Saturday, March 02, 2019

Tokin' Tony's Horrible "Green Energy" Idea

Wisconsin uses about 5,273,000 megawatts of electricity (MW).

OK.  So Tokin' Tony wants to eliminate all the nuke, coal, and gas-fired generators and switch to wind and solar by 2070 or so.  That means we have to replace 90% of that 5,273,000 MW--or about 4,500,000 MW.

That will take up a really, really, really, big chunk of land

Let's pretend that we'll get a little more than half from solar and a little less than half from windmills so that it takes about 50 acres/megawatt, on average.

*scritch scratch scritch scratch* math is hard.....

225,000,000 acres!!

That's a problem.  See, Wisconsin only has 34,800,000 acres of land.

Maybe Tokin' Tony plans on annexing Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan??

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jjf said...

Or we could use more conventionally accepted numbers, where solar gets about 4-5 acres per MW, and wind gets 2 MW on 1.5 acres.