Sunday, March 03, 2019

The Rot in Obama's Department of Injustice

The list of craven and rotten slimeballs in the Obama Department of "Justice" is very long.

But--conveniently--they are all only a degree or two separated from Robert Mueller and his patroness, Hillary Clinton.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff intends to rely on testimony from former felon and Russian mobster Felix Sater during the committee’s investigation into President Trump’s finances and connection to Russia. Sater’s name was brought into the 2015 confirmation hearing of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch when issues related to her previous office allegedly maintaining a secret docket of criminal informants arose...

Sater is a Russian Mob lieutenant.  While Lynch and Mueller and Weissman gave him a get-out-of-prison card, he continued to steal millions of dollars from various marks.

Now, then.  Why would Schitt-for-brains in the House want to hear from Sater about Trump??

Sater’s freedom continues to depend on his cooperation with federal authorities thanks to the Eastern District office headed up by Lynch before she became AG.
Huh.  Whoodathunkit??

[Sidney] Powell later noted to The Daily Caller, “Notably, (Andrew) Weissmann, Leslie Caldwell and Loretta Lynch–all of whom returned to DOJ as part of Obama’s Deep State Transition Team–have been inextricably intertwined with Sater’s criminal conduct, manipulations, setups, and con jobs for years.
She added, “Weissmann and Caldwell are also the lead villains in ‘License to Lie.‘ This cabal of prosecutors are also all Mueller devotees and were hand-picked by him and others for the Enron Task Force–all birds of a feather.”
Yes, that's the very same Lynch who spent a couple hours "discussing grandchildren" with Bill Clinton.

Donald Trump will not have enough time to clean out the s***hole which is the DoJ.  Sad.

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