So when Red China likes us, Kimmie behaves.  When Red China is PO'd (as they are now), Kimmie acts up.  (The same can be said for the Foxconn plant in Wisconsin, but as I said, Democrats are too damn stupid to figure this out.)

But Red China is not Trump's worst enemy.  Nope.  That is reserved to Planned Parenthood, the West's very own Death Star.  Trump zeroed out their allocation of Federal dollars and all Hell began breaking loose.  Ryan, Bush, Bush, Rubio, Sasse, and a couple of even lesser-important Pubbie Liberals, not to mention every Democrat politician and a lot of "clergy" went howling mad, sulfur smoke emanating from every orifice.

But Planned Murderhood went a step too far in their "kill 'em AFTER birth" happy-dance in Virginia and New York State, and we see that New Mexico's Democrats defeated the most extreme baby-kill bill in the US.  Democrats!!!

Look at State governments.  Republicans maintain a large advantage in state-houses; that's really not changed for a few years.  And the Mueller travesty is now largely a yawn.  Nobody cares.

One more thing:  note how the House and Senate Democrats are very, very, carefully keeping their distance from the ultra-wackball AOC & Co., including the little mujahadin babes.  There will be plenty of subtle attacks, mostly taking the form of non-support, over the next few years.  Old bull (D) boyzzzz and Dementia Sally Pelosi know that the AOC crazy-train will be the death of that party if not checked.

When (D) pols are running like Hell from positions they would have campaigned on only last year, you know that Peak Lefty is in the rear-view mirror.  There will be a few battles and perhaps some violence as the Radical Left tries to re-establish control.  Buy ammo, be prepared, but they're going away. 

Keep  your eyes on that Trump-popularity number.

"Living" Wage? "Family" Wage?

When engaging in trickery and deceit, using only half the truth is an excellent tactic.

So when certain Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, and priests start yapping about the "living" wage, it's good to ask questions.  The first one would be "Is that wage 'earned,' or just 'given'?"  The presumption that there are 'rights' without corresponding 'responsibilities' is very convenient--and wrong.

You'll also note that the Church uses the term "family" wage, not "living" wage, in her teachings.  Yet most "living" wage propagandists rarely, if ever, mention "family."  In contrast, the Church's entire "wage" theory is built on the family:  dad, mom, chilluns--where mom is in the home raising the children, not jetting around in a "career."

You'll also note that the Church builds its 'wage' case on the worker's needs, which are a whole lot different from wants.  Must the wage support a 2500-square-foot 5 bedroom 3 bath McMansion? 


How about a nice new Caddy Escalade every 5 years?


The half-truths Satan and his pals are using here should be clear.  One is the free sex lie which separates sexual activity from children; the other is the materialism lie which elevates 'wants' to 'needs.'  Does the phrase 'the world, the flesh, and the devil' show through here?

One more thing:  the Church flat-out condemns socialism and communism, no matter what the Jesuit order and some high-ranking Churchmen may say or think.  So asking the 'Is this socialist?' question can be a lot of fun if you're talking with some Cardinal, Bishop, or priest, or even our current Pope.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Case for Watching the NZ Video

While the video of the New Zealand massacre is another form of pornography (you can look it up), and watching it is horrible, Ticker makes a very, very, good case for doing so. should gather your family and make sure everyone in it watches it too including any child who is old enough to be out of the house without your direct, personal supervision -- which means any kid old enough to go to school.  You should watch it because it is real.
You should watch it because it makes clear the price of cowering in the corner if and when a jackwad decides to show up and try to murder you.

You should watch it because it shows you exactly how savage someone who intends to murder is -- up to and including the nice Grand Theft Auto reference when said jackwad runs over with his car one of the people he just shot.

You should watch it because it makes clear the price of surrendering your right to life and to protect your life and those who you love personally, a right that existed before there was a government -- any government -- and will exist long after this rock is a smoking cinder in space.

The price of such surrender is that you and your loved ones, if such a circumstance arises, will be DEAD
.... doesn't have to watch that vid to understand self-defense as a right (and/or duty) granted by God.  But it helps.

Abp. Listecki's Anti-Catholic Pals

In a few months, Abp. Jerome Listecki will be asking for "Combined Collection" money. 

"Combined Collection."  That's a deceptive little two-step name-game covering up the fact that a chunk of that money goes directly to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

The CCHD is the dirtiest scam ever put over on Catholics.  It funds abortion promoters, homosexual "marriage" promoters, the Salvation Army (which IS a Protestant  church), and contraception promoters.   That's just the anti-Catholic stuff.  Then there's the anti-American stuff which is called "social justice", another Decepticon name-game.

CCHD was transformed into a Decepticon by the disgrace of Chicago, Jos. Bernardin, and much of its work was inspired by the Communist Saul Alinsky.

+Listecki, being an obedient servant of Cdl. Cupich, will not remove CCHD from his "Combined Collection" although he has been told, repeatedly, about this scam. 

So what to do?

Remove "Combined Collection" from your charities-list.  There are plenty of worthwhile Catholic charities--and NON-Catholic charities. 

Don't be the fool that your Bishops think you are.

Hagedorn v. Political Potted Plant

First debate.

Neubauer was simply not impressive at all.  She can't seem to get away from her programmed talking points (and a very nasty voice).  After 20 minutes or so of her repeating her endorsement record again, and again, and again, and her silly flapjaw about Hagedorn's blog--and her lies about what Hagedorn did or did not do while serving as Walker's lawyer....


Then Neubauer showed her real hand, stating that SCOWI is "the people's branch" of the Government.  

WHAT?  Never has been.  Neubauer brags about her ConLaw smarts, but rates an "F" on that issue.

You'd think that Neubauer could have done better than stealing a theme from a California Senator.  On the other hand, Californicate-values are what Neubauer stands for.  Neubauer lied like a rug to avoid saying that she is a major-league gun-grabber, for example......Hmmmm.

Outside, far-left influencers have tossed near $500K into the campaign; Hagedorn got $17K or so from a Koch outfit.  But all we heard was "Koch Brothers Koch Brothers Koch Brothers."  Hey, Lisa:  2012 is calling and wants its boogey-man back.

Summarily, Neubauer had about 5 talking points that she tried to jam into everything.  Harridan voice, memorized and clumsy presentation, Eric Holder-owned gun-grabber abortion absolutist, blatantly pandering to the Left, endorsed by hundreds of judges who may be senile (they're mostly retired).....   Ugh.

Hagedorn, on the other hand, is genuine, likeable, NOT a robot-programmed speaker, and is--unlike Neubauer--very transparent and clear on major issues.   

Barbara Crabb Overruled, Again

It should come as no surprise that JimmuhCahtah selected Barbara Crabb to be the hack-in-black for the Western District of Wisconsin.  After all, Barbara Crabb hates religion, like all good Lefties.

And she gets overruled for it.

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that a law giving clergy tax-free housing allowances is constitutional, overturning a ruling in Wisconsin that said it was an unconstitutional benefit and delivering a huge win to religious leaders who had fought to keep the substantial benefit....
She was also drop-kicked by the 7th when she ruled that the National Day of Prayer was un-Constitutional.

One more thing:  the "news" story does NOT mention JimmuhCahtah's name, but makes sure you know the (R) Presidents who appointed the actual legal scholars who slammed Barbie's joke of a ruling.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Are We Headed for Another "Moral Victory" at SCOWI?

In the last two years, Wisconsin conservatives (not to be confused with "Republicans" like Paul Ryan and his fluffer Charlie Sykes) have watched two big losses:  Walker's and Screnock's.

They were "moral victories."  But as mentioned here, "moral victory" is campaign-manager-speak for "LOSS."

The best characteristic of President Donald Trump is his willingness to fight. Actually, he doesn’t really fight, he fights back. If someone goes after him, he goes back at them twice as hard. He doesn’t let decorum or politeness get in his way, he gives people a dose of their own medicine. He may not win every battle, but damn it, he fights and wins more than he loses....

Yup.  Despite the best efforts of damn near everyone in D.C., Trump's approval ratings keep going up, up, up.  (Ain't it a bitch, Paul and Charlie?)

So.  Where's the oppo research on Neubauer?  Why hasn't Hagedorn come out and said "I will NOT apologize for my legal representation, my association with Christians, nor my insistence on morally upright behavior.  Nope.  I will NOT APOLOGIZE."

Screw the Realtors, who showed themselves to be money-whores.

Fight to win, Brian!

How Lefties "Interpret" Law

Like it or not, Wisconsin has a statute which grants favored property-tax status to "agricultural" land.

That question came into play recently.  SCOWI ruled that based on the text of the law, the land was "agricultural," therefore its assessment was significantly reduced from "residential."  Even Screechin'Shirley agreed.

But Dallett and Bradley did not want to apply the law as written--rather, they wanted to send it back to the township for further action.  IOW, they wanted to give the township another swing of the bat instead of simply applying the law as written.

By the way, the "law as written" was written VERY badly.  I've been aware of this "hobby farm" bulls*** for several years because it's almost an 'insider' joke--but it is worth a lot of money if you have the right circumstances and a sharp accountant.

FBI's New Medal Ceremony

FBI "men" have proven that they can overpower 70-year old unarmed men and 40-ish unarmed Hollywood women.


After successfully killing unarmed nursing mothers and dozens of unarmed children, these remarkably brave and courageous agents (right there, letter "B":  Bravery!!) are in line for the Comey/Mueller medal for Intimidating Unarmed Deplorables.

I'm sure their mommies are very proud of them.

It Was a "Self-Driving" Jet, Ya'Know

Let's make this clear.

The Boeing 737s which have crashed are "self-driving" airplanes.  Boeing and others may chatter all they want about less-than-ideal pilots, and can point to thousands of safe flights.  But in the end, some computer program written by somebody failed, and some other body failed to test it thoroughly.

Beware of "self-driving" propaganda, friends.  It can get you killed.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tokin' Tony's "Renewable" Dream

The essay is not easily excerpted and is medium-length (which means Democrats won't get to the end) so I'll put it in few words and you can read it at your leisure.

Tokin' Tony's "renewable by 2050" wish is flat-out impossible.  

It's no wonder we call him Tokin' Tony.  The s**t he smokes is powerful stuff.  Would make Cheech and Chong mightily jealous people.

Earlier we showed that pure solar--assuming it works perfectly and batteries, and yadayada, will require the entire State's land-mass to produce the electricity the State currently uses.

Well, folks, it's worse than that.

Planned Butcherhood Has NO RIGHT To Tax Dollars

This one was a big one.

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, 11–6, to allow Ohio to end taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood because the organization performs abortions.

Judge Jeffrey Sutton of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit wrote Ohio’s law to defund the abortion vendor does “not violate a woman’s right to obtain an abortion,” that the state “has no obligation to pay for a woman’s abortion,” and that the law doesn’t impose “undue burden” on a woman’s access to an abortion.

“Private organizations do not have a constitutional right to obtain governmental funding to support their activities,” the judge continued. “The State also may choose not to subsidize constitutionally protected activities.”...
Since most of the marbles are on this one, it will go to SCOTUS.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wells Fargo Got Its Warning

Not too long ago, Bank of America began terminating its financing and depository relationships with gun manufacturers, gun-parts wholesalers, and gun dealers.

Wells Fargo, on the other hand, continues to assist the gun industry.

So the CEO of Wells Fargo just found a horse's head in his bed.  Well--actually--a horse's ass, and not really in his bed, but close by.

It is true that AOC sounds just like a horse's ass in this clip, but she was sent to lay a warning on Wells Fargo, and by extension, a whole lot of other US banks. 

The message? 

"When we take power, you will shut off business relationships with people we don't like.  Remember Eric Holder?  He will return."

AOC is a Manchurian candidate.  She is not very bright, is replaceable, and she speaks for a bunch of nasty thugs.

Buy more ammo.

Is Kenosha Solar REALLY a Big Deal? Not Even Close.

You can expect a lot of Hoo Ha!!!! and Bally Hoo!!! from all the usual suspects over a new solar-energy tax scam proposed for Kenosha County.

It will have batteries!!  Big honking batteries!!!  So it's really a Big Deal!!

Not really.  Not even close.

...According to the engineering plans, the solar farm would occupy about 1,400 acres along the Racine County line in the town of Paris and could be connected to a storage system that could deliver 50 to 200 megawatt-hours of electricity....

That's seven acres/megawatt.

Earlier, we did a little math on the topic of Green Weenie Energy, because Tokin'Tony is all fired up *cough* about that.  We learned that Wisconsin uses about 5,300,000 Mw of juice.  A commenter suggested that our acres-per-generated-Mw number was too generous, and that is apparently the case.

But that leaves a small problem:  in order to gin up 5,300,000 Mw of sunshine-juice, the generators will have to occupy 35,000,000 acres.

That's every single acre in Wisconsin.


(We await the Horrified Outcry from the Left about the TAX REBATES which will be awarded here, like the Horrified Outcry they raised over the TAX REBATES which have NOT BEEN GIVEN to Foxconn.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"Unenumerated", "Substantive" Bulls***

How do hacks-in-black act when everyone is looking?

Like hacks-in-black, of course!!

[There is a] lawsuit now pending in an Oregon federal court, in which environmental activists assert a constitutional right to be free from climate change...
If you are smart money, you'll bet large on the hack-in-black 'finding' that right.

Plenty more at the link, all of it face-palm material.

AEI Meetup Leaker? One Guess....

It is reported that Dick Cheney doesn't like Donald Trump's foreign policy.

Further, that Cheney 'went after' Mike Pence at a meetup of AEI on that topic.

Two items of note:

“Guests seemed divided about new ways versus old ways being best,” one meeting attendee said in an email....
Of course.  Some of the guests were Trump people--like Jared Kushner.

Overall, the tone of the article was negative towards Trump.  Very negative.  And of course, the meeting was off-the-record.

So who could POSSIBLY have leaked all that negativity??  Well, here's a partial list of guests:

...The weekend event attracted both pro and anti-Trump lawmakers, donors and intellectuals including presidential adviser Jared Kushner, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Kevin Hassett, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), as well as New York Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger and former Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol....
I thought you'd figure it out right away, too!!

Think You're a Drummer?

A fellow named Hal Blaine died yesterday.  He was a drummer. 



Blaine played drums on 40 recordings that hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100,[2] including:

Dep't of Justice Laugher of the Year

Seems that some parents really wanted their little darlings to go to Big Time Colleges, so they paid a bunch of money to get them in.

Yah, well....

Here's the laugh-quote of the year from some guy in the Eric Holder Dep't of Justice:

..."There can be no separate college admission for wealthy, and I will add there will not be a separate criminal justice system either."....

Of course not!!  That's exactly what Art Acosta told him to say, and what Ted Kennedy knows so well, and Bill, and Hillary, and..........on and on and on and on.....

Little Paulie Says Trump Could Lose

Little Paulie Ryan, whose house is surrounded by a big, beautiful, wall, says Trump could be defeated in the 2020 election.

Maybe so.  Ryan tried to defeat Trump every single day since the 2016 election--and he did very well, defeating Trump on the laugher of a "budget" that Ryan presented, defeating Trump on The Wall, and --oh yeah--funding Planned Butcherhood, a Ryan habit.

Shut up, Paulie.

Monday, March 11, 2019

For the Democrat Convention in MKE

Welcoming the Democrats should be a priority for all of us here, right?

Wisconsin citizens should have a parade to honor the (D) convention here in 2020.

Start with 10-20 farm tractors, diesel-fired of course, accompanied by a flyover of several old Midwest Express DC-10's.  (Yah, I know.  Those will be hard to find.)

The people in the parade should be munching on Culver's double-cheeseburgers.  A special section of the parade should feature families with FAR MORE THAN 2 children, although 2 + preggers mommie will be fine.

Since dragging a full-sized coal-burning electric generation plant will be difficult, a trailer-full of 2,250 KW diesel-fired Kohlers (running, of course) will have to do.

And what's a Wisconsin parade without a cattle-drive??  A few hundred cows, well-fed and farting prolifically, should be walked past (or hey!! INTO!!!!) the FiservForum for the enjoyment of the Democrat folks (who prolly don't know where the "milk" they buy in NYC/LA/SFO groceries actually comes from.)

Wisconsin products all!! 

And there's more!  We could get a few Ramblers, Nash-es, Kissels, Pierces, and FWD trucks, and at least a couple dozen HMMV's and deuce-and-a-halfs from up there in Oshkosh.  Lawn tractors from Simplicity and Deere, and maybe some old Scags, Lawn-Boy (2-cycle!!), Gilson/Bolens, Jacobsens, plus Ariens and Graveley!   We'll have to be imaginative, but how about some Evinrudes and Mercurys??

Follow all that up with several hundred Harleys, all with mounted Stars and Stripes flying.


Pp. Francis Misquotes Beatitude One

In a rant laden with irony, Pp. Francis managed to seriously misquote the first Beatitude.  We'll get to the "irony" part in a moment. 

But first, here's Francis:

..."poverty is at the center of the Gospel. Preaching about poverty is at the center of Jesus’ message: ‘Blessed are the poor’ is the first of the Beatitudes.”....
Francis only gets a 50% mark for his quotation.  He fails.

The actual text?

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall inherit the earth.
There is a world of difference. Being 'poor in spirit' is an act of the will.  Therefore, one with the fortune of Croesus could be "poor in spirit."   In contrast, being "poor" is usually NOT an act of the will--and in fact, some who are "poor" are not "poor in spirit."

Being 'poor in spirit' necessarily involves charity; it is a recognition that the highest and best use of possessions is 'for others.'  That is not a mandate that one gives away all one's goods; remember that Jesus "loved" the young man who sought perfection despite the fact that the young man would not give away all he had.  What being 'poor in spirit' means is being able to distinguish 'wants' from 'needs.'  One may want a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, but the need is for a Ford Taurus.  Big diff.

Now then, as to irony....

Go around your Diocese and ask each church musician whether they are 1099 or W-2, and if W-2, how much their Diocese will pay them in pension dollars at their retirement.

Go ahead.  We'll wait.

See what I mean......Irony??

Channel 58 Does Its Job!

Although it's not mentioned in this story, some Channel 58 reporter is actually doing his job.

Since Milwaukee's DPW cannot deal with this season's snow due to personnel shortages and serious equipment problems, AND since there is no budget-increase for DPW in Barrett's budget, Channel 58 asked Milk-Carton Tommy about it.

Tommy's office responded that the Mayor will NOT discuss that topic.

Gee.  Why could that be??

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Yamamoto Was Right!*

It was said that Adm. Yamamoto opposed a Japanese invasion of the US on the grounds that 'there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.' 

*That story is questionable, but it appears that Yamamoto would have been correct, had he actually said it.

A Wisconsin gun-writer posts the following:

Law-abiding gun owners have over 600 million guns… and 25 trillion rounds of ammo. If we were a problem, you’d know it!”
That's not an unreasonable estimate, and in the links you'll find the math.

We note that Sen. Lindsey-Oats Graham is in Full Retrovert Mode and is making nice-nice to the gun-grab crowd's "red-flag" crapola.  Natch, ol' Lindsey won't be the one sent out to confiscate the guns.  He may be a politician, but he's not THAT stupid.

Call Lindsey and ask him politely to shove it where the Sun never shines.

Miller v. Dolan, Round 3!

Wherein Monica M. Miller leaps from the turnbuckle to flatten Ed Peters and his pal, Cdl. Timothy Dolan.

You can read the entire thing here, but this is the section which resonated with me:

...Cardinal Dolan acted as if Canon 1398 didn’t exist. Peters defends the cardinal by noting that the 1917 Code, Canon 2350, mentions women specifically: “Procurers of abortion, the mother not excepted, incur, upon the effect being secured, automatic excommunication reserved to the Ordinary.” However, since the specific mention of the female sex is omitted from the 1983 Code, according to Peters, this means that Dolan’s statement “‘We don’t do that anymore’ is correct or, at the very least, is quite ‘reasonably asserted.’” Peters holds that my “condemnation of Dolan’s phrasing as being an ‘egregious error’ and ‘completely false’ totters.”
On the contrary, despite the omission of “matre non excepta,the standard interpretation of the 1983 Code’s Canon 1398 does include women, as well as those who aid in the procurement of the abortion and the person who performs the abortion. John P. Beal, a leading canonist and co-editor of the New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law, explains in The New Catholic Encyclopedia: “The current Codes omit the 1917 Code’s explicit reference to the mother as one who incurs the censure for abortion. The explicit mention of the mother in the 1917 Code was intended to resolve a controversy among pre-Code authors. Since the 1917 Code definitively resolved this dispute, mention of the mother in the revised Code was seen as superfluous.”...
When I read Peters' argument contra Monica, that omission of 'mother' also struck me as key to Miller's argument--that is, the omission could not possibly mean that the procuring mother was exempt from excomm.  Now and then it is good to be correct.

Cdl. Dolan is a nice fellow and well-meaning, but frankly, his pastoral-ism remains stuck in the 50-year period ending A.D. 2000.   The Church and the West are both in moral and teleological crisis resulting from the "We're really nice guys, love, love, love, sparkles and unicorns!!!" theory of pastoral practice.  A few mentions of sin and Hell are called for.

It's Lent!  Good time to start, Eminence!!

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Wisdom of Mgr. R. Knox

At some point in time, we should all read Mgr. Ronald Knox's works. 

In the meantime, Fr. Rutler dug up a great aphorism from that Englishman:

“He who travels in the barque of St. Peter had better not look too closely into the engine room.”

The Russians and The Bikers

A few years ago, a lot of people were killed, maimed, and wounded by gunfire in Waco, TX.

It was all the fault of "the bikers."

Except it was not.  It was a very ambitious (criminally so) DA and some cops-gone-wild.

Four years, not ONE 'guilty' verdict, almost zero indictments, and it was NOT "the bikers."

But that's OK!!  We always have The Russians and Trump.  Right??

Alliance Defending Freedom NOT "Hate Group."

One Wisconsin Now and its subsidiary, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, claim that Brian Hagedorn is tight with a "hate group."

There's a reason that the TV ad does not identify that group, of course;  90% ++ of Wisconsin voters would endorse every single thing the Alliance has done.

...Our Founding Fathers knew it was our most basic and inalienable right. ADF shares that vision, and through a growing legal alliance, we are working to build a world whose laws affirm religious liberty both, publicly and privately, protect life, from conception to natural death, and promote the natural family, including marriage between one man and one woman...
Is there some "hate" there?

The haters are the homosexualists and the babykillers, friends.

Pp. Francis In Full-Idiot (Or Worse) Mode

Since Laudato Si, sentient Catholics have been wary of Pp. Francis' words.  And time and time again, he's given them very good reason to be concerned.

From his lightly-veiled endorsement of adulterous-marriage-and-Communion (or homosexual 'marriage' and same) through his thoroughly uninformed rants about "capitalism" (which are actually  directed at Americans who are cutting their contributions), his attempted re-write of moral law on the death penalty, and his scandal-heavy sodomite pals in Rome and Argentina, we've learned this:  the Faith is not the Pope, and the Pope is not the Faith.

He hasn't belched out a controversy for a while, so in order to titillate the NYSlimes and his besties the Chinese Communists, not to mention every other religious body on the planet, he upped the ante!  Here he goes:

…let us not be discouraged, the Lord is purifying His Bride, He is converting us all to Himself, He is putting us to the test for we to [sic] understand that without Him we are dust, He is saving us from hypocrisy, from the spirituality of appearances. He is blowing his Spirit to restore beauty to his Bride, surprised in flagrant adultery.

The actual teaching on the Church??

....The Indefectibility of the Church, therefore, is the doctrine that the Church, as Christ founded it, will last until His Second Coming. This is to be understood that the Universal Church, as a divine institution, cannot change its essential internal and external character and still remain the Church Christ founded. To comprehend what this entails, one must understand what are the essential marks of the Church. These marks are One, Holy, Catholic (or universal) and Apostolic....
The Pope is free to allege that MEMBERS of the Church are 'adulterous', using the term as an analogy for 'sinful,' 'wayward,' (etc.) as was the nation of Israel.

However, the Church herself is the Body of Christ, spotless and indefectible.

What the Pope said is flat-out heresy.  The man is an idiot.  Don't like that characterization?  OK.  Then he's worse than 'an idiot.'  And maybe that's the real case, eh?


Before the Democrats eliminate cattle, automobiles, and air travel, they have another great idea.

...The so-called Equality Act would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include “sex,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” among expressly recognized “non-discrimination” categories in “public accommodations,” which would also be expanded to include many additional types of establishments including recreation, shopping, online retailers, healthcare services, and more.

It would also force anyone employing 15 or more people to recognize their claimed “gender identity,” forbid employers from “discriminating” based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” and mandate transgender “access” to opposite-sex restrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms....

That's just the beginning of the crapola.

...Conservatives [actually, reality-based normal human beings] have long warned that the legislation’s true purpose is not to protect homosexual or gender-confused Americans from tangible harm, but to force other Americans such as photographers, florists, and bakers to participate in same-sex “weddings”; and to force employers and businesses to accommodate cross-dressing, same-sex cohabitation, and sex-change treatments regardless of their own values or policies....

I'm sure that the U. S. Catholic Bishops' Conference will be speaking out in strong opposition to this horsecrap.


UPDATE:  WackyNancyLaw may not include this creature.  One hopes that it is immediately amended!!