Saturday, March 02, 2019

George Stanley's Massive "OOOOPS!"

A few years ago, George Stanley's Milwaukee birdcage-liner was crusading about bisphenol-A.

Remember?  It was going to kill all the children and most of the adults on the planet.  Or like that.  Disaster!  Doom!!  Women and Children are hardest hit.  Or something


....the notion that chemicals such as bisphenol A, found in plastics, are acting as ‘endocrine disruptors’, interfering with human hormones even at very low doses, started with an outright fraudulent study that has since been retracted. Many low-quality studies on BPA have pushed this theory, but they have been torpedoed by high-quality analyses including a recent US government study called Clarity. Yet this is of course being largely ignored by the media and the activists....
Whoooops!!  That takes care of THAT Pulitzer, eh, George?

Maybe George should read this entry of mine (and the essay at the internal link!!).  Might keep him from having to beg for subscribers every day, eh?

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