Saturday, March 30, 2019

Charlie Sykes' New Bedfellows

Charlie has a new 'home' network.  There he works shoulder-to-shoulder with a propagandist employed by Qatar.  Qatar is part of a Middle East troika; the other two members are Turkey and Iran.  These are not nice people.

...Mehdi Hasan seems to be everywhere on TV these days. Reliably Trump-obsessed cable channels like CNN and MSNBC relish the opportunity to promote a foreign-born Muslim guest who, they believe, has the credibility to call the president and his supporters racists and white supremacists. 

... But the government he represents -- to millions of unsuspecting American viewers -- has long promoted the Muslim Brotherhood, funds the bloodthirsty designated terror group Hamas, has helped al Qaeda and the Taliban fund-raise, and is relentlessly hostile to American interests. In addition to supporting terrorism against Israel, Qatar uses its powerful media infrastructure to destabilize our Arab allies in the region by fomenting revolution inside their borders....
Wonder if Charlie has a selfie with this dude?

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