Friday, March 08, 2019

Laymen Lead in New York: Boot Abortion-Voter

We note that unlike some timorous *cough* Cardinals and Bishops, laymen in New York have no problem whatsoever kicking a Democrat baby-killer to the curb.

In this instance, a Monsignor wrote the letter.  Makes it even nicer!!


...Monsignor Steven R. Camp, the Catholic chaplain of the Ancient Order of Hibernians’ (AOH) John F. Kennedy Division 4 of Suffolk County, told Gaughran in a letter last month that his vote in favor of the state’s recently passed Reproductive Health Act had caused “great dismay” among his fellow Irish Catholics. 

“The membership is dismayed that a member of their order could vote for such a law,” stated the letter as reported by Catholic News Agency. “This law violates all the principles the AOH has ascribed to since its founding, adherence to our Roman Catholic faith, and the security of the Irish race,” wrote Monsignor Camp on behalf of the AOH divisional leadership and membership. ...
Pretty elegant wording for "You may go to Hell, but we are not going with you."

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