Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Case for Watching the NZ Video

While the video of the New Zealand massacre is another form of pornography (you can look it up), and watching it is horrible, Ticker makes a very, very, good case for doing so. should gather your family and make sure everyone in it watches it too including any child who is old enough to be out of the house without your direct, personal supervision -- which means any kid old enough to go to school.  You should watch it because it is real.
You should watch it because it makes clear the price of cowering in the corner if and when a jackwad decides to show up and try to murder you.

You should watch it because it shows you exactly how savage someone who intends to murder is -- up to and including the nice Grand Theft Auto reference when said jackwad runs over with his car one of the people he just shot.

You should watch it because it makes clear the price of surrendering your right to life and to protect your life and those who you love personally, a right that existed before there was a government -- any government -- and will exist long after this rock is a smoking cinder in space.

The price of such surrender is that you and your loved ones, if such a circumstance arises, will be DEAD
.... doesn't have to watch that vid to understand self-defense as a right (and/or duty) granted by God.  But it helps.

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Lisa said...

Do you have a link to the video?
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