Sunday, March 17, 2019

Is the US at "Peak Lefty"?

Well, to be clear:  WAS the US at "peak Lefty" leading up to the Trump election?

The Trump election was certainly a Great Big Sign that things were going to change.  And they did.

Supported by continually-growing approval ratings, Trump decided to terminate the US military presence in the Middle East and Afghanistan.  Both those moves were temporarily blocked by a large war-party presence in Mordor-on-the-Potomac (and in his cabinet) but Trump does not seem to be deterred as much as delayed.

Same applies to The Wall.  He's delayed, not deterred, and the delay has to do with people and politicians who--frankly--don't give a flying f&^* about Americans if that interferes with their pocketbooks.  See any meat-packer, for example.  Tyson doesn't just give money to the Clinton Cabal, ya'know, and neither does Kraft/Oscar Mayer.

He also decided to tell NATO allies to pay up or go away.  Naturally, the Bush-Rubio Internationalist Globaloney Davos bunch immediately began ripping at their pearls while fainting dead away; but Trump persists.  In the same vein, he actually DID what the 5 last Presidents promised (while lying, as usual) and moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Then he took on North Korea and Red China.  Trump, unlike the lame-stream media and all Democrats, knows that North Korea does exactly what Red China tells it to do.  (Kimmie-Un understands that he's as expendable as a used Kleenex to good ol' Premier Xi.)  So when Red China likes us, Kimmie behaves.  When Red China is PO'd (as they are now), Kimmie acts up.  (The same can be said for the Foxconn plant in Wisconsin, but as I said, Democrats are too damn stupid to figure this out.)

But Red China is not Trump's worst enemy.  Nope.  That is reserved to Planned Parenthood, the West's very own Death Star.  Trump zeroed out their allocation of Federal dollars and all Hell began breaking loose.  Ryan, Bush, Bush, Rubio, Sasse, and a couple of even lesser-important Pubbie Liberals, not to mention every Democrat politician and a lot of "clergy" went howling mad, sulfur smoke emanating from every orifice.

But Planned Murderhood went a step too far in their "kill 'em AFTER birth" happy-dance in Virginia and New York State, and we see that New Mexico's Democrats defeated the most extreme baby-kill bill in the US.  Democrats!!!

Look at State governments.  Republicans maintain a large advantage in state-houses; that's really not changed for a few years.  And the Mueller travesty is now largely a yawn.  Nobody cares.

One more thing:  note how the House and Senate Democrats are very, very, carefully keeping their distance from the ultra-wackball AOC & Co., including the little mujahadin babes.  There will be plenty of subtle attacks, mostly taking the form of non-support, over the next few years.  Old bull (D) boyzzzz and Dementia Sally Pelosi know that the AOC crazy-train will be the death of that party if not checked.

When (D) pols are running like Hell from positions they would have campaigned on only last year, you know that Peak Lefty is in the rear-view mirror.  There will be a few battles and perhaps some violence as the Radical Left tries to re-establish control.  Buy ammo, be prepared, but they're going away. 

Keep  your eyes on that Trump-popularity number.

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