Saturday, March 16, 2019

Barbara Crabb Overruled, Again

It should come as no surprise that JimmuhCahtah selected Barbara Crabb to be the hack-in-black for the Western District of Wisconsin.  After all, Barbara Crabb hates religion, like all good Lefties.

And she gets overruled for it.

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that a law giving clergy tax-free housing allowances is constitutional, overturning a ruling in Wisconsin that said it was an unconstitutional benefit and delivering a huge win to religious leaders who had fought to keep the substantial benefit....
She was also drop-kicked by the 7th when she ruled that the National Day of Prayer was un-Constitutional.

One more thing:  the "news" story does NOT mention JimmuhCahtah's name, but makes sure you know the (R) Presidents who appointed the actual legal scholars who slammed Barbie's joke of a ruling.

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