Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Leftists Unite on Eliminating Freedom of Religion

If you've paid attention to the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, you noted that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the Neubauer campaign (but I repeat myself) are fixated on eradicating the practice of religion, at least by people who run for office in this State.

That's the local showing of the national project.  The Kavanaugh hearings, the Amy Barrett hearings, Baldwin (the Bigot)'s quashing of the Giampietro nomination, the Brian Buescher hearings, all demonstrated this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Kamala Harris is working on the same game, following Obama's attempt in ObamaCare.

Do you have a right to run your business in keeping with your moral and religious values? Or can the federal government force you to act against your conscience and the teachings of your faith? Can the government force you — because you own a for-profit enterprise — to cooperate in the taking of an innocent human life?
Sen. Kamala Harris of California believes the government ought to have that power. She has made it one of her crusades....
All these have two things in common:  abortion and the homosexual-transgender agenda.  It is a blatant, concentrated, and desperate campaign to demolish religious beliefs and natural law.

Would be nice to hear a coalition of religious leaders speak up about this, no?

Yah.  Don't hold your breath.

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