Thursday, March 07, 2019

Spingola Has It Right

Spingola observes that there is a problem.

...In 1960, the African-American incarceration rate was 10 percent. This was prior to many of the Warren Court’s defendant’s rights rulings, which extended the exclusionary rule to states and afforded indigent defendants attorneys at taxpayers’ expense. In 1965, out-of-wedlock African-American births stood at 24 percent. By 2012, the African-American out-of-wedlock birth rate in Wisconsin had escalated 86 percent, and the “black incarceration rate” also had tripled. Go figure....

Another way to put it:  The State is now The Father, providing the money, and a VERY large number of  The State's boy-children are in prison.

And Tokin' Tony wants The State to let its children out of prison.  Because.

Trump bought into this line of crap and he was wrong, too.

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