Tuesday, March 19, 2019

VDH Essays on Moron Never Trumpers

(Two posts in a row on moronic never-Trumpers!  Trolling sewer rats again....)

VDH has a great essay on how his votes were influenced in the elections of '44, '48, '56....

Here's just a tiny bit:

...I think the better strategy for 1956 is “NeverEisenhower,” and just hope Stevenson wins. That way, the Democrats will go so hard left-wing that they will turn off the country. Their extremism will allow us time to rebuild the Republican Party and get ready for 1960 with known establishmentarians and good party men like Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.—or at least a guy who has held one office before thinking he could become president....
VDH said this while in the Loge seats of his cruise-ship, I hear.  He was entertaining the rubes who paid for his trip, while despising every one of them in his vodka-soaked heart.

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