Saturday, March 23, 2019

Paying A LOT for Solar Energy

Earlier, we did the math and determined that for Wisconsin to go "all-solar" energy, the entire land-mass of the State would have to be covered with panels and batteries.

(That would not leave any room for Tokin'Tony's office, which is the only benefit of such a proposal.)

But how much does solar energy actually cost?  How much does the Government GIVE AWAY for this unicorns-and-sparkles foodiddly?

Well, the Feds allow a tax credit of 30% of the cost of the installation, and that credit can be 'rolled' into next year's taxes if necessary.  So --roughly-- if your utility says you have to pay five cents/KWH for "solar," the actual cost is more like seven cents per KWH. It could be even more expensive than that, as the State of Wisconsin exempts solar systems from property-tax calculations.  If utilities enjoy this exemption (damned hard to find out!!) then the cost

You will note that utilities are pushing "solar" this year.  There's a reason:  the 30% Federal credit ends this calendar year; the 2020 credit will be smaller. 

Yes, indeed, this looks just like the FoxConn thing.  Gummint gives away a lot of somebody else's money for "good" purposes. 

Gee.  How come the Milwaukee news-rag isn't screaming its fool head off about this one?


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