Sunday, May 31, 2009

More DNR Land-Buys Upcoming

The State of Wisconsin currently owns about 1/6th of the land within the State boundaries.

That's not enough.

Berry reports:

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources plans to spend more than $3 million to buy nine plots of land around the state.

$3 million for 1,000 acres, matter of fact.

Continuing Crumble of the Rule of Law

Gee, I haven't mentioned the 'rule of law' for a couple of days, so here we go again.

Deference to the judgments and rulings of courts depends upon public confidence in the integrity and independence of judges. The integrity and independence of judges depends in turn upon their acting without fear or favor. A judiciary of integrity is one in which judges are known for their probity, fairness, honesty, uprightness, and soundness of character. An independent judiciary is one free of inappropriate outside influences. --Canon One Commentary, Model Judicial Code of Conduct.

That's quoted in the specific context of Sotomayor's utterly indefensible remark that 'a Latina makes a better judge than a white male.'

BIW (an attorney) goes on:

It is kind of hard to convince your clients that they should be patient and work within the system when you yourself have doubts about its integrity. We all are damaged when Themis (or her younger Roman cousin Justicia) peeks

Were Sotomayor the worst example, it would be a fine story for Gilbert & Sullivan to work with--"I Am the Very Model of a Racist SCOTUS Appointee" could be a classic hit.

But she's not. We have Bush (the GM/Chrysler illegal bailouts), Obama (more of the same, plus the share-holding imbroglio of those entities), and James E. "Three-Card-Monte" Doyle, to whom theft of trust funds is a Gubernatorial privilege, you know, old chap.

Maybe the IRS can imprison ALL of the folks who decide to protest by simply not paying--and Wisconsin's DofRevenue, too.

But at the rate our "leadership" is baiting the public, I kinda doubt it will be all that easy.


Murder Is Always Wrong...

I just cannot condone this crap.

George Tiller, the Wichita doctor who became a national lightning rod in the debate over abortion, was shot to death this morning as he walked into church services.

Tiller, 67, was shot just after 10 a.m. at Reformation Lutheran Church at 7601 E. 13th, where he was a member of the congregation. Witnesses and a police source confirmed Tiller was the victim


Ratcheting the Rhetoric

Bet you didn't know this.

Climate change kills about 315,000 people a year through hunger, sickness and weather disasters, and the annual death toll is expected to rise to half a million by 2030, a report said on Friday


Climate change is the greatest emerging humanitarian challenge of our time, causing suffering to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The first hit and worst affected are the world's poorest groups, and yet they have done least to cause the problem.


These little-known "facts" are brought to you by none other than Kofi Annan, who also suggests that several bazillion USdollars get sent somewhere to rectify the problem.

HT: Moonbattery

Obama Restrains Speech: Harbinger?

This announcement has drawn attention. It concerns the "Porkulus" program.

Following OMB’s review, the Administration has decided to make a number of changes to the rules that we think make them even tougher on special interests and more focused on merits-based decision making.

First, we will expand the restriction on oral communications to cover all persons, not just federally registered lobbyists. For the first time, we will reach contacts not only by registered lobbyists but also by unregistered ones, as well as anyone else exerting influence on the process. We concluded this was necessary under the unique circumstances of the stimulus program.


Second, we will focus the restriction on oral communications to target the scenario where concerns about merit-based decision-making are greatest –after competitive grant applications are submitted and before awards are made.

If, say, ACORN and The Charlie Brown Club both submit grant applications to 'harmonize a community,' the Charlie Brown Club will not be allowed to address ACORN's fitness as a grantee after the applications are submitted? Say that happens in the City of Milwaukee. Will you be able to have an offhand conversation with the Mayor about your concerns about ACORN?

Or, in another venue, as Spencer outlines:

With the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) making an all-out international effort to restrict free speech about Islam, including speech designed to alert non-Muslims to the motives and goals of the global jihad movement, and Obama making conciliatory gestures toward the OIC, it is not at all difficult to look down the path and see the day coming when it will Sharia provisions restricting speech about Islam will be in place in the United States of America, and it will be illegal to speak about the Islamic supremacist agenda...

Very curious announcement.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Psychology of "Preference Falsification"

Well, if you read THIS far, it's actually interesting--and VERY germane to such things as "TEA Parties..."

AOSHQ opines that the fresh fertilizer will soon hit the elevated rotational-cooling device based on the upcoming increases in the cost of gasoline. And the splatter will hit the White House.

He then appends some observations about "Preference Falsification" which tend to partially explain the current positive opinions about Obama; in short, AOSHQ doesn't think it's real.

From the book review:

Kuran begins his book with an illustration of a man at his employer's dinner party. Though the man dislikes the homes d├ęcor and the meal served, the man feels compelled to offer false compliments. At the end of the evening, the man kindly says he enjoyed the evening, though he is really happy to be leaving. The fictional person is constrained from being honest by societal pressure and personal fears. Whenever people choose to lie about their true beliefs, Kuran calls that "preference falsification."

Got it? You could call it 'socially-driven opinion quashing,' if you like.

Applications? Sure. Under Communism, for example:

Kuran uses communism as an example of a time when the majority believed differently than their public personas led others to believe. The result was that social change was stifled for decades. When a trigger finally made people feel comfortable in publicizing their beliefs, communism quickly fell.

And, present-day:

Affirmative action is another issue, according to Kuran, where public personas are often different than private. Anonymous polls routinely show that most Americans are against affirmative action. Yet, the practice persists because few people are willing to endure the horrendous social attacks from the minority who demands the programs.

Same thing applies to the Obama Administration. Porkulus was awful--frightful--and has long-term (debt) consequences which are abysmal. But 'give him a chance,' 'maybe it's the right thing,' and 'he's gotta do SOMEthing' were pretty much what was heard from the population.

Then came Chrysler, and now GM.

He still wants to jam in GummintHealthCare and Cap-and-Tax; his Fascistic authoritarian tendencies are coming to the fore, and he's saddled with Pelosi and Reid (not to mention Dave Obey, a loose cannon still largely under wraps).

Back to AOSHQ:

When the trigger eventually comes, people begin feeling comfortable about publicly expressing long-denied beliefs. Which in turn impels others to feel comfortable about doing likewise, which encourages still more of it, etc. Preference falsification is intensified and reinforced by social pressure; but so too is the revelation of true preferences, after the triggering event occurs.
For Obama, that trigger is going to be rising prices, rising taxes, rising interest rates, and almost certainly a second recessionary dip

All interesting possibilities...

A Lefty on Obama

Ted Rall, who ........has his own issues:

Obama is cute. He is charming. But there is something rotten inside him. Unlike the Republicans who backed George W. Bush, I won’t follow a terrible leader just because I voted for him. Obama has revealed himself. He is a monster, and he should remove himself from power.

C'mon, Ted. Give him some time!

HT: HotAir

Squeezing Israel: It Can Backfire

Interesting point raised by the Yankee. Quoting, the newspaper article:

The Obama administration has blocked Israel's request for advanced U.S.-origin attack helicopters.

Government sources said the administration has held up Israel's request for the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter

Yankee observes:

Obama's Administration, which apparently has little knowledge of or use for military systems, does not seem to grasp that the use of the Longbow's mast-mounted sensor suite enables it to more carefully select targets that other variants of the Apache, which in and of themselves are a better targeting, surveillance, and attack system than most alternatives.

Nor do they seem to grasp that the close air support function of helicopters with lighter weapons loads is less likely to cause the collateral deaths of civilians than other weapons systems that would have to step into the suppression role that helicopters typically occupy.

The alternatives are 155mm howitzers or F-16s (or comparable). Neither of them is designed for "close air support," and neither of those options have nearly as controllable a blast as does the Apache Longbow.

Meaning that the Administration's complaint--that 'there were civilian casualties when the Longbow was employed'--will look silly when there are even MORE civilian casualties due to the nature of the weapons Israel will be forced to use.

England About to Go Conservative?

PowerLine notes the upcoming Brit elections--positively!

But I've wondered whether there is any real conservative movement left in the U.K. The Tories' leader, David Cameron, is no conservative by American standards, and certainly no Margaret Thatcher. So I was heartened by this assessment of the new Tory candidates who likely will form the majority in the next Parliament...

Mr Cameron has told close colleagues that he believes he is on course to win 140 new Tory MPs after the next election, The Times has been told. While such a net gain would give Mr Cameron an overall majority of about 15, it could place him to the left of most of his parliamentary party

...[T]hose most likely to be new Tory MPs are, in general, less concerned about climate change than terrorism, oppose green taxes and are hostile to gay adoptions. A majority oppose the party's official policy of raising green taxes to reduce the taxation burden on families, according to a survey of 148 Tory candidates


TEA Party, Part Two: "I Won't Pay the Taxes."

"The Coach" lights a match...

"...but when a long train of offenses..."

He should live in Wisconsin. In California, you get sunshine the regular way.

Here, Doyle blows the sunshine up your &^%

HT: Lott

Gummint HealthCare: Yup, It Can Get Worse...

Teddy Kennedy. (No more needs be said...)

Sen. Edward Kennedy plans a new disability-insurance program that would automatically enroll all American workers as part of the sweeping health-care bill he is preparing to introduce, aides said Friday.

Premiums would automatically be charged, and in many cases deducted from workers' paychecks, unless they choose to opt out of the disability program

...On average, premiums could not exceed $65 per month, according to a Senate aide who described the provision in detail.

Participants would be entitled to a cash benefit of at least $50 a day if they become so disabled they cannot participate in at least two or three activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing or using the toilet. The money could be used for expenses to support staying in one's home.

Sure. $1500/month will go a really, really, LONG way toward 'staying in one's home' with that level of disability.

And what will happen when this gets imposed? EMPLOYERS will dump their disability-insurance programs.

HT: John Lott

GM 'Money Back in 5 Years'--Really?

Gummint Motors is a 5-year payback for the taxpayer, according to Gummint.

The United States would recover most of its planned $50 billion investment in General Motors within five years, according to a preliminary Treasury Department estimate...

But according to others, .....meh.

Brian Bethune, chief U.S. financial economist for IHS Global Insight, called the assumptions "extremely optimistic" given the risks in the economy and the challenges facing the company...

Gummint Motors projects a 16 million-vehicle sales year in 2012 and that GM will only lose 1.1% in market share between now and then (Hummer, Saturn, and ??).

Calculated Risk has a graph which seems to show 15 million vehicles/year as the average since 1985.

The UAW contributed:

...the United Auto Workers ratified contract changes yesterday that will help General Motors cut more than $1 billion in labor costs. ...Under the deal, the union's cost-of-living increases, performance bonuses and some holiday pay will be suspended to offset health-care costs.

And a no-strike clause until 2015.

But as most people know, it isn't really the pay--it's the Rules. Generally speaking, "the Rules" govern who does what, when, and for how much on the floor; this severely reduces the flexibility of applying labor to the need, a key component of Lean Manufacturing under the Toyota system. What you have with 'the Rules' is built-in overhead cost on the floor in ADDITION to the GS&A overhead and design overhead.

JS Points to Democrat Pork in WI Budget

Yah. Patrick Cudahy would like this bill.

The JS article names names--the (D) leggies who made sure that during a horrific recession, the State's taxpayers would be spending a lot of money.

$44.5 million, mostly in bonds, for a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire education building; represented by Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) and Rep. Jeff Smith (D-Eau Claire).

$13 million for the Wisconsin Rapids armory; represented by Sen. Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point), who is on the committee, and Rep. Marlin Schneider (D-Wisconsin Rapids).

$28 million in bonds for a School of Nursing facility at the UW-Madison; Sen. Judy Robson (D-Beloit), a nurse who sits on the committee, has long backed her profession in the Legislature.

$6.6 million for a Yahara River project in Dane County; the county is represented mostly by Democrats, including the committee's co-chairmen, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) and Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona).

$5 million for the Bradley Center Sports and Entertainment Corp. in downtown Milwaukee; represented by Sen. Spencer Coggs (D-Milwaukee) and Rep. Leon Young (D-Milwaukee). (The Bradley Center is also "represented" by Herb Kohl and a number of very powerful Downtown Milwaukee interests. Frankly, I don't think Coggs and Young count.)

$4 million for planning a joint museum for the State Historical Society and Department of Veterans Affairs; an area served by Pocan, Miller and other Dane County legislators would benefit.

Up to $1.25 million for Manitowoc Road in Bellevue; represented by Sen. Alan Lasee (R-De Pere) and Rep. Ted Zigmunt (D-Francis Creek).

$800,000 for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin; the center has locations throughout the state.

Up to $500,000 for Washington Street in Racine; Democrats Sen. John Lehman, a committee member, and Rep. Robert Turner represent the area.

$500,000 for an environmental center in a park that borders Madison and Monona; the two cities are represented by the committee's co-chairmen.

$500,000 for the Oshkosh Opera House; Republican Sen. Randy Hopper and Rep. Gordon Hintz, a Democrat, represent Oshkosh.

$500,000 for Eco Park in La Crosse; represented by Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) and committee member Rep. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse).

Up to $430,000 for Highway X in Chippewa County; represented by Sen. Pat Kreitlow (D-Chippewa Falls) and Rep. Kristen Dexter (D-Eau Claire).

Up to $400,000 for State St. in Racine; represented by Lehman and Turner.

$300,000 for the AIDS Network in Madison; represented by Pocan and Senate President Fred Risser (D-Madison).

$250,000 for a bridge on S. Reid Road in Rock County; Robson and Rep. Chuck Benedict (D-Beloit).

$250,000 for the Madison Children's Museum; represented by Pocan and Risser.

$125,000 to remodel an Eau Claire library; represented by Kreitlow and Dexter.

$100,000 for Huron Road in Bellevue; represented by Lasee and Zigmunt. (A roundabout construction project. No need at this time)

$100,000 for the Stone Barn historic site in Oconto County; represented by Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay), who sits on the committee, and Rep. John Nygren (R)

The red-highlights are expenses which could have been delayed by a year or two.

Still Waiting for Flagrant Journalism

You will notice something missing from this sentence in a JS news item.

Richard Wiles, executive director of the activist Environmental Working Group, said he was surprised by the content of the memo.

What's missing?

The fact that the "Environmental Working Group" is closely connected to the trial lawyers.

No doubt that EWG is an 'activist' bunch:

In 2007, a group called the Environmental Working Group sponsored a study that said BPA is hazardous to your health. Fenton Communications describes the working group as partner and client. David Fenton sits on its board of directors.

Fenton Communications assisted with the "General Betray-us" ad, and is closely connected with the Trial Lawyers, as well as a lot of other interesting people:

Fenton Communications pitches for trial lawyers, collectively the largest contributors to the Democrat Party, as well as for the hard line environmental group Greenpeace; Venezuela's socialist leader Hugo Chavez; anti-war demonstrator Cindy Sheehan; and gay and abortion advocates.

It's clear from the JS article that a "communications" company is actively pushing the "BPA is DEATH!!!!!!" line.

Always useful to know just where that "communications" firm is coming from.

Vos, Olsen Pushing Gas Tax Increase

Who likes INCREASING the gas tax?

Robin Vos (R) and Luther "Corn-A-Hole" Olsen, that's who.

Adding to the oil-franchise fee’s tenuous support was a push from state Sen. Luther Olsen, R-Ripon, and state Rep. Robin Vos, R-Racine, to back a gas-tax increase if the money stays segregated for transportation purposes.

This is not the Doyle "franchise tax" which is a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

This would be an increase to Wisconsin's already-very-high gas tax.

They'll tell you that the "if" clause in the above actually means something.

Here's a thought, boys: PAY BACK THE $400+++MILLION DOYLE STOLE!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Really Neat Grenade Launcher

Ace has the story.

The way a soldier operates this is you basically find your target, then laze to it, which gives the range, then you get an adjusted aim point, adjust fire and pull the trigger," deputy program manager Richard Audette told Army News Service. "Say you've lazed out to 543 meters ... when you pull the trigger it arms the round and fires it 543 meters plus or minus a one-, two- or three-meter increment, then it explodes over the target."

Another way to keep the birdseed for the birds, not the squirrels!!

PRC to Stop Obamunism?

In what could only be called 'Monster Irony,' it's entirely possible that the People's Republic of China (the ChiComs) will slapdoodle Geithner hard next week.

VERY hard.

Which is intended cause Obamunism to slow dramatically, if not stop in its tracks. Imagine that...the world's largest (titularly) Commie economy acting to prevent Socio-Fascism!

...investors from Beijing to Zurich are challenging a president’s attempts to revive the economy with record deficit spending. Fifteen years after forcing Bill Clinton to abandon his own stimulus plans, the so-called bond vigilantes are punishing Barack Obama for quadrupling the budget shortfall to $1.85 trillion.

...“The vigilante group is different this time around,” said Mark MacQueen, a partner and money manager at Austin, Texas- based Sage Advisory Services Ltd., which oversees $7.5 billion. “It’s major foreign creditors. This whole idea that we need to spend our way out of our problems is being questioned.”

...Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said in March that China was “worried” about its $767.9 billion investment and was looking for government assurances that the value of its holdings would be protected.

Read the following carefully:

The nation bought $5.6 billion in bills and sold $964 million in U.S. notes and bonds in February, according to Treasury data released April 15. It was the first time since November that China purchased more securities due in a year or less than longer-maturity debt.

PRC is not happy with the 10-year prospects for the USDollar, so it's dumping them.

But they're hardly as blunt as this guy:

...10-year yields have nowhere to go but up, according to Richard Hoey, the New York-based chief economist at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

“The secular bull market in Treasury bonds is over,” Hoey said in a Bloomberg Television interview. “It ran a good 28 years.
They’re never going lower. That’s it. It’s over.”

To quote the Winning McCain:


Spengler on Obama


Like dolphinplasty and negroplasty, [the Obama Administration] has given us cosmetic solutions that we might call civitaplasty, turning a terrorist gang into a state; fiducioplasty, making a bunch of bankrupt institutions look like functioning banks; creditoplasty, making government seizure of private property look like a corporate reorganization; matrimonioplasty, making same-sex cohabitation look like a marriage; and interfecioplasty, making murder look like a surgical procedure.

There is a consistent theme to the administration's major policy initiatives: Obama and his advisors start from the way they think things ought to be and work backwards to the uncooperative real world. If reality bars the way, it had better watch out. ... Obama's attempt to carve reality into the way things ought to be will also undergo catastrophic failure, perhaps in even more disgusting ways

Outside of the (imagined) size of the checkbook, that's pretty much the way the Wisconsin Democrats have operated so far, too.

"Catastrophic" and "disgusting" are relatively mild terms for what could occur.

HT: First Things (read the whole article--plenty more there)

Porky Pigs, (D-Gummint), Wisconsin Budget

Jackasses. Some of this may be necessary and worthwhile. But NOT all of it.

These are the budget earmarks pushed though during the Midnight Special (and ONLY the Midnight Special), courtesy of Rich Zipperer.

The ones highlighted red look as though they could have been put off for a year or so.

Dane County Yahara River

Aids Network & Resource Center of Wisconsin

Manitowoc Road in Village of Bellevue

Bradley Center

Madison Children's Museum

Huron Road in Village of Bellevue

La Crosse Eco Park

Planning New State Historical Society Museum

Oshkosh Opera House

Aldo Leopold Climate Change Classroom

Village of Bagley Flood Study

Bike Path Facility Grants

County Trunk Highway X, Chippewa County

City of Racine Road Enhancements

Reid Road in Town of La Prairie

Pedestrian Path in Rock County

Love Incorporated Food Bank

Union Grove Food Bank

Rio Area Food Pantry

Lodi Food Pantry

Eau Claire County Public Shooting Range

Root River Education Center

Beloit Children's Playground

Beckman Mill Park in Rock County

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire

Stone Barn Historical Site in Town of Chase

Restoration of Beloit's Turtle Island Park

City of Stanley, Chippewa County

And, of course, the famous Wrightstown Garbage Cans--for $47,000.00

Voter Intimidation: OK by Obama!

You've all seen the films of the voter intimidation in Philadelphia last year.

Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.

...Career lawyers pursued the case for months, including obtaining an affidavit from a prominent 1960s civil rights activist who witnessed the confrontation and described it as "the most blatant form of voter intimidation" that he had seen, even during the voting rights crisis in Mississippi a half-century ago.

Looks like carrying weapons to the polling place will become all the fashion!


Cold Fury

Now that the Democrats have done their work under cover of night, Fred sent a letter.

You took fees that were supposed to sunset and diverted them into the general fund.
You raised already high health care costs.
You increased taxes on every cell phone and land phone.
You turned convicts back onto the streets.
You rewarded unions and trial lawyers while you screwed average taxpayers and saddled them with newly created fees and cleverly hidden taxes.
You made school choice harder to operate while you repealed the QEO which will send education spending spiraling upwards out of control.

Oh, there's more at the link.

The ending:

I am beyond outraged...

Join the club, Fred.

Mark Pocan (D-Government) Is a Lying Sack

He probably said this with a straight face:

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison), a committee co-chairman, said Democrats were proud to craft a budget that didn't increase the sales tax or raise income taxes for 99% of Wisconsinites


Evidently "99% of Wisconsinites" do not:

1) Have a telephone, whether land-line or cell, now subject to new and increased taxes;

2) Purchase gasoline, which will be subject to a new tax (IF you can find some...);

3) Go to a hospital, which will be paying increased taxes;

4) Live in a Wisconsin municipality or school district--ALL of which will likely increase taxes;

5) Put garbage out for collection; or

6) Smoke cigarettes.

Like I said, he's a lying sack. What the sack is full of is up to your imagination.

Sandhill Cranes in Brookfield's Big Swamp

Brookfield has a very large swampy area bordering the Fox River. As you drive on North Avenue west of Elmbrook Hospital and east of Barker Road, you cross it.
Spotted a pair of sandhill cranes (colors as in the above pic) yesterday, on the south side of North Ave, about 50 yards off the road.

Think Heller Was Final? Think Again

It's no surprise that US citizens are purchasing guns at the rate of 1 million/month lately...

Gun-grabbers for some time have worked assiduously to induce the United States to sign a treaty that would curtail drastically Americans’ gun rights. So far, the United States has avoided taking such a drastic, unconstitutional step. But the Obama Administration could well bring a reversal of policy. Obama may want to do an end run around American gun owners by signing such an international agreement and subverting citizen rights in that way. The administration propaganda nonsense that the Mexican drug wars are fueled with American firearms could be a prelude to such a program

If Obama manages to find a treaty which effectively invalidates the 2A, he may well sign it. Then it's up to the Senate to ratify the treaty; when that happens, the treaty, not the 2A, is 'the law of the land.'

"Powers" Suit Coming on GM/Chrysler?

This may become interesting.

A bipartisan coalition of 36 members of the House of Representatives--including 30 Republicans and 6 Democrats--has sent a letter to President Obama asking him to return to Congress its constitutional legislative authority to oversee the bailout of the auto industry

...“The president is being ill served by the auto task force. They’re making decisions that I think are making a tough situation much worse,” LaTourette told “Now the president has off-loaded it and delegated it to this unelected and inexperienced – at least as far as the car business is concerned – automobile task force.”

Talk about "unitary Executive..."! The key phrase is 'constitutional legislative authority,' of course.

Health Care Debate Heats Up

Paul Ryan and others have assembled a plan to counter GummintCare, and now the industry begins to take up the discussion.

Ron Williams, chairman and CEO of health-care giant Aetna, said that a government-run health care plan was not necessary to ensure universal health coverage, but that the government should establish a public-private partnership and build on the employer-based system to provide coverage for all Americans.

...“Generally, we much prefer public-private partnerships, focusing on how we get everyone covered in a non-partisan way,” he said.

“One model I would point to is really the Part-D drug program for seniors, which I think is a very good example of a public-private partnership where individual seniors who have the resources buy their own Part-D drug benefit and those who don’t receive some sort of assistance,” said Williams

Obama's fevered "do it NOW" cries are not going to be helpful.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The UW's Illegal Abortion Plans

HT Kevin, following text from Wisconsin Right-to-Life. Looks like another "rule of law" deal like Doyle's: "I AM the Law."

The Wisconsin Right to Life ad exposes shocking information contained in internal emails between various UW officials regarding the late-term abortion plan at the Madison Surgery Center. The emails were obtained through an open records request.
"Christman's email yesterday to his squeamish colleagues attempts to quell their discomfort but instead, he has reinforced the facts that we have been bringing to the publics attention," said Susan Armacost, Legislative Director of Wisconsin Right to Life.
1. UW admits they will force employees to assist in late-term abortions which is contrary to Wisconsin state law and to the public promises they have made.
2. UW admits that late-term abortions are dangerous and that abortionist Caryn Dutton could endanger women's lives but they are pursuing these abortions anyway.
3. UW admits that late-term abortions are not medically necessary.
4. Christman states employees would be forced to participate in the case of an "emergency." But UW will not define "emergency." Because they have admitted these abortions are not medically necessary any actual emergencies that arise would have to be a result of abortionist Dutton causing injury to women or from the inherent danger of the procedure. Even Planned Parenthood has little confidence in Dutton's ability to perform late-term abortions.
5. Because UW has not defined "emergency," they will be able to define any abortion as an emergency and force employees to participate in an expanding number of circumstances.
6. UW is understaffing their late-term abortion plan to save money.They admit that the abortions are dangerous and that abortionist Dutton could seriously harm or kill women but they refuse to bring in enough staff to take care of actual emergencies. They are virtually guaranteeing that objecting staff will be forced to participate

Wonder why there are TEA Parties? It ain't just taxes, folks!

Beauty in Liturgy

Benedict XVI, in Rome:

The centre of the life of the parish is, as I said, the Eucharist, and especially the Sunday celebration. If the unity of the Church is born from the encounter with the Lord, it is not secondary then that the adoration and the celebration of the Eucharist be very elegant, giving way to who participates in it to experience the beauty of the mystery of Christ. Since the beauty of the liturgy "is not mere aestheticism, but the concrete way in which the truth of God's love in Christ encounters us, attracts us and delights us" (Sacramentum Caritatis n. 35), it is important that the Eucharistic celebration manifests, communicates through the sacramental signs, the divine life and reveals to men and women of this city the true face of the Church


HT: New Lit Movement

The Office of Social Innovation?

Interesting text,

The White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation will coordinate efforts to enlist all Americans –individuals, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, corporations and foundations – as partners in solving our great challenges

...[It will] Catalyze partnerships between the government and nonprofits, businesses and philanthropists in order to make progress on the President’s policy agenda

Sykes is asking "Have we lost our minds?", and the question is apropos.

McCain is yelling "WOLVERINES" at the top of his voice. I'll join that chorus.

Yield Curve: Good News or Not?

When you look at the chart, it's clear that a high yield curve (the difference in yield between the 10-year bond and the 2-year bond) generally precedes a period of growth.
That's good, no?
Maybe not this time--as the higher 10-year rates COULD be a result of major players avoiding 10-year bonds to stay short, in T-Bills or the 2-year.
See, e.g., yesterday's post here.

Headline of the Week

At Calculated Risk:


Well, maybe. Go read the article.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Treasury Auction: Bad News

Ticker reports:

The Bond Market has had it with the games, and despite a "good" auction today signaled its disgust with the lies, the unending deficits and both bonds and stocks sold off at the same time

The 10-year bond went to 3.67+% rate (up from ~3.5%,) AND the Dow sank by 100 points.

That's the good news, relatively speaking.

Prime 30-year mortgage rates went from 5.08% to 6.52% overnight!!

No wonder Obama is playing with a national sales-tax (VAT) and mewling about being "out of money."

He IS 'out of money.'

Federal Revenues Cliff-Dive


Federal tax revenue plunged $138 billion, or 34%, in April vs. a year ago — the biggest April drop since 1981, a study released Tuesday by the American Institute for Economic Research says.

... 6 million people lost jobs in the 12 months ended in April — and that means far fewer dollars from income taxes. Income tax revenue dropped 44% from a year ago.

"These are staggering numbers," Lynch says.

Big revenue losses mean that the U.S. budget deficit may be larger than predicted this year and in future years.

Wisconsin's revenue problems are worse, of course. We showed a 35.8% drop, April/April.

But there is a commonality: both Obama and Doyle have 'Unicorns and balloons' revenue forecasts in their budgets for the next few years.

Both are wrong.


How Marxism Morphs

As you can see, the Marxist/Fascist lies morph. The dangerous ones were the most recent: simply re-defining reality (epistomology) or ethics. Eventually, these changes will also fail, but the track record of morbidity from Marxism is serious.

Doyle's "Rule of Law": Screw You!

Reminder: James E. Doyle is an attorney. Karl VonRoy writes about this sterling Member of the Bar.

During the 1990's, Wisconsin enacted legislation to encourage recycling and waste reduction, including prohibiting certain items from being placed in landfills and establishing financial assistance payments to local governments to operate local recycling programs. To fund these programs, businesses and municipalities pay a variety of surcharges and tipping fees on every ton of solid waste disposed of in landfills throughout the state. Essentially, tipping fees are taxes paid on garbage.

...In the 2007-09 budget, the tipping fees were increased from $3.80 to $5.90 per ton, a 55% increase. In the 2009-11 budget that is currently being debated, Governor Doyle proposes to increase [and JFC passed 5/23] the tipping fees yet again from $5.90 to $10.30 per ton, a 75% increase.

OK? Well, not really.

...between 1991 and 2008, $107.5 million was transferred from the recycling fund to the state's general fund to pay for programs completely unrelated to recycling, even though it is supposed to be a protected segregated account

...Doyle's budget proposes to take $27 million collected from the environmental management tipping fee to pay the costs of debt service on outstanding government bonds.

In other words, folks, he's stealing the money--just like he did to the doctors by "re-allocating" the patients' compensation funds, and just like his theft of over $400 million from the highway trust fund.

So tell us again about how "we should obey the laws," Jimbo!

"Different Judging" Why?

Sotomayor gets away with THIS?

Sotomayor also referred to the cardinal duty of judges to be impartial as a mere "aspiration because it denies the fact that we are by our experiences making different choices than others." And she suggested that "inherent physiological or cultural differences" may help explain why "our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging."

Another round of PMS jokes coming right up, after someone else digs up the Orval Faubus quotes which affirm this woman's theory.

HT: Sykes

Mandate: White Roofs

You have the spare cash for this, of course.

The White House was aware that U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu would call for flat-topped roofs (both current and new construction) to be painted with white reflective paint.

...Chu indicated that government regulations would most likely have to require construction firms and developers to paint the flat roofs of building white, and slanted roofs colors that would reflect heat and energy.

Don't forget to 'sister' a doubling of your roof trusses for the snow buildup/extra weight.

HT: AmSpec

UPDATE: He'll want the asphalt streets painted white, too--another really, really, great idea for snow-prone areas.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

UN Prefers Death in Third World Countries

This should come as no surprise.

In 2006, after 25 years and 50 million preventable deaths, the World Health Organization reversed course and endorsed widespread use of the insecticide DDT to combat malaria. So much for that. Earlier this month, the U.N. agency quietly reverted to promoting less effective methods for attacking the disease. The result is a victory for politics over public health, and millions of the world’s poor will suffer as a result.

The U.N. now plans to advocate for drastic reductions in the use of DDT, which kills or repels the mosquitoes that spread malaria. The aim “is to achieve a 30% cut in the application of DDT worldwide by 2014 and its total phase-out by the early 2020s, if not sooner,” said WHO and the U.N. Environment Program in a statement on May 6

Rachel Carlson's bogus science is a close second to AlGore's, for the time being.

AlGore's bogus science hasn't killed quite as many people.


HT: GreenHell

Another Regressive Tax Increase in Wisconsin

It was reported over the weekend, but wasn't too clear.

Not only did the Joint Finance Committee (motto: "Smoke a joint, do finance!!") steal $20 million from cellphone users as Three-Card-Monte Doyle proposed.

They then re-instated the cellphone tax, UPPED it to seventy-five cents/month, and furthermore, applied the SAME tax to land-lines, too.

Meaning (of course) that the folks who depend on their landline (such as the elderly, by and large) will be paying a NEW telephone tax.

HT: Americans for Tax Reform

Belling: Weakland DIS-Invited to NJ Abbey

So far, the disgraced Abp. Weakland is zero-for-two in fleeing to a distant Benedictine abbey.

Several years ago, his home abbey, St. Vincent's in Latrobe Pennsylvania told him 'they had no room' for him after his "retirement" from the Archdiocese.

Now, Belling reports (and the JS confirms) that the New Jersey abbot told Rembert that he was 'too controversial' for them.


He won't be there all that much. Has a book tour to do, you know. Has to re-establish with his peeps--the rusted cutting edge of Leftydom--before they all expire of old age.

Night Time Is the Right Time...for Democrats

Hey...guess what?

The Joint Finance Committee (motto: "Smoke a joint, then do finance") had scheduled today's Taxpayer Massacre meeting for 1:00 PM.


It's not dark enough for them to come out.

Sotomayer's Confirmation Process

Here's some good language for the (R) Party to use.

I believe firmly that the Constitution calls for the Senate to advise and consent. I believe that it calls for meaningful advice and consent that includes an examination of a judge's philosophy, ideology, and record. And when I examine the philosophy, ideology, and record of [Judge X], I'm deeply troubled.

--Senator B. Hussein Obama, on Sam Alito.

HT: Drew/Ace

Why "Moderate" Republicans Are Despised

Take Ray LaHood.


Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told a group of reporters at the National Press Club on Thursday that he wants to “coerce people out of their cars.”

...LaHood, a former Republican congressman from Peoria, Ill., has become a champion of using the Department of Transportation and federal transportation spending to get people to take trains, busses, and ride bikes instead of driving cars.

Part of LaHood's problem is endemic to Federal employees; it's called "myopia." See, every single person in the whole country lives just like the hive-dwellers in DC.

“I mean, look, people don't like spending an hour and a half getting to work. And people don't like spending an hour going to the grocery store. And all of you who live around here know exactly what I'm talking about...."

Well YEAH! Nothing could be more conveeeeeenient than shlepping 5 or 10 bags of groceries while you're on the choo-choo or bus, Ray, you dumbkopf. (I'd enjoy watching Ray try to coerce my wife out of her car on shopping day. Girly-girl Republican would come out a distinct third place in that two-person melee.)

If it is not obvious, ol' Ray is not only myopic. He also has less analytical ability than a muskrat, and is perfectly comfortable using Big Gummint to solve problems.

One size fits all, right, Ray?

Especially if the 'one size' in question is really, really, BIG Gummint.

The Idea of "Nation"

A very interesting essay here, as usual. Deneen asks good questions.

Our national self-understanding has been transformed over the past twenty-five years or more - from one bounded by particular stories of particular people, often with an emphasis on sacrifices made during war-time, instead to a nation-building effort to encourage allegiance to the idea of the nation, its animating ideals and underlying philosophy. As has been pointed out by my friend Mark Henrie, where once school-children learned about the lives and deeds of Betsy Ross, Paul Revere, and George Washington on or near the battlefield, now they are more prone to be taught (if at all) about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and above all, their Rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights (and, from there, their ever-greater realization through various emancipation and civil rights movements). The story of America itself is not a patchwork of stories, but instead a grand narrative that discloses - with Hegelian inevitability - the unfolding of an every more perfect natural rights Republic.

This emphasis upon the idea of the nation has been shared alike by liberals and so-called conservatives alike. If the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist (with an aim to overcoming any particular allegiances people may have had to region and varying traditions), it is today fiercely defended by conservatives. Our liberals have as their hero Martin Luther King, and our conservatives, Abraham Lincoln - both because they advanced the natural rights Republic. If there is one main point of distinction between liberals and conservatives today, it is that liberals believe that the idea of the nation can and should be extended universally, while conservatives would emphasize its limitation to a particular nation-state. Neither is much interested in defending the legitimate place of smaller units within the nation - other than as administrative units. Both are attracted to the theory of America more than its stories, poems, places and songs.

That last red-highlighted sentence makes GWBush (and Limbaugh, by the way) into liberals.

But the question is legitimate: is it the duty of the US to enforce 'the idea of a nation' through military means, let alone exactly what are the elements of that "idea"?

The Unstated Premise of Obama's "Less Abortion"

At the infamous event in Indiana, Obama emitted circumlocution and blather. But one phrase which will be recalled is something along the lines of 'let us work together to reduce the need for abortions.'

Sounds good.

Arkes gives us "on the other hand:"

...In the case of Obama, as with Clinton and Gore before him, the unspoken premises are again the most astounding – and even more astounding yet in being unnoticed. The techniques of contraception may work well or badly, as people seek, artfully or clumsily, to avoid “unintended pregnancies.” But it is simply taken for granted, as a point well beyond questioning now, that there is a “right,” even a “constitutional right” to destroy an innocent human life for reasons wholly of self-interest, indeed for reasons that need not rise above convenience. ...

Indeed. Obama's operating premise is that murder of innocents is OK, but less murder of innocents would be "OK-er."

And he's wrong.

Sotomayer's Speech

Does it occur to you that "It's All About ME ME ME ME" is the theme, the sub-text, and the content?

Joint Finance: First, Smoke a Joint. Then Do Finance!

You really don't want to read this piece. That's OK--the guy who wrote it really didn't want to sit through 1/3rd of the Memorial Day weekend writing it.


...No matter, we are going to roll up our sleeves, sharpen our pencils, and find a way to fix this additional $1.6 billion dollar deficit. $6.6 billion if you are a stickler for facts or accounting.

- $138,000.00 in savings over two years from the Medigap Helpline. Oh wait, the "savings" is lapsed into the general fund for other spending. Not a cut.

- $3 million in savings from the increased spending on the film production tax credit was going to receive. Hold it. That is a reduction in the proposed increase, not a cut.

Approved 50 new state-funded positions for indigent legal defense Because the current fiscal situation is so dire, the committee votes to delay starting these positions until 2011. Now there is some common sense. Good old fashioned credit card spending. Buy now, pay later. Will only cost us $4.4 million next budget. We don't have to worry about that for another 2 whole years. That is an eternity in politics

...The committee voted to support Gov. Doyle's new money for the WI Institute for Discovery
Gov. Doyle proposed and Joint Finance agreed to spend $8.2 million in general tax revenues on a new program to fund the WI Institute for Discovery (WID). Not sure how we continue to create new government programs at a time when we are not only flat broke but up to our eyeballs in debt? These new positions at the Institute aren't exactly "entry level" jobs, either. Seven new faculty members will be hired at the WID in 2009-2010, with average salary and benefits packages of $164,000.00 each. And don't forget the 14 "support" staff that the faculty just couldn't live or work without. Salary and benefits for each of these support staff will average over $128,000.00. Where does a taxpayer sign up for a job like that

Oh, there's plenty more!!

MORE property taxes from new State-mandated benefits--health insurance for gay lovers and not-gay live-in lovers. MORE laws hitting a flea with a 155mm howitzer. MORE property taxes resulting from State mandates (garbage tax increase...)

Resume smoking your joint, finance committee.

Want A Nice Party? Go Armed!

Fischer observes a contrast which is telling.

One "family" festival in Greenfield featured forty arrests.

The other festival in Greenfield had ZERO arrests.

The "Gitmo-Recruiting-Tool" Argument is Anonymous

Not "unanimous," but "anonymous." Byron York raises a very legitimate concern.

It is widely asserted that Guantanamo has been a key recruiting tool for terrorists around the world. Indeed, it has been asserted so often that the assertion has become conventional wisdom. But what is the source of the conventional wisdom? To hear Sen. Durbin and some of his allies in the Guantanamo debate tell it, the source is Matthew Alexander. Here's the interesting part: Nobody knows who he is.

"Matthew Alexander" is the pseudonym of a man who, according to an online biography, is a former U.S. Air Force officer who "personally conducted more than 300 interrogations in Iraq and supervised more than 1,000." He is the author of a book, "How to Break a Terrorist," in which he describes his part in the interrogations that led to the killing of al Qaeda-in-Iraq chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He says he wrote the book under an assumed name for security reasons.

Using an "anonymous" source is not destructive of the argument ipso facto. But:

...when there is a consensus as widespread as the Guantanamo-as-terrorist-recruitment-tool idea is, it's often based on some sort of report, or extensive research, or key document. In this case, it isn't. There are certainly other arguments in line with Alexander's -- for example, former U.S. Navy general counsel Alberto Mora has said there are top U.S. military officers who believe that Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo have been responsible for "recruiting insurgent fighters into combat" in Iraq, and thus the deaths of U.S. soldiers. But a big report that can be studied -- and challenged? There's not one.

Not one. No corroboration, no "peer-reviewed" studies. Zip.

We note the total lack of concern from the MSM.....

Ament Vindicated? When Slime Is Snow!

Gotta hand it to Tommy "I'll Steal ALL Your Money" Ament.

The onetime king of the courthouse is not even ruling out a comeback, though he said family and friends wanted him to stay out of politics.

Family, friends, and 99% of Wisconsin residents.

And just to show you how pure and clean he really is, check the red highlight here:

In an interview in his attorney's office, Ament insisted...

Actually, having Tom Ament crawl out from the primordial slime again will be the best thing to happen to Scott Walker since Tom Ament crawled INTO the slime.

Just paste that big old "Democratic Party of Wisconsin" label on his picture, where it belongs...

Monday, May 25, 2009

NML CEO Should Stick to Actuarial Tables

P-Mac points us to a letter from Ed Zore, CEO of Northwestern Mutual. (Scroll a bit)

It's really hard to believe that Zore wrote this:

As CEO of a major business in Milwaukee County, I know dedicated funding for transit is critical to the future success of my business.

As opposed to, say, good commercial-real-estate lending practices? Or savvy bond-trading? Or solid actuarial practice? Or excellent sales-forces nationally?

C'mon, Ed.


The local business community in Milwaukee is solidly behind the current RTA's recommendations to shift funding for transit to a dedicated sales tax. Many opponents of this transit proposal argue that shifting transit from the property tax to a sales tax is anti-business or will drive business away. That is categorically untrue

There's a reason for that: the "local business community" pays a helluvalotta property tax. They pay zero sales tax. In other words, "Please pay the freight, consumers, and I'll take the train, thanks!!"


The best observation was made by Patrick, (of course.) You'll have to read that here.

Bolton as Isaiah; "Scholars" as Idiots

HuffPo expresses its confidence in precisely the Wrong Class:

Today, Bolton chose to growl at the old, but reliable, enemy of North Korea. This is a particularly vintage move when one considers North Korea already tried to strike fear into the hearts of Americans last month when they tested a missile that fizzled and fell into the ocean 1,300 miles off the east coast of Japan. Bolton's stance is pretty brave because his frenzied ideology flies in the face of scholarly counsel. ...B. R. Myers, a researcher of North Korean ideology and propaganda at Dongseo University, recommends America ignore Kim...

That would be on May 20th. Exactly FIVE days ago.

(Or about FOUR and ONE-HALF days before NK popped 10+ kilotons.)

HT: Legal Insurrection

Budget? Or More Policy?

WisPolitics tells us this is now a "budget" item, passed 11-4.

Hello, proptax increase!!

It requires contraceptive coverage for all State, County, Muni, and School District health and disability plans (with a few exceptions.)

Memorial Day, II

Flanders is representative....Iwo, Antietam, Lexington, Pork Chop Hill, Hue, Baghdad...

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

HT: Feddie

The 10A Movement and TEA Parties

Interesting insight here from Ilana Mercer.

These days neoconservatives are celebrating signs of local self-government, not for love of liberty and an appreciation of states’ right, but because they mistake the awakening for a mere revolt against the ruling rat pack (Democrats).

The TEA Parties were definitely NOT partisan Republican events.

Ms. Mercer quotes Ben Shapiro.

Now states are surprised to find that their ability to resist federal directives has been all but extinguished. They are surprised that they are no longer able to set their own standards regarding social, economic or criminal policy. They are surprised that through a combination of moral blindness and drooling greed, they surrendered their role in the constitutional system

The 10A Movement, still somewhat beneath the radar (and completely somnambulent in Wisconsin so far) may capitalize on the TEA Party movement.

They have a lot more in common than one might think at first glance.

For Obama, It's Time to Re-Think Spending Priorities

Two items which are currently of interest.

Five specific missile defense components are forecast to be the battlegrounds during this year’s debate.

Obama’s budget plan would reduce the planned number of deployed ground-based missile interceptors in Alaska and California from 44 to 30, keeping the remainder as backups or testing devices.

Many GOP lawmakers are angered at the move.

“This is the one system that protects the homeland from ICBMs that’s completely on our land, our territory, that’s under our control without having to ask permission to place it in a foreign nation,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions , R-Ala.

The president’s budget also would kill two problem-plagued futuristic technology programs: the Kinetic Energy Interceptor (KEI), which was meant to hit missiles in their earliest stage, and the Multiple Kill Vehicle program, which was conceived to hit multiple incoming warheads at once.
Richard C. Shelby , R-Ala., wrote to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) on May 13 calling on them not to halt the KEI project just yet. “Stopping work on the program now is irresponsible,” he wrote.

(N.B.: the M-16 rifle was also "problem-plagued" in its first couple of iterations. Ask anyone who was in VietNam about that first version of the weapon...)

I suppose that spending the money on ObamaCare is more important.

Does ObamaCare include fallout-sickness treatment?

North Korea claimed it carried out a powerful underground nuclear test Monday - much larger than one conducted in 2006 - in a major provocation in the escalating international standoff over its rogue nuclear and missile programs.

Pyongyang announced the test, and Russia's Defense Ministry confirmed an atomic explosion at 9:54 a.m. (0054 GMT) in northeastern North Korea, estimating the blast's yield at 10 to 20 kilotons - comparable to the bombs that flattened Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The regime also test-fired three short-range, ground-to-air missiles later Monday from the same northeastern site where it launched a rocket last month, the Yonhap news agency reported, citing unnamed sources. The rocket liftoff, widely believed to be a cover for a test of its long-range missile technology, drew censure from the U.N. Security Council

On the other hand, losing the entire population of Los Angeles could make health-care less expensive in the short run.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

BlackFive via Regular Guy.

They gave their all.


Just saw this, and it's worth every bit of the 10 minutes.

We Just Made You Broke! Now, Off to Disneyland!

The progenitor of Obamunism bought a clue.

Well, we are out of money now. We are operating in deep deficits, not caused by any decisions we've made on health care so far. This is a consequence of the crisis that we've seen and in fact our failure to make some good decisions on health care over the last several decades.

That is a line deserving of utter derision. There are four-year-olds who understand that touching a hot stove results in pain. They do not blame it on Zombies, or the Weather Witch, or Lack of HillaryCare.

But since it's health care which has brought the economy to ruin (!!!), Obamamama has the solution: healthcare for all!

Drew comments:

Medicare is going to be broke in 2018, so naturally the only sane thing to do is put the government on the hook for even more liabilities. This whole idea that we can't get cost under control unless the government controls every thing presupposes that this is an area where the government has any competency at all. Where exactly is the proof of that?

Don't need proof, Drew. We have "Hopey/Changey"!

Now, where's the tickets for Disneyland?

Insight on Obamunism's Use of the Artful Dodge

Levin's writing on Statism, (which has both positives and negatives):

For the Statist, the international community and international organizations serve as useful sources for importing disaffection with the civil society. The Statist urges Americans to view themselves through the lenses of the those who resent and even hate them. He needs Americans to become less confident, to doubt their institutions, and to accept the status assigned to them by outsiders--as isolationists, invaders, occupiers, oppressors, and exploiters. The Statist wants Americans to see themselves as backward, foolishly holding to their quaint notions of individual liberty, private property, family, and faith, long diminished or jettisoned in other countries. They need to listen to the voices of condemnation from world capitals and self-appointed global watchdogs hostile to America's superior standard of living. America is said to be out of step and regressive, justifying the surrendering of its sovereignty though treaties and other arrangements that benefit the greater "humanity." And it would not hurt if America admitted its past transgressions, made reparations, and accepted its fate as just another aging nation--one among many.

Levin's prose is a bit over-wrought; obviously, he's not a Catholic who has gone through 'examination of conscience.'

It would be polemically less satisfying but far more useful if Levin had simply ignored the Ninnies and Nannies of Suavity and Debonair-ity both here and abroad and contrasted the US with even higher standards than those of "Europe" and the "UN" (a body filled to the brim with rapists and thieves, by the way).

On the other hand, Levin has drawn an accurate picture of the Left-o-Statist propaganda of Obama and his allies in the Governing Class. It is very easy to find one or two (or several dozen) examples of INDIVIDUALS who are jerks--greedy, coarse, murderous, uncaring slobs--in the US' 300 million population.

But it is impossible to assign those faults to the US population as a whole.

And therein lies the rhetorical trick the Left has used to great effect: generalize the particulars. Sure, it's a logic error, but who cares? It works very well, indeed.

Levin should have rejected the Left's language; those who control the language control the debate. He should have, instead, pointed out the flaw in the argument.

"The decisions were made only after exhaustive legal analysis, and tacitly (or vocally) approved by ranking Members of Congress--our representatives, as you recall from your study of the Constitution. So you would ascribe evil to the entire population of this country, Mr. President? Would you say that our self-defense was malevolent from the start? That this country's population and leaders are immoral to the core?"

"We think not, Mr. President."

HT: Dr Sanity via McCain

Lefties Continue Social Engineering in "Budget"

Oh, yes, things can get worse.

Sen. Robson and Rep. Sherman offered a motion to fine pharmacies $2,500 for not having someone on duty to offer contraceptive drugs or devices to customers. (Passed, 12-4.)

That's certainly going to reduce the cost of healthcare!

The committee spent the last 20 minutes discussing a motion by GOP members to make welfare fraud a felony offense. It failed 10-6, with Dems Rep. Mason and Sen. Lehman voting with the four Republicans.

Sure wouldn't want to jail people who are stealing from the taxpayers. (Besides, if "theft from taxpayers" became a felony, it would have repercussions in the Governor's Mansion.)

Not only should pharmacies have two RP's on duty (one for babykilling, one for actual life-supporting stuff...) but they'll get slammed by the State's rebate system:

Gov. Doyle proposed to reduce funding by nearly $4 million annually to reflect savings from eliminating the 5 percent premium for pharmacies who dispense prescriptions under SeniorCare. Rep. Vos attempted a motion to delete the governor's proposal, but it was defeated on a party-line vote. The governor's proposal then passed 12-4


Among other things, Sen. Miller's motion would raise tipping fees from $5.09 per ton to $13 per ton and reinstate the Clean Sweep program at fund it at 75 percent of the current level The LFB says the tipping fee increase will raise costs to municipalities by $63 million (Passed 12-4.)

This is the "dump on municipalities" motion.

Surprising note on "prevailing wage" deal which passsed:

...committee members negotiated the deal, but that groups like the Wisconsin REALTORS Assocation and operating engineers are supporting it. He asked those in the audience who support it to raise their hands.

What the Hell are the Realtors doing?

Continue reading this sad saga at Eggster's place.

Polling Signals Rightward Shift

Not only Rasmussen; Pew affirms.

Independents, who now make up 39% of the electorate, are "more skittish than they were two years ago about expanding the social safety net and are reluctant backers of greater government involvement in the private sector," according to the poll.

Among Republicans, self-identified conservatives have risen since 2000 from 60% to 66%, hopefully high enough to crowd RINOs off the top of the ticket next time around. Among independents, conservatives have risen to 33%, from 28% in 2007.

Wait until the inflation implosion hits.

HT: Moonbattery

Doyle's New Fraud Will Cost Fed Supports

Our Governor, "Bait-and-Switch" Doyle, is not only stealing money from cellphone users. He's also making sure that the State will not get Federal 9-1-1 assistance.

What a guy!

Doyle’s proposal to divert $100 million from a 911 surcharge to funding for local governments would make the state ineligible for federal 911 grants and remove an existing surcharge that saves 911 centers $7 million a year.

Let's not forget his outright theft of $20 million in refunds due to cellphone users, folks.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rich Lefty Has Fix for Illegals' College Tuition

This happens once every 6 months or so....

A Lefty has the right idea! Of course, he/she/it had to go through several insults before arriving there, but I'll quote him from the combox:

Why aren't we asking the K-12 public schools to filter out the illegals?

I told him to write to Three-Card-Monte Doyle.

Will Doyle's Wisconsin Lead This Parade?

It's scary enough that Obambi-Hopey-Changey could KO the US' credit ratings.

The dollar extended declines today after Treasuries and American stocks slumped on concern the U.S. government’s debt rating may at some point be lowered. Bill Gross, the co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., said the U.S. “eventually” will lose its AAA grade

But if the US' rating is endangered, how much more so is Wisconsin's bond-rating?

The New Economy Is Here!

For all those unemployed Masters of the Universe (see below post), there's hope, as Mark Steyn relates.

I was in Vermont the other day and made the mistake of picking up the local paper. Impressively, it contained a quarter-page ad, a rare sight these days

...the one real advertisement was from something called SEVCA. SEVCA is a "nonprofit agency," ...And it stands for "South-Eastern Vermont Community Action."

The designated "anti-poverty agency" is taking out quarter-page ads in every local paper because they're "seeking applicants for several positions funded in full or part by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)"

The first listed job?

"ARRA Projects Coordinator."

Gotcha. So the first new job created by the stimulus is a job "coordinating" other programs funded by the stimulus. What's next?


That's how they spell it. Like in "Star Wars" – Luke Grantwriter waving his hope saber as instructed by his mentor Obi-Bam Baracki ("May the Funds be with you!"). The Grantwriter will be responsible for writing grant applications "to augment ARRA funds." So the second new job created by stimulus funding funds someone to petition for additional funding for projects funded by the stimulus.

The third job is a "Marketing Specialist" to increase "public awareness of ARRA-funded services."

Plenty more at the link. Think of it--this circus of Statism/Fascism will soon be arriving here in Wisconsin!

Where's the Sympathy?

Unemployment is awful, and frightening for most people.

Still, some war-stories just don't call up the sympathy reaction...

...Cavonberry’s, Yang’s 46th Street shop near the headquarters of the New York firm taken over by JPMorgan Chase & Co., once bustled with finance workers jostling to buy a barbeque chicken chopped salad and bottled water for $12. “They used to be turning them away at the door,”...

...In New York City alone, bonuses fell to $18.4 billion last year from $32.9 billion in 2007, the largest absolute drop ever, according to the state comptroller’s office...

On the convertible bond desk at Bear Stearns, traders made from $175,000 to $1 million annually, depending on bonuses, Irace said. He dined with co-workers at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House, home of the $55.95 porterhouse. Now he earns $75 to $175 a day at Kellenberg Memorial High School and often brings a packed lunch from home

Another fellow also suffers.

Earning less, the attorney stopped buying a daily venti black iced tea, unsweetened, from Starbucks Corp., which said Jan. 28 it will cut 6,700 jobs this year. He goes less often to Procter & Gamble Co.’s Frederic Fekkai salon in Greenwich, Connecticut, where haircuts start at $125. His wife’s cousin in Queens trims it

Even waitresses have taken a cut.

...Many nights, financial types crowded tables where “bottle service” starts at $250 for a Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose 2000 champagne, said Jessica Rosa, a waitress at the time.

It wasn’t uncommon to see someone with a black American Express Co. card ringing up a $30,000 tab, said Tim Gaglio, who helped start the restaurant and bar in 2006.

At the peak, Rosa, 30, said she made $85,000 a year working three days a week.

It's a struggle everywhere, no?

Polls Look Good!

PowerLine reports some very good news.

By a 77 percent to 14 percent margin, voters say the big problem in the United States is politicians' unwillingness to cut spending, not the electorate's unwillingness to pay more taxes.

Gee. Search this blog for "It's the Spending, Stupid." (Modest cough...)

By a 47 percent to 18 percent margin, respondents believe the government will do a bad job, not a good job, of running GM and Chrysler.

By a 75 percent to 13 percent margin, Americans think it is more important to develop new sources of energy than to require auto-makers to produce more fuel-efficient cars.

Next question: does "new sources" include drilling off the coasts and in Alaska?

By a 66 percent to 24 percent margin, voters oppose a federal bailout for California.

It's increasingly clear that the next set of TEA Parties (July 4th) will be very, very exciting!

Harvard Grad Legislation

You read about the proposal to require 2 weeks' paid vacation for everyone in the US.

What you didn't read was that the Congresscritter who proposed that is a Harvard grad!

So damn smart...

HT: Planet Moron