Saturday, March 16, 2019

Hagedorn v. Political Potted Plant

First debate.

Neubauer was simply not impressive at all.  She can't seem to get away from her programmed talking points (and a very nasty voice).  After 20 minutes or so of her repeating her endorsement record again, and again, and again, and her silly flapjaw about Hagedorn's blog--and her lies about what Hagedorn did or did not do while serving as Walker's lawyer....


Then Neubauer showed her real hand, stating that SCOWI is "the people's branch" of the Government.  

WHAT?  Never has been.  Neubauer brags about her ConLaw smarts, but rates an "F" on that issue.

You'd think that Neubauer could have done better than stealing a theme from a California Senator.  On the other hand, Californicate-values are what Neubauer stands for.  Neubauer lied like a rug to avoid saying that she is a major-league gun-grabber, for example......Hmmmm.

Outside, far-left influencers have tossed near $500K into the campaign; Hagedorn got $17K or so from a Koch outfit.  But all we heard was "Koch Brothers Koch Brothers Koch Brothers."  Hey, Lisa:  2012 is calling and wants its boogey-man back.

Summarily, Neubauer had about 5 talking points that she tried to jam into everything.  Harridan voice, memorized and clumsy presentation, Eric Holder-owned gun-grabber abortion absolutist, blatantly pandering to the Left, endorsed by hundreds of judges who may be senile (they're mostly retired).....   Ugh.

Hagedorn, on the other hand, is genuine, likeable, NOT a robot-programmed speaker, and is--unlike Neubauer--very transparent and clear on major issues.   

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