Saturday, March 09, 2019

Red China Moves to Dis-Elect Trump

The Chinese Communists dislike Trump.  Intensely.  He has cost them money and prestige and he has identified them as a serious threat to the US (and the West).

Therefore, they have begun actively campaigning against him with moves on several fronts.

1)  They have instructed North Korea to defy Trump by continuing to rebuild its nuke-bomb facilities, and

2)  They have cancelled the "trade agreement" meeting between Trump and Xi scheduled for this month.

3)  They are actively "spider-and-fly" entrapping Western European and African nations into their orbit with their "Belt-and-Road" debt slavery package.  The latest sucker appears to be Italy. 

4)  They are likely involved with efforts to make Russia "the enemy", which serves to deflect attention from themselves.

This gives Trump's opposition some ammunition and you can expect them to use it.  Watch the Chamber of Commerce and their bought-and-paid-for Globalist senators and representatives, for example. 

Communist China has taken a financial beating because Trump is an "America First" trade warrior, unlike the Nixon, Clinton/Obama, and Bush-the-Dummy's) submissive stupidities.  Trump has also taken national security actions which have hindered Red China's spying efforts (see Huawei as only one example).

Next up:  cancellation of the planned production at Foxconn.

Red China does not care who gets elected, so long as that President serves Red China's interests.  A Globalist Republican, a Globalist Democrat?  Either.  For that matter, a Globaloney Congress will work, too.

Lots of moving parts here, folks.  Pay attention!

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