Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sensenbrenner's Living in the Last Century

Back in the early 1900's Congress had not yet shed its obligations by pushing them over to regulators or the President.  But in the latter half of that century, Congressmen figured out that they could get re-elected forever if they took no responsibility for their actions.

So when Jim Sensenbrenner runs around with his hair on fire yapping about "muh Constitution," he knows he's spraying the room with Magic FooFooDust and hoping the rubes will believe him.  Remember this:  Sensenbrenner was part of the Congressional majority which NEVER took back its Constitutional powers. 

Now he pretends that Congress should act on the national emergency at the border, so he votes against the country and the President.*

Gee, Jim.  Didn't you vote FOR Paul Ryan to be Speaker?  The same Paul Ryan who couldn't find the Constitution (or a budget) with both hands?  The Paul Ryan who used the Constitution as toilet paper?

Retire, Jim.  

*Gallagher voted the same way, but that's because he's an idiot.

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