Sunday, June 30, 2024

Jesuitical! Casuistry!!!

Millions have asked about the definition of "Jesuitical" (or "casuist").  So as a public service, I'll pass along the definition, cloaked in example:

When you accuse a Jesuit of killing 6 men and a dog, the Jesuit will produce the dog.

It is remarkable how many politicians are well-versed in this technique.

TRUMP a Liar? Nope. The Champ is Pinocchio Joe

 Compiled by The Federalist here are the 20 biggest lies told by Pinocchio Joe Biden.  You can find the complete refutation(s) at the link, but we have put a couple of them in this post.

Biden claimed he was endorsed by America’s Border Patrol union.

 Biden claimed Trump told people infected with Covid to inject themselves with “bleach.”

  Biden claimed “there [are] 40 percent fewer people coming across the border illegally” under his presidency than Trump’s. 

 Biden claimed he’s the “only president this … decade” who “doesn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world” under his presidency. That is false.

 Biden claimed inflation was at 9 percent when he came into office. 

 Biden claimed that Democrats “are not for late-term abortion.”

 Biden claimed Trump was “separating babies from their mothers [and] putting them in cages” when he was president. That statement is misleading. As admitted by the left-wing Associated Press, these were “chain-link enclosures” inside alien-holding border facilities that were created by the Obama-Biden administration. 

 Biden claimed he “didn’t” raise taxes for “anybody making less than $400,000 a year.”

 Biden claimed Trump once said, “Hitler has done some good things.” 

 Biden repeated the lie that Trump called deceased American soldiers “suckers” and “losers.” Numerous former Trump administration officials have publicly refuted the phony story. Even left-wing Snopes admitted, “there appeared to be no evidence of an audio or video recording of the remarks in question, nor was there any documentation, such as transcripts or presidential notes, to independently confirm or deny the alleged quotes’ authenticity.”

Biden claimed Trump “did nothing” to stifle Iranian aggression. 

 Biden claimed Trump told Vladimir Putin, “Do whatever you want,” regarding Russia’s invasion of Eastern Europe. But that’s not accurate. 

 Biden falsely contended that the “only existential threat to humanity is climate change.”

 Biden insinuated Trump made no effort to ensure demonstrators wouldn’t breach the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. That isn’t true. Trump sought to deploy 10,000 National Guard troops to the Capitol ahead of Congress’s certification of the 2020 election results.  [Nancy Pelosi admitted just last week that SHE was the one who refused Trump's offer.]

Biden claimed the “vast majority of constitutional scholars supported [Roe v. Wade] when it was decided” by the Supreme Court in 1973.

Biden claimed his son Beau died in Iraq.

 Biden repeated the lie that Trump called white supremacists who participated in a 2017 Charlottesville march “very fine people.” 

Biden claimed the unemployment rate was at 15 percent when he came into office.  

Biden claimed there are “1,000 trillionaires in America.

 Biden claimed Trump “wants to get [the United States] out of NATO.” There is no evidence to suggest that’s true. 

Was he brought up in a Mexican neighborhood?  Did he go to shul with his Jewish neighbors--who were actually Poles?  Did Corn Pop really run away?

There are more BidenLies out there.

It's what he does.


Saturday, June 29, 2024

"Pinnochio Joe"

Yes.  That works very well.  Has rhyme and rhythm.

Plus accuracy.

Friday, June 28, 2024

SCOTUS Bitch-Slaps Regulators

 This is a very big deal.

A divided US Supreme Court threw out a decades-old legal doctrine that empowered federal regulators to interpret unclear laws, issuing a blockbuster ruling that will constrain environmental, consumer and financial-watchdog agencies.

The 6-3 decision, which came in a fight over a fishing-industry regulation, is a long-sought triumph for opponents of big government. The court overturned Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, a 1984 ruling that Democratic administrations had used as a legal building block for new regulations....

EPA, BATF, Wampum-Woman's CFPB, CDC, EEOC--all will take a hit.

...The latest ruling raises new questions about longstanding rules as well as the power of agencies going forward, particularly in emerging fields including cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. It puts more onus on Congress to directly tackle policy issues and gives lower-court judges a mandate to rein in regulators when they exceed their authority.

The Supreme Court majority said the Chevron decision improperly transferred the power to interpret the law from the judiciary to federal agencies....

Your Congress-critter can no longer say "I didn't do it.  The regulators did it."  Which means that the low-lifes in Congress will have to take responsibility for their legislation, sloppy, fork-tongued, and perverted as it usually is. 

Will this be the beginning of the end of the domestic Deep State?

Owen Asks THE Question

There is only one question after last night's "debate," and Owen asks it:

...“WHO THE HELL IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY!?!?” And no matter what one thinks about how the debate impacts the election, it cannot be overstated how the world just saw that the United States is rudderless without a captain at the helm right now....

And 'the world' includes a lot of entities who would love to seriously diminish the US.

Local Nooz vs. National Nooz on Debate

Interesting contrast.  The locals (4, 6, 12, 58) ignored Senile Joe's horrific delivery, mumbles, and bumbles, to yap--instead--about the issues.  6 brought in a reliable Lefty who created a 'black/white' take, which was a little different but he ignored the obvious, too.

In contrast, Bloomberg has already bailed out of the Joe camp due to his obvious dementia.  The Daily Mail shellacked Biden:

An exclusive poll for found that a clear majority of independent voters believe President Joe Biden should no longer be the Democratic nominee after a car-crash debate with Donald Trump.

Some 62 percent said he should be dumped from the ticket. 

Biden looked all of his 81 years on Thursday night as he repeatedly lost his train of thought and meandered into silence....

 ....and the Daily Mail is not a MAGA outfit.

Why did the locals avoid the obvious?

No Vos Recall (Again)

 A few days ago, the Wisconsin Elections Commission determined that there were enough valid signatures on petitions to recall Vos.

Yesterday they announced that some of those signatures were collected after the deadline, so Vos will not face a recall election.

A Democrat commissioner wanted to allow the recall despite the late signatures, by the way.  Analyze that any way you want.

Biden Lost Bloomberg. It's Over.

When the Lefty outfit Bloomberg headlines its 'net page with "Biden's Disastrous Debate Accelerates Doubts Over Candidacy", you know it was very, very, very, bad for the Big Guy.

No, we did not watch.  We knew what would happen, as did Trump.

Still think Trump made a mistake?

Thursday, June 27, 2024

SCOWI's Bloodthirsty Witches Must Move Fast

 The trend toward 'leaky court gnomes' continues, now in Wisconsin.

...the Wisconsin Supreme Court has reached a decision to hear an original action brought forward by Planned Parenthood to "find" a right to abortion in the Wisconsin state constitution.

The draft order was leaked to media outlets. This has become a concerning trend in our legal system particularly surrounding decisions on abortion, and we support the investigation to uncover these efforts to undermine the court....
"Original action" means that the suit will begin and end in SCOWI, not with the typical circuit court-to-appeals-court-to SCOWI path.  Planned Parenthood wants SCOWI's bloodthirsty witch majority to discover a 'fundamental' right to abortion in the Wisconsin Constitution--which does not have that "right".  IOW, the SCOWI witches will have to invent that right.

There's a reason for going with 'original action'an election for a SCOWI slot is coming up in April of '25.  If an actual jurist--rather than another bloodthirsty witch--wins, it's game over for the baby killers if they use the typical, time-consuming path.
Satan doesn't have much time and he knows it.

US Bishops Getting the Message?

Apparently the US Bishops read their mail.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has laid off staff members from a department specializing in social justice initiatives that has been at the center of controversy over the years.

Chieko Noguchi, a spokesperson for the USCCB, said that “several” staff members serving in the Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development were let go on Monday.

She noted that among those laid off were staff members at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)...

That's the Nutbag Section.

The money isn't flowing in any more.  Wallets closed, desks will be empty.

Walgreen's To Create 'Drug Deserts'

 Seems that Walgreen's has problems.

Pharmacy chain Walgreens announced Thursday that it would close a significant number of its U.S. stores, after cutting its full-year profit outlook.

While the company did not disclose how many stores it plans to close, it said it will close many underperforming stores across the country to optimize operations. The closures will also focus on stores too close to other Walgreens stores or those struggling with theft.  --WaTimes quoted at Ace of Spades.

Yes, well, 'struggling with theft' has a connotation.

The Presstitutes will report this as "Walgreen's Creates Drug Deserts"--making it the fault of Walgreen's.

Of course.

You're Losing Ground

Tonelson has the numbers.

After-Inflation Private Sector Average Weekly Wages During First 3 Trump Years: +2.81 percent

After-Inflation Private Sector Average Weekly Wages During First 3 Biden Years: -3.39 percent...

'Nuff said.  Source(s) at the link.

Georgia's '20 Election Fraud

Our Betters tell us to STFU about "history," because it is "history."

It's also very instructive when an election (or two) is fraudulent, as in Georgia.

...It has been nearly 2 years since Joseph Rossi and Kevin Moncla sent an official complaint to the State Election Board, revealing Fulton County had “no physical ballots” for the votes it added to the recount. In all, Rossi, a retired PepsiCo executive and chemical engineer, and Moncla, an independent investigative journalist, discovered there were at least 42,000 votes in the certified count of the 2020 Presidential Election that have no actual paper trail, including duplicate votes, and over 20,000 from tabulators that “do not exist.”...

In the case of the '20 Presidential, Fulton County came up with 17,000+ "votes" to put Biden over the top.  However, they cannot produce the ballots for those "votes."  And all across Georgia, 1.7 million ballots for the '20 Presidential are 'missing or destroyed' at the order of the State Elections Board.   That means that they cannot be re-counted.  Get the idea?

But Our Betters tell us to STFU.  Because.

Next PRC Assault on US: Nitazene

Red China doesn't need to mount an invasion.  They'll kill off Americans another way:  drugs.

...The Pearl Harbor moment for America in China’s unrestricted warfare to erase the U.S. was one word: Fentanyl....

...Nitazene is far more powerful than Fentanyl according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.  This new poison has been around for a while in obscurity – but perhaps because of the focus on Fentanyl, Nitazene has been pulled off the shelf and inserted with devastating effects.  Simply put, it is 20 times more powerful than Fentanyl and cheaper.  More bang for the Chinese Yuan.

The game is on.  Pearl Harbor for America happened several years ago, and no one noticed. The CCP exploited our open society and antiquated mail system to deliver death into our homeland
but now do it en masse across the open southern border. ...

So really, it's a joint Red China/Joe Biden op.

How much does 'the Big Guy' get on this one?

How Much To Protest RNC? $30/hour??

Seems that $30/hour is the going rate for protesters.

...Some of the anti-Israel funding has seemingly been right out in the open.  On Craigslist, a now-deleted November ad read: “We are looking for 5-7 actors or activists to hold panels and distribute flyers in front of a venue as a peaceful, legal protest. Needed for November 24th, evening, 2-3 hours, paying $30/hour.”

Nov. 24 was the same day, of course, as the pro-Palestine “shut down” protests, where 34 were arrested trying to disrupt the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and Black Friday sales....

"Anti-Israel" is one of several "Fill-in-the-Blank" protests.  Have a racial grievance?  LBGTQSJ+?  How about abortion, or raaaaaaacisssssssss roads?  Defund the cops?  Confiscate guns?

It's the Grievance for a Day game, paid for by notorious Lefties.  

$30/hour is a pretty good wage.  Think they'll get that for protesting the RNC?  

Who Will Debate Trump?

Just because it's fun, we'll post this.

As you likely know, the internet is overflowing with theories about Joe Biden and rubber masks. What does that mean, exactly? Well, many believe that Joe Biden has one or two body doubles who parade around in masks, impersonating him....

... It’s not surprising that the CIA has a department called “Disguise” with an official chief who runs it....

Video of the retired "Disguise" director at the link.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Who's On First?", aina?

The Bucolic Ignorance of Jay Weber

 Yesterday Jay (Mr. No Preparation) Weber went on a rant about the Assange deal and--among other silly and uninformed statements--told listeners that Tucker Carlson is an ignorant click-hog.  No, those were not his words, but it's what he said.  

(Ponder that:  a guy with an audience of 50,000 souls attacks a guy with an audience well north of 10 million.  We smell jealousy, but.......)

Assange's work with Wikileaks is despised by all the people who are, frankly, lying liars and criminals--the people he exposed for what they really are.  We think of Hillary Clinton, the ally of Al Quaeda.  We think of the Pentagon lying liars who invented 'better' casualty numbers and "Iraqi WMD's".  We think of the lying liars at CIA (Pompeo) which supported (some say 'created') ISIS.  And, of course, Google.

Yet Weber, in his bucolic ignorance, says Assange is a bad guy.

Well, Jay, you'll have another few "trip of a lifetime" deals that you can squeeze out of your listeners.  But don't expect them to believe you or your horse-whisperer Deep State pals.

Watching Horrible "Justice" in MKE

This is an excellent initiative.

A local group called ‘Enough is Enough’ just launched a court watch program in Milwaukee County.

They’re monitoring sentencing decisions judges make for reckless drivers convicted of serious crimes....

In Horrible Milwaukee courts, horrible judges ignore public safety when issuing sentences for repeat-repeat-repeat reckless drivers.  These women intend to name names and raise Hell when a horrible Milwaukee judge does the usual thing:  lets 'em go with a lecture.

Why these women?

Because the Horrible Milwaukee "press" doesn't bother.  They have to put people at Summerfest, or State Fair, or watching grass and bugs growing, or in cookie shops, ya'know Important stuff, ya'know.

HORRIBLE Milwaukee Crime Day

Milwaukee's Mayor--a feckless twit--can't say it but we will.



It was a violent day in Milwaukee, with at least 11 people shot, and one person killed on Wednesday, June 26....

A couple of the wounded are in critical or serious condition.


Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Trump Tariffs = Increased Prices? Nope.

 Trump mentioned implementing tariffs as an offset to reducing taxes.  

"Economists" immediately trotted out and declared that raising tariffs will automatically increase prices you pay for every.  damn.  thing.


Funny that the last time Trump did that, consumer prices stayed stable.


Note that energy prices dropped.  That's because Trump unleashed all the domestic energy sources as fast as possible.  In contrast, Biden shut down a large pipeline project and has reduced oil-and-gas-leasing to a bare minimum.  He has also forced utilities to reduce reliance on cheap, reliable, gas & oil generation in favor of expensive, UN-reliable windmills and sun-catchers.  That drop in energy prices was a major driver of overall price stability.

Another driver?

...Notice how food prices had very low year-over-year inflation – 0.5 percent.  That is a combination of two key issues: low energy costs, and the fracturing of Big Ag’s hold on the farm production and the export dynamic...

 "Big Ag" consists of a few very large players in the agricultural-goods market.  Think Cargill, General Mills, Archer-Daniels-Midland, etc.  They have significant influence on commodity pricing because they have significant exporting capacity.  Since price depends on supply, reducing the domestic supply of (say) corn raises its price.  How to reduce supply?  Export the stuff.  It also helps when the Feds control acres-planted through their various "help" programs and Big Ag "helps" the Agriculture Department determine those allocations.

...President Trump’s trade reset was disrupting this process.  As farm products were less exported, the cost of the food in our supermarket became reconnected to a ‘more normal’ supply and demand cycle.  Food prices dropped, and our pantry costs were lowered....

Remember this:  generally speaking, what Trump wants to do is good for YOU, not Big Ag, not the military-industrial complex, not the "renewable power" grifters.  (His stance on the FBI is a glaring error.)

Also remember that if you pay enough, you can get "economists" to say anything.  Just like how Big Pharma operates--and with the same results.

Vos To Face Recall!!

 Announced on Bannon's show:  Vos recall petitions are sufficient.  Vos will take his 16% approval rating to a recall election.  Go to 16:00 on this video.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

New Gourmet Treat From Bill Gates!

Some of you have resisted eating the goodies afforded you by the New World Order types, such as crickets, mealworms, and weeds.

Bill Gates wants to overcome your stubborn resistance, so he has a new treat for  you:  maggot milk!!

...The new “EntoMilk” is described as a “dairy alternative” that is made from “black soldier fly larvae” or maggots.

The maggots are blended into a “rich and creamy liquid which looks and acts just like dairy,” according to its creators....--quoted at Moonbattery

It is not unusual for genius-level men to be loonies when they're out of their lane.  Beethoven wrote great music but was a slob.  Musk has twelve children, partly resulting from his serial monogamy, and partly .........not.  If you believe the movie's characterization, Mozart remained a 12-year-old personality throughout his life.  Thomas Edison had a family, but you wouldn't know it by the time he spent with them.

Gates' looney-tune ideas would be no big deal except for his fabulous wealth, which he uses to promote things--like maggot milk--which Normies regard as insane.  His insanity is apparently driven by his admiration for the 'thought' of Malthus, whose predictions have been proven wrong from the get-go.

Oh, well.  Like Malthus, Beethoven, and Edison, Gates will pass on.  At that time, he will learn some hard facts about nature, reality, and Right Order.  And maggot milk will be flushed down the toilet where it belonged in the first place.

Monday, June 24, 2024

"Climate" Hurricanes? Nope.

While SeeBeeEss is arguably the most prominent pusher of the "climate-change" drug, you'll hear the rants of the addicts on any TeeeVeee or radio outlet, and you'll see it in the Mind-Numbed Robot "press".

Current Hair-On-Fire crisis?  Hurricanes.  More than the average predicted for this year.

So obviously, you drive your car, heat your home, and cook with gas FAR TOO MUCH!!

Don't buy it.

...The 2024 forecast from [Colorado State U] calls for 23 “named storms,” in the Atlantic Basin (Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, etc.). Named storms include both tropical storms (winds of at least 39 mph) and hurricanes (winds of at least 74 mph). The seasonal average number of named storms is 14.

The CSU forecast also calls for 11 hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin, whereas the average is 7. Of those 11 hurricanes, 5 are anticipated to be “major,” meaning a storm with sustained winds of at least 111 mph. The average number of major hurricanes each year in that region is 3.

Indeed, while it really might be a big season for hurricanes and tropical storms, Dr. Frank put the CSU forecast into perspective.

Hurricanes follow a multi-decadal cycle of about 60-years that cannot be linked to global warming. We are currently in a very active phase of a natural cycle. Not a surprise.”...

You can identify the problem immediately if you read the last graf with comprehension.  Dr. Frank mentioned a '60-year cycle.'


"Journalists" never think back more than one year, much less sixty.  Nor do they do any substantive research.  

Don't believe me?  Then look up the "journalist" takes on the water level in Lake Michigan someday.  When it was high, it was a CRISIS!!  When it was low, it was a CRISIS!!  The high- and low-water marks were separated by about 30 years, during which Lake Michigan slowly gained or lost.  There is no Hole in the Earth swallowing up water, nor is there a Big Stopper Cork keeping water high.

It's natural, just like hurricane cycles.

Now you know a lot more than the "journalists" do.  But they have prettier faces.  Mostly.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Good Old Days

 Sundance posts an image of three recognizable characters just hanging out.

Trump to Dump Department of "Education"

Trump finally gets to the topic of "must be killed" and promises to shut down the Department of "Education," which is pushing DEI (Didn't Earn It), Sex for Kindergartners (homo-, hetero- and lonesome-), and Critical Race Theory.  DoE is also the redoubt of both teachers' unions.  It serves their interests first, last, and always.  Your kids?  Not so much.

The DoE is one of the four most subversive agencies in the FedGov, the others being the FBI, the EPA, and the CIA.

Unfortunately, Trump is still kissing the ass of the FBI and hasn't commented on EPA nor CIA.

But there's always hope.

Lowlife Paul Ryan FIRST To Have "Dossier"

Widdle Paulie Ryan is still stamping his widdle feets after being humiliated by 1) being second fiddle to Mitt Romney,  and 2) losing that race bigly.

Turns out that Widdle Paulie was the first to get his hands on the "dossier" that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and while sitting on that "dossier," Ryan charged his Congressional investigators to dig into 'the possibility' that there was a "dossier".  (At the time, Widdle Paulie's BFF Reince Priebus was Chief of Staff in Trump's White House.  Priebus was fired for running his mouth 24X7 to the press.)

Here's a question:  who gave that "dossier" to Ryan?  Hillary Clinton?  Marc Elias?  Those are the two dirtiest names in D.C.; was Ryan a pal of theirs?

Anyhow, he was sitting on the document that he told them to find.  That's the kind of dirtball politics that he taught to "Mr. 16%" Robin Vos.

The Ryan-Priebus political love affair gets more interesting every day, ain'a?  Especially when you add Vos to that menage.  Remember, it was Vos who effectively killed the Brandtjen/Gableman election-fraud investigation.  Vos also killed the removal of Meagan Wolfe by lying (yes, lying) about the number of Assembly votes needed to impeach her far-Left ass.

Think Jay Weber or Jerry Bott will be talking about that Ryan-Priebus-Vos thing?   Hmmmmm???

Saturday, June 22, 2024

MIT Ph.D.........WHOOPS!!

Smart guy, eh?  M.I.T., Ph.D.

Dave Dussault loves coffee iced, but not watered-down. He also doesn't like cold brew, which he says eliminates complex flavors.

So a few years ago, the thermal engineer and MIT grad committed himself to making his coffee better. He launched his Watertown company, Snapchill, in 2019 after three months of trial and error to find the best of both hot and cold brew....

And in today's news:


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that Snapchill LLC out of Green Bay, WI, is recalling all canned coffee products out of concern the company’s current manufacturing process could lead to the growth and production of botulinum toxin, a deadly toxin. The company failed to file its process for manufacturing with the FDA....

Thanks.  I'll take my coffee hot.

The Usual Suspects, The Usual Con

 You thought the NeverTrump/Swamp twits just disappeared?

Think again.

...the DC system that created Mike Pence as the best option for Trump 2016 is the same system pushing Vance, Rubio and Burgum for 2024. ...

How about Steve Bannon?  TWO convicted criminals for the price of one!!!

After all, there's an un-indicted traitor in the White House now.....

The FBI Manual Says......