Saturday, March 02, 2019

Wiggy Reviews Tokin' Tony's** "Budget"

First thing:  it's not a budget.  It's a cartoon drawn with stick-figures, just like any 5-year-old would do it.

That said, Wiggy has a few choice words about it in "winner/loser" format.  Samples:

...Loser: Doctors trying to leave early on Friday, because they will be inundated with requests for medical marijuana prescriptions the weekend before Jimmy Buffet at Alpine, or when Sublime plays the the afternoon show at Summerfest.

Winner: Wisconsin Paper Council, because a 1,200 page document will be delivered to every legislative office and promptly thrown in the trash, and then every legislative office will print out the 2017-2019 budget to use as their base document.

Winner: Fans of George Wallace. There is a new old white male Democrat standing in the door of the school keeping African American children from receiving a good education. Failing schools now, failing schools forever.*

Winner: Cave dwellers, because that’s the only place people are going to be able to live if Wisconsin is powered by 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

Loser: Tax filers. Evers is going to add 36 more people to the Department of Revenue to shake down the taxpayers for more money. But they will play “On Wisconsin” during every audit....
We agree with Wiggy that Tokin' Tony should be the Honorary Campaign Manager for Brian Hagedorn.  He's done a helluvalot more for Brian than 'RJ and Debbie' ever did, or ever will do.

*You have to be over 60 to get the reference to Wallace's speech.

**"Tokin' Tony" honorific stolen directly from Jerry Bott.

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