Saturday, March 16, 2019

Abp. Listecki's Anti-Catholic Pals

In a few months, Abp. Jerome Listecki will be asking for "Combined Collection" money. 

"Combined Collection."  That's a deceptive little two-step name-game covering up the fact that a chunk of that money goes directly to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

The CCHD is the dirtiest scam ever put over on Catholics.  It funds abortion promoters, homosexual "marriage" promoters, the Salvation Army (which IS a Protestant  church), and contraception promoters.   That's just the anti-Catholic stuff.  Then there's the anti-American stuff which is called "social justice", another Decepticon name-game.

CCHD was transformed into a Decepticon by the disgrace of Chicago, Jos. Bernardin, and much of its work was inspired by the Communist Saul Alinsky.

+Listecki, being an obedient servant of Cdl. Cupich, will not remove CCHD from his "Combined Collection" although he has been told, repeatedly, about this scam. 

So what to do?

Remove "Combined Collection" from your charities-list.  There are plenty of worthwhile Catholic charities--and NON-Catholic charities. 

Don't be the fool that your Bishops think you are.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

They tried that in the Archdiocese of Washington, too. In our case they called it the "Communications and Human Development" collection. Some fell for it, but not all.

Anonymous said...

well, they are collecting for CRS now and they are just as bad!