Saturday, March 30, 2019

THIS Is a "Hero"

We have an acquaintance who calls every cop and firefighter a "hero."  Every single one, no matter rank or duty-history.  That's a cheapening of the term "hero" and it's simply wrong.

In contrast, here's an actual hero, who was NOT a cop or firefighter.

...Today in Camden Arkansas a truck driver carrying ammonium nitrate brakes caught on fire, while driving the operator of the rig noticed the fire called 911. He turned his rig down an abandoned stretch of highway where there was no houses or buildings. He parked the truck and while first responders were evacuating houses he was trying to put out the fire when the tanker exploded blowing a 15ft crater in the road killing the driver who put his life before others to keep them safe. The explosion was felt a hundred miles away. The driver was the only casualty in this accident his name was Randall McDougal 63 years old....

May the angels accompany him to Paradise; he laid down his life to save others.

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