Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Charlie Sykes Has Gone Mad

Apparently Charlie's "recovery" from Leftism has failed.

Utterly, completely, totally.  Smoking a-bomb crater fail.  10 million dumpster-fires fail.

His new home, "the bulwark" has a new and disgusting essay out this month.

But upon closer inspection the right's bashing of socialism rings a little hollow--and not just because of Gorka's bombast. Yes, AOC's proposals are misguided but they are unlikely steps toward a planned economy, show trials, or the gulag system.  --quoted at AOSHQ
Ace comments:

...Hey, remember when True Conservatives believed that all the parts of socialism were the bad parts of socialism? Now apparently a lot of socialism is good, as long as we stay away from the bad parts, like totalitarianism.

Which, as history tells us, can be easily extracted from socialism, and in fact is successfully extracted from it almost every time it's tried....
One hopes that Charlie enjoys his cruise-ship rewards for this.  Maybe the ship should dock at Havana for a few months, so Charlie can enjoy the fruits of ........socialism.

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