Monday, March 11, 2019

For the Democrat Convention in MKE

Welcoming the Democrats should be a priority for all of us here, right?

Wisconsin citizens should have a parade to honor the (D) convention here in 2020.

Start with 10-20 farm tractors, diesel-fired of course, accompanied by a flyover of several old Midwest Express DC-10's.  (Yah, I know.  Those will be hard to find.)

The people in the parade should be munching on Culver's double-cheeseburgers.  A special section of the parade should feature families with FAR MORE THAN 2 children, although 2 + preggers mommie will be fine.

Since dragging a full-sized coal-burning electric generation plant will be difficult, a trailer-full of 2,250 KW diesel-fired Kohlers (running, of course) will have to do.

And what's a Wisconsin parade without a cattle-drive??  A few hundred cows, well-fed and farting prolifically, should be walked past (or hey!! INTO!!!!) the FiservForum for the enjoyment of the Democrat folks (who prolly don't know where the "milk" they buy in NYC/LA/SFO groceries actually comes from.)

Wisconsin products all!! 

And there's more!  We could get a few Ramblers, Nash-es, Kissels, Pierces, and FWD trucks, and at least a couple dozen HMMV's and deuce-and-a-halfs from up there in Oshkosh.  Lawn tractors from Simplicity and Deere, and maybe some old Scags, Lawn-Boy (2-cycle!!), Gilson/Bolens, Jacobsens, plus Ariens and Graveley!   We'll have to be imaginative, but how about some Evinrudes and Mercurys??

Follow all that up with several hundred Harleys, all with mounted Stars and Stripes flying.


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Anonymous said...

You forgot the cadre of citizens armed with Henry Rifles, Also made in Wisconsin.