Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wells Fargo Got Its Warning

Not too long ago, Bank of America began terminating its financing and depository relationships with gun manufacturers, gun-parts wholesalers, and gun dealers.

Wells Fargo, on the other hand, continues to assist the gun industry.

So the CEO of Wells Fargo just found a horse's head in his bed.  Well--actually--a horse's ass, and not really in his bed, but close by.

It is true that AOC sounds just like a horse's ass in this clip, but she was sent to lay a warning on Wells Fargo, and by extension, a whole lot of other US banks. 

The message? 

"When we take power, you will shut off business relationships with people we don't like.  Remember Eric Holder?  He will return."

AOC is a Manchurian candidate.  She is not very bright, is replaceable, and she speaks for a bunch of nasty thugs.

Buy more ammo.


Aqua said...

The alliance of government with industry for political outcomes is the textbook definition of fascism. It takes up every square inch of public space to the extent it is successful. Violence, compulsion and loss of liberty are necessary methods of control.

Thomas said...