Friday, March 15, 2019

Are We Headed for Another "Moral Victory" at SCOWI?

In the last two years, Wisconsin conservatives (not to be confused with "Republicans" like Paul Ryan and his fluffer Charlie Sykes) have watched two big losses:  Walker's and Screnock's.

They were "moral victories."  But as mentioned here, "moral victory" is campaign-manager-speak for "LOSS."

The best characteristic of President Donald Trump is his willingness to fight. Actually, he doesn’t really fight, he fights back. If someone goes after him, he goes back at them twice as hard. He doesn’t let decorum or politeness get in his way, he gives people a dose of their own medicine. He may not win every battle, but damn it, he fights and wins more than he loses....

Yup.  Despite the best efforts of damn near everyone in D.C., Trump's approval ratings keep going up, up, up.  (Ain't it a bitch, Paul and Charlie?)

So.  Where's the oppo research on Neubauer?  Why hasn't Hagedorn come out and said "I will NOT apologize for my legal representation, my association with Christians, nor my insistence on morally upright behavior.  Nope.  I will NOT APOLOGIZE."

Screw the Realtors, who showed themselves to be money-whores.

Fight to win, Brian!

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