Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Is Kenosha Solar REALLY a Big Deal? Not Even Close.

You can expect a lot of Hoo Ha!!!! and Bally Hoo!!! from all the usual suspects over a new solar-energy tax scam proposed for Kenosha County.

It will have batteries!!  Big honking batteries!!!  So it's really a Big Deal!!

Not really.  Not even close.

...According to the engineering plans, the solar farm would occupy about 1,400 acres along the Racine County line in the town of Paris and could be connected to a storage system that could deliver 50 to 200 megawatt-hours of electricity....

That's seven acres/megawatt.

Earlier, we did a little math on the topic of Green Weenie Energy, because Tokin'Tony is all fired up *cough* about that.  We learned that Wisconsin uses about 5,300,000 Mw of juice.  A commenter suggested that our acres-per-generated-Mw number was too generous, and that is apparently the case.

But that leaves a small problem:  in order to gin up 5,300,000 Mw of sunshine-juice, the generators will have to occupy 35,000,000 acres.

That's every single acre in Wisconsin.


(We await the Horrified Outcry from the Left about the TAX REBATES which will be awarded here, like the Horrified Outcry they raised over the TAX REBATES which have NOT BEEN GIVEN to Foxconn.)


jjf said...

Not sure why you've worked yourself into a lather. Evers' statements have said he wants Wisconsin to strive to be carbon-free by 2050. We already get 15% from nuke, which fits that bill.

As for Horrified Outcry, what are the raw numbers for how much could be given to new carbon-free installations as compared to the ongoing benefits to Foxconn?

Dad29 said...

Why, sure!! Tokin'Tony will order up enough nuke for 50% of the need, tomorrow. No problem!! He'll even pay for it!

Sure, Jiffy. Deflection is not a response.