Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rumor: Obama to Commence Bombing US College Grads

This is not really a surprise--it's part of his pattern.

The rumor is that Obama will pen-and-phone about 100,000 foreign nationals into the US workforce on H1-B visas.  These will take S.T.E.M. jobs, at lower-than-market salaries, therefore eliminating 100,000 jobs that US citizen S.T.E.M. kids could take.

Those would be OUR children--the ones with the college-loan debts.

So instead of bombing ISIS, he bombs our kids.  Like I say, it's part of his pattern.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy

Some folks in Chicago have figured out what Rahm Emanuel really is:  a slimebucket opportunist liar.  (He's certainly not alone; John Chisholm fits that mold, too.)

Anyhow, the folks are protesting at Rahm's house.

Protesters gathered outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home Tuesday night in Chicago.The protesters ordered pizza, asked for the WiFi password and trashed the yard.


Muslims v. Christians: Nothing Changes

There are a few differences between the Armenian (read:  Catholic) genocide of 1915 and the Iraqi (Catholic) genocide of today.

Today it's Muslims; in 1915, it was Muslims who also happened to be Turkish "nationalists."

Oh--and so far--there are not as many dead Catholics as there were in 1915.

So what we should do is import more Muslims!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hildebeeste and Equal Opportunity Data

Mentioned at RedState:

In a recent debate, Hillary Clinton suggested we should give government the keys to read all your encrypted data

Every spy in the world now has Hildebeeste's (Top Secret and Compartmentalized) State Department data which she hung out like laundry on a back-yard line for them to cadge.

So YOUR data should be like hers!  Equal opportunity and all that...

"Deadeye Dick" Kleefisch

Seems that the local legislator is an extremely efficient bird-hunter.

Administrative Law: Cruz or Trump?

The question is framed that way because we all know what the Bush or Rubio or Hildebeeste Administration will do (and the rest, such as Kasich, Fiorina, and Christie, don't count any more.)

So of the two, which is more likely to begin dismantling Administrative Law? 

And why is that important?

...As Thomas Jefferson had it, “the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” There are no new fights in politics. 

Do we know this? In the United States, as in the rest of the Anglosphere, we seem to believe that we are the children of legislatures, not of kings; the beneficiaries of careful reasoning, not of iron will; the heirs to a safe political settlement immune to disintegration. That we are proud of our institutions is understandable. But our unshakeable confidence in their permanence is not. There is nothing written in the stars that secures in perpetuity our free system of laws. There are no stone tablets upon which legislative supremacy and judicial integrity are guaranteed against usurpation. Men’s hearts are no less ambitious this week than they were in the era of the pyramids....

After listing only a few of Obozo's "pen & phone" abominations, Cooke asks the question:

Are we at liberty?
Doh.  The answer is, decidedly, "NO!!"
But it's hardly just Obozo, albeit he is by far the most frequent and flagrant flyer on the Administrative Law airline.  Bush, Clinton, Bush, Carter, LBJ, Kennedy, Ike, and FDR were all happy participants in the "We are King!!" Constitutional demolition-derby.  We cannot forget Congress; they are also VERY happy to throw 'interpretation and guidelines' of their Acts into the administrative/regulatory morass.  It's a fine way to avoid responsibility:  "I didn't mean to vote for THAT" is the bleat from the lying sack of hot air--who certainly DID mean to "vote for that."  In fact, with only a few exceptions, Congress-slime voted for it and/or funded it (see, e.g., Paul Ryan's budget actions and compare it to his bleating and deceptive denials.)
Along comes Professor Hamburger.
...In his recent book Is Administrative Law Unlawful? Columbia University professor Philip Hamburger suggests that we are not. The Constitution of the United States, Hamburger contends, represented a conscious attempt to banish from this country’s political structure a host of the insidious tools upon which monarchs and emperors had historically relied: among them prerogative lawmaking, legislative enabling acts, suspending and dispensing powers, and the investment of legislative, judicial, and executive functions into one body. Alarmingly, Hamburger concludes, these features have gradually found their way back into the system — not because the Constitution has been overthrown or because Washington, D.C., has been occupied by an invading force, but because over time we have constructed an unwarranted “fourth branch” in addition to the original three, and we have allowed the executive branch to take advantage of it....

The key phrase there is "...not because the Constitution has been overthrown..."

The rest of the essay is both enlightening and frightening.

But back to the question at the top:  of the two, Trump or Cruz, which one has consistently held the Constitution as the only guide for action by the President and the Senate?


Fun WIth The Noooz

News-girl on local radio announced that "I-94 eastbound is closed in both directions....due to a rollover accident."

I am unable to picture "I-94 eastbound" in "both directions."

Anyone able to help??

No-Plan Obozo: Putin Shines Instead

It finally occurred to someone that Obozo really didn't want to "eliminate ISIS."

...Until September 30 - which is the day a three star Russian general strolled into the US embassy in Baghdad and informed the staff that airstrikes in Syria begin “in one hour” - Washington, Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha seemed perfectly content to simply wait around for one group of rebels or another to finally succeed in taking Damascus. In the meantime, the US embarked on what one might call a “containment” strategy as it related to ISIS - the idea, basically, was to keep Frankenstein confined to the lab, but not to hit the monster hard enough to render it ineffectual in the fight to destabilize the Assad government. 

Once Assad fell, the US would march in and “liberate” the country before promptly installing a puppet government - with the help of the Saudis of course. 

All of that changed when the Russians arrived in Latakia....


...Once Moscow’s warplanes began to turn the tide in favor of the SAA with the help of Hezbollah ground forces and the IRGC, Putin promptly moved to blow the whole charade wide open by asking (loudly) why the US wouldn’t partner with Russia in the war on terror....

Let's review.  ISIS is a Sunni Muslim bunch, as are the Saudis.  Iran is Shi'ite. No love is lost between the two Muzzie branches:  note that the Palestinian (Shi'ite) bunch is distinctly un-enthused about ISIS.  Get the idea?  Obozo doesn't only bow to the Saudis; he's actively assisting them--thus, indirectly, actively assisting ISIS.

Putin, on the other hand, has seen the effects of Sunni (ISIS) radicalism in Chechen with the slaughter of schoolchildren and will not tolerate the spread of Sunni/ISIS.

So he took them down.

There's a side-play here, too, involving a NATO "ally" of the US:  Turkey.  ISIS' money comes from Iraqi oil that ISIS has stolen and is selling to Turkey (rumor has it that one of the beneficiaries of the transactions is Erdogan's son.  Nepotism in all its glory!!)  Putin decided to take out the funding source, too.

...Previously, the US claimed it didn’t destroy the oil convoys because The Pentagon was concerned about collateral damage. Once Putin blew the whistle on the Turkey-ISIS oil connection and began posting video clips of oil tanker trucks streaming across the border with apparent impunity, Washington was forced to drop the “collateral damage” excuse and start bombing the trucks (although Russia will tell you that there’s not much bombing going on from the US side of things). All in all, this reinforces the notion that Washington has no strategy....

Well, actually, Obozo does have a 'strategy.'  It's the time-honored "baffle 'em with bullshit"!!

...the US is now scrambling to craft a "new narrative" to feed to the impatient electorate. “Military officials on the Operation Inherent Resolve task force have recently formed a working group to formulate a ‘new narrative,’ The Hill writes, citing defense officials. ...

Thus, since 11/30, Obozo and his buttboys in the Pentagon have inundated the airwaves with "Lookie what we done!!" stuff. 

To show how useless Obozo has been, even Paul Ryan is asking questions!!

"This isn’t the first time the president has stressed that the American people just don’t get it, blaming poor communication for America’s discontent rather than the failed policies themselves," said a statement from Ryan’s office. 

The issue was not with "a communications plan" to defeat ISIS but rather over the need for a "comprehensive plan to destroy this enemy and protect our homeland," it said.

OK, Paul.  Now please pass the budget and gravy.

But even though Ryan has the right analysis of the Bullshit Plan, he doesn't (yet) put his finger on the underlying problem, which is the Obozo Deal With Iran.

...But what Ryan apparently either doesn't get or simply can't say, is that this isn't about destroying ISIS, it's about achieving larger geopolitical goals like rolling back Iranian influence in the Arabian Peninsula and helping ensure that the Mid-East balance of power doesn't shift too dramatically towards Iran once sanctions are lifted next year....

There you have it.  ISIS or Iran.  Putin made his choice, putting Russia in first place in the race to win over the mullahs.  Well-played.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Did Paul Ryan Throw the Primaries to Cruz?

Interesting little graf here which raises a possibility that Ryan--through his awful, horrible, terrible, budget-- just tossed the (R) nomination to Cruz or Trump.

...Together, the four “moderate” candidates only earn just over 40 percent of the Republican vote in New Hampshire. Trump and Cruz together earn 40 percent support in New Hampshire, a state which is far less conservative ideologically than other early voting states.

Not only are Kasich, Bush, Christie and Rubio contesting the same slice of the party, but that slice is getting smaller.

Anxiety about the economy and foreign affairs are part of this equation. So too, though, is the Republican Congress’ apparent acquiescence with President Barack Obama’s agenda. In many ways, these four promise the same leadership that ceded almost all policy and spending ground to the Democrats just a couple weeks ago....

... Conservatives are relatively united behind either Trump or Cruz, while the establishment candidates are hopelessly splintered. Perhaps the biggest difference, though, is that the conservative wing of the party has grown so much larger that it can accommodate two leading candidates....

Like I said:  "interesting."

Belloc, the Not-Really Merciful One

Saw a reference to this earlier, found the entire thing at Mahound's Paradise.

Noël! Noël! Noël! Noël
A Catholic tale have I to tell!
And a Christian song have I to sing
While all the bells in Arundel ring.

I pray good beef and I pray good beer
This holy night of all the year,
But I pray detestable drink for them
That give no honour to Bethlehem.

May all good fellows that here agree
Drink Audit Ale in heaven with me
And may all my enemies go to hell!
Noël! Noël! Noël! Noël!
May all my enemies go to hell!
Noël! Noël!

--Hilaire Belloc

Clearly, he lived before Pp. Francis showed up.

Yes, It's a Myth

Jeff Ostrowski mentions a persistent falsehood.

The Catholic Church before Vatican II focused on externals, never stressing a personal relationship with the Lord. The priests rushed through Mass as quickly as possible—to get it over with—which made no difference because priests in those days didn’t understand the prayers (recited in Latin). Low Mass often lasted 15 minutes, and the Requiem was frequently chosen because it was shorter; not because of the priest’s sincere desire to offer prayers for the dead...

Jeff questioned a few friends of his who celebrated "pre-VII" Masses and all of them stated with no qualifications that the allegation(s) are lies.

FWIW, I was present for lots of those, too--and there is no truth to the "15 minutes" thing at all.  There was no sermon, of course, and few communicants* (these Masses were held at 6 AM)--so the time taken was naturally less.

As to the 'preference' for the 'shorter' Requiem Mass?  Another marker of ignorance.  Those Masses were said because of stipend-offerings made by relatives or friends of the deceased soul for whom the Mass was offered.  The priest was obligated to say the Requiem Mass if he took the stipend (usually $5.00 in those days.)  Had nothing whatsoever to do with 'brevity.'

These days, we all know that every soul is immediately granted entry to the Beatific Vision, of course, so there's no need for intercessory Masses.  Right??

*This brings up another discussion. 

When the 6:00AM Mass began, there would be a dozen or so people in the church--but at 6:20 or so, another dozen would suddenly appear at the back of the nave.  They were "daily communicants" who did not attend the Mass, but wanted to receive Communion. 

Just before the communion of the faithful, the altar-boys would recite the Confiteor, and the priest would turn from the altar and give a 'short shrive' consisting of two prayers.  That ritual is the "third Confiteor"  which was inserted in the EF Mass specifically to accommodate those "daily communicants"--and which was removed from the Mass just before the 1962 Rite was codified.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Baltimore, the Next Detroit

Long obituary for the not-quite-dead city of Baltimore.

At one time, 10% of Baltimore residents were drug addicts.  Based on what one reads, over 30% of Baltimore's elected officials also have drug problems.  Could be 80%.  Who knows?

Fortunately, Baltimore's vibrant minority community wishes to withdraw from the City of Baltimore.  With any luck, that will include secession from the US.

Godspeed, folks.

O'Keefe and D'Souza: The Criminalization of Conservatism

Conservatives in Wisconsin were shocked to learn the sordid details of the flat-out illegal and un-Constitutional persecution of Eric O'Keefe.  Lead rabid-dog Kennedy of GAB, aided and abetted by his Rasputin-like Falk, a badge-flashing co-conspirator Chisholm and two of his mouth-breathing assistants, and a willing accomplice Schmitz, spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars attempting to destroy O'Keefe and a number of other Wisconsin conservative operatives.

This was not a "mistake," nor was it poor judgment.  It was planned and executed on a broad and malicious scale, with all the plays run by the Progressives (including their doddering, drooling, black-robed superiors holding "Board" seats at GAB) being near-precise imitations of what their sociopath Sacred Leader, the country's sniveling selfie-queen, Obama, had done to Dinesh D'Souza.  (HT:  AOSHQ)

The only difference was that D'Souza's persecutors did not utilize midnight no-knock armed raids victimizing children and families.

Small comfort to D'Souza, of course--but he learned something during his imprisonment:  Progressives are not 'nice people with silly ideas.'  They are not "true believers."  They are, in fact, a criminal gang who have no moral compunctions whatsoever and are determined to steal whatever they can from the taxpaying populace to gain absolute power. 

Resist, and you will be silenced, imprisoned, or both.  Summary execution is not out of the question; it's a matter of when, not if.

...Progressives, he now perceives, are engaged in a massive scheme to “steal America,” meaning all of its wealth and traditions. Their ideas and the foibles of their interest-group politics are often incoherent because they are not actually meant to cohere. They are, instead, a Machiavellian ploy, a pretense to morality (because the public expects it) that camouflages the remorseless acquisition of power needed to rob the public blind....

Were it only theft of possessions!  The Progressives, living up to the maxim that murder and lies are bedfellows, have made "legal" the act of killing babies and "marriage" of like sexes; they have perverted the IRS; they will shortly finish strangling US industry and homeowners with "clean-air" regulations thus handing over an immense pile of wealth to the con-artists, hucksters, charlatans, and scammers of "clean energy;" and they will next claim possession of all puddles, rivulets, and ponds in the US--adding to their 60%++ holdings of the country's land-area.

...D’Souza, like most conservatives, used to be dismissive of progressive narratives about social justice that portray common folk as victims of American history’s “oppressive legacy,” preyed upon by capitalist titans and administrators of the criminal-justice system. Now, he has become convinced that the system is, in fact, unfair — not for the reasons cited by progressives but precisely because of progressive influence on the system. Their grip on power — crony capitalism, discretion over prosecutorial decisions, the promotion of favored factions — robs Americans of economic opportunity and subjects them to abuses of governmental process....

Their final act--in progress for several years now--will be to flood the country with "refugees", many of which adhere strongly to a religion which is antithetical to the Constitution and who will blow up and/or shoot American citizens, others of which will (if they find work) degrade the wage-base for low-skilled US workers, placing them further into the economic pit for the foreseeable future. With either (terrorism or enforced poverty), the Progressives "win."   

Dinesh D’Souza implores us to recognize the con for what it is, and work, as he works, to expose it, rather than dignify it as an alternative political philosophy. America, he contends, is well on the way to being stolen.
But just in case:  buy more ammo!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

How Could Blake Neff Be So Wrong?

One runs across news stories which are blatantly wrong, but usually they are in the MSM.

This one, however, is in the Daily Caller.  And it's a doozy.  One suspects that the reporter, a "Blake Neff" was actually writing a press release from the professor-ette at the center of the story.

...Earlier this month, political science professor Larycia Hawkins announced on Facebook she would be wearing a hijab until Christmas to show solidarity with Muslims who encounter bigotry in their daily lives. She described them as “people of the Book” who worship the same God as Christians.

Hawkins’ rhetoric, though, wasn’t pleasing to her employer, Wheaton College, which is an evangelical Christian school that requires all faculty members to adhere to a statement of faith in order to keep their jobs. School officials say Hawkins’ statements didn’t adequately distinguish Islam from Christianity, and they responded by suspending her indefinitely....

There is now some talk of reinstatement but with loss of tenure,  That's the "lose her job" flapjaw in the headline of the story.,

Re-read the red in the quote above.  Hawkins said that the God of Islam is the same God as the God of Christians and Jews.

That is heresy.  One need only recall that both the Christian and Jewish God is a Trinity (albeit one must dig a bit in the OT to find the clues for the Jewish side of it.)  Allah, on the other hand, is not a Trinity; he does not have a "son" called Jesus Christ, and certainly does not have a Holy Spirit. 

Mr. Neff could have called the Wheaton people to get an understanding, I suppose, but that may have required some thinking on his part.  Maybe next time he'll try that.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Gov. Walker!! Pay Attention!

EPA's new rules vis-a-vis air pollution will be VERY expensive for people and industry in Wisconsin, so Wisconsin joined a number of other States suing EPA.  EPA will fight, first by delaying a hearing for as long as possible, then by dragging out the case.  Aside from a (R) government zeroing out EPA funding (the very best solution for the maggots), there will be a long, expensive, lawsuit path.

North Carolina has a quicker path.

...North Carolina quickly developed a proposal that ignores two of the three strategies recommended by the EPA. The plan received initial state approval in November.

"North Carolina is way ahead of the curve in terms of putting pen to paper on a rule," said Clint Woods, executive director of the Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies.

John Evans, chief deputy secretary for the Department of Environmental Quality, explained the rationale during a November meeting before a state environmental panel. He argued that the main lawsuit by the states could be drawn out by the EPA, making the state plan North Carolina's best hope to fight it in court.

"We expect the EPA to oppose being heard, and if they are successful, then ... the only chance for judicial review that we have available to us will be North Carolina's plan," he said.

Evans explained that if North Carolina submits a rule that's rejected by the EPA, the state can then take its case to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

"We have an appeal right there. That might be the first challenge in the nation to the federal power plan rule," he said....

Why wait around for the good sweet time of EPA?  

Et in Terra Pax Hominibus Bonae Voluntatis

May the peace and joy of the Nativity be with you.

Earnest Young Man w/Ambition Seeks New Job

Ol' Reince and the cigar-boyzzzz see the second coming of Walker (the gubernatorial candidate, not the FIFO presidential one) in Rubio.  Earnest, young, nice-enough family and personal story, not too much on the agenda...

...Reports and political pundits confirm that Rubio is now the Establishment and donor class’s preferred candidate. On Monday’s program of Morning Joe,  the New York Times’ Nick Confessore said that Rubio, “is the establishment candidate. They love him. That’s his crowd now.”...

There is one problem with Marco?Marco? (the man who doesn't like retail politics):

...We had roughly 20 minutes with him [Rubio] on Monday, and in that time, he talked about ISIS, the economy, his political record and his background. But it was like watching a computer algorithm designed to cover talking points. He said a lot but at the same time said nothing. It was like someone wound him up, pointed him toward the doors and pushed ‘play.’...--Conway Daily Sun, New Hampshire

The New Hampshire reporter's phrasing is very, very good.  Ever see Marco?Marco? on Fox News' morning show?  That's exactly how he comes across.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

What You'd Expect from Rahm ...

...but who's next?

...The lesson for us is that police departments are more and more using stability operations as a model or paradigm for their work, with the approval of those in charge.  As these tactics want to work their way into the fabric of American society like a cancer, one goal will be to kill the cancer before it takes over the host.  This battle will be gradual, fought initially on the fields of town hall meetings, boards, blogs, and so on.  If the battles are lost there, it will expand, and if lost entirely, dystopia (and maybe insurgency) will come to the American countryside....

"Stability ops" is what's current in the Chicago PD order of battle, and what led to the death of Laquan Jackson.

But extremely tight police control of other cities is always a possibility.  "Broken windows" policing is the smiley-face variant; it's only a matter of degree.

Stupid enforcement of stupid parking regulations is another tactic. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Marco? Marco?

Sorry, no "polo" here. 

Rubio won't bother with the old grip-and-grin stuff; after all, he has FoxNews and the Establishment Boyzzzz.  He has quit the retail campaign trail; he has favorable press and the Money Folks; who needs actual people?

Why stop retail campaigning?

He might encounter actual real-life people who have been dis-employed due to unrestricted illegal immigration

You know, the immigration Marco?  Marco?  favors.

Ryan Turns to Lyin'

Knowing that his omnibus Christmas gift to Obozo is massively unpopular, Paul Ryan of the Fully-Fenced-and-Guarded Manse is now asserting .....ahhhhh......untruths about the damn thing.

This essay demonstrates that the Speaker speaketh with forked tongue.

Beyond that, it strikes me as very peculiar that of all the thousands of "refugees" the US has admitted, almost none are Catholic (the press calls them "Christian"), especially considering that Catholics (Christians) are one of the principal objects of persecution in the Middle East.

And I'll borrow an analogy/illustration from another pundit to make a point that Paul Ryan of the Fully-Fenced-and-Guarded Manse doesn't seem to get:  suppose that you are given a bowl of 10,000 M&M's.  And suppose that 200 of those are deadly poison.  How many would you force your neighbors to eat?

Hmmmmm, Paul?

Parting shot:  he didn't even bother to lie about his funding of Baby Butcherhood.  I guess those babies are not even on his radar any more.  Hmmmmmm?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gotta Love This Cop

This might be one of the best PSA's I've seen in quite some time.  You have to listen all the way to the end.

Projection Personified

The psychiatrists use the term "projection" to describe a situation in which Person A attributes A's moral defects to others.  Oftentimes, such 'projection' is leveled at a class of people.  In the US, this projection-based name-calling is most often used by Leftists against Conservatives.


The “go-to PR firm” for “progressive groups,” FitzGibbon media, has shut it doors and canned all its employees so that its founder and president can fight a barrage of sexual harassment and sexual assault charges....

Discuss among yourselves.

Bob Gannon's Common Sense

Looks like common sense to me (and tens of thousands of others).

A Wisconsin lawmaker is calling on concealed carry permit holders to "clean our society of scum bags" after a shooting inside the crowded East Towne Mall in Madison that happened on Saturday, December 19th.

Criminals  in a mall with guns will think twice if they know there are people willing to shoot back, Rep. Bob Gannon, R-Slinger, said...

Gannon DID make one major error.

..."That is not vigilantism. That is self-defense," Gannon said when asked whether he'd gone too far with his comments. "Maybe that's too strong, but it's my nature to say things in a strong manner to make sure people are paying attention."...

Bob:  NEVER, EVER, apologize to the SJW's.  Never.  When you're right, you're right, and to hell with the squealers and prissies.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey! Paulie-Boy Ryan!! THATSNOTWHOWEARE!!!

Paulie, you're a rummy and coming close to being a scumbucket.

The WaPost (!!!!!!) published the following:

...An examination of State Department records by American Enterprise Institute researcher Justin Lang found that since 2001, the State Department had denied visas to just 2,231 individuals because the applicant was suspected of terrorist ties or activity. Yet during that same period, the State Department granted U.S. visas to 9,500 people who it later figured out posed a terrorist threat — and had to go back and retroactively revoke those individuals’ visas....

Wait. It gets better!

...Worse still, after officials caught their mistake and revoked the visas after the fact, they lost track of the visa holders. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, pressed Michele Thoren Bond, assistant secretary for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, to explain what had happened to the 9,500. She replied: “I don’t know....

Paulie "ThatsNotWhoWeAre" Ryan has a fenced, gated, compound with armed guards.  Thats Not Who WE Are, Paulie.  We have to rely on our own wits, guns, and instinct.  And if we're not somewhat lucky, we, our wives, and/or our children will be dead.  Or hospitalized.

Thanks, Paulie-Boy.

HT:  Grim

Tim Cook: Out-of-Touch Silicon Valley Moron

This remark by Cook tells you everything you need to know about "out-of-touch" as it applies to Silicon Valley morons.

“It’s skill,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in response to a question on “60 Minutes” Sunday from Charlie Rose as to why the company’s products are made in China.

Rose clearly wasn’t buying it. “They have more skills than American workers? They have more skills than German Workers?” he pressed.

“The U.S., over time, began to stop having as many vocational kind of skills,” Cook explained. “I mean, you can take every tool and die maker in the United States and probably put them in a room that we’re currently sitting in. In China, you would have to have multiple football fields.
  --quoted at Ticker

Maybe Timmy the Twit should get out more, in the Midwest. 

Paul Ryan would be happy to host him in his gated & guarded Janesville manse, I'm sure.  Then Timmy could meet a few tool-and-die makers who used to work for GM, or Case, if Paulie Boy lets them in.

Hypotheticals Are Fun!

Nobody with any common sense gives a rotten fig about "the media's opinion" in the first place.

But V D Hanson sets them up to knock them down with a few tantalizing hypotheticals.

If a Republican is elected president, what will the media and its liberal sympathizers do should the next chief executive decide to follow the Obama modus operandi?...

...In January 2017, the new president might announce a cut-off of all federal funds for sanctuary cities found in violation of federal law. Or, also taking his cue from Obama, he might allow individual municipalities to nullify federal laws as they see fit: The Endangered Species Act null and avoid inside Salt Lake City? Gay marriage illegal within the city limits of Mobile? Gun control mandates too much of a hassle for those living in Laramie? Texas towns free to burn coal as they please?...

While the 9th and 10th Amendments don't apply to municipalites, they DO apply to States.  VDH missed a bet there, but the possibilities are a lot of fun to contemplate.

Too bad Scott Walker doesn't have the guts to discontinue queer "marriage" using the Bill of Rights as his vehicle, eh?

Monty Python on the GOP

If you know from Monty Python, this is very good.

If you don't, don't bother to click the link.


You should look it up, Mr. Obozo.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Russia, Turkey, and the CIA

That shoot-down of the Russki plane has a bit more backstory than Obozo&Co. would like you to know.

...the downing of the Russian SU-24 is becoming a major liability. The Russians have immediately claimed that this was a carefully planned and cowardly ambush, but now top western experts agree. 

This is very embarrassing, and it could get much worse with the deciphering of the flight recorders of the SU-24 (which the Russians have found and brought to Moscow). The picture which emerges is this: not only was this a deliberate provocation, an ambush, but there is overwhelming evidence that the Turks used the information the Russians have provided to the USA about their planned sorties

The fact that the Americans gave that information to the Turks is bad enough, but the fact that the Turks then used that information to shoot down a Russian aircraft makes the US directly responsible. 

The USA is also responsible by the simple fact that there is no way the Turks could have set up this complex ambush without the USA knowing about it....--quoted at Vox's place

Yah, it's prolly the CIA that set it up, knowing what a bunch of wackjobs they really are.  Of course, Obozo is just as wacky, if not more so, and then there's always John Kerry.

And For Paul Ryan's NEXT Trick.....

After thoroughly trashing Paulie-Boy (the 'man' with no balls) in this essay, we are then told this: year, Ryan is expected to push through legislation that will lead to thousands of drug dealers being released from prison

Ryan told Todd that he’s all about improving the daily lives of Americans. Releasing thousands of felons convicted of drug dealing, a crime for which the recidivism rate is well in excess of 50 percent, is a very odd way to improve daily life in America....

Yah, well.  He's already "improved life in America" by funding the import of 10,000 or more un-vettable Muslim "refugees."

I think Paulie-Boy should put razor-wire on top of his mansion's fence.  And double his armed guards.

Because ThatsNotWhoWeAre, Paulie.

The Rubio Shuffle-Dance and His Attack on Cruz

Here's the heart of the Earnest Young Fellow's campaign:

“I’m personally against abortion [amnesty, Muslim "refugees", H1-B] BUT who am I to prevent others from having one.” ... Rubio seems to be running a campaign in which he is a Rorschach candidate, an empty vessel, someone whose views, even if not articulated, are completely aligned with your own. Rather like an obscure, one-term Illinois senator back in 2008....

We should add that the same duck/weave/dodge BS shows up in the "'s settled law" horsecrap about Obergefell.

Shorter:  the Earnest Young Fellow will attempt to baffle you with bullshit.

Meantime, he's going to try to smear Cruz, but not really to win voters.  It's to get money.

...This attack is not about hurting Cruz with voters because only a moron could think that Cruz’s answer on his amendment is going to be more damage that Rubio explaining how he told Florida voters he would never vote for amnesty, then supported and helped shape an amnesty bill, then decided he was against amnesty again. This attack is about bringing Jeb Bush donors on board. And the way to attract Bush and other establishment donors to the Rubio campaign is to give them attacks that they want to hear. Attacks that don’t resonate with GOP primary voters but which are catnip to the establishment. And what better way to communicate to the GOP establishment that you are about to take out the most dangerous man in the race with a can’t-lose-killer-strategy than to trumpet that strategy in POLITICO....

Hmmm.  Apparently Jeb!! is already a carcass.  (Yes, I knew that.)

Grothman: Just Like Tom Petri--or Worse

It appears that Grothman's entire congressional campaign was a large sack of lies.

Surprise!!  (He's a lawyer....)

Now at a 58% conservative rating from CR, he'll fall even further as he toes the Ryan line of soft leftism.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rule # 1: Follow the Money (to Rubio)

Artful deception is a time-honored political practice.  But when you want to know who's just plain deceptive, follow the money.

So where does Rubio get his money?

From the open borders/H1-B serial abusers.

Rubio owes somebody, big-time.  And those "somebodies" are not your friends.

"Po' Ol' Paul Ryan"

A Nevada House member suggests that Paul Ryan shouldn't be blamed for the s*&^ sandwich budget.


Paul Ryan was Chair/House Budget and Chair/House Ways & Means before becoming Speaker.  Po' ol' Paul just had NO influence on budgets, or anythin' like that.  Po' Paul jes' kinda got trapped by ...whatever.

So Po' ol' Paul, he was jes' doin' his job.  Couldn't do anythin' else.  Jes' take the country into BK with debt, import a few folks who want to kill everybody here, fund the people who ARE killing babies and selling the parts for scrap.  You know.  Couldn't he'p himself.


Friday, December 18, 2015

Sensenbrenner Faking "Conservatism" Again

Now ol' Jimbo will come to that foreign land, the 5th District, and play 'conservative' for the rubes.

That's after his wildly enthusiastic vote for Paul Ryan's*.. to Obozo.

*'Gift' in the sense that "...she gave...." IYKWIMAITYD

Footnote:  RoJo, as we all expected, voted for this piece of crap, too.  But he's diligently worked his way to irrelevant, so who cares?

Paul Ryan: "Play Russian Roulette, Suckers!"

Paul Ryan, the fellow with the fenced and guarded yard, will fully fund Obozo's importation of 10,000 (or more, who knows??) "refugees."  They will not be vetted.  We will not know who they are or what they think about conducting a little jihad party while they're here.

What Ryan is telling you is this:  "Here's a gun.  Some chambers are loaded.  Put the muzzle to your head and pull the trigger.  Maybe you will live, maybe not.  But hey--I don't care!!  I have my armed guards, and thatsnotwhoweare if you have any questions!"

Thanks, Paul!

The 10,000 "I dunno" Terrorists Here

Now that Paul Ryan has funded even more no-questions-asked "refugee" admissions to the US, we find that the US Government has no friggin' idea where 10,000 terror-connected immigrants are.

They are someplace, of course.

Next door to you?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

ThatsNotWhoWeAre, Paul Ryan!

Paul has one thing right.

...While Paul Ryan’s omnibus spending bill does not provide funding for the mandatory completion of a 700-mile double-layer border fence that Congress promised the American people nearly a decade ago when it passed the 2006 Secure Fence Act, Paul Ryan has constructed a fence around his property.

As Breitbart News’s photographic documentation reveals, Ryan’s home is surrounded by a tall border fence reinforced by equally high bushes— ensuring both privacy and security. Moreover, the fence is manned by an on-duty agent who guards his property’s perimeter. Upon even the slightest appearance of any unusual activity— such as a 5’2″ female taking a photograph of the fence— Ryan’s border agent will deploy into action to ensure the perimeter’s sovereignty.

Since 90+% of Americans do not have a full-perimeter fence, nor full-perimeter privacy shrubbery, nor an armed guard, Paul is correct:


Paul Ryan's ICE Budget: Steady on Your Course

Paul Ryan didn't bother with details on the ICE budget.

So this sort of shit will continue.

...ICE arrested 39 illegal aliens who’d been convicted on a crime during a large-scale sting operation across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware between Nov. 30 and Dec. 4. Included among these were 17 individuals arrested in the Philadelphia area, another six caught in Pittsburg [sic], and seven apprehended in Charleston....

Good, eh?


The ICE agents who caught the slimebags were DISCIPLINED for those apprehensions by Ms. Soldana (ICE), Jeh Johnson (Homeland "Security") and Johnson's Big Boss, the pResdent.

Not to worry.  Their budget is intact, and their policies will not change.

Paul Ryan's Cromnibus: $12 BN for Health Insurers

Since ObozoCare is a trainwreck-in-progress, and since Paul Ryan's House could not pass a direct subsidy to health insurers (knowing that they would get tarred, feathered, and hung), Ryan's budget pulls a backdoor deal.

Tax exemptions for the insurers to the tune of $12 billion dollars.


Little Annie Gets One Right

Annie Coulter has been wandering about lately, trying to understand Conservatism--and not doing very well in the process.  But now and then she finds an acorn.

...the GOP’s demand that we take out ISIS would also have done nothing to prevent the San Bernardino attack. As we know from Jim Comey, the director of the FBI: Syed Farouk and Tashfeen Malik were planning a terrorist attack against Americans before ISIS existed.
It’s as if there’s a law of toughness conservation: The weaker a candidate is on protecting our borders, the more aggressively he talks about bombing foreign countries, a move known as “the Lindsey Graham.”...


Ryan: "Your Children Don't Get Summer Work!"

Besides the budget-busting, baby-killing, Statist, and terrorist-importing that Paul Ryan's budget gives you, he also decided that MORE ultra-low-wage imported seasonal temporary labor is a good thing.

Your kid needs a summer job to pay for college?  Tough.  Let them borrow money, instead.

It's hard to believe, but the landscape industry has more pull in Congress than you and your children.

UPDATE:  Far more, and a lot more fun, on this matter at Ace's Place.

Ryan Funds EPA's Land-Grabbing!

The EPA--illegally--has declared that 'all your waters is ours.'  They MEAN "all" when they say it, too.  That includes water in ditches, ponded water in your backyard resulting from rain, ALL of it.

That's all OK with Paul Ryan.  He'll let EPA go right ahead with seizing control of all that water, and your land.

So while Wisconsin (and 30 other States) are suing EPA over this, Ryan puts Wisconsin taxpayers' money on the other side of the court case.  IOW, you pay for both sides of the lawyers' bills.

Nice, Paul!!

Paul Ryan: "Kill a Lot Of Birds" Budget!!

Not content with funding the world's largest baby-killing organization, and not satiated by importing people who may only want to kill Americans, Paul Ryan's budget will also knock off a whole lot of birds.  (What does Ryan have against birds, for cryin' out loud??)

Yup.  Windmills to chop them up and solar collectors to fry them on the fly!

(By the way, Paul will also fully fund Energy Department moves to keep you in the dark and shutting off your electric range by regulating coal-fired electrical generation to death.  So you'll need those pre-cooked birds from the solar collectors, I guess.)

Baby Chop-Shops Funded by Ryan

Should un-vetted jihadis miss a few Americans while shooting up Christmas lunches or movie theatres, or blowing up people at sporting events,  not to worry!!

Paul Ryan's budget provides several $hundred million (yes, several $HUNDRED MILLION) for baby-butchering in Planned Parenthood facilities.

NotWhoWeAre budgeting will make certain that many Americans are "not."

NotWhoWeAre Budget: No Vetting!

Paul Ryan's budget--among other things--doesn't bother with requiring any serious vetting of refugees.

NotWhoWeAre is apparently a suicide pact. 

Thanks, Paul!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Anniversary Date

December 16th, 1773

Yah, I think there's no such thing as co-incidence; day after two Tea Party guys score pretty well in a debate.

And by the way, go ahead and outlaw the guns.  See where that gets ya.

HT:  Codrea

Paul Ryan's Excellent Boehner Imitation

Paul Ryan claims that he's 'trapped' into Boehnerism for the current budget-busting bill.

Not only that, he's also using Boehner hide-and-seek tactics.

He's going to delay the "Cadillac tax" of Obozocare by two years and trade that for the 'medical device' tax (eliminating it).  Each of those moves is for about TWO years.

How will he do that?  By putting those provisions into two separate bills, and only joining them after they pass the House.  IOW, he'll rely on the Pubbies to pass the med-device exemption, and the Donkey Party to pass the Caddy Tax elimination--and then--SURPRISE!!! slam them together for McConnell's Supine Senate.

So while poor ol' Paul is 'trapped' in Boehner-land, he may as well use Boehner's three-card-monte trickery and deceit, I guess.

What a jerk he really is.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


HT:  MoonBattery

Is $4.9 Billion Enough for Loony Musk?

Sorry--that's a typo.  It's really "Elon" Musk.  But the confusion is justifiable.

He burned through (literally) a few Teslas--which also have a LOT of warranty costs; now he's burning through a lot of birds solar energy grants.  Not to be deterred, he'll be trying to burn his way to Mars before the end of the Earth.

Which 'end of the Earth' he's doing his damndest to facilitate.

Time for the Feds to shut him out of TAXPAYER money, folks.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Madison Rabble-Rouser Attacks Church (!!)

It's Christmas time, so the rabble-rousers are attacking the Church.

Mike Quieto used to frequent St. Paul's Catholic Church in downtown Madison while studying on the University of Wisconsin campus. Last week, he returned for an advent Mass.

Afterward, Quieto says he watched as a man wearing a clerical collar ask homeless people sleeping on the steps to leave....

Umnnhhh, yah, public safety and all that.

...Father Eric Nielsen, of St. Paul's, said the church has always allowed homeless people to sleep on its steps, but only after 10 p.m.

"We don't really kick people off the steps," he said. "We just ask them to leave and they normally have obliged."...

Note well:  the church allows these folks to stay overnight.  Just not during the heavily-trafficked daytime hours.

...Quieto questioned the decision and said he was upset as a churchgoer.

""It's good for us to be sad and angered and challenged by the realities of poverty and social injustice in the world," Quieto said. "Because it reminds us to be charitable and to give and to do more."

Uh huh.  So Mike, those guys could use a warm place.  How about YOURS??

What Paul Ryan's Congress Is Funding: National Suicide

Earlier we mentioned that the House budget will include full funding to import a large number of (completely un-vetted) Islamic "refugees".

The funding will cover DHS activity concerning those "refugees".  However,

...Fearing a civil liberties backlash and "bad public relations" for the Obama administration, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson refused in early 2014 to end the secret U.S. policy that prohibited immigration officials from reviewing the social media messages of all foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas, according to a former senior department official.

"During that time period immigration officials were not allowed to use or review social media as part of the screening process," John Cohen, a former acting under-secretary at DHS for intelligence and analysis. Cohen is now a national security consultant for ABC News....

The story goes on to say that the policy is 'under review' at this time.  Nonetheless, there WILL be a budget agreement.

Thanks, Paul.  It's "whoweare," ya'know.

Caliphate Is Coming to Town, Courtesy of Paul Ryan

Christmas will have a different flavor this year.  It ain't "Santa" who is coming to town.

...As Rich Lowry, Mark Levin, Jeff Sessions, and nonpartisan immigration control groups have explained, the Ryan-McCaul measure to screen Syrian and Iraqi refugees will not in any way halt Obama’s refugee resettlement operation. It ignores completely refugees from virtually all Muslim countries that have sent terrorists to America – such as Somalia, Bosnia and Uzbekistan – while still allowing the President to bring in as many Syrian refugees as he wants on top of that....

Looks like Paul Ryan's House is trying to replace Obozo as the Gun Salesman of the Year.

The question is not "who we are", no matter how often Ryan and Obozo repeat that soporific mantra.  The question is "How well vetted they are."  Importing citizens of a caliphate is national suicide.  And Speaker Ryan has no friggin' idea whether any given Muslim is a caliphate citizen.  One wonders if Ryan actually gives a damn.

Need more on the topic?  Ask anyone who was 'outside the wire' in the sandbox or the 'stan.

....There will be no doubt some hand-wringing about “Islamophobia” and further calls to continue the American elite’s fourteen-year track record of whitewashing Islamic beliefs and culture, but I wonder if the media is missing a powerful, largely-uncovered influence on America’s hearts and minds — the experience and testimony of the more than two million Americans who’ve served overseas since 9/11 and have experienced Islamic cultures up-close.

Yes, they were in the middle of a war — but speaking from my own experience — the war was conducted from within a culture that was shockingly broken. I expected the jihadists to be evil, but even I couldn’t fathom the depths of their depravity. And it was all occurring against the backdrop of a brutally violent and intolerant culture. Women were beaten almost as an afterthought, there was a near-total lack of empathy for even friends and neighbors, lying was endemic, and sexual abuse was rampant. Even more disturbingly, it seemed that every problem was exacerbated the more religious and pious a person (or village) became. ...

"Whoweare"?  Maybe ObozoRyan would like to define that term.  For that matter, maybe the various religious SJWs (such as Catholic Charities) should be forced to do so.  I'm told that Cdl. Dolan is a student of Church history, so the words "Vienna" and "Lepanto" should ring a bell with him.

Or maybe they won't.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Donald Trumps Irony

Well, The Donald had to do it sooner or later (he's losing ground fast, and he knows it.)  So now it's Cruz.

I don’t think he’s qualified to be president… I don’t think he has the right temperament. I don’t think he’s got the right judgment… You look at the way he’s dealt with the Senate, where he goes in there like a — you know, frankly like a little bit of a maniac. You’re never going to get things done that way.  PJMedia quoting PoliticalWire

Hmmm.  "Temperament."  "Judgment."  From The Donald, no less!

Is Cdl. Dolan's Star About to Crash?

Seriously nasty stuff here about a NYC priest stealing from a parish or two or three, exotic homosexual activity, and the alleged non-response from Cdl. Dolan and the NYC Archdiocese.

That last is far more important than the rest, folks.

Think Rush is Wrong?

Anecdotal, of course--but it ties directly to the post below.

(From the article's text, I'll assume this writer lives in the greater Chicago area.)

A couple of days ago I stood in line for little over an hour at a national sporting goods outfitter/retailer along with 30 other people (no lie, 30, because I counted them all in front of me) as some of us waited to purchase a firearm while others waited to pick one up.  As the line slowly snaked to the counter, with more people adding to the line behind me, I began to look at demographics of the people waiting — predominantly white with about 25% hispanic, predominantly male  — I was one of three women, but the other two weren’t buyers, more like the girlfriend/wife — assuming US citizens, all age groups from mid-20’s to 70’s, middle-class/blue collar, and suburban to the outlying collar counties....

Read the rest yourself (it's short.)  We live in very interesting times.

In similar mode, I am now constantly reminding the wife and chilluns to 1)  pay attention to the "exit" signs, 2)  be prepared to drop to the floor and crawl FAST, 3)  find concealment and/or cover, and 4)  always be paying attention to others while they're out in crowds--particularly in shopping malls and other crowded areas.

This is the "whoweare" America that our Establishment is all comfy with?  Really??

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rush: "The Lack of Moral Authority..."

Here is the crux of it:

...If you want, pick any name from what everybody would agree would be the Washington establishment who’s criticizing Trump and saying, “This is not who we are, and this does not represent American values, and this simply will not stand. This is not who we are and this is not what we’re about, and this is reprehensible and it’s outrageous, and Trump should apologize, and this will not be allowed to happen. This is un-American!” 

There’s not a single one of them that has any moral authority left to have that mean anything with the American people. I think this is a crucial point. This chasm, this distance, this divide from the Washington establishment to the people who make this country work? It is so wide, it is so big, that there’s nobody in the establishment that has any credibility any longer...quoted at ColdFury

Well, there is one:  Ted Cruz.  And he's keeping his mouth shut, for the time being. 

TPP "Toxic"--So McConnell Will Pass It Anyway

McConnell simply cannot change his stripes.  He'll support Obozo's crap sandwich.

But the timing has to be right, ya'know.

..Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning told Breitbart News that Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’s (R-KY) statement that Congress won’t be passing President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal before the 2016 election shows that the TPP is “too toxic to handle during an election season.”...

So McConnell will jam it through AFTER the election--but before a new Congress and President is seated.

This guy makes Milorganite look like filet mignon.

The Donald Hears the Hoofbeats

The Donald checks his polls daily--he knows who's gaining on him.

Ted Cruz.

So The Donald turns up the pandering!!  Yesterday it was kill-the-cop-killers day. 

Today it's "Cornhole the Public" Day. 

(Granted, the Republicans have been cornholing us for years.  But it's going to come to a stop someday, one way or the other.)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Reince's Word: "Let It Burn"?


Apparently Reince Priebus is preparing to broker the convention in order to shut out The Donald--and the rumor is that Reince and the Boyzzzz will nominate Mitt Romney.

In English, that would be "Let it burn."

Cruz on H-1B: Pay Them a LOT More!

Seems that Ted Cruz has figured out the scam of H1-B.

...He has done so in a new H-1B reform bill designed to raise the cost of hiring temporary visa workers.
This bill, released late Thursday, sets a minimum wage of $110,000 for H-1B workers, who currently can be paid well less than half that amount in some U.S. regions under prevailing wage rules. This base salary will adjust annually for inflation....

Yes, Cruz has changed position on the H1-bB matter.  Jeff Sessions explains:

... "The mass layoff of American workers at Disney, Southern California Edison, and many other companies -- who were then forced to train their foreign replacements -- underscores that our political system has failed in its duty to protect our own people," said Sen. Sessions, in a statement....

Nice to know that Cruz--unlike Rubio--gets it.

The Donald Doesn't Need a Steenkin' Constitution!!

Some other politicians are much more furtive about ignoring the Constitution.

...“One of the first things I’d do in terms of executive order if I win would be to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country, out to the world, that anybody caught killing a policeman, policewoman, police officer — anybody killing a police officer: death penalty,” Trump said to loud applause....

We won't rehearse the difference between Federal and State crimes, nor the legislative process required for sentencing guidelines.

We'll just note that The Donald is sounding a lot like Obozo is acting.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

John Chisholm: Campaign-Finance Crook?

Well, looky here!

John Chisholm, crusading clean-campaign guy, sucked up prima facie illegal campaign moneys.

Where's Francis Schmitz when you need him?

Obozo Humor Break!!!

Funny.  Quoted at ZeroHedge:

"What’s it like playing chess with Obama?" asks a top aide of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Putin replies, "It's like playing chess with a pigeon. First it knocks over all the pieces, then it shits on the board, and finally it struts around like it won."

If This Is Ryan's Argument....He's Wrong!

Antle writes an essay exposing the 'immigration problem' in the (R) Party.  Along the way, he characterizes the Paul Ryan position thus:

...immigration affirms the truths we hold to be self-evident, particularly that all men are created equal and the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. The willingness of immigrants to come here is a testament to the success of those principles....

Let's leave aside unbridled (illegal) immigration from the south, and the H1-B questions for the time; let's just run that argument vis-a-vis Muslims.

Short answer:  it's a loser. 

Muslims, assuming they are faithful to the Koran, do not believe a word of that 'all men...equal...' and 'right to the pursuit....' stuff.  A noticeable percentage don't believe in that 'right to life,' either.

Unfortunately for Speaker Ryan, a not-inconsiderable percentage of Muslims want to be ruled by Shari'a law, not the Constitution.

Give it up, Paul.

Chris Matthews and Ben Sasse?

Apparently Chris Matthews has been paying attention--or he's stealing material from Ben Sasse.

On Tuesday’s Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Donald Trump is resonating with “the little guy” who thinks the bipartisan permanent political establishment that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush personify has sold him out on issues like immigration, trade, and terrorism and is completely out of touch with their hopes, fears, and concerns.

Matthews said that though he agreed with the political establishment “about Trump’s un-American call to stop Muslims at the airport,” there is a “reason Trump’s out there and people are buying him.”
“There’s a huge vacuum in this country,” Matthews continued. “And this guy is filling it.”...

Imagine that!!  The Acela Corridor people are despised by most Americans.


Birds, Feathers, Rahm & Rubio

Interesting little note here.

Republican establishment frontrunner Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) picked up a major new donor who happens to be one of the most important money-men bankrolling Democratic Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago-based hedge fund honcho Ken Griffin has joined Team Marco, and has chipped in “several million dollars” to the pro-Rubio super-PAC...

Oh.  Well, sure.

OMG! An Actual Catholic Priest!!

What you'd expect from the precious SJW snowflakes, in a periodical which is their own journal.

A total of 143 parishioners from St. John the Evangelist Church in Waynesville, in a parish of roughly 300 families, have petitioned Bishop Peter Jugis of the Charlotte diocese to remove their pastor, Fr. Christopher Riehl, who came to the church just a little over a year ago.

At an average of 3 per family, the snowflakes are only 1/6th of the membership.  

Parishioners who value what they say was the post-Vatican II style of their parish have locked horns with Riehl, who came to Waynesville from the Knoxville, Tenn., diocese in July 2014 intent with what his critics describe as "restorationist" approaches to liturgy and church governance....

Yah.  Practices which are actually, y'know, "Catholic."

...Riehl has moved ahead on rectory repairs and other expensive projects over the objection of the parish finance committee; has taken over the parish's Rite of Christian Initiation for Catholic converts with a pastor-centric approach which is at odds with the recommendations of the U.S. bishops; and has "openly defamed the Second Vatican Council" while substituting popular hymns with Gregorian chant. Most of the choir resigned en masse after the former director was relieved of her duties....

Gott in Himmel!!  A priest who prepares people for Baptism!  Who repaired an un-inhabitable rectory!!!  

And that line about 'defaming' 2V?  Interesting that the article does NOT give us the actual quotes, eh?

I've seen this movie before.  Kulturkampf exists in the Church; we all should be prepared for it.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Ben Sasse Has It Right

I'll just quote one graf here; read the rest at HotAir, or see the video at same site.

...Sunday night [ObozoSpeech] was a drought. Monday night [Trump rant] was a flood. Neither are what the people need – or what they, at their best, want. But don’t be surprised that a people who are being misled by a political class in denial about the nature of this fight comes then quickly to desire very different, much more muscular words and utopian pledges....

ALL of them have failed.  Obozo?  Nothing new there at all.  Ryan, RoJo, and the rest of the (R) demi-nannies with their political correct
cowardice--that's another story.  It began with the treachery over ObozoCare, progressed through the 'bend over and enjoy this' posture over Obergefell, and now we have a National Suicide Agreement from them.
It IS all of a piece, and it is disgusting.

The (Tattered) Faith of SCOTUS

Interesting look at things here.  Especially interesting given that the Court recognized secular humanism as "a religion."

The secular humanism Posner and Segall (and Linda Greenhouse et al.) would impose depends upon a certain priesthood. In contrast to Scalia’s hierarchical Catholicism, the Posner-Segall clerisy consists of majoritarian conciliarism: any five Supreme Court justices can define what must be believed de fide definita in this faith. Once promulgated as an article of faith, it now brooks no heresy. It is infallible and to be applied always and everywhere. Not just subordinate courts but even subsequent Supreme Courts are believed to be bound to apply that majoritarian decision in all future cases, under the rubric of “respect for precedent.” 

But, you object, what if the article of faith is in error? Indeed, this majoritarian theocracy makes claims for a far greater infallibility than ever did any Roman Pontiff, because under the doctrine of judicial supremacy, the majority practically cannot be in error. Once declared to be precedent, adherence to that article of faith is deemed an essential sine qua non to the Court’s legitimacy[3] and even the “rule of law.”[4] So profound is the transformative effect of decree by the Court’s majoritarian theocracy that the ensuing decisions become practically infallible: only when manifestly unworkable and in error might such decisions be self-overruled (think Plessy v. Ferguson, because it took Congress to fix the travesty of Dred Scott). Indeed, even a conservative jurist like Robert Bork was so committed to the faith of majority decisions that he conceded some wrong decisions might be made right (a secular sanatio in radice?) by their simple persistence....

The Religion of Secular Humanism's reign of the last ~50 years is about to end.  The revolutionary noises heard from the Trumpkins, Cruzians, and Paulites, (to one degree or another)--fueled by the flammability of the Mohammedan question and the Fools' Errand of attempting to dis-arm the population--will see to that.

The only question:  will it end well?

A friend of mine started a magazine called "Culture Wars" several years ago.  While his recent offerings have been rather strange, he has the idea right; it's the old Kulturkampf, but writ much larger these days, here in the US.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Is The Donald Completely Wrong?

The whole universe of Bubble Class people wet their collective diapers today over The Donald's "Keep 'em all out!!" statement.


That's been done before.  The US has--Constitutionally and legally--discriminated in its immigration policy for years.  No big deal.  And as The Donald pointed out, Lefty Icon FDR not only 'discriminated' against Japanese, Italian, and German immigrants; he had them put into prison camps during WWII.

But OK.  Maybe The Donald went too far.  So how about a compromise?

Allow Muslims into the country under the usual conditions, so long as they are completely vetted AND their documentation is publicly available.  All of it.

Yah, I know.  The Bubble Class/Bubble Heads (same difference) won't like that either.

Too bad.  They can offer up their own wives and children as sacrifices on the altar of Allah.

Ace comments on the Bubble Class:

...I'm very amused by the many, many things people "know," without actually knowing, like reducing immigration levels for a specific group must be "unconstitutional," or that this goes against our "values."
It doesn't surprise me that dumb people know so damn much without knowing much at all; that's what marks them as dumb.

But it amuses me that so many smart people know even more things that aren't true.
I guess that's what really separates the dumb from the smart: The dumb only know a few stupid things that aren't true, while the intelligent and imaginative know a great many stupid things that aren't true.

Cheney, Ryan, RoJo--are you paying attention?

House-Trained Republican: Steve Scaffidi

Apparently the Mayor of Oak Creek has been house-trained by the Party Leaders.

The mayor also said education and outreach that teaches young people to embrace diversity could prevent the types of shootings seen in his community and in California.

"We are going to be a minority/majority country in about 25 years," Scaffidi said. "The problem, if you think it is a problem, is not going to go away. I happen to think diversity is a great thing." 

Well, then, may the "diversity" of Allahu Akhbar be with you, Mayor!!

Meantime, while you're still around, you should examine--with your brain fully engaged--exactly how we should define "diversity."  

Cheney, Guarded by Secret Service, Flaps His Jaw

Don't you love it when people who have 24X7 armed guards issue platitudes about "who we are"?

Maybe Dick Cheney would like to go where he sent thousands of US troops and flap his jaw some more--without the Secret Service.

Or maybe he won't.

One thing is clear:  Dick Cheney doesn't know dick about religion.  "Religious freedom" is not a suicide pact.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Fox6's "Local Expert" on ObozoDroning

The national reaction to ObozoDroning on Muslim terrorism?  "Why delay the Patriots' game, chowderhead"?

In contrast, Fox6's "local expert":

...Mordecai Lee, professor at UW-Milwaukee, says Oval Office addresses have become a rare sight in the age of social media and 24-hour cable news.

"It`s a real signal, not just of President Obama, but if you go back to President George W. Bush, that they really wanted to save these moments to indicate they were special," Lee said....

The reality of The Droning?

...The President isn’t angry at the enemy so much as he’s disappointed in the American people. We’ve let him down terribly and it shows in his countenance behind the podium. He can’t understand why we’re such a bunch of hateful reactionaries and why we might actually want him to start checking out the mosques and determining if there’s another Tashfeen Malik out there whose friends might not have found worth the bother of mentioning to the authorities. He can’t seem to grasp why record numbers of Americans are clinging to their Second Amendment rights in the hopes of defending themselves the next time this happens. We’re simply a mystery to the man, but he’s willing to patiently explain to all of us yet again why he’s right and we’re wrong about virtually everything....

Maybe Obozo thought that an Oval Office appearance would make him relevant again.  He was wrong, again.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Problem With Pp. Francis

What Ed Peters has to say about Pp. Francis and Canon Law could easily be expanded to cover other ruminations, jabberwocky, and gabbles from H.H.

...a ... concern I have about Francis’ consistently negative approach to law and lawyers, namely, that Francis is treating canon law around the world as if it operates (or fails to operate) as he apparently experienced it in Argentina. If that is so (and that is the more benign interpretation that can be accorded Francis’ oft-invoked antinomian rhetoric), then the pope’s approach to universal annulment reforms would rest on a fundamentally flawed assumption....

His history in Argentina probably colors his thoughts on the environment, "capitalism," (which is very, very, limited in the West), and alleviating poverty.  Perhaps HH doesn't understand, or know about, US charities, both domestic and international, either.

He should study up a bit.

What to Do With Tonight's ObozoSpeech?

Tonight Obozo will assail Americans with another pack of fabrications, half-truths, inanity, and nagging.

My tiny suggestion:  turn on your DVR and watch a bunch of the stuff you've stored for just this occasion.

IOW, turn off Obozo.  Give him a Nielsen rating of zero.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

RoJo Likes Importing Terrorists

Maybe RoJo was busy making promises about repealing ObozoCare or something.

...The amendment, offered Sen. Rand Paul, would have suspended visa issuances to more than 30 Muslim countries with active Jihadist populations....

...Sen. Paul’s amendment failed 89-10, with only nine other Senators joining Paul’s bid for a halt to the large-scale distribution of visas to nations with jihadist populations. The nine others supporting Paul’s amendment were Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), Mike Enzi (R-WY), Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS), Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL), and Senator Ted Cruz....

Note well:  not RoJo, not Rubio.  Remember, RoJo is a member of the "homeland security" committee.


Apparently Ron wants to give that seat back to Feingold

We Have Met Fourth-Generation Warfare

For lots of material on Fourth-Generation Warfare, visit Vox.

Brief: it does not require traditional logistics support; it is violent and deadly; it is apparently 'leaderless,' and only one or a few 'warriors' are required for an op.  Most important, it is not 'warfare' in the old sense of State v. State.

So what do we have here, now?

...A “terror op” has just become one Moslem driving up to the sidewalk tables at any big, medium-sized, or even small city restaurant, getting out of his car, and tossing a homemade bomb or opening fire. The plan? The plan was to kill infidels. The motivation? A strict, sincere belief in Islam, a clear-eyed reading of Islamic texts, and the exhortation of thousands if not millions of influential, respected, and credible members of the Islamic clerisy to adhere to the tenets of the Koran and hadiths.....

That, my friends, is Fourth-Generation Warfare.

Are you armed and ready?

Paul Ryan's "Reform": Pure BS

Oh, yah, Ryan's a "reformer."

His House just revived the Ex-Im bank.

His House has NOT cut off funding for importing terrorists.

His House has NOT cut off funding for Baby Butchers, Inc.

And--by the way--his House did NOT cut off funding for ObozoCare.  That was the Senate, no matter the foofoodust sprinkled around by a certain Milwaukee AM radio host.  Ryan's House measure is different and far weaker.

Yah.  "Reform."

ObozoTheology: Just Plain Wrong

Obozo is as good at theology as he is at constitutional law.

While lighting the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, President Barack Obama said that the “lessons of Jesus Christ” are in not just the lessons of the Christian faith but are in fact “the bedrock values of all faiths.


...Now when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to Him, 2and He began to teach them, saying:
3Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
4Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
5Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness,
for they will be filled.
7Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.
8Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.
10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
11Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  
12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you....

Well, some "Christian values" don't count.  Sorta like 'separation of powers'.

Friday, December 04, 2015

No. Your Move.

Caught by The Captain, a couple of grafs from Codrea writing about the gun-control freaks:

...That’s because they know, deep in their cowardly and covetous hearts, that the final card is held by gun owners who, in the final analysis, will not be scapegoated and will not comply with subversive edicts that do nothing but give all advantages to the evil. That’s because they know that ultimately, they’re stopped in their tracks by one simple, defiant response:

No. Your move.


Hey!! Paul Ryan!! Still Want to Pass Cromnibus Import-the-Terrorists Bill?

We mentioned a few days ago that Paul Ryan's Cromnibus Bill fully funds Obozo's import-the-terrorists plan.

“Congress is days away from consideration of an omnibus year-end funding bill that would set the U.S. on an autopilot path to approve green cards, asylum, and refugee status to approximately 170,000 migrants from Muslim countries during the next year,” Cruz and Sessions wrote.
Yah, hey!
So Paul:  d'ya think you could pull that import-the-terrorists funding, or do you kinda like those San Bernardino events??
I mean, is that REALLY 'who you are', Paul?

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Obozo Defies Nature--Again

Obozo is not merely the worst President in history.  He is also the worst MAN in history.

All U.S. military combat positions are being opened up to women, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Thursday.

The decision allows women to fill about 220,000 jobs that are now limited to men — including infantry, armor, reconnaissance and some special operations units.

Obozo's obsession with attempting to defeat nature gives credence to a lot of theories, of course.